Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. The Lesson That Rev. Moon Teaches

Parents have to teach their children to be filial sons and daughters and to study in order to be able to let them inherit the future tradition. Just letting them do what they want means that the parents are not fulfilling their responsibility and so they have to use any means possible to have their children inherit God's tradition. So what is the lesson that Rev. Moon teaches? Love the ideal country, world and heaven, which loves "me." (95-64)

If you hit something with your left hand, where does it go? It goes to the right. And if you hit with your right hand, where does it go? It goes to the left. So you have to hit good people on the left side to make them go along the right way. It is the same for evil people as well, but who hits the evil people? God does. He says, "Don't do as the world does. Are you going to continue doing this?" And He has a neighboring country hit them, if need be. He says, "Go along the right way." The good of this world and the good of heaven is different.

So we have to go along this ridgeline and in order to do that we shouldn't have any baggage. You shouldn't eat and eat until you are full. Feeble from hunger, as though your very life was in the balance, you have to cross over a mountain range that is something like the 38th parallel. Why do you have to do this? In order to completely separate your self from the satanic world. You shouldn't hold onto anything at all from the satanic world and. You should cross over to God's side completely clearing up everything from the satanic world. This teaching is given by God to the children He loves the most, in order that the unified world can be realized. The family which has received this ideology, must stand in that position, the race that has received this ideology, must stand in that position, and the nation which has received this ideology must stand in that position. (18-236)

1. The Things You Should Say to Your Children

When you teach your children you should not say to them, "You must become a great person." You should say, "In order to become a great person, you should do this, this and this. You should go along this path." The father fulfilling the father's position; the mother, the mother's; the older brother, the older brother's; the older sister, the older sister's; the whole family should fulfill its responsibility. In other words you have to know how to select according to your position, the bond of the true brother or sister, the true couple, the true relative who can go along the path of the true man and true woman. And you have to become people who don't violate God's law. We have to pass through a numerical course for the road to become one people, to be open. Do you understand? (68-332)

From the spiritual standard, what is the final blessing that true humankind should seek? There is one thing. What is the hope of children who have lost their parents and are like orphans? It is not money. It is not the law. Their one and only desire is for their dead father and mother to come back to life.

In the same way, what I am saying is, if we want to give a present to humankind, let us give the greatest present in the true sense of the word. Let us introduce the true things to them. Let us show them the right and proper things. Let us teach them things, which are absolutely true.

What should we teach them? We shouldn't teach them how to make money. And we don't want to teach them to study hard and get on in the world. For this time and age today, we have to teach them the way to go as true children who are connected to the True Parents, which are the hope of all humankind. There is no greater value than that. (26-50)

You have to educate your children from this kind of position. You have to become the true mother and father who educate your children saying, "Even if I die, you have to pick up the baton in the relay race we are running and keep going. The reason I am suffering as I am, is to save the world. It is only in this way that the ideal world can come about. And because this is surely God's hope, True Parents' hope, your father's hope, your mother's hope, and your, hope, too, it is also the eternal, unchanging hope that all the people in heaven and earth can praise." You have to know that you must pass on this baton even with your last dying breath. Do you understand or don't you? [We understand] Will you do it, or won't you? [We will do it]

Then the parents of a family have to become parents who can stand in the place of God. The parents should teach their children saying, "My sons and daughters, love your brothers and sisters more than you love me. You have to know how to love your neighbors, your country and the world." You have to educate your children in this way in order for you to be able to gain the qualification to be the true parents amongst parents. Why is this? Because it is only through doing this that your sons and daughters and your household will be able to enter the position of goodness, and centering on this goodness, develop. Are your mother and father like that? [Yes] You have to understand these things. (95-153)

Even though the parents may call their children and say, "You should become this or that kind of person, and you should do this or that kind of work." It is not as great as saying to them, "You should become a person who knows God." Telling someone to become a person who knows God is the greatest teaching. Many people say, "God!" before they die. But even through the greatest hardship and suffering, you have to become people who can say as their final words, "I know God." (11-308)

Religion is the ground of teaching. What is the ground of teaching of the family. The parents should teach their children, "Hey, even though you grew up in any old fashion, there is one thing you should not forget. You have to love God more than you love your parents, and you have to love your country more than you love your parents." And the children have to accept that their parents are true parents. (127-291)

Human beings have set up moral laws that teach children to be filial children centered on their family, which teach husband and wife to live for each other and teach that parents should love their children. But the Heavenly Law is wider than that. Human moral laws teach to act centering on the individual, heavenly moral laws teach to act centering on heaven. You should love, but love as God loves. "I am the longing master. I long after this earth. Have the love and heart to embrace all things." This is what the Heavenly Law tells us. The returning point of Heavenly Law starts with this. The returning point for humankind starts with the individual family but the returning point of the Heavenly Law starts with the universal family which will appear in the Last Days. (8-106)

You have to become upright parents and as upright parents, give upright education to your children. Upright education means that even if it means causing them greater sadness than any other person before, you should teach them, for their future, to live for the world. Doing this is for the society, for the country and for the world. (97-99)

2. Precious Things Transcend Education

Let us say that there are sons and daughters who have received their parents love. Can you explain to children who have never received their parents' love what it is? Even if you explained for a thousand years they could never know it. Would they understand if you said, "Parents' love is like this. The love between parents and children is like this. The love between couples is like this"? Even if you explained for billions of years, could they understand what it is? Do you think that there is a way to know? There is no way. That kind of thing is learned through experience.

You have to have children before you can say, "Oh, parental love for children is like this. Now I see." No matter how enthusiastically you explain to a couple without children about parental love, they will never understand. That kind of thing can only be realized through experience. It is not something you can learn. Is love something you can learn through knowledge or anything else other than experience? No, it isn't. Am I right or wrong? Learning about love transcends education. That is how it is. (60-78)

Can you learn about Mom and Dad's love for their children at school? Have you ever seen a school that teaches this? And is there a person who has ever learned about love in this way? Love is something that you can know, even without learning. When a man and a woman meet, they haven't learned how to make babies. In the family as well, when the husband and wife who are from different backgrounds meet no one has taught them how to make a family. Love is not something you can be taught, it is not, "This is what it is. Have a taste." And it is not something you can learn through a scientific experiment. No one taught this long, long ago, and millions of years from now neither will a school, which teaches it, appear. (23-120)

Do babies come out having learned about love in the womb? Is a baby born knowing how to use a spoon? How about chopsticks? Everything starts birth. They have never used a spoon before, have they? (172-180)

The same applies to water, too. Does anyone teach you that you must drink water in such and such a way? Have you learned it somewhere, or not? Of course, you haven't learned it. You don't need to learn the most precious things. (23-21)

If Adam and Eve stand in the position of the parents of horizontal true love, then the vertical standard appears naturally. If the horizontal standard is completely established then it goes without saying that there will be children whom the parents love. When you had your children, who taught you how to love them? Have you ever learned this? [No, never] You have never learned but you still know how to love them. Why is that? Because it is the Heavenly Principle. It's the root. The root.

If you go into the sphere of original human beings, it is like this. God is the center of my mind. The existence of the mind indicates that you are born inheriting the heavenly vertical parentship. The mind which is born from the vertical parents becomes one with the body which is born from the horizontal parents. Where? When they become one at the 90 degree angle, and go into this position here, then everything can be seen. Who God is, where hell is, you can see all of heaven and earth. You don't need education. In the world of animals, even in the small world of insects, they love, don't they? There is no animal that doesn't have male and female. This applies to the world of minerals as well. No one teaches them, it just takes place naturally. (187-116)

You have graduated from this university or this graduate school ... Studying is difficult, isn't it? If you are in a position where you are completely one with God, inside and out, without learning anything you will know everything already. You will be a person who knows everything. Instead of learning through research, you will know what heaven and earth is, you will know what the spiritual world is, you will know how to live your life. Learn? You don't need to learn. Even the baby insects know what to eat after they are born. They know how to survive. They know this from the family lineage. The supreme lord of creation knows everything already about what to eat and what not to eat and everything else. Even though we should have become that kind or marvelous person, the fact that we didn't was because of the fall. Even though man fell, the relationship between these two, the subject and object, is following the action of the original nature. Because the dirt resultant from the action between these two has piled up until today, if we remove this dirt then the action between these two will gradually become stronger. And the day it is removed completely is the day that you will suddenly know everything. Humankind has been searching for the road which makes this possible until today. Do you understand? You have to understand this. (56-153)

3. Things You Should Pay Attention to When Teaching

Is the Unification Church made up of ghosts, Spirit Gods? Are we Divine Spirits or just physical beings? The Divine Principle teaches that we will become Divine Spirits. We are Divine Spirits, or Spirit Gods. When we ask where God the creator of the vast universe is, He is not somewhere else. He is amongst the descendants who have been born with the connection of vertical true love. God is amongst the men and women who have been born inheriting the true blood lineage of the vertical parents of true love.

Where is God? He is within love. He is within true love. If my mind and body establish true love, then God will be there. Where is God's house? True love is God's house. If you reach that standard of original man who has not fallen, the parents of humankind are the vertical parents. Centering on true love, who are the horizontal parents of the horizontal parents? [True Parents] This is the ideology of the Messiah. What does Messiah mean? You have to know this. I have to explain this to you clearly. If I don't teach you then when we go to the spirit world you will say, "Why didn't the mother and father who have the name of True Parents teach me these things?" If Mother doesn't teach you then at least I have to teach you in order to be free of any accusation. (188-217)

So what do you have to live centered on? The family in which the parents center on their children, teaching them, "We must not be separated," will be ruined. On the other hand, the family in which the parents teach their children to live for the society, and the nation, will prosper. The family, in which the parents say, "I am a butcher, so you must become a butcher or, I am a salesman, so you must become a salesman," will be ruined.

All parents say to their children, "You must become a great person for the sake of the country." But today the world is already at our front door. So the age for saying, "Live for the country," has passed. We should educate them now, saying, "You have to become a world level figure" Are you doing this or not? This is what we are supposed to do. Live together with the world! Because I know your state of mind, I am giving you this kind of conclusion. (28-192)

There are many difficulties for parents raising their loving children. However, you have to endure these difficulties and raise your children pledging yourself for tomorrow's hope. Because the parents love the country, it is not a sin for them to treat their children better than the country. When you love your children more than you love the country, having the hope that you will have your children keep the future country safe, it is not a sin.

In other words, because you were not a loyal subject to the country, loving your children more than the country in order to have them take your place, being the loyal subjects of the future, is not a sin. On the other hand, it is a sin if you don't try to make them into loyal subjects of the future, and love your children more than you love the country, hoping that they will be filial to you alone. All the formulas are like this. (33-328)

In your families, you mothers have to become heartistic mothers. You have to become heartistic mothers of righteousness. When you make a mistake in the way you relate to your children, you must repent. There are some people, who feel resentful when their husband swears at them once, but then turn around and treat the children in the same way.

If heaven has sent you children that heaven and earth can love, the mother has to embrace them with a love even greater than that. She must pray for their blessing, and also become a foundation through which she can help them to have the heartistic relationship with heaven. If you don't do this ... You have to know just how important the position of the mother is. Do you understand? [Yes]

You should raise your children in your family, but you should not think about telling them that they should become children who, centering on your family give love only to you. If you are a Unification Church member, even when you start breast feeding your baby, you have to think that your baby is living for heaven and earth. If you probe the connection of your sons and daughters you will find that they are the children originating before the Fall of Adam and Eve which God had planned to create, and that they are connected to the heart of God.

So your sons and daughters are beings that will represent the historical re-creation. But you are just embracing them saying, "My son. My daughter." So when Unification Church family members bring up their children, they should know how to treat them with respect. It is not right to swear at your children saying this and this. No, that is not the order of things. You should have hope and that hope is passed on to your children. Everything is connected, be it through the children, through your spouse or through your parents. We can say that the remaining hope of humankind is the hope that will be set up by Heaven, but you can only achieve this hope through the way of the Heavenly moral law. (8-108)

Don't show your tears to your children. Don't let them hear the sound of fighting voices. That kind of thing is very frightening to the children. They worry about their parents more than they worry about heaven, the country, or anyone else. Don't make the clean way dirty. It is good to have children but if you don't raise them in the right way you are failures as parents. This is a very serious matter. You must treat them very carefully. They are the second God. Isn't that so?

When you hug your children, centering on heart, embrace them as though you were embracing humankind from God's position, with the heart of truly great parents, so that they can give hope to the world, taking the place of the country, the world and heaven. As a filial son and daughter, you make children who can comfort God. You give them to the universe and make them belong to the cosmos. In order to fulfill this great work, from now on you must both take up the burden. Just because they are still rough, you must not treat them as though they are like some kind of wart stuck on the side of the body. (183-143)

4. Foundation Parents Are Required to Have

1) The Foundation of Faith You Should Establish First

You are the same. In order to be sons and daughters of God, you have to build the condition in which you love Satan like God, who has been in the position to love Satan. You must build this condition at the level of individuals, families, nations and the world. I, your teacher, am indemnifying them representing you as such a huge abyss surrounds you. Do you understand? (136-172)

Well, the Unification Church uses the term "spiritual children." Spiritual children? There is no such phrase in the dictionary. What does the phrase, spiritual children mean? There are two kinds of ancestors for us people living in the fallen world at present in our path to find God. One is the ancestor found in the fallen world and the other is the ancestor of our direct line. Those are the two ancestors.

Until now, there have been only fallen ancestors. Not just spiritually. We have fallen not only spiritually but also physically. Although our ancestors exist, God cannot recognize them. That's why Christianity talks about spiritual salvation. The age of Christianity is for spiritual redemption and the age of the Second Advent is for substantial redemption. The coming Messiah is an ancestor. He must prepare spiritual and substantial ancestors. And God has to find his own children. I myself have to give birth to babies and God has to have his children through me, not from ordinary people. (125-109)

Well, you need to know what spiritual sons and daughters are. They represent three things. First, the necessity of the archangel's restoration. Second, the restoration of the whole satanic world. Third, to be in the state of children who can be blessed. Therefore, spiritual parents should graft spiritual children onto their real children. To whom do spiritual children have to be grafted? They have to be grafted onto their spiritual parents' direct children. Do you understand? To whom? Do they need to be grafted onto their spiritual mother or father? As they are your children, they should be grafted onto your direct children. (127-61)

Your spiritual children should be completely together with each other. If you marry, you have babies in your womb. Three of your spiritual children have to obey and yield to your babies from when the babies are in the womb. The restoration of Cain and Abel was done after they were born. But basically, they should have been restored when they were in the womb. Who is Cain? He is an archangel. Who is Abel? He is Adam.

The role of archangel was to attend Adam from the moment Adam was created. Don't you think so? That's why your children have to be taken care of by your spiritual children from when they were born. When Adam was created, the archangel helped with the work of creation, but after he was born, he fell. For the purpose of restoration through indemnity you need three spiritual sons and daughters who should serve your babies when the babies are in the womb, which means they should be in the position of servants completely. Otherwise they cannot be restored entirely as three archangels in the spirit world. Don't submit to Adam. Isn't that so? If you don't decide to do it, you can never escape from the interference of Satan completely.

When did I do it then? Ye Jin and Hyo Jin were born during a period of three years. Three years. During that period, all of you went to rural districts and fought. You fought but did the work inside. You restored it through indemnity inside yourself. When babies are in the womb, we give them whatever they would like to eat and do for them whatever they want. Like this, you should be placed in the position of respecting them with the determination that you will give them your life and all your property. Otherwise three archangels in the spirit world cannot restore the standpoint of serving Adam through indemnity. You cannot restore through indemnity fundamentally. This is the major purpose of the Unification Church. You cannot go to heaven if you don't completely get out of the condition which enables Satan to interfere. (160-88)

2) The Characteristics of Oriental Thought and the Thought of the Unification Church

In Korea when they write with a brush, which part is big? The beginning part or the finished part? [The beginning part] The beginning part is big and the lower is thin. It means that the center of a cause is up and the center of a result is down. Down is a standpoint not for settling down but for revolving. The love of parents exists in members of a family. It is a point to rotate around, not to settle down. Settling down means we have to return to God.

When our love for God is bigger than that for our children, I think that it can be in accord with the center of universal principles and love. That's the reason why Oriental thought in which we might give up our wife and children but must not give up our parents, is great. However, how about Western manners? Down is bigger. They are beginning not from the top but from the bottom, which means they are starting from "me" and getting higher and higher. I am in the center of everything. It does not concern the parents. Therefore, God has made an effort to mix those two thoughts. (126-250)

Oriental thought teaches us that we should sacrifice our family in favor of saving the nation when it is in great danger. At the same time it teaches us the necessity of sacrificing a nation to save the world and universe. But you don't have such instruction in America, do you?

The Principle of the Unification Church introduces the view of the world centering on God. It suggests to us the way of living as individuals, families, and tribes. But the rules don't come from Reverend Moon. They are the reflection of Heavenly Law. If you don't follow these, you cannot enroll in the other world. The order in which to get higher education is through primary, middle, high, undergraduate, postgraduate schools and then a doctoral course. In the spirit world when God asks you what you did in your life before the church, you must not answer that you lived with a husband and children.

God has lost the world. Therefore, you should say, "Although I lived with my husband and children I loved God and all human beings and tried to realize God's will and live with God. So, there was a lot of persecution against my family." Saying, "My father was starved to death living there, and my mother was beaten to death while she was witnessing." is something to be proud of. You don't have to be ashamed of these things. You should know that the lives of unprepared people are the same as the voices of resentment falling into death. (147-195)

3) Lessons Learned from Abraham's Offering of Isaac

Grandfather Abraham was living in Ur of the Chaldees, his hometown. One day God asked him to go from one strange place to another. Then God ordered him to give himself as an offering. So he followed the Will. But did he suggest it first? He didn't even pray, " God, I have already prepared a table for you, then would you please take it?" He didn't think about it. But God came and said, " You worked hard, so I will bless you. Give me an offering, and your offspring will be as many as the stars in the sky and sand on the ground."

So he did it. While serving, he should have cut the pigeon in half. But he didn't because he thought it wasn't important. How could he cut such a small pigeon? However, why was God so angry? God promised to bless him, but afterwards he said to him that his offspring would be slaves for four hundred years. Did the man think God was the real God? He could have thought of God as Satan.

What was Abraham's great aspect? He took the words of God seriously. When God gave him such a punishment he considered it much more fearfully than if he killed himself, so Grandfather Abraham is great. Owing to the enormous mistake he had made, he got a big shock but he still respected God. So when he was asked to kill his own son he decided to perform it immediately hoping that he might be forgiven. We should know how deliberately he considered God's order until he determined to follow it. Therefore, he could offer his son -- given miraculously by a blessing from God at the age of a hundred years -- as a sacrifice.

God gave it and then took it back? Can it be believed? All those things are a contradiction. According to human thinking, it was an absolutely mistaken order. Even the fathers of the fallen world would not have done so if they had wished their children to be happy. How much more should God not have done such a thing? Here is a deep meaning that we do not know. Generally, human beings cannot love anyone more than themselves. We cannot think beyond ourselves. Although a person is in love he does not want to love only the other, without loving himself as well. We tend to make ourselves a plus and then love others. Men don't want to do anything by denying themselves.

Despite it all, Abraham chose the way of love in the position of denying himself. What kind of love did he try to look for? He wanted to find the love of God. Denying himself, his tribe and relatives, which family and tribe did he find? We should know that it was Abraham who found the family and tribe that God could be happy with even though the world objected. In spite of the fact that he gave his son as a sacrifice he deeply desired to realize the tribe and the nation which God could be pleased with. As this desire surpassed any other difficult conditions, he could overcome the way of a wanderer safely.

We need to know that he could only go along the way, which God directed, forgetting such difficulty because his desire was great and his heart was always strong. (57-295)

What kinds of people can go to Heaven? What was the reason that Abraham became a spiritual father? Abraham offered his son as a sacrifice for burning. The reason he did that was for the sake of his descendants in the future. This was his motivation. How tragic it was when he offered his own son for the children in the future. The people capable of offering their sons and daughters as sacrifices for the future more than for the present will pull the foundation for the future right into the present. Abraham gave his son for the world of the future. He loved his sons and daughters more than anything in his age and in the future. But he could offer his son to God as he had the heart of loving all human beings more than his son.

4) Love Your Sons and Daughters Having the Ideal Standard of a Country

Your sons and daughters are important and necessary. But when you consider all aspects, you should not live thoughtlessly. You should live a life doing everything -- breathing, walking, and praying -- for the whole purpose. When you fulfill this you can go with the fortune of heaven. All members of the Unification Church should realize this. You do everything that you want and ignore God's will. Do you think that is right? When you do the national and worldwide things with a thorough attitude, Heaven can be restored. Heaven isn't made in your life of itself. You have to build it on your own. (18-215)

You sometimes show off your children to me although they were born with my blessing. It is the same in Western countries. You phone me from all over the countries, then say, "Father, please give a name to my son or daughter." You ask me to give names to your children. You call me again and again. You rascals! Are you so busy naming your children? You shouldn't do that. You should love your children after you are equipped with the qualifications to love the country.

Aren't you supposed to love your children after you love God? God is the God of all countries, and He is the center of the universe. As a result, if you love him you gain the qualification to love heaven and earth. You get a condition in which you loved the country, the race, the tribe, the family and the individual. You love the bigger and if you qualify for it ... Do you understand?

Well, is the father who kisses his baby on its lips allowed to do it? When you kiss your new born baby because it is cute, did you do so with God's approval? As a husband when you hold your wife and kiss and love her, have you received God's approval? If you didn't it's horrifying. Put the brakes on your hand and your lips. Stop! Emergency brakes! Screech! And you fall on your back with surprise. I am asking you, did you ever put on the brakes? (125-254)

It is my responsibility and also God's to do this in order to save the world. Isn't it certain? [Yes] When you think, "Why are True Parents doing that?" you should think at the same time that their responsibility is to digest the world but they haven't finished it yet. If you took at a chimpanzee in Africa they eat lice. (Laugher) Fathers and mothers should be better than a chimpanzee. Do you understand? Fathers and mothers should do more than that. (129-151)

5) You Should Regard the Will as the Greatest Importance

Today we are living for the Will and the world, so we are living for our offspring. (43-229)

How can you become the person God relies on? What should we consider as the first thing to become such a person? This is the question. You should be a good example before the Will and material things. Do you get what I mean? You should be a person to show your children a fine example following the Will. You should not care for material things more than the Will. You should take care of the Will more than your children. You should cherish the Will more than your husband or wife. (41-88)

Children can notice immediately whether their parents are good or not. If you move forward steadily for the Will, the day the world recognizes them will come. Even though a couple dies they should leave the way of heaven. What does the family exist for? Although it is for the children, it should exist for the country and God first. It is the way to benefit your children in the end. It is the only course in which your children can be together with the fortune of God, the world and the nation. Therefore, although the children have trouble in some way you should not assist them but help God, the world and the nation. (21-88)

What kind of person can inherit history? What should the descendants of future generations have done in order to take over? The man should be a person who lives for the world, all human beings and the spirit world. It is the principle that people who live for those two worlds can inherit it. Do you understand?

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