Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. What Kind Of Place Is The Spirit World?

1. The Spirit World And The Physical World

1) The Center of the Spirit World and the Physical World

Do you understand the existence of the spirit world? (Yes!) Those who understand its existence, raise your hand. How about those who have experienced the spirit world instead of understanding it? (Some raise hands.) Wow! (Father laughed.)

You must have thought seriously about the spirit world. Today there are many religions in the world, but their path is to search out the world where we can live together with God. By having a relationship with the spirit world, religions search for the world of eternal life where we can live forever. You have understood it as a concept; that is, that the world of eternal life is the destination of religions.

Nowadays, however, religion has been declining, and many people are saying, "Only weak people need religion. It is not necessary for the rest of us." Or, "It was created by man as a moral idea." We have entered into such an era. just took at Christianity alone, which is the center of all religions. America represents all the Christian nations of the world, and you grew up in an American family. You once believed in Christianity, but you lost your faith and lived in your own way. You are here because you could not find anything, even though you wandered around. (Smile.) You might leave again after you wander around here! (No!) Not so many people would say "No!"

Then why did you leave Christianity, if the ideal of Christianity could be described as centered upon the spirit world where God dwells, and if Christianity is the center of the world?

First, it is because you did not understand clearly about eternity, or the existence of the spirit world. Since we have the capability to compare with our intellect, we go to better places, getting rid of less appealing elements and seeking higher, more valuable realms. This is the original human nature. Is it so? (Yes!) It may be true for women rather than for men. (Smile.) Is it true for men, too? (Yes!) It is the same for both.

Second, it is because you did not know God. Third, it is because you did not know that love is the center of God and is the central element of the spirit world. Even though you might have known God and the spirit world, without connecting the two with love, they are so dry and it seems to be nothing different from the human world. You were only aware of your uncomfortable feelings because of the control of the absolute God. You did not understand the existence of such a world centering on love.

In the world of love, there is no high and low place. Logically, you can say that even the middle is good, too. Does a wife complain, saying that her loving husband is taller than herself? Or does a husband complain, saying that his loving wife is shorter than himself? In unity, you can travel freely, from the lower place to the higher place, and from the higher place to the lower place. You can stay in the middle, or you can go wherever you want. There is no limit. Is it true? Today people of the world say, "This world should be one unified world. The world should be peaceful."

The same thing can be said about spiritual existence and physical existence, the spirit world and physical world. God and His love are the center of this world. However, fallen man usually does not have God in the center.

Man has a mind and a body. They are different dimensionally. The mind is not the same as the spirit world. The spirit world and the physical world can be defined centered upon God. Therefore, in order for the spirit world and the physical world to unite, God must be involved. The spirit world cannot function without God's love. It is connected centered upon God.

You have a conscience, don't you? How are the conscience and the spirit world different? You need both a mind and a body, don't you? Then how are they different from each other! What is the difference? You may be thinking, "My mind is my spirit, isn't it?" You are confused about that. You have to understand clearly.

The mind is not the spirit world. You should know that your mind does not connect with the spirit world. The mind of a fallen person can be compared to people without bones.

When you look at the spirit self, there is the spirit body and the spirit mind. Even the spirit self has its mind and body. The spirit world is like the mind of the spirit self. It is definitely related with God.

Therefore, there is no mind for the spirit self without having a relationship with God. Do you understand what I am talking about? You have to understand that the spirit and the mind are two different things. The mind has nothing to do with God, that is to say, that God had to leave the mind. God Himself cannot relate with our mind, nor can He control it directly.

That is why your mind is changeable, going one way then the other. Is it true, or not? That is the reason why Communists think that everything is changeable, too. They think that even the revolution of consciousness itself is changeable because the human consciousness is changeable and because the human mind is changeable. They think that nothing is unchanging, not even religion. However, the spirit world, spiritual relationships, and our spirit self are unchanging.

This is so because the spirit world is moving constantly toward its one eternal goal. Why is this so? Because the spirit world is with God. Do you understand what I'm talking about? The mind belongs to the inner part of man, who walks around with a physical body.

You already know what the spirit mind is, since you have studied the Divine Principle. The spirit mind is the unit of mind and spirit, and it is moving toward its new goal. It unites with our conscience centered upon God. You can say that it becomes a motivating mind that is able to create the ideal self spiritually and physically. Therefore, we can conclude that without a spirit mind, we cannot search for our origin, which can connect us to the spirit world, ideal, true love, and everything else.

In the presence of the spirit mind, the body experiences joy, and everything follows it. Everything starts to unite automatically. Do you understand what I'm talking about? In humans, the biggest problem has been that the mind and body are separate from each other. Is it so, or not? (Yes!) However, the nature of the spirit world is such that, once you become one with the original spirit mind, your mind and body become one naturally. Unless a revolution occurs from the root, and unless we discover the origin that can correct everything from the bottom of the root, there is no reason to seek the ideal. There is no result without motivation. Do I sound right, or not?

The purpose of religion is to implant within us a divine mind. This divine mind is the core, and there are many religions centered on this core. Some religions look like this and others look like this. (Father draws on the chalkboard as he speaks.) Some religions just go around but cannot be connected, because the core is here (Father still draws as he speaks). (91:140)

2) Unity Of The Spirit World And The Physical World

Since God is always dignified, He can unify the spirit world and the physical world. With what? He unifies with true love. Because there was no true love, the spirit world and the physical world could not be unified, and our mind and body became separated.

Everything comes together as one centering upon true love. Everything from the individual, family, society, nation, world, and cosmos is linked centering around true love. Do you understand? This is the obvious conclusion. We have to make it with our own hands. Otherwise, we cannot inherit the original Kingdom of Heaven on earth or the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. You have to know that what we are creating is not a democratic world but the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

How do we unite the spirit world and the physical world? We unite into one with true love. Isn't it so? Now you have to understand the three aspects of the entire providence. This is the important starting point. If we do not understand it, then heavenly fortune does not help us. We have to go through these three things. Only after gaining victory through hard work can Heaven take care of your enemies. This is most important. (216:106)

2. The Spirit World Seen Clearly

Here Father responds to questions at the Unification Church in Tokyo on Oct. 7, 1965.

Question: I have not believed in the spirit world.

Answer: Then your value is half that of a human being's. Eighty percent of the three billion people on earth are ignorant about the spirit world. Even believers are unsure about the existence of the spirit world and God. Many say, "I believe because my pastor says so." But the spirit world exists.

You will be blown away when you experience it. Imagine a millionaire trying to build a happy hometown. He does not mind investing all his money into building it. Likewise, how did God, the creator of heaven and earth, create His dwelling place? You might faint if you saw where I will live in the future.

Spirit world is the world of beauty, where you never get bored by watching a tiny piece of anything for even a thousand years. The world's prized possessions cannot compare to even a piece of the spirit world. Therefore, I will not miss the earth. I myself would rather go back to that world, because this earth is not fulfilling its purpose. (15:154)

Most people generally do not think about the spirit world. They serve their parents because they were born from them and live in that particular family. They try to live as the general public lives.

In such a lifestyle, the center of life is something they need for their physical daily lives. In other words, people consider food, shelter, and clothing to be the most important elements of life because how to eat and how to live is the center of their lives. This is generally true, isn't it?

People think that the issues of how to live, eat, and clothe themselves are the center of life. Of course, they do develop some good elements through their moral and ethical human relationships with each other. However, the standard of that morality is different depending upon the nation and race. Everything from moral standards to social systems change according to the degree of difference between cultures of the world.

From this point of view, although we should search for the original standard as historical human beings on earth, the existing moral and ethical standards are scattered in many directions. They are all out of control. This is the problem. People are unsure about the original world and the destination of their own lives. Therefore they are ignorant about whether or not the spirit world and God exist.

However, those in the Unification Church clearly know that the spirit world exists. They not only believe it but also know it. Why? How? Because they understand so many historical facts and see so many real, undeniable spiritual things happening around them. Today the Unification Church has built a worldwide foundation. When you look back at our development, you see that we have gone through a path of so many spiritual experiences. That is why members of the Unification Church cannot deny the existence of the spirit world. (140:122)

Then what kind of path should Unification Church members go? They must obey the path that God desires. You must obey the Will of God. What is the Will of Heaven? In Heaven's Will, there is a will for individuals, the family, society, nation, world, and even the spirit world. You do not know so much about the spirit world, do you? The specialist in that field is the one who is standing here right now.

The spirit world definitely exists. Then if the spirit world exists, and God does too, what would happen? Some may think that we have nothing to do with Him even though He exists. This is incorrect. Saying "Even if the spirit world exists, it has nothing to do with me" would be the same as saying that you do not need the family, nation, or world even though you are part of them. Therefore, since the greater God and the greater spirit world exist, we desire to have a relationship with Heaven. What do we do after making a relationship? We should become one with Heaven. We have to move toward the heavenly purpose. (104:119)

I know more about God than anybody else in the world, even though I am not a minister. There is a famous spiritualist named Arthur Ford, who is a member of the American Spiritualists Association. Even such a person said "yes" when I said to him: "Come and greet me, since I am entering the spirit world. You will understand these facts about the spirit world." Then I asked him, "What do you do in this situation?" He replied, "Oh, I do not know." He lost right away.

We have come to the end of the twentieth century, and the spirit world surely exists. How many scientists are aware of this? Dr. Yun, do you believe in the spirit world? (Yes.) You didn't believe in the spirit world when you joined the Unification Church, did you? (No.) Then why do you believe in it now? (Father has taught me.) Have I taught you? You realized it by yourself and have believed in it.

Dr. Chang, why are you smiling? Your face has become very handsome recently, as if you were a bridegroom who had just married an heiress. (Smile.) You look happy. (Yes.) If I told you to go to North Korea, would you go? (Yes!) Why do you answer that way? You do not look too good because of the wrinkles on your face. When you look up, it does not look too good either. (No, with a soft voice.) It may not look good. Who believes it? Sometimes you have to do such a thing in order to revive a nation. (194:252)

3. The Spirit World Is The Driving Force For Faith

In the Bible, does it explain the third heaven, which Paul saw fourteen years earlier? How did he live during those fourteen years? He built himself up for fourteen years, holding onto his experience of seeing the third heaven. Paul could go on again after talking about the third heaven. This is because he had seen something higher than the world around him. Knowing this, you understand the path to go in order to become filial sons and daughters. Do you understand? (62:47)

The apostle Paul's experience of seeing the third heaven of the spirit world became the driving force for him to be able to do witnessing activities for fourteen years. Do you understand? You must have such experiences. It is the same for me. (27:128)

Let's talk a little more about the spirit world. You all go crazy when I talk about the spirit world. Wise men like me would not. (Smile.) It is true. Everybody becomes crazy. You do not know where you are going in the spirit world. Since you have left without any roots, you do not know the path to return. This is because the spirit world is too good to leave. When you go around the world, though you think that you are in Korea, you are actually in London. How do we come back?

There is no need of cars in the spirit world. You can travel millions of miles in one moment. How many years does it take for us to travel to Venus by a spaceship nowadays? We can get there in a moment. This vast universe is our own activity ground. When we think about that, it is a truly noble task for me to live to be seventy years old and yet to be spoken of so badly by people. Nevertheless, I have no choice but to live this way. I have no choice because young Mother would shed tears of worry over marrying our sons and daughters if I go to the spirit world. It is simple for me to leave this world - just pack some luggage and go. It is very simple.

This is why I am not afraid of death. Do you understand? I have no fear of death. What made this possible? Love did. You digest love.

I digest everything with love, even when I am put in jail. That is how I have pulled today's entire opposing environment. I have digested it, and I have conquered it with my own hands.

You would faint away if you saw the place where I will live in the spirit world. What is the famous museum in Paris? People talk about the Louver. I saw the palace of the Russian Empire in Leningrad. People say it is gorgeous, but I tell you that those places cannot compare with even the bathroom of the palace in heaven. It is true. You may not be able to go to such a place. There are three levels in heaven, and there are no walls between each level, only curtains. (202:27)

4. When The Spirit World Was Created

The spirit world is very similar to the angelic world. Do you understand? Today this world is like Adam and Eve. Well, God created the spirit world before He created Adam and Eve, and the Lord of the Second Advent represents Adam. Thus, the spirit world, which was created before him, is similar to the angelic world. Since Satan came to exist because the spirit world went against God's Will, then that world can be restored only after the spirit world welcomes God's Will. Also, the Lord of the Second Advent cannot be recognized by the world unless he gets the spirit world to surrender to him. That is why the Unification Church has worked until today to bring about the surrender of the spirit world, and that is the reason why the spirit world has to help the Unification Church. (25:233)

5. Where The Spirit World Is

Where is the spirit world? Is it outside your body, or does it come into your body? (It is in our body.) Thus, you turn around with spirit world on your shoulders, and you attend it as you turn. You turn holding the spirit world in your arms and on your head. Can you get away from it? (Impossible.) That is why my heart is always dignified wherever I go to America, so opposition from people cannot affect me.

Nowadays, I have been firing guns continuously, so that not only the CIA and the FBI, but all of America is shocked. I surprise them. Why don't they attack me? I'll challenge them. You should do that, too. Everything is prepared in the spirit world, and it is commanding us to meet the challenge. (162:116)

You should understand the existence of the spirit world now. You must know it. The spirit world exists for this world, and this world exists for the sake of the eternal spirit world. It isn't right to say that the spirit world does not exist. It does exist. Since it does, I'm doing what I am doing. I move centering on the spirit world. Yet some still say, "Rev. Moon, you made a mistake." And others say, "I don't know where God dwells -- in this world or where the spirit world is." God's dwelling place is the spirit world. (117:307)

6. What Kind Of Place Is The Spirit World?

If we could complete our lives during only our seventy to eighty years on earth, we wouldn't have any problems to worry about. However, when you live a life that involves eternity, it's a different story.

Spirit world exists. What do you think your reaction would be when you pass to the spirit world? That world that welcomes you is a magnificent world. You have no idea. It is a magnificent and limitless world. The first thing you become aware of when you get to spirit world is that the main thoughts there are of earth itself and the society in which you lived and so on, rather than just your own hometown.

On earth, there is discrimination between cultures and differences in their backgrounds. Sometimes other people's ways are incompatible with your own. While you were going through your life in this world, you wanted to be in control of everything by insisting on your own point of view. When you go to spirit world, you want to leave your values behind for others. However, your forgotten past life will be replayed vividly in the spirit world. Your past will not go away.

The more immense the spirit world is, the more you long for your home and for life on earth, because you cannot absorb the environment in spirit world freely based on your own limited judgment. This is how I see it.

When we go to the spirit world and live there forever, how long will it take to forget about earthly life? How many years can we last? When you think about it, what do you think? How many days can you last there? How many years?

You only meet strangers in the spirit world. Imagine if you could meet someone that you know in such an unknown environment. When you think there, you cannot get out of your emotional connections to the past. You think about the people you loved in the past.

Once you are there, you would wonder how your mother and father are doing, and your grandmother and grandfather. You would think this way. Whom do you want to meet most in the spirit world? (187:285)

I understand why today's world is so excited about space and electricity. It is because they are similar to internal lubrication oil. You are supposed to say "Amen." Thus, we can conclude that spirit world is the world filled with the electricity of love.

We can expand harmony, and there is nothing we cannot do in this world with the electricity of love. Hence, we realize that our place in the spirit world can be determined by what realm our conscience structure can handle.

Then what is the spirit world? It is an eternal place that desires eternal elements. Thus, a spirit self that has experienced love on earth would go to that place in spirit world automatically, just like being pulled by a magnet. Do you understand? You will go to the same level of spirit world as your sensitivity.

Well, what kind of place is the spirit world? It is the world of harmony, where everything is filled with love. Can you believe that we can send electricity to several million families in New York City in a moment with just one push of a button? Can you believe it? Do you understand? (Yes.) So does it sound real if I say that this universe can operate with just one push of a love button?

So, what is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is the place where love bulbs shine. Then how about the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven? It is the place where love bulbs shine completely.

Therefore, as long as you keep a loving heart and pull the rope of love, everything goes wherever you want it to. When you pull it toward the back, you go backward. (Father demonstrates.) When you pull it forward, you move forward. When you pull it this way, you can go like this. If you pull it this way, you will move upward. You can operate it as freely as you wish. You do it not because of duty but automatically. Can you understand?

Thus, we can seek after this concept with the earthly structure of recognition. The concept is that the spirit world is the place filled with the air of love. The God of love wants to feed all humanity in that world and wants to make them happy. If He says, "Let there be rice, with a loving heart, then rice will appear. This is so because we have to eat, even in the spirit world.

Therefore, you eat the food of love. You look at each other with loving eyes. Everyone does so. There is no word to describe the beauty of the spirit world. You never get tired of listening. There is no concept of being sleepy there. Do you understand? There must be reasons why you become tired, and there must be something that can make you excited. There must be something that bores or disturbs you. Otherwise, how can we get tired if there is no reason?

In spirit world you can keep your eyes open forever and you can hear forever. You can live forever, even without eating. Would you eat rice because you are told to? (Smile.) Would you? I know that I do not eat just because I'm told to. I can wear clothes in whatever way I want. "Let's wear a gold suit. That princess has a 517-karat diamond, so I want a better one. Give me a 17,000-karat diamond." When I say so, it will appear. (Smile.) I can have that. We can create everything. (Applause.) Because I look at things this way, you may say that I have a wild imagination. (Smile.) But you should know that I'm speaking to you within a possible logical realm.

It is highly possible that those words are true. The possibility is high. Those words are worth saying. They are worthy to be spoken. Therefore, you need to test them out. You have to try what I say. So would you want to be a volunteer to try this out? (Yes!) Those who volunteer, raise your hand. It is good.

The spirit world is the place filled with the electricity of love. That is a fact. The spirit world that I know is that way. Do you understand? Thus, human beings today tend to connect everything with love. Why do we want a relationship of love? This is to have the same beat as the spirit world. This is really logical. Since the spirit world operates in this way, existing beings have to respond to that. You should understand that we cannot leave our position. Do you understand? (Yes!)

Do you dream of Father sometimes? (Yes!) How does it happen? Does he appear on an electrical wave? It is not so. When he appears to you, he appears through the waves of love, he just comes into you smoothly. You cannot have self. Self should not be there. You have to sacrifice yourself and create a vacuum. Otherwise nothing will occur. After creating a vacuum, the question is whether you become pure gold or not. Gold does not contain any other elements. It is pure in itself. Do you understand? (Yes.) Why do we make gold jewelry? Platinum has no resistance power. When electricity comes in . . . swish. Do you understand?

So I have to beat you to make you pure. We should make it by being hit. You have to create pure gold by being hit. Next, sacrifice yourself. Die and become zero. Sacrifice yourself and become zero.

Nowadays, why are we entering the space age and the age of electricity? It is because the spirit world is approaching closely. In the Divine Principle it says that before the appearance of the truth, the external thing, or Cain-type thing, must appear This world is a Cain-type world. From this viewpoint, I am the founder of the electricity of God's love.

Thinking in this light, the spirit world must exist. It must exist from the viewpoint of the structure of the universe - from the viewpoint of the principle of dual structures and that of dual characteristics.

God must exist, and everything is principled. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Now you understand it very well. (112:117)

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