Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Content And Situation Of The Spirit World (Part 1)

1. The Fall Led To Ignorance About The Spirit World

If it were not for the Fall, there would have been a heavenly lineage in which even the cells of the physical body would have been passed down purely through many thousands of generations of men and women. The human body consists of four hundred trillion cells. Four hundred trillion! Although our ancestors passed away to the spirit world, their cells born of love have been transmitted to us, and they are still a part of us.

The body's cells, centered on their life energy, have combined with each other from one generation to the next and have been passed down. These cells, connected through the blood lineage, have been passed down and are still alive and moving. Alive and moving. They have not died. The leaves on trees fall in autumn. New buds come out in spring. A garden becomes so green in summer. Likewise, we human beings have been born out of numerous ancestors through our blood connection. Although we are their descendants, we are meant to live our life representing them, as if we were their ancestors. Centered on what? Centered on our ancestors' true love and with their life energy, we are to pass down their blood lineage.

Thus, it is your grandfather and grandmother who represent your ancestors. Do you understand? It is your grandfather and grandmother who represent your clans and your families in front of Heaven. It is they who are connected with us, centered on heavenly ancestors.

Then what about your father and mother? They are the center of your family. They represent all the fathers and mothers of all families in the present world. The grandfather and grandmother represent the past, and the father and mother represent the present. Do you understand? (Yes.) What about sons and daughters? They represent the future, in which they realize God's eternal ideal world, connecting themselves with the Heavenly Kingdom and completing the universal unity. Your family is holding your son and daughter as a real starting point of your family. Compressed into one place, your family embraces and also connects representatives of the past, representatives of the six billion people of the present world, and representatives of future descendants. Understand? (Yes.)

The family that does not fall stands in such a position that the spirit world and the physical world are able to communicate with each other. If you call for your great-great-grandfather, you will be able to meet with him. You will be able to find out who his grandfather is, and who your ancestors are from the fourth generation back, the fifth, the hundredth, the thousandth, all the way back to Adam and Eve. If you wonder what Adam and Eve looked like, they will appear and say, "This is how we look." You will say, "My eyes resemble Adam and Eve's! My nose, too! And my mouth!" The shape of your faces would be similar. Are more than four things supposed to be on the human face? Eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Four things. You will also say, "Oh, our limbs are the same! Their eyes also blink! We look so much alike!"

If we can meet with our ancestors of the first generation, what about God, who created our ancestors? We can meet with God. Do you know that? The family is the place where the invisible God expresses His love. Understand? All the ancestors in history who were born centered on love are dominated by love in the spirit world. The same love. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The love between father and son is cherished in the physical world. If one lives his life with that kind of love on earth, he will attend God as his parent and live his life in heaven as God's son. That kind of life in the spirit world corresponds in every way to the kind of life in an unfallen family on earth, since the character and quality of the people in both worlds are the same. (214:268)

2. The Spirit World Is A Sphere In Which You Can Sense Everything Instantly

It is so in the spirit world. You will understand that as soon as you go there. Even before you greet anyone, someone whose name is so-and-so, who used to live a hundred million years ago, will come up to you. The spirit world is such a speedy world. Should I talk a little about the spirit world? (Yes!) If I do, all of you may become psychiatric patients. That is why those who are there cannot come down once they have gone there. They know that they will affect people on earth.

When I face a difficult challenge, I have to pinpoint where the solution is. It is like entering a triangle of some situation, and I have to pinpoint which angle will bring me in the right direction. How do I pinpoint the right direction? My finger knows it. It is as if I am not myself. My body already knows the right direction. That is why we have to walk on our path with a right focus and a right mind.

When you meet someone, do not think about taking advantage of him or trying to use him for your own benefit? Never do that. When this man's original character is crushed because of your wrongdoing, it will take half a year to three years to repair it. That is why your actions are crucial. If you take advantage of others, you will be placed in a more hellish place than the usual hell. Those who understand such consequences do not even think about doing selfish deeds.

Satanic blood is still flowing at the base of our being. Satanic love has been rooted in our body. Through that love our life has been created with blood and nerves. The body of "I" was born and has multiplied four hundred trillion cells.

That is why we have to lament the satanic blood and this miserable sustenance of life. We have to determine to destroy this satanic life hundreds of times over.

Despite this knowledge, would you embrace your own body? Would you walk around like a mad dog when you are starving? Would you approach your spouse just to satisfy your own lust centered on your body? On this Children's Day, please examine seriously whether you have truly become God's son or daughter. Are you going to be approved by heaven and earth or by Satan? You! Your body is destined to go to hell if you don't purify yourself!

When you enter the spirit world, you do not need greetings. You will understand as soon as you meet others. You will know this person used to live on earth so many thousands of years ago or so many hundreds of years ago. Some say that biblical history is six thousand years, but I say they should be more reasonable. They do not understand the spirit world.

Biblical history actually spans millions and tens of millions years. If we call for our ancestors, they will all appear at once. As soon as you see them, you will understand each other without talking. Your whole being is on display. Your forehead has to be deep. The deeper it is, the more blessing you receive. You will immediately know in what order each of you belongs, higher or lower order. The order is automatically determined.

What determines the order? Love. Love determines the position of each person, just as on earth. So you cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom unless you become God's sons and daughters.

How do you climb the ladder of God's heart to reach the Heavenly Kingdom? By riding a helicopter going back and forth? Or by an elevator that brings you straight up? Helicopter or elevator? It is an all-year around elevator that brings you straight up.

In order to connect with God's love, you have to be in the perpendicular line. The Bible says, "Love your God with all your heart and all your mind." What do you think that is? The central point of all is love. When you do nothing but concentrate all your functions and consciousness on loving God, you will go straight up in the elevator. You have to experience the wondrous world.

3. The Center Of The Spirit World

What is the center of the spirit world? The spirit world is structured centered on the one absolute God. The absolute God is the origin of the universe who created heaven and earth. There is nothing He has not created. The whole universe belongs to Him. It feels as He feels. The whole universe exists in relationship to Him.

For example, our four hundred trillions cells are all connected with our brain. The brain feels what each cell feels. All creatures have been in the same position in relationship to their Creator ever since the universe was created. A human being is alive with consciousness, pursuing goodness and higher value as well as having a sense of sorrow and sadness. All these attributes originated in the causal being, God. We can say that human life is the result, and we are going through the process of connecting ourselves with the original cause. (140:123)

4. The System Of Hierarchy In The Spirit World

Don't you wonder whether the spirit world has completed itself? The spirit world is still incomplete. Why? The hierarchy system of the spirit world was originally supposed to be centered on God, True Parents, and True Children. Everyone is supposed to be connected with this hierarchy system, but it is not done yet. It is not done on earth yet either. This hierarchy must be established on earth first, then in the spirit world. If the condition on the earth is taken care of, then the spirit world will automatically follow.

In other words, the organization of the spirit world is meant to be the hierarchy system centered on True Parents, which is the ideology of unfallen Adam centered on God, but it has not been accomplished yet. So far, the center of the hierarchy was occupied by the Buddhists Club and the Confucians Club, as well as the Muslims Club.

All of them in the spirit world have been hoping for the establishment of the ideology of True Parents and the ideology of Adam. The spirit world and the physical world are going in the same unified direction. As the work of True Parents on earth has been reaching the worldwide level, the border lines between all the religions are disappearing. And as the Unification Movement develops in the spirit world, the result will automatically manifest in the physical world.

What happens when the Unification Church reaches the worldwide level is that all spirit men in the spirit world will leave there and return to the physical world for resurrection. This is because the purpose of creation is completed on earth, and they have to return to the physical world to help. All of them will become active.

The billions of spirit men in the spirit world wish that the Unification Church members would lead them in the right direction, saying, "Move, move, move!" So if we create and bring to the spirit world one world centered on the True Parents, this world will become the world God governs. One unified world will last eternally in the names of the True Parents.

The centers of the hierarchy in the spirit world are: first, God; second, True Parents; third, True Sons and Daughters; and fourth, the True Nation. True Children are children who have inherited the direct blood lineage of True Parents. Centered on the True Nation, all of you are citizens of the nation.

Who should live in the heavenly palace first? Who will govern the Heavenly Kingdom sitting on the throne of the heavenly palace? God was originally supposed to be one with Adam and Eve, who were substantiations of His dual characteristics. Adam and Eve, if they had become True Parents through their unity with God, were supposed to have secured the right of Kingship in the Heavenly Kingdom. It would have been realized if they had not fallen. Because of the Fall, True Parents have to emerge and mend everything.

The spirit world knows it is supposed to have this kind of hierarchy, so it is frustrated looking at the fallen people on the earth. They know that, centered on God, True Parents have to emerge, then the True Children, and finally a True Nation with True Citizens. You cannot imagine how much the spirit world is longing for their arrival. How much those in the spirit world have been hoping for many thousands of years for you to emerge on the earth and fulfill God's Will!

Who took dominion here in the physical world? (Father is speaking while writing on the blackboard.) First came Satan. Then, centered on Satan, false parents emerged, that is, fallen and evil parents, and then evil children and an evil nation. Both the spirit world and the ideal world reject all these evil beings. (161:223)

In the Oriental almanac, there are twenty-four seasonal divisions, based on the lunar calendar. In the spirit world there are twenty-four elders, centered on the twelve disciples of Jesus.

5. Clothes, Food, And Shelter In The Spirit World

Would you skip breakfast tomorrow morning because you ate hamburgers or bread this morning? (Laughter.) Would you eat ten meals and then stop eating altogether? Until your physical body dies, you will keep crying out, "Oh, rice! oh, bread! Oh, hamburgers!"

Would you become tired of food because you eat it every day? Do you wait for the food to come every day? (Yes.) Likewise, you have to eat God's words every day, even after you go to the eternal spirit world. That is why you have to train yourself while on earth. It has to be your desire to know: "What kinds of words will God speak to us? What meaning do they have?" Isn't that true?

Think about it. Is there a bread factory in the spirit world, or not? Is there a factory that produces Coca Cola and juice, or not? (No.) Why not? You don't know why not. Right? (Laughter.) Is there a factory that manufactures cars in the spirit world? Would you say, "I want to move around the spirit world in a luxurious car," and then move around there in the car? On this earth people boast of owning a Mercedes Benz, but in the spirit world there is no need for cars.

What would you do in the spirit world? Would you eat food, or not? Would you prefer to eat food, or not? (Prefer eating.) (Laughter.) Centering on what would you eat food there? You eat centered on love. A person who could not have love on the earth won't be able to open his mouth no matter how much he wants to eat. That is the rule.

Your mouth will not open if your heart loves only yourself and does not center on loving others. Even when you try to pick up food with chopsticks and bring the food to your mouth, the chopsticks would move away from your mouth. You may try once, twice, three times this way, saying, "Arrgh!" How disappointed would you be. Everything is possible only when you have the concept of true love in the spirit world. Without it nothing is possible.

In the spirit world, if you have love for others, then as soon as you say even in your imagination, "I need a car made of diamonds," it will appear. Even without a car, however, you will be able to travel hundreds of millions of miles, or even a distance of a hundred million light-years.

What is a car for? Only a loving heart, a heart of true love, is needed. If you say, "I would like to meet this type of a beautiful woman who lived so many billions of years ago," she will appear 100 percent as you wished, even though there was never any such person who fit your description 100 percent. Anything is possible with your imagination. This is the main concept: centered on true love. Without that concept, you cannot do anything. So, what do you think will happen to a person who lived centered on himself? What will become of him?

What I am teaching about is the tide of heart. In the spirit world, when you visit someone who is lower than your love standard, you can possess that person's house if you like it. The owner of the house knows as soon as he sees your face. If he recognizes you as someone higher than he in the standard of true love, he will welcome you to his living room, saying, "Welcome." Just as a tour guide guides you, he will guide you through his house.

If you become God's son or daughter, the whole vast universe will become yours. When you go to the spirit world, would you want to follow me around? (Yes!) You cannot do that. On the path I go, you cannot follow me. The gate of your heart is narrow. True love enables you to go through a wide gate or a narrow gate. Only true love makes it possible.

This position represents the whole. That is why it can let you go in or out of anywhere. Am I just a dreamer? What word is the opposite of dreamer? (Realist.) Did you see? Because my nose is this shape and my eyes are so small, I may be a deceptive person. Isn't it true? (Laughter.) Who of you can tell if you have been deceived? Your original mind knows.

Does your heart say, "Aye!" or "Ahhh"? When your heart moves around in the four directions -- east, west, south, and north -- will it say, "I don't mind doing this, lying down, or rolling over"? Would you say that you can think over the concept I have mentioned at night or during day, wherever you go? (Yes.) Then the concept is the truth.

However, if even one-third of your heart says, "Ahhh," then one-third of the concept is false. Do you think that your heart can welcome it 100 percent? Even though I may lie, if you believe what I say 100 percent as the true words spoken by God, He will help you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Since He has the ability to create, He can create anything to help you. If that happens, you will be greater than 1. Do you understand that? (Yes.) Then believe. Believe 100 percent. (Laughter). (207:94)

The people in this world outside our church do not understand our activities because they do not know us. I have been making preparations. America cannot do this, nor can the Soviet Union or China. That is why I tell you to follow me. America, the Soviet Union, and China do not know that I have been making preparations. Even though the countries are huge and the people are proud, they will crumble. Do you understand? (Yes.) Is it so? (Yes.)

Why should it be so? It is because the spirit world is like that. The spirit world is our eternal homeland. It is our original homeland. This earth is the homeland of our original bodies. The spirit world is the homeland of our original heart. Do you understand? (Yes.) The next world we are to enter is the world of heart, the spirit world. If we train ourselves for our future entry to the spirit world, we will have no problems once we get there.

Americans have to eat hamburgers and French fries. Koreans have to eat kimchee and kochijan. If there are hamburgers and kimchee in the spirit world, people will not be able to enjoy them unless they have true love. So if we live our life on earth in the same rhythm as the spirit world, we will have no struggle in the spirit world. We will dance day and night, saying, "How happy we are!"

Our life on the earth for seventy or eighty years is less than one second in the eternal world. Would you follow the lifestyle of this world, which is worth less than one second? We have to keep step with the eternal world.

I am thinking of training members of the Unification Church to be the king of the market. I want all of them to be graduates of the Market University. They will become significant leaders. Do you think they will, or not? (They will.) Do you think that my ideology will unify the spirit world and the physical world, or not? (It will.) (207:72)

Do you think that you will eat rice in the spirit world? If so, then I'll have to seal your mouth shut by welding your lips together. Your tongue has to be pulled out. Then what are you going to do? Your teeth have to be pulled out, too? Or should your teeth be kept intact? (Kept intact.) Why do you want to keep them intact? Without eating rice, what use do your teeth have?

When you are in spirit world, do you think that you have to urinate, or not? (Laughter.) Why don't you try to go to spirit world next time to find out? I am telling you that you will have to urinate even in spirit world, but those who do not think so should go there and find out for yourself.

Then what about moving the bowels? Do you think we do that there, or not? (Laughter.) You do everything there, but it will immediately return to the elements. Do you understand about elements? They say that there are 107 basic elements in the universe, but these are constantly increasing. Anyhow, urine and feces will go back to the elements. That is why you do not have to clean in the spirit world. If you wave your hands with the heart of true love, you can go back to the original homeland. If with the heart of love you ask something to come out, it will come out. With the heart of love, all kinds of mobilizing are possible.

If you need to be welcomed to spirit world, you can command ten million people to come welcome you. You can ask for this type and that type of people: whatever number of Westerners, Americans, Germans, and all kinds from more than a hundred countries. They will come out in numbers.

Then we can have cultural festivals from each country. We can hold balls and have each country present its prize dance performance. You will look at the ballroom in a daze, without knowing whether you are standing or lying down, intoxicated by the atmosphere. The spirit world is that kind of the world.

Would you like to go there, or not? (We want to go there.) I may be telling you a lie. God, however, has the ability to create. We have to know that He is the subject, who is capable of creating whatever He wishes. Even when Satan tells you, "Hey, God has told you such and such," and you believe Satan's ideals and act on them, God will still create many ways for you to be victorious. (Amen!) (212:30)

This enormous universe God has created! There are no cars or food in the spirit world. As if we were like God, the Creator, we will be able to create everything, centered on the concept of true love and with our original ability in the spirit world.

When you order something to appear, the real thing will appear. If you say, "That kind of tool, please appear!" it will appear at once. Isn't it wonderful? If you ask for meals for ten thousand or even many million people who have come to a ballroom, they will be provided. When you ask for golden formal attire, it will appear instantly. What a nice place! It is indeed wonderful! (Laughter.) Your tongues are hanging out now. (Laughter.)

Your tongue extends toward the things you commanded to appear, saying, "Oh, Father in heaven!" Your tongue would reach out to those things, saying, "Hey! they do not decrease!" What will your tongue be doing in spirit world? (Laughter.) The more true love your tongue tastes, the more it sticks out, saying, "Ahh, the taste of heaven!" Whenever your tongue says that, you will say, "I feet like jumping. Please do not wake up from this dream! I like it better! I like it better! Now I want to meet my partner of love. I want to go out there with my wife!" You are standing in the position of king, centered on the automatically flowing love. The spirit world is the place of final settlement for all. You can hear the voice of true love. Everything will instantly become beautiful, as if each were God's partner. They will become so good for us to see and feel. Too good to sleep. It is so wonderful for you to open your eyes in the spirit world.

You do not go to sleep in the spirit world. Understand? Because you do not sleep in the spirit world, you can dance with all parts of your body going in and out there, even at midnight. (Laughter.) There is your "melody partner," and he or she can produce all kinds of voices.

Are you able to hear such voices? No! It is noise that you can hear and joyfully dance to. (Laughter.) The reason why you do it spiritually is because you long for eternal joy to fill your life. When your spirit body is in the spirit world, you will be able to team realistically to attain true love if you can visit yourself centered on love. True love moves to someone else and becomes a center for making an actual physical body be reborn.

From there it is connected with the spirit world of love. Air is the air of love. Food is the food of love. Clothes are the clothes of love. True Parents will provide those things centered on true love.

Look around. You worry about food in your life. We need factories to manufacture automobiles, fertilizer, clothes, food, and so on. People busy themselves with food at their home. In the spirit world, there are no factories. No need for cars. No need for airplanes. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to travel a hundred million miles. Spiritual energy travels faster than the rays of the sun. Spiritual energy. The sun's rays, which were created by God, travel three hundred million meters. Doesn't electricity travel as fast as the speed of light?

God's original love energy and life energy travel many thousands of times faster than light and electricity. If you wish to meet with someone who is millions or billions of miles away, that person will still appear. When you prepare your heart and say that you would like to meet with someone you love, that person will appear. Isn't it great? When he appears in front of you, you will know which level you are on. You will know if you are higher or lower than he. Even if he was your closest friend, he will bow to you as soon as he emerges if you are higher than he in love from the heavenly point of view. Even your own mother will bow to you. Your ancestors from way back will do the same. The spirit world is such a place.

Those who used to live eight or ten million years ago will appear and bow to you. Biblical history is what, six thousand years? It is like a madman's story. How much has changed over the past thousands of years? People who used to live then could sense Heaven much more deeply than those who live now.

However, the aspect of cultural life is the opposite. The higher the cultural life becomes, the higher the spiritual senses develop. Isn't that true? Once you attain more knowledge, you understand more according to the degree of the knowledge and become more sensitive in analyzing everything. From now on, that kind of knowledge will be developed more and the spirit world will guide and teach those who are concerned about the future of the world. They will understand what will happen through spiritual waves. If you reach higher and higher in some position, you will see only one goal at the end. (206:138)

Please try to do this kind of training yourselves. When you meet with someone outside, and analyze and compare him with someone similar, you will know, "Ahh, this person has this kind of character, so he will live his life this way." When you double-check with his real life, you may find that you are 70 percent correct. When you meet someone for the first time and describe to him, saying, "Your character is like this, isn't it?" he will ask you, "How did you know that?" When you do it more and more, you will get better at it.

If you train yourself in analyzing many people while on earth, you will be able to take charge of many people wherever you go in the spirit world. You will be able to understand every person you meet. You will be able to tell whether a person is higher or lower in love.

If the person is higher than you, you will greet him, saying, "Good morning, sit!" "Good morning!" "Oooooh!" You will become big like that. You will be able to compare each thing with everything else. Everyone concludes that the path of center is the best to follow. When you go to a village in spirit world, the villagers will say to you, "Welcome. Please stop by my house." You will not need to worry about food or clothes there. No factories are needed there. Understand? No cars or airplanes. You will have no need for anything.

You do not need anything of this world. just thinking will enable you to travel thousands of miles. When you say, "I want that" centered on the heart of love, it will be provided spiritually. When you say, "I want to meet with such a person," he will appear. You will ask him, "Are you so and so?" He will reply, "Yes I am. I used to live in such and such a place on earth hundreds or thousands of years ago. You wanted to see me? Do you have any questions?" You will say, "Yes, I do. I taught this way. How different you and I are!" Do you understand? Both of you can naturally share many stories. It does not take time. just from the beginning of meeting with each other, you will understand each other.

What an inconvenient life we have in this physical world! In the spirit world, we have no cars. You can create all kinds of emotion of love there. With the concept of true love in your mind, you can create everything. You will be able to create anything with the concept of true love. (217:131)

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