Raising Children in God's Will

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Family as the Training Center to Learn and Develop Heart (Shimjung)

1. The Family is the Textbook to Make Up the Kingdom Of Heaven

What is it that we have been shedding tears, blood and sweat with a parental heart and servile body for? It is for the sake of the world. It would be a lie to say that we live for the sake of the world without living for the sake of our sons and daughters. When one lives for the world's sake, he can become a representative. Therefore, I am the one who has done so. And I am the one who decides the criterion and the base for realizing the Heavenly Kingdom.

Then, what is the criterion? That's the family. Also, what is the base to establish a nation? It is the family too. There you should be a love-centered person, who doesn't want any rewards, even if you might have sacrificed your children and experienced every severe trials. You should have the thought that you feel sorry for not giving more and more. When you make up your mind like that, then your children would thank you for what you have done for them and voluntarily take over the responsibility on behalf of the parents. You have to make and offer such an environment. Without doing so, you can't go beyond the state of regret in the Garden of Eden where the people had fallen. (29-101)

There is the love of your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and brothers and sisters in your heart. Our Divine Principle calls it the love of the three-objects. Right? Husband and wife stand for the present. So they should have the mind to live for the past and the future. It means that you have to establish a vertical foundation.

Do you like your mother- in-law? [Yes] Do you need sons and daughters? [Yes] Well, you said, "Yes." Then here are grandparents, husband and wife, and children. By the way, which one is more important, a vertical relationship or a horizontal one? [The vertical one] Why? It's because that is the root and base of the universe. Love comes from Heaven, the upper place. It doesn't originate from the horizontal base. Therefore, the vertical one should come first, and from it, the horizontal one would originate. This is a plus and that is a minus.

After the horizontal husband and wife become one being, then whom should they love more strongly? [Parents-in-law] These two loving-beings should return to this place (speaking while pointing to his writing on the board). They have to make one circle, moving around. How can they do so?

The husband should love his parents as he loves his wife. And he should more strongly love his children. These three types of love should be located like this: first, the grandparents and then the father and mother and finally the children. Here are the vertical love and the horizontal love together. Thinking from this point of view, we find that when an American couple becomes divorced, they are able to desert each other but not the baby. Why is it so? Because the baby has everything, the love of man, the love of woman, the love of God. So, there may be no need for a man or woman, but there is the need for a baby. Why? It has God's love.

Do you understand that? So once a couple get divorced, there is a fight to take the baby. Right? [Yes] Just as a husband loves a baby, so he has to love his wife and God. In the same manner, a wife should love her husband and God as she loves her baby. When such three types of love come true, it will be really ideal.

Speaking of Western society, the husband and the wife in Western society are moving around, centering on this. But it doesn't have a center when moving. (Speaking while pointing to his writing on the board) Where is the center? Without bringing the love center here, Western society and civilization will be under darkness. Otherwise, even the universe would not tolerate it.

Seen from such a type of family organization, the family can be like a textbook. That is also a textbook to show how to realize an ideal nation. And such an ideal nation is a textbook to build an ideal world.

Do you understand what that means? [Yes] So there are four types of textbooks. These I are the family textbook, the national textbook, the world textbook and the universe textbook. Where should this training take place? Basically, it should be done in the family.

What should a family be like? Man must go beyond woman, woman must go beyond man. Husband and wife must go beyond grandfather and grandmother.

That's the content of the family textbook, which is for the nation. The nation comprises the group of grandparents, mother and father, the future daughters-in-law. So it is possible to say that one can build his own nation. (118-232)

There are four generations: God and True Parents, parents, husband and wife, and children. The parents are the beings who are realized horizontally on behalf of true parents. If you had not been fallen, you would not have any need to believe in God. It means that you would be supposed to recognize God automatically. So if you love God as you love your parents, you deserve to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Then, there might be no need of religion. It's needless. Understand that?

In the same way, children should love grandparents as parents love grandparents. There is no need of education. It can be applied to the animal world in the same way. The textbook says that God, parents and sons and daughters should become one like one body, centering on love. Also, it tells us that love shouldn't be applied to your home only. (164-94)

The family is the textbook to show how to make the Kingdom of Heaven. There is one common thing that every nation can agree upon. If you love the whole of parents and old people in the world as you love your physical parents and grandparents, you are surely supposed to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Any border in the spiritual world could not influence such a man. In other words, if you treat all the young in the world as your sons and daughters, you will be welcome anyplace in the heavenly world.

The family is the textbook to show how to make a relationship with the Kingdom of Heaven. It means the textbook for education. If you apply what you learn in such an ideal family to the nation, the world and God, you will become a patriot, the son or daughter of God, namely the holy son, respectively. It is not the holy man but the holy son. All men have such a desire to be so.

2. The First Training Center to Build the Kingdom of Heaven

For man, one needs a family, nation, world and the original world of the universe. That can be four grades or four steps. You need a family, nation and the world. Speaking of the Unification Church, it needs the universe. You've got to connect these things with love. And such love is eternal. Love is the thing that connects God, holy men and patriots. Let's see the parents in a family. The parents are the representatives of the nation, holy men, and God. Also, the family is the stage of the first step for learning such love. That is to say, a family is the first training center to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And Korea as a nation is the second training center, which needs patriots.

Next, the third training center is the world, the fourth one is the spiritual world. Then, one is to become the sons and daughters of God. The holy men themselves don't mean the sons or daughters of God. So all parts should become the sons and daughters of God. One at the position of a holy man ought to become one with God and he can go to the place where he can inherit ownership from God. Then, all that God has belongs to him. Can you understand it? (142-302)

3. The Family as the Textbook Where One Can Feel Universal Love

What is the universe? It is the amplified family. You've got to know this. Seen from the order of the family, it comprises the up, middle, down, left, right, front and backside. That is the principle. When we speak of the up and down side, it indicates parents and children; when speaking of the left and right, it refers to husband and wife; when it is the front and backside, it means brothers and sisters. How can all those parts become one? By power? [ No] Knowledge? [No] Money? [No] Then what makes it possible? [Love] Love doesn't mean ordinary love. It is True Love. Nothing can make a round circle but true love.

Then, what are the up, middle and down sides in a family? That's the textbook to let you feel the love of the universe. I want you to spread such love to the world. How to love yourself? Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." What does that mean? That's unclear. When you meet another grandfather, serve him as you serve your own grandfather. In the same way, you have to serve other mothers, fathers and children. Also it can be said that all those kinds of people are exhibited in the exhibition center, the world. It's like a world people exhibition.

When you love others with love as you love your family members, God will be with you. In addition, when you see a child, love him as you love God.

Well, what is the heavenly world like? It is like an amplified family and exhibition center of qualified goods. So it should have some shape to hold such a qualified family. (128-23)

Here, can we live without learning the love of the universe? [No, we can't live.] God gave you a textbook, the holy script, and promised that you shall love your grandfather and grandmother, who had been sent to you on behalf of those grandfathers and grandmothers in the spiritual world.

In the same manner, if you absolutely love your father and mother, who stand for the other parents in the world, it makes the condition for you to love the rest of all parents. It applies to the case of men and women, and children in the same way. So a family is the training center to teach people what love is and how to love people through the Holy Scripture. If these trainees answer "Yes" when they are asked to love other grandfathers and grandmothers as they are love their grandparents, then they can establish the conditions to save this world.

In loving people, you shouldn't discriminate among people just because they are Black, Asian, poor or uneducated. You have to love people, whatever they may be like, just as you love your family members. That's the formula by which one is taught how to love. (130-273)

4. A Testing Place for the Kingdom of Love

God's Will is to realize the Kingdom of Love in this world. The world is an amplified family. If you look at the world, what can you see there? There live other grandfathers, grandmothers. uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, children and so on. The world is an amplified family where lots of people from the old to the young are living. (147-28)

5. The Family as the Training Center for Love

For what is man born? It is for love. One receives parents' love from the womb until marriageable age. And one meets his partner and falls in love. In the meantime, he comes to experience God's love by having his own children. Through this course, you learn how to love God, as you love your children, partner and the other family members. And the course is the most basic step for man to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. A family has grandparents, parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters. All human beings indicate an amplification of the components of a family. A family that can love another family is able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. It's a surprising fact. They can inherit all the God-given privileges and powers.

Even in a noble family a long time ago, the most sacrificial and effort-making person was supposed to be the heir of the family, no matter how many candidates there were. (143-285)

Everybody! Have you ever known the origin of love? [Yes] So you have to love your family. The family is the textbook, which shows how to get the ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven. The family is the training center for love. The world is an amplified family where there is a world of grandfather, a world of grandmother, a world of parents, a world of husbands and wives, and a world of sons and daughters. So it is the straight and proper way to the Kingdom of Heaven for you to love other people as you love your family and God.

So the first commandment says, "Love God, the Lord, with your all heart and mind." The second one says, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." Love God love people; that's all. Training will be in vain. It is just nothing, if you can't do so. Religion teaches how to train yourself. Without loving people, the universe and God, it can be nothing.

Frankly speaking, the family is the place where you experience love and practice it in the world and where you and your parents have grown up and lived. It's like a microcosm. And the Unification Church has built a new type of family as a new training camp, centered on True Parents.

So you have to love your parents much more than you love your wife. It doesn't mean that you have to abandon your wife. If you love people like that, your love-receiving people will come to love your wife, There is no more glorious thing than that. (142-242)

What is the family? It is the training center to realize the ideal nation and world with love. Furthermore, it is the place where you can experience God and the heavenly world. And such a power of love attracts this world, the spiritual world and even God. Just think of the day when God will feel happiness at last.

Then, what is the ideal family? That is the place where you fish in the universe with love. Realize that the family is the place to fish with love! So, you will still feel happy, even if hooked. For this, we come to have a home, the ideal home. Also, it is the ideal man who can live in such an ideal home. (106-26)

6. The Family as the Training Center of Heart

In a family, the parents should be the center. And in society, a teacher must be the center. Parents rear up children. Then, what is school for? It teaches people how to well live in society, which is the future stage of their life. The family is the training center to develop your senses. And the school is the place to learn social life.

Society is not the last teaching. What is next? That's the nation. The nation has a president. What is the reason that all people miss the president and want to be closer to him?

The president indicates a complete fruit, which has gone beyond the state of the fruit from formation and growth. It can blossom, after passing through three stages. It starts from a seed and becomes a flower and finally becomes a fruit.

From this point of view, a school has to foster and train the man of ability. What are people doing in school? They are training and preparing themselves. They need good preparation.

What is the family? That's the training center of Heart. In school, you've got to make brother-like relationships with your schoolmates. Such an education of parents is for the sake of the school, the society, and the nation. The parents have to hand over all the foundation of sentiments to their descendants, which teaches them how to live in this society and nation.

Parents often say, "Why don't you study?" in your home. And teachers say, "Get on in life," in the school. What school teaches you is how to lead a nation and how to be a good man.

For instance, good professors provide a good foundation for this nation. So people are willing to initiate those who they like into their social foundation. (180-130)

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