Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. To Go To High Spirit World

1. Standard Of Religious People Is The Spirit World

The difference between religious believers and secular people is that they believe in the standard of the spirit world while they live their lives on earth. Religions are already centered on God. Religion starts from the determination to live to meet God.

The contents of the scriptures the founders of all religions left did not introduce human living. They taught how we can relate centering on the place where God exists and the place where God dwells, as well as about the eternal, transcendent world. (187:286)

2. The Standard To Set Property Rights In The Spirit World

A long time ago, we had many days when we did not even have barley meals and trembled in a cold room without food. You have to feel that you were closer to God in those days. In those days, we worried about the nation and the world. As everything became bigger and the foundation expanded, we came to think about how many people take joy from a person's name, "I."

I do not like to meet people. If I meet people, I praise people and say this and that, but I do not like that. No matter how much knowledge, power, or money one might have, these things will all be washed away.

When a person dies, he leaves everything behind. What you should carry with you is your efforts to love God, establish your essential personality, develop love for your spouse, and expand the love of family to the world. The record of loving mankind and God remains to the end and becomes the standard to decide property rights in the other world.

The other world is fair. When did you suffer throughout the night thinking about the nation? When were you agonized over the problems of the world? When did you take the whole responsibility of battle in the tragic position to decide life and death on the dividing line of mankind's destiny? I took such responsibility before God. (127:38)

In the way of restoration, there is no discount. When we came tonight each of us came alone, but we cannot go alone. We have to take many people with us.

Human beings cannot live apart from society. That is the reason Jesus visited the disciples who had betrayed him. We should know Jesus' sorrow that he had no choice but to take only a thief with him. We have to prepare ourselves to know such a situation. (14:105)

You should know that the number of people you witnessed to will decide your property rights in the spirit world once you go there. You don't go there with a title of state leader. If you go without anything, it does not work. If you are a state leader, you are a recruitment soldier to create and bring people in the state to heaven as testifiers. You are a recruitment agent. (125:17)

3. You Should Love People

In the spirit world, you cannot eat without God's love. You do not have a right to eat. Hell is the place where you watch but cannot eat and know but cannot act on it. You should know that. Do you understand?

Therefore, except for those who exalted the central value that can unite spirit and body centering on God's love, and who experienced the life of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth with mind and body united, people cannot own the eternal, ideal world and the Kingdom of Heaven. You should know that. (91:173)

What should you be proud of in the spirit world? There is nothing else. Say President Moon spent much money and enters the spirit world. If God asks, "What did you do on the earth?" he would say he had money and spent much money. I have spent much money. I am spending much money, am I not, for this and that? All these do not matter. What matters is how much did I live longing for people. (187:310)

4. You Should Love God More

Nothing else is necessary in the other world. You have to love God more than you love the world, your nation, your spouse, and your child. That is principle. Mother says, "Oh, love God more than me, please. Then you love me," Only with that mind can she receive high-dimension, godly love from her husband. You have to lower yourself and beg your parents, "Oh, parents, forget about us. Please receive the love of the True Parents first. I want to love parents who received the love of original parents,"

Once you enter the other world, that is the case. When you go to the spirit world, do you earn money? Do you sleep for hundreds of millions of years? Please think about this. How dull it is! You do not have to sleep hundreds of millions of years or earn money. You can eat food anytime. When I say I am hungry and want "one hundred million dollar foods," I will be given them immediately. Do you understand what I am talking about? The person who achieves the greatest personality in the realm of love can exercise the same ability as God. (126:142)

5. You Should Establish Family Foundation

Why do you have to have sons and daughters? There has to be love. God has to exist. Husband and wife have to be there and that requires man and woman. Next, the blood has to be mixed. The descendants are born with God's blood and love blood, vertical blood and horizontal blood, mixed together. Therefore, unless you have descendants, you cannot have a place to play and rest in the other world.

If husband and wife live face to face until they become 80 or 90 years old, are they happy? They cannot live an interesting life. There has to be a wife of their son, and grandchildren. The son's wife would like to live happily together with the husband and wife, as it used to be. Grandmothers and grandfathers often forget things as they grow older. They become babies. Because of that, you should serve as a head of your grandmother and grandfather, just as you serve as parents of babies. It is not bad. For elderly people, there is no more happiness than holding grandchildren. My mother is the same. My mother loves grandchildren so much these days. When she gave birth to True Father, the taste was stiff. The taste of grandchildren is like a sweet-jellied adzuki-bean paste bar (yokan). If she touches something like yokan it is soft.

So, those who could not have grandchildren cannot achieve harmony with heaven and earth and adapt to east, west, south, and north in the spirit world. Even when they dance, they cannot do hip dance, bosom dance, nose dance, hand dance, or leg dance. They can do only one dance. (Laughter.) It is a dance like that of a bear in the zoo.

In order to be harmonious in the ideal world, elements of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, above, below, front, back, right, and left are condensed in a family. Even if one element is missing, people say, "I do not like it," Do you understand? (Yes.)

Those women who say, "I like my father-in-law and mother-in-law," raise your hands. Are there women who like their in-laws? Are there such women, or not? Nowadays, no young women say, "I wish to visit and serve my strong mother-in-law and father-in-law," If you survey hundreds of thousands of women, there probably will be no one. Among our Unification Church members, there might be some women who circle that answer. (197:32)

Even if you sleep alone, you sleep in the bosom of God's love. You say, "Tonight is truly a happy night" and fall sleep smiling. When you wake up, you say, "Ha, I will go somewhere to witness and I wish I could meet the Teacher," Waking or sleeping, you never know when you will meet me. Around noon or 1 p.m., if you go one more step, you might find me there. But you don't know that and continue looking for me with gratitude. Do you understand what I am talking about?

Therefore, you do not have room to think, "Oh, too much" after your work. You do not have room to think, "Oh, it's terrible. I could not sleep and my body aches," Then the spirit world will open up. You can see the spirit world. If you see the spirit world with your eyes open and eat meals spiritually, you don't get hungry even if you do not eat all day. That kind of thing will happen. Your body feels light, and you do not get tired even if you run around all day.

If you experience these things, this world becomes interesting. It is necessary to give birth to sons and daughters horizontally to be in this world. Since you have to bring your family to the other world, you have no choice but to be in this world. (91:176)

6. You Should Live Centered On The Tradition Of The Realm Of Heart

We are the ones who understand the spirit world. Is religion necessary in the spirit world? (No, it is not necessary.) Is Presbyterianism or Roman Catholicism necessary there? (They are not necessary.) You go into the realm of living with God, so religion is not necessary. You should know that. I am someone who knows that. Then, what is necessary? The most precious thing is to be able to receive God's love.

Today, we talk about the realm of heart in the Unification Church. Where is the base of the realm of heart? It is True Parents' love, true husband and wife's love, and true brothers' love centered on God's love. The world where such love can be universally expanded is the world of heart. Do you understand? (Yes.)

We live there centered on the standard of love, of loving your husband and wife in the original world. But the husband and wife are not the center of that world. It is husband and wife's love centered on heaven and earth, the cosmos. Do you understand? Therefore, we value the cosmos more. We establish husband's and wife's love, but it should be husband and wife's love centered on the world. Once we go to that country, there will be no world. The spirit world is the ultimate world, so it is the cosmos, isn't it?

The most important question is where we build and find the foundation of love that can pass in that world. The Unification Church is trying to build that foundation in this world. There are many religions and so-called most precious things in this world, but the entity that started these things in this world is only the Unification Church. What do they teach here? You can become a successful candidate in the realm of heart.

Once you go to the other world, many people who loved their nations, many couples, patriots, loyal vassals, women of chastity, saints are all there. There will be people who loved the world. But there is no one who lived centered on the tradition of the realm of heart and the original love of God. Is such a person there, or not? (Such a person has not gone there.) Has such a person gone there, or not? (Such a person has not gone there.) Not even one. (126:139)

7. Ticket To Pass To The Other World

From now on, when you start something, you should start it centering on God. This is the Principle.

Once you go to the spirit world, such a Principle appears before you. Depending on how much you are in accord with or have assimilated the Principle, you will go to all different realms, from hell to the midway spirit world, to paradise and the Kingdom of Heaven. Shouldn't this be the case? Shouldn't such a Principle be there?

Even if one is the American president, Nobel laureate, or world famous scholar, can such a person go to the Kingdom of Heaven when they enter the spirit world? No, they cannot. Can they pass? That is why the religious world is teaching people to give up everything and go. You have to give up everything and go. Such a logic is established.

Then what is the most precious thing? What is the most precious way? What matters is how much a person received pain for this world and how many tears were shed. That is the ticket to pass to the other world. There is no mistake there. It is absolute. This fits the theory.

If you took at this from God's position, is God a God of joy? The religion that thinks God is joyful has no brain and no common sense. The one who is most sorrowful is God. If God has shed tears and received pain until now, that is not for God Himself. God is still shedding tears for this universe that He created and for fallen humankind. These are correct words. Why are they correct? Because He is a God of Heart. (97:172)

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