Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 4)

10. Posture Before Death

Jesus taught me everything. Those who try to die will live and those who try to live will die. Do you understand the meaning of these words? Those who try to live, die, and those who try to die, live. Where can you find such nonsensical words in this world? There are no words as nonsensical as these. But, these words are the fact.

Then, why do they die? What is the purpose of dying? To live? There is some purpose to live for. Is it good to live centering on your own purpose? (No.) A human being's purpose is different according to each person. For what are we asked to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind, and your thought"? ( To become sons of God.) Does that mean to offer your head to love God? How many heads do you have? (One.) You only have one head, but what do you offer? You do not like to offer this, do you? If you are a son of God, should you be the first or the last in the worldwide exhibition of heads offered? (I should be the first.) If there is an exhibition of heads offered in the world, you should get the label of number one. You can get such a label, so you should not die in the deepest place. Where should you go and die? You have to die in the highest position.

Therefore, you should die centering on the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is bigger than any nation on earth, isn't it? You should die in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is only one under heaven and on earth. Where do you die? That is the question. That is the way to die. Let us die! Let's die! Where do we die? You die for a woman living for the world. Do you understand? (Yes.) (Laughter.) Why do you laugh? Do you laugh because you feet good, or because you hate it?

There is a place to die. You should not do it in a trivial, Korean way. With the Korean way, no matter how many times you die, your death has no meaning. You should die in the highest position centered on the nation of God's Heart, which penetrates heaven and earth. You should die in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the best place to die. When the entire world opposes you, what will you do? Should you escape? (No.) You should endure and die in the position where everyone in heaven and on earth raises a flag and welcomes you. (34:184).

Today, we yearn for the day of the last resurrection, the day of hope. That time of hope is one that all people can enjoy, but that time does not approach easily. Only those who win over death can own that hope. Only those who fought Satan with God will own that hope. Only those who received persecution with God will own that hope.

When we think that such a time will come before us, we have to have a desperate heart to overcome this living environment and the fear of death. If you do not come to have such a desperate heart, you cannot bring down the day of hope in your realm of daily life. You should know that.

Those who are determined to live a true life should think "How will I die?" You should not say, "How am I going to see my last day?" only when you are about to die, after having lived 70 or 80 years. Jesus said, "Everything is over" and "Father, accept my spirit" at the time of his death. After all, he was the one who gained victory in his life course.

You will meet death one day and will reflect on your past before your death. You have to think about what world you leave and die at that moment.

This path is one without friends. It is the path without beloved parents, beloved brothers, a beloved husband or wife, and beloved children. It is the path you walk all by yourself. It is the path you cannot revisit again or come back to. It is the path to which you can never return for eternity once you go. With what kind of heart do you go on this path? If you do not have hope that can overcome death, when you meet your death it will be the end.

Numerous people who believed and followed God's Will were not those who retreated before the path of death. Rather, they are those who ridiculed death and overcame death in a dignified manner. We know well that, throughout history, such people exalted the way of heaven.

Each one of you has to maintain hope to overcome death even when you come to meet death. You have to have hope that you will stand before heaven in a dignified way if you finish going this path. And you have to be able to run with joy to that original world that you hanker after in your heart. You have to realize that only when your heart of hope for God's ideal world is desperate can you overcome death.

All things in this world will pass away. Your beloved parents, beloved wife, beloved everything will all pass away, and you will eventually meet your death. But only those who have victorious hope that can overcome even death can stand before heaven.

People living on the earth now do not desire the path of suffering and sadness. If they have a moment of joy, they regret its going away. It is human nature to miss a joyous occasion.

This world we live in is one in which sadness and joy are reversed. All the joys we are experiencing are those that will disappear with death and not the joys that overcome death. You know that.

If sadness disappears with death and pleasure disappears with joy, does the human heart's desire to search for joy, wish for better things, and hanker for the eternal world end with death? No. The fact that the human heart moves and emotion moves in that direction is proof that such a world actually exists.

Since a human being is a spiritual being, human life is eternal. The reason people offered loyalty to heaven, trekked on the path of death for heaven, and went with hope on the path that many people disliked is that they felt something ordinary people could not feel and understood the value ordinary people could not understand. We know that is why they could go on the path of death.

Unless your longing becomes stronger than any adversity, hardship, sadness, or death you encounter in your actual life, you become one who regrets before death and retreats before sadness and pain. Since Jesus crossed the ridge of death, went to the eternal world, and built the world of resurrection, we have a destiny to cross the ridge of death today.

What kind of people live with heavenly hope? They are those who can joyfully cross the ridge of death that causes sadness in human beings. Those are people who hold hope of heaven. So, you should not become people who resent and lament all things of this world before death, but you should instead become those who can stand before heaven with joy and be proud of the value of their death. We should know that heaven is looking for those sons and daughters of hope. If there is a person who felt the joy of heaven in such a position, God cannot help loving him. If there is a group of people who cry out to heaven in such a position, heaven cannot help answering that cry. (6:53)

So, whoever loses his life for God's Will will preserve it, and whoever tries to preserve his life will lose it. Are these words correct? What is the meaning of those words? One has to die in the position to die for God's Will.

Then what will happen if one dies? One is his own before death but becomes God's after death. That is because we inherited fallen blood lineage. That is why our entire life we cannot escape the satanic connection before death. But our connection with God is established after death. Which is stronger, life or death? Life is stronger than death? Death is stronger than life? Death is stronger than life in the satanic world. Therefore, after you come to know God's Will, you should not hate death when you are in the position to die.

When Unification Church President Eu was about to leave this world, I asked him, "You have gone this way since you met me, but how are you going to conclude the end?" Then President Eu left with the words that he would not change for eternity. It has to be that way. You have to die eventually in the satanic world. Unless you die, you cannot resurrect. Unless one age is passed, we cannot welcome another age. Do you understand?

Then, what does the death in the Bible mean? It is not to kill eternal life in God. It is to kill life that inherited fallen lineage of the satanic world. Therefore, whoever tries to die for God's Will will live. These words sound paradoxical, but restoration cannot be achieved unless we do that from the point of view of fall and restoration. This is normal logic of restoration.

The biggest question is whether we can offer our lives. Do you understand? How was it when I started this path? I thought about whether I was ready to offer my life. I resolved to die. I also thought about how I would die. I thought about being shot to death. I thought about what kind of words I would leave at my death. I did not think about how I can live.

Since I had to work centered on Korea, I visited the position to die. Where is my position to die? I visited the position to encounter the enemy. I went out to visit the enemy's stronghold. Because the foundation of God's Will centered on Korean Christianity went to the satanic camp, I went to North Korea, which is the den of Satan, to find it.

I had to fight the worldwide Communist Party, so I visited North Korea. I was determined to be handcuffed and imprisoned, and visited the nation of the worst enemy. No matter how atrocious a trial I faced, I never surrendered. I never lost the dignity of God even in the position of extreme starvation. No matter how I was interfered with, I never violated heavenly law.

Even though everything was restricted, I could look for everything in that restricted circumstance. I looked for the motivation for a new start before God and a new meaning of life. I started in that way. I have maintained conviction that I will never be defeated in the position of doing all kinds of heavy labor, and I will never die even if all others die.

The Unification Church did not start from the point of trying to live but from the point of trying to die. But have you made up your mind about death since you came to know God's Will? When Colonel Kyo, the chief suspect in the murder of Mr. Kim, chief of special operations during the rule of the Liberty Party, was executed, he was asked if he had any regret for having planned and ordered the murder. He said he had no regret and died in a dignified way. When such a murder or shooting incident occurs, you should compare those executed with yourselves. You should think how you would die in comparison.

You might be framed by the enemy's conspiracy and die as a traitor.

Or you might die because of obstruction by your comrades, friends, or loved ones. But when you die, you have to die with a heart that can benefit the world. You have to die without resentment. Do you understand? If you die anyway, you have to die without resentment, planting something. You have to die while loving the enemy as a friend. In that sense, it is a great thing that Jesus prayed for his enemies on the cross. (34:47)

11. Time To Enter The Spirit World

1) When Death Is Near

Victory or failure of human life is not decided in a period of decades. It is decided in a moment.

When we look at our own life, the moment of your birth is not a long time. Of course, there is a period you spend in your mother's womb before birth, but that 10 month period in the mother's womb is preparation for a moment of birth. But no matter how well you prepare for ten months, if the baby cannot go through the decisive moment Successfully, the baby to be born will face a tragic fate.

The purpose of ceaselessly nurturing the life in a safe condition for ten months is to make the moment of birth successful. In other words, the period in the mother's womb exists for the future moment of birth. No matter how great the period in the mother's womb might be, if there is mistake at the moment of birth, tragic consequences will come about. (31:185)

If someone regrets his past at the fateful moment to end his life on earth, all the facts of his past life will pass through his mind as images. Even if no one explains to him what kind of person he is, he will know it by himself. The life he inherited from his ancestors, the circumstances he has been connected with, the situation he leaves behind, and all the past will appear as images in his mind at the last moment of his life.

If someone says, "There was truth. I have left something more precious than my life," he would leave a valuable moment even if he was born and died on this earth. But there are people who say, "My whole life course from birth to death was merely a period I spent as a passerby," If such a person reflects on all his past situations and feels that he does not want to remember the past, he is a miserable person. But if the more someone reflects on his past, the more joy fills his face, then fear of death is only a moment of comfort for him.

If you think about it, if the moment to reflect on one's past is not a moment of fear and something else remains, this past will not die and this reality will not die. The person with such a past is surely a person the whole nation will follow and the people of the whole world will follow.

Let us think about what kind of situation that is. If his nation had faced unsolvable problems and was in a miserable and cruel time, if he had taken responsibility and tackled those problems to solve them with his whole life, it will become an unforgettable moment.

If during one's life course one offered one's life for one's brother, relatives, or other people in the struggle to save them, that fact will appear as an image in one's mind at the last fateful moment. Even though there was a time of happiness centered on himself and a sacred time of being welcomed and glorified by many people, it will not bring effect at that moment.

When we think about whether we were good, became persons of truth, and could stand alone before God, truth and goodness do not begin in ourselves and end in ourselves. Only when they begin in us and bring results in others, or they begin in others and bring results in us, that becomes goodness. It is the same with all existence in heaven and earth. They have to establish a reciprocal relationship of give and take according to the Principle.

If one's past life is all a life of giving, there will be no fear in the path of death. If one leads a life close to truth, gives everything for others, sacrifices for others, sheds tears for others, invests life for others, desires for others, concentrates all the vitality flowing from his pulse and invests it for others, his past will become a shining one.

When one tongs for such a past and thinks about the nation, he will come to the conclusion that the nation of hope is such a nation. When he comes to miss such a past, he sacrifices for others and can make a decision so that the original goodness he hopes for should be in this way. If he goes before God saying, "Since I have a past to fight for it, naturally there has to be a future when it is realized," that content becomes the foundation of his eternal life. You should know this.

The path of saints and the path of ordinary people are different. Saints are those who tried to live for history, the world, and the future. Ordinary people are those who tried to live for themselves and tried to make the world serve themselves.

When ordinary people think about their past it is dark, but when saints think about their past it is bright. What is that brightness? It is not for themselves but something that can bring about the nation of hope. If there is the Heavenly Kingdom of hope, that kingdom has to be started by them.

When you plan your own path in this realm of the Fall with an apparently severe environment, you will draw your own life courses for one year, ten years, and anticipate ups and downs, saying you will go this way one year, that way next year, this way in ten years, and that way in the next ten years. If one experiences ups and downs centered on himself, when he comes to meet his final destiny all his records of sacrificing others for himself will bind him immobile. (31:308)

Have you ever once thought about how you go at the age of 70? Have you ever thought, "I will go this way even when I turn 80 and am about to die"? (Yes.) Even when you die, you have to be able to present proof, saying, "I have revealed the history in this way, and done these things in this age. I can do those things in the future, but I am dying. So) I want you to do this on my behalf,"

You should not say this just with words. It shouldn't be just words. Go ahead and die. (Laughter.) After such a person died, people should cling to him, saying with tears, "That is right. That is right," Can you do that? (Yes.) (73:116)

2) Time to Enter the Spirit World

When we look at our human life, we all repeat the same daily life since we were born. It goes around, but is it getting weaker or stronger?

When you came to know yourself you made a determination, but that determination gradually decreased as time passed in your life course, in ten, twenty years. It decreases as you grow older, 50, 60, 70, and 80 years old. That is a problem. As environments affect us, the determination gets smaller. just as in the natural world, a certain force gets influence and our determination becomes smaller.

In the case of electric power, a power input can rotate a motor, but as it continues functioning the power gets less and less and eventually exhausts itself.

When we think about this, we cannot stay still in our life. We must continue moving throughout our life. We cannot but move on. But when we move, do we move in the right way or wrong way? There can be various ways of moving.

What is the direction human beings should move? Which direction should we go toward? We move on without even knowing it. How dangerous is that? We might be crushed with something like a rock or fall into a drainage ditch. If we move on with these risks, how dangerous that is. How unhappy? How unstable? This is a problem.

Once you enter the spirit world, you cannot establish reciprocal relationships with all the measurements in the spheres of distance and time that we acquired with our human senses. It is a world transcending time and space. (141:270)

Once you enter the spirit world, that is the case. What happens when we enter the spirit world? You have your own spiritual level. Everyone has a certain spiritual level, within certain limitations. Even a blessed couple separates as they enter the other world. At first they separate.

Why? Because each one's spiritual level is different. First a spirit goes to a certain place. If it misses someone too much, it will move on to other place. If you cannot forget someone, you transfer centering on love. Transfer is possible centered on love. Otherwise, once you enter a certain place, you cannot get out. (164:62)

What will you become in the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you going to become an ambassador or a servant at the embassy? (Ambassador.) Is it easy to become an ambassador? (It is not easy.) If there is a situation of death, he has to die first. Isn't that correct? You should know that.

As you enter such a world, are you going to be those who suffocate and need to be given an injection of oxygen to breathe, or those who can act and live freely in the realm of God's love? This is for this, and this is for the world, so this is the path of life you should take. (Explains and points to writings on the blackboard.) You should know that to go for the future is an inevitable path of life you should take.

Do you understand that there is the spirit world? (Yes.) Do you understand or do you believe? (Understand.) How surely? It is a more sure world than this one. What kind of world is that? It is everything that is possible, based on the conception that God approves.

Think about it. So many people are in the spirit world, but it is an ideal world where you can serve feasts for all of them in a moment and still have leftovers. Do you understand? (Yes.) I am going toward that kind of world. We are not going observing this world. We prepare here toward reaching that world.

If I die now and get reborn in that world, who will come out to welcome me there? Where were you born? Where do you go? Do you go to a farming village or fishing village of the Kingdom of Heaven? What country do you go to? In this way, we will be born in the Kingdom of Heaven. We start in the palace. When you look at what I say, do you think there is a possibility that we can do that? What do you think this will become? Think about it. (107:56)

Do you have anything to bring there as a gift when you go to the Kingdom of Heaven? When you go to the spirit world, loyal vassals who were martyred will line up in front of you. Can you open up your gift in front of them?

Think about it. Can you open a dirty gift? What kind of suffering have the Unification Church and you gone through? If you talk about living for the sake of the nation and the world, yet do not actually suffer for them, how can you say you live for the nation and the world? "I have suffered, but I do not think of it as suffering," That is natural. We still have a ways to go. When you enter the spirit world, you have to be able to open the gift wrap and say, "This is the gift I prepared throughout my life, so please accept it," You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without any gift, can you? (32:71)

If you do not have independence, you cannot enter the spirit world. The spirit world has its own nations, tribes, families, and individuals. Unless you have independence that enables you to say that you are an absolutely necessary individual there, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (19:45)

No matter what happens to you, you should go where you must go. When you die, you are destined to say, "Teacher, this is now the last moment. Please guide me," calling me instead of your spouse or parents.

Is that your destiny? How about it? (That is right.) I do not like that. (Laughter.) What do you cry? You say, "Help me!" Think about it.

In the spirit world, the earth is like a speck of dust. The spirit world is tremendously vast. If you say, "If there is someone who lived on the earth with such and such heart in a certain age and went to the spirit world, appear directly here!" he will appear in a second. It is the world where direct feeling manifests in reality.

If you say you'd like to hold a banquet for one million people at that moment, that is also possible. If you say, "I'd like to share with everyone such joy of ideal love and hold a banquet, so women and men should wear such clothes and appear now!" then they will appear immediately. Meals and fruits are no problem. They will appear as you wish momentarily. If everyone gets full, what happens to the leftovers? Do they wash them in the kitchen? (Laughter.) They disappear immediately. (Laughter)

There is no kitchen there. You need not worry about anything. There is no food factory or car factory. There are various flowers. You can create as many houses as you want to respond to your level of love. Do you want to go to such a world? Do you want to see it? (Yes.)

Those who want to just took cannot enter there. Only those who want to go and live there can enter there. Those who like to look, first look and then enter, don't they? (Laughter.) It is the place you enter after your death. Those who want to just took and intend to come back without dying cannot enter absolutely. It has to be those who like to go there. (224:105)

3) Certificate Necessary for the Procedure in the Spirit World

When you think about Jesus, who is the center of the world, what should you do in this world? People often say, "When I think about Jesus, who carried the cross and died to redeem my sin, I feel mortified.

What is mortification about.? Show the certificate for that.

Where do you get a certificate that enables you to say, "I have become like this. I have done these things. This is the certificate of victory"? You cannot issue such a certificate yourself. Then who issues the certificate? Satan issues it. God cannot issue it. You have to obtain the certificate of victory from Satan.

Jesus knows that very well. When he started his three year public ministry, he called up Satan and fought him for 40 days to have him write the certificate. That was the three great trials. Satan said, "You are victorious on the national level, so I have no choice but to write the certificate. Otherwise, I have to give up all my territory to heaven's side immediately,"

Therefore, you have to have Satan write the certificate first, and then get the certificate of Jesus. Next, you have to have the certificate of God. You have to know that you need these three certificates. (15:121)

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