Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. You Must Educate Centering on Love

Where must humans place their value standard? They should place it in the ideal world. They should place it in the ideal human being. In order to love the world, you have to love humankind, first. That's how it is. In what way should you love people? You shouldn't just love them in any old fashion. What is the method to love people? You should love humankind as a man loves a woman and as a woman loves a man.

In what way was "I" born? When you were born to your mother and father you were not born as a bride or bridegroom. You were born as sons and daughters and then you received an education about love. Isn't that true? You have to be educated about love. What kind of education must the parents give their sons and daughters? You don't have to educate them in knowledge. You have to educate them about love. Are the mother and father fighting against an education in love? There is no such phrase as "fighting love," is there?

You have to educate your children about how to be one. You have to be a mother and a father, which heaven likes. You have to be a father that the mother likes, and a mother that the father likes. When they love each other together, then "I" like my father and mother, and "they" like me. It shouldn't be, "I only like my father."

If you look at this from God's point of view or from Adam and Eve's point of view, it is the Four Position Foundation. Everything is the Four Position Foundation. Whether you look at it from this way or you look at it from that way, it is all the Four Position Foundation. That is why, centering on the love of God, you have to receive an education in love in front of God.

Where is the starting point for this? It doesn't start with people. Because God is the parent, Adam and Eve had to receive an education in love from God. And where should Adam and Eve place their value standard? In their education about the love of God. How long do you have to receive an education in love? Until the father can impart to you everything he knows about love. In other words you have to grow up receiving your parents' love until you inherit their love.

But is there any record in the Bible of Adam and Eve receiving an education in love from God? Did you look for this in the Bible? Is there, or isn't there? There is no record in the Bible about Adam and Eve having received an education in love from God. The only thing that is recorded is the bad record of Adam and Eve's fall. This put a stick in the wheels. The question I am asking is, "Did Adam and Eve, who were supposed to receive an education in love centering on the love of God, ever receive this kind of education? If they didn't, then we cannot say that God's ideal exists.

What was the standard of "love education" that Adam and Eve received? You want to go to Heaven, don't you? But you cannot receive this kind of education in the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to receive this kind of education on the earth and then go. If you don't receive this kind of education on this earth then there will be a big problem. I tell you it's a big problem. So what kind of education is that? Do you know? What kind of attitude should Adam and Eve have had if they wanted to be educated?

Because they were in a child/parent relationship to God, they should have followed Him everywhere He went. The children should follow the parents whenever and wherever they go. If the parents go up a mountain, they should follow them up the mountain. If they go down into the valley, they should follow them down into the valley. If they go into a cave, they should follow them into the cave. They should be with their parents at all times. If they don't see their parents for a while they should want to see them.

Do you think that if God had to separate from His children, He could? Because God is the absolute being, you should absolutely want to see Him. Because He is the absolute being, if you like Him, you should like Him absolutely. Do you think it is all right to say, "Well, if He wants to come, He can, if He doesn't, He doesn't. If He wants to remain somewhere, He can, if He doesn't want to, it doesn't matter to me"?

You have to be absolute in your attitude to God. So God is the mother of life. Isn't that right? The parents are the mother body of their children's lives. They are responsible for their children's lives. They are the mother body of life, the mother body of love and the mother body of protection. They protect and raise their children in love.

Where do you think happiness comes from? If the realm of protection is not established then the child's life can be threatened. God is one body He is he subject of the Dual Characteristics and because of this, although He can love within His own body, He is in the position of the male subject and female object partner as one body. And although He may be able to feel love, He cannot feel the stimulus of being a separate male and female entity.

So if Adam and Eve had been blessed in marriage, then when God saw Adam and Eve, put aside God and enjoy a more stimulating love than God did, God as the subject of love, would not have felt bad. Why? Because God is the subject who can feel joy when He relates to their position of oneness. When He feels that His object partners experience an even more valuable love than He has, then He feels happiness. I think that this is the most important law of love of the Principle of Creation. If you don't receive that kind of education, you cannot go into that position.

So in the Unification Church, in the Garden of Eden of the Unification Church, if Adam and Eve had not fallen and there was a dwelling place where Adam and Eve could have received the heartistic, internal education of love they should have received, then even if you told the Unification Church not to become a worldwide religion, it would still become so. It will become that. What do you have to feel after you have entered the Unification Church? How should you feel it? The woman has to feel the joy that she has found the best father. She has to feel the standard of hope that she truly has found the greatest partner of value. Then she has to feet the joy of having found the greatest brother of brother's in the world. (51-171)

What is the hope of creation? At the same time as wanting to receive God's love and perfected Adam and Eve's love, it also wants to receive the love of sons and daughters who were born receiving the combined love of God's love and the parents love. Therefore, what is the precious legacy of our families? You have to know that the greatest legacy, something that has never existed in the world today, is the passing on of the inheritance of God's love and true parental love, to the children. You have to introduce God well. You have to be able to teach your children well about what kind of love God's love is but you don't know it. You have to become parents who stand in place of God and love with His love and put God in place of your own parents. (93-336)

Your heads are shaking loosely. This is a problem. Your heads shouldn't be shaking loosely. The communists are whispering, all sorts of people are whispering. How strongly do you believe in the Unification Church? Do you believe as much as I do? Then am I victorious? You have to have an absolute character. An absolute character centers on true love and never concerns itself with immoral things. That is the standard.

You have done all manner of things in your past, haven't you? Some of you, even after joining the Unification Church think back to your past with affection, thinking, "Oh ... I've joined the Unification Church. I did that in the past, I would like to live like that again." Isn't that so? [No!] No? Receiving the blessing in that kind of state is a big problem. This is why you have to go through a three-year separation period in the Unification Church. You have to pass through this three-year course. Don't even dream' about immoral things. Do you understand what I am saying?

Absolute love. Who does absolute love begin with? [God] And then? [True Parents] And then? [True Children] I see you seem to know it. You have to know this clearly. I say, you have to know this clearly. The Four Position Foundation can not happen if this is not realized. Can anybody explain to you that your parents are not your parents? [No, they can't] That is an absolute truth. It is absolute. It's the same. You have to think like that when you become husband and wife. It is an absolute relationship. You have to know that just as you cannot deny your mother and father, you cannot deny your wife. Because you are that kind of couple, you cannot deny your children. You cannot deny your children. You have to establish the tradition. (106-74)

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