Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. When You Raise Your Children

All parents are happy when sons and daughters are born. But if they don't fulfill their responsibility as parents the children will accuse them and say, "Why did you have me?" Parents have the responsibility to raise their children. They have to help them to acquire all the necessary skills so they can go and be active in society. (32-68)

You have to raise your children loving them more than you love yourself. The best way to help your children to grow properly is for the parents to sacrifice themselves for their children and love them more than they love themselves. Because you loved your children more than you loved yourself it is natural that they will inherit your love. Your children grow up and develop through your showing them that you love them more than you love yourself.

In order for a tree to grow it needs to increase its range of give and take action, giving more and receiving more. It is only in this way that it can grow. In the same way, you have to raise your children with a heart and love greater than those, which you have for yourself. And if the parents fulfill their responsibility in this way, the children will come to understand the parents' situation and when they have their own children they will raise them in the same way. And if this happens, then the parents' sadness will be their sadness, the parents' joy will be their joy, the parents' work will be their work, the parents' fulfillment of their responsibility will be their fulfillment of their responsibility.

Then without the parents ordering them they will step forward to help their parents saying that the parents' enemy will be their enemy, the parents' work will be their work, the parents' responsibility will be their responsibility and the parents' circumstances will be their circumstances. Raising up that kind of child is the principle of creation. (29-96)

After you have, a family and have sons and daughters you have to raise them and then you have to educate them. That is what we have to do in life. Living a life in which you want to die with all people loving you and all people respecting you should be the hope of people. You have to go along this path. No matter how talented you are you still have to go along this path. Isn't that so? [Yes]

So you would like to have a good husband or good wife, wouldn't you? And then you would like to have good sons and daughters wouldn't you? [Yes] What does a good husband, good wife, good children mean? What kind of people are they? In order for them to enter the good axis of humanity they should not become indebted to the family economically, they should not become indebted to the neighborhood, they should not become indebted to the nation and they should not become indebted to the world. They have to become people who have no debt to the family, the country and the world. If you think about this it is true, isn't it? [Yes, it is]

Then, what do you have to do next? You have to be people who influence their thought. You have to be a mother and father who can influence your sons and daughters, influence your neighborhood, influence your country and influence the world. Do you understand? [Yes] (96-106)

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