Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Parents' Responsibility for Their Children's Lives

All people are born after having spent nine months in the womb and they don't need anything extra. They are born with a perfect shape. Birth is the transition from the embrace of the first parent to the second parent. Then what has to happen on this earth? The baby has to become a true person under its parents' guidance. You provide for your children with the notion of what man is. The world in which your parents are living says, "Become this kind of a person," and you provide what is needed to realize this.

Education and everything are provided by your parents. Your parents even provide the time you are born. Your parents provide the country and the world you are living in. Do you understand? [Yes] They give you everything as a representative of the world, the country, the family and the parents. According to what is right and proper. Everything has to be right. You have to provide the right things. So I am asking you to provide good things for your children. What do you have to do after you complete this? You have to connect all this with the horizontal foundation centering on love. Do you know what I am talking about? I am talking about marriage. Parents have to take responsibility for their children until they receive the ideal marriage.

Then what has to be done after marriage? What is marriage? It is the inheritance of the love of your father and mother. It is the succession to you of your father and mother's love. Do you understand? [Yes] Then what do you have to succeed to next? You have to learn how much you have to love yourself and how much you have to love others. You have to inherit everything that is instructive. You have to know how much your parents loved you and inherit this love.

After you have received love, knowing that you have received love, you have to be a person who knows how to give love. Knowing clearly that you have received love, you will become a person who clearly knows how to give love. You will become a person who can completely receive and completely give love. That means you have matured into a perfect man and perfect woman. (107-40)

You have been born as a man or a woman. What happens next? I ask you what happens next? What does your future hold? Women have to open their hands and seek for something and men have to open their hands and seek for something. They do this in order to find a partner. So why were men born? They were born to meet a woman. And why were women born? They were born to meet a man.

So from your own point of view, your parents let you be born as a man in order to meet a woman ... That is your parents' motivation for having you. It is the same thing, your parents giving birth to you is so that you could meet a man or a woman. Your mother, your father and you, too, all want this. Everybody wants you to get married. Then, what should you do? You have to become a mother or father yourself. And what should you do when you become a mother or father? What do you need? It is through this that you can have an unchanging love.

Your parents cannot but want this for you because the meeting of a man and woman means that you can discover for the first time the realm of unchanging parental love. Even though their children getting married eventually means that their children will leave them, why do they still want this for their children? It is because this is the way that they can revive a higher dimension of deep parental love. This is possible through their children getting married and having children. Only this kind of love never changes. Do you understand? [Yes] (74-17)

What should children do after they grow up? If the husband and wife become one, on the foundation of having experienced the love of God, they will come to set up the family tradition of love. They'll come to live as husband and wife, and having experienced all the different forms of love they will come to establish the tradition of love. In the first stage, the individual receives the vertical love from God. And after they become husband and wife they give and receive horizontal love. Then, after they have children, the vertical love continues on down. Through having children parents come to experience the vertical love of God for his children. (52-46)

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