Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Parents Must Take Responsibility to Teach Their Children Faith

Your children will listen to the Divine Principle. But don't just let it end there. If they have listened to the Principle when they are teenagers, even though they may accept the contents of the Principle, we don't know how much it will influence their view of society. A certain time period has to be gone through for this to happen. I would say that they have to at least pass the age of twenty. If you don't concern yourselves about your sons and daughters who listened to the Principle when they were 15 or 16 years old, you will find that when they reach the age of 20, they will be living a life completely different from the Principle.

The age we are living in today is not just on the family level where we act just centered on our family. We live concentrating more on the requirements of the society we are living in. Young people are very critical about everything and they have no interest in doing what they should do; they prefer to do what comes easily to them. Because this is the reality we are in today, parents have to be more serious about taking responsibility for their children. The parents should discuss the Principle with their children as their friends. Be it once a week or once a month you should choose a subject connected with the life of faith and discuss it with your children. If you do that, your children will be able to apply the Principle that they learned when they were teenagers to their lives after they are twenty.

You have to provide the support and base for your children to be able to do that. But you are not doing it. You shouldn't be satisfied with just sending your children to church. You have to extend the education they receive in church to the home as well. But because you neglect doing this, even though they may come out of church inspired to do this or that, they don't do it when they get home.

Our families have to be the model for other families, but unless we educate our children in the right way, we will fail. (31-272)

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