Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 3)

9. Things We Should Leave Behind Before Going To The Spirit World

1) We Should Leave a Tomb of Love Behind

When man thinks about history in general, he tends to think of not only ten or a hundred years but of thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of millions of years centering on his eternal life. When man dies, it is like an animal dying, but what does he do? Nowadays, even people who do not believe in and know God say, "Er, I have to leave honor behind," But, what do they do to leave honor behind? Even if one became a patriot and was honored with a monument, that monument would totally collapse when America perishes. Only the American people will know of you. It does not mean much to leave one's name behind, Even if one's name remains in an age of history that prospers and declines, a good name can turn into a bad one.

All rulers will die in less than a hundred years, and nations will perish in less than several hundred or a thousand years. What would you do if there is someone who will neither die nor perish for eternity? If there is such a person, you would want to bring all the name and honor left behind to him and leave them with him. Have you ever thought about it? (103:116)

What did God create? God's purpose is to leave living sons and daughters of God on earth. So, if one leaves living sons and daughters on earth, when one goes to the spirit world one will stand in the same position as God. That is the meaning behind the blessings in the Bible: to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. What do you want to leave behind? There is nothing that can remain other than living interestingly with your spouse and giving birth to sons and daughters. (146:223)

What will you do in your life? You should leave a tomb of love behind. This is the conclusion. Let us leave a tomb of love behind! (Laughter, applause.). If you live inside the tomb of love, you have no resentment. Even if you live quietly in a place like a tomb, you have no resentment if you live in love. Do you understand? Let us live and leave a tomb of love behind! Then, your life will be a success for eternity. If you live like that and die, God will bless you and welcome you in the spirit world as sons and daughters. God will put a diamond of the Heavenly Kingdom on your hand if your hand never wore a ring. He will put the best clothes of the royalty of the Kingdom of Heaven on you if you never wore a good clothes.

What will you leave behind in your whole life? A tomb of love. Please know that and never forget that. Raise your hands, those who are determined to live like that. (Everyone raised hands.) God's blessing will be upon you. (97:69)

2) The Property Right in the Spirit World Is Decided by Witnessing

What have you done since you joined the Unification Church? It is a serious question, isn't it? How many years have you worked in the Unification Church until you became over 50 years old? (33 years.) If it is 33 years, you joined the church at the age of 17 and worked ever since. How many people have you witnessed to in that time? How many a year? (I cannot say how many each year, but a little more than 80 blessed couples.) All of "more than 80 couples" still are in the church? (They are.) Are more than 80 couples too many or too few? (Too few. If I had done according to Father's word, I should have witnessed to at least 120 couples.)

That is a serious question. Your property rights in the spirit world will be how many heavenly citizens you have brought. That is your property-eternal property. The time has come to inquire into that. Soon the time will come when millions of people will be witnessed to in one day. The Unification Church has such tremendous contents. Look at the outside world. How many people are restlessly wandering around like mad people, agonizing over whether to live or die and questioning about life? (218:227)

Once you go into the spirit world, the bigger your bosom is, the more people will line up to enter that bosom. Such a person will be respected in the spirit world. If thousands and tens of thousands of people surround that person, saying, "Oh, I'd like to live with this person," the person will be richer, with bigger territory. If someone passes by such a person's house, he has to stop. He says he cannot just pass by and needs to stop. The standard of personality in the other world is how much love one planted. That foundation of relationships centering on love becomes a property right in the other world.

Richness in the other world is not complicated. Those who invested much love are rich. Twelve million people are waiting to receive blessing from you just in Seoul. Why can't you relate to them? You have to visit them all to pray for their Blessing.

When dogs bark at you, you should say, "You are dogs who do not know how to receive blessing. I carry all the bags of blessing of your house. I am a magnet. I can attract all the blessing. I am a perfect plus. I will cut out all the elements of minus and leave only the elements of plus of Satan. These plus elements are only from the satanic sphere, they can only occupy hell," You should look in this way. You visit to collect blessings. Do you understand?

Do you understand the meaning of witnessing? It is to collect blessings of love. With love, you become a master and look for the things the satanic world's thieves took from heaven. You can bring in all the blessings connected with love by visiting people with a heart of love.

Even if you are mistreated, you will not perish. Numerous saints and holy all-things follow you without your knowledge. Since they follow you, you will naturally get rich. (205:347)

When you enter the spirit world, you do not carry money with you. If you gave birth to many sons and daughters of Satan and failed to educate them, and if they remain connected with evil, you will be in trouble in the other world. You will all be stacked in the same way a tree pushed in upside down gets stacked.

One person has to take care of more than 120 people. All the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven were lost. We have to engraft them, set up the condition that they were not lost, and restore them.

You have to go through 12 gates in the spirit world. It is a question of how many heavenly citizens you find and bring back from Satan. You have to shed tears, sweat, and blood to do that. You have to invest more heart than parents, husband, wife, sons, and daughters of the satanic world, centering on true love of re-creation, and go through the process with tears, sweat, and blood. Without going through this process, you cannot own your people in the Kingdom of Heaven. This number determines how much glory you receive and how close you come to God in the spirit world. That sets all the necessary conditions, and you should know that. Do you understand? (Yes.) (211:352)

What you bring into the spirit world is not money. You do not bring the name of the Unification Church either. Even if you say you were a regional director, it does not matter. What you should do from now is create many sons and daughters whom God can love. The babies a person can give birth to are limited in number. Everyone can do that.

What do we have to accomplish in the process of restoration? If you create many sons and daughters in the satanic world whom God can love, that accomplishment is connected with ancestors and opens the way to liberate ancestors. This is the greatest gift you can obtain in the process of restoration. Do you understand what I am telling you? A gift. Even if you were a regional director and did many things, if you do not have spiritual sons and daughters, you go into the spirit world with an empty can. It will be so because no one hangs on you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is an infinite world, and there have to be bridges connected with the heart of love. The more that people you witnessed to spread to the comers of the world, the broader areas you can visit in the spirit world. All will try to connect with you to establish a relationship. A network will be connected in the spirit world centered on you, as if people are armed with ideology and connected. Isn't it true?

If you educate many disciples and solve their problems, you can solve them in the spirit world because of the two worlds' reciprocal relationship. So it will create a vast foundation of activities. All husbands and wives who can relate to your spiritual level will become your properties once you go into the spirit world. So, centered on that standard, your arena of action can reach the entire spirit world. Without that, you will be pushed to a comer and have a difficult time to act. Do you follow? (Yes.) So you do not have time to rest, not even to sleep at night.

It does not amount to much to eat and live and nurture sons and daughters once you go to the spirit world. Therefore, we have to visit people of heaven. They will become your property in the heavenly king, dom. Do you understand?

We have to digest the five billion people of this world quickly. If we can digest them quickly, all the spirit people in spirit world will be resurrected through returning resurrection. If the birthright on the satanic foundation gets reversed and Adam comes to have the birthright, the Archangel will listen to Adam and follow him. Isn't that right? If the Archangel stands in the position to absolutely obey, he will come into the realm of God's love and Adam's love. He will then enter the Kingdom of Heaven, following Adam naturally. It is the Principle.

Human beings did not fulfill responsibility on the earth and things got reversed. It is human responsibility to reverse it again. We have to restore through indemnity and open the way. You should know how tremendous a work witnessing is. What matters is how many people you bring to the realm of eternal life. Do you follow? (Yes.) The Unification Church sign alone does not serve for anything. We have to have contents.

When Jesus went to Jerusalem, he was hungry and found a fig tree without fruit. He cursed the tree, and the tree withered and died. I will become like that. It does not mean anything if only appearances look nice. Your harvest is how many blessed families you created. Do you follow? (Yes.)

We have to witness to 120 people, hundreds of people. You cannot love your own sons and daughters without doing that. According to the Principle, we have to witness to 120 people: 36 couples and 72 couples. 120 couples represent Jesus' world-level country. 430 couples are the same as all the family names in one nation. 430 couples represent 4,300 years of Korean history. Through that I opened the gate for the people who are represented by these family names to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Although I opened the gate, it does not mean they actually entered. The Unification Church opened that gate in Korea, but it is members' responsibility to chase people into the Kingdom of Heaven. So, the Korean Unification Church should take responsibility.

This is not an empty talk. It is logical. Do not spend months and years aimlessly. Only when you give birth to sons and daughters and bring them up during their youth can you leave to your descendants a foundation you can be proud of. It is the same way. If you do not have such accomplishment to be proud of before history, you may be allowed to join the group of your family and town, but not of the nation. For you to enter the nation, you have to have an accomplishment to leave in the tradition of history.

That is why everyone desires to leave something in the nation, in the world, and in heaven and earth. It is the same. So you have to have the concept clearly that it is your lifelong purpose to establish your territory of ownership. You cannot give up in the way of God's Will even if you do not like it.

Aren't we the people who are like that? For what do we suffer alone even in a prison and take responsibility? It is for saving the people suffering in such circumstances. Isn't is right? If it can benefit them to carry the cross in the circumstances of suffering on behalf of others, they will follow. By following, it becomes the harvest. When that person goes to the spirit world, all his harvest will be welcomed as a public harvest, and he will be elevated to the highest position of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you follow?

You all have to think about it. You must not be proud of how many years you have been in the church. What matters is how many regional directors you made, how many blessed families you created, how many people you connected to my tribe's lineage. This is a serious question. Do you follow me? (Yes.) It is so with everyone.

Bo Hi Pak, Chung Hwan Kwak, and President Eu, who are my relatives, are here, but that is not enough for them. They have to quickly establish a tribal messiah realm that is thousands of times greater and organize heavenly citizens who are not shameful in the historical age.

If education of its citizens is done well, that nation will prosper. It is the same with you. Centering on the Kingdom of Heaven, how much can you have people understand, straighten their spirit, and leave an achievement better than yours, that is the question. If that is done, the world will be restored quickly. That is why you have to bring them up with sincerity. Isn't it true?

It is the same with me. When I gave sermons, I spoke for five or six hours each time. I do not do that because I like to. The gist of a sermon is simple. I can say it in less than 15 minutes. I do that because I try to connect the various people who are present by explaining many examples centering on that, and trying to let them participate in that sphere. The purpose is to sow as many seeds as possible in the spring season. Do you follow? If I sow many seeds, many plants will grow. Do you understand what I am talking about?

Where do you have to sow the seeds, then? You should sow seeds in the place that is not dirty. What is the place that is not dirty? The young people. Do you follow? Once you sow seeds in the young people, they will last for a whole life. Once you plant seeds in the youth, they can, not be pulled out.

Isn't it the same with you? Among students, those who have the keenest senses are those in elementary school. Their senses get dull after they advance to middle and high schools. Is it true, or not? (True.) Once they start going to the university, they go through the next town. After they travel, they start doing something. The most difficult time is during elementary school. Next is during middle school. As time goes by, their sensitivity become dull. (Yes.) So, we have to sow seeds at the right time.

If you start looking after children in a town, organize a Sunday School and invite your children. Play with them, teach them children's songs, tell tales to them. Then, that accumulates your future eternal properties. Whenever you meet elderly people, testify to God's words. Unification Church leaders are not doing these things well.

If you are in a streetcar, talk to one or two people, asking where they are going. You can tell them to meet you again. You can witness to them as much as you want. There are enough materials. If you want to witness to people, it is better to ride on the bus or subway than to drive your own car. Why? Because you meet the same people almost every day, don't you? You take only one route during the commuting hours. If you take the same route 12 months a year for a few years, you will know people by their faces. If you start greeting them, you can establish a human network through which you can have give and take with people. Such opportunities are around you, but why do you just waste months and years?

What is more important than eating meals is to harvest the heavenly citizens. We are not doing that well. Think about it. That is our principal profession. That is the principal work of us who live on the earth. Among the works you should do in your lifetime, there is nothing more important than that. All your achievement of joining a company and advancing in your position, or collecting money in this world, will pass away. No matter how much money you collect, it will be of no use in the other world. Materials are not necessary in the next world. Even if you do not learn, you understand in your heart immediately. You will know everything within one week.

Power is not necessary in the other world either. Spirit world is the harmonizing power centering on love. It is the power of influence centering on love. That world is such a world. So, if one could not acquire power or influence centering on love, that person cannot be harmonized and is repelled once he enters the original world of the influence of love. That person will go to hell. This is a serious question.

You say you have lived and worked since you joined the Unification Church, but you have to think in what position you have worked. Were you living your own life or were you mixed up with this world centering on heaven? You have to always think about your direction and position. With prayer, you should know that God is working with you. If you close your eyes, you know that. Even without prayer, you know that. If you try to give a speech somewhere, words come out of your mouth smoothly. If you go to a person with conscience, you are attracted and enter such a person's place. Isn't it so?

Everything is reciprocal. Flowers have the power to attract something that can have a reciprocal relationship with them. Even if they see someone for the first time, they do not decline. Isn't a magnet like that? Does iron decline to stick with metal, saying it is their first meeting? That essence does not change forever. By the same token, if you go to such a place, you feel joy in your heart and feel like speaking. Once you enter that state, your mouth opens even if you try not to speak. Those people are sure people. We have to harvest. Do you follow? (Yes.)

So, we have to connect them with eternal life. It's a question of eternal life. This is a serious matter. Isn't it so wherever you go? Spring comes, and people go and took for mountain vegetables. In the same way, you have to live your whole life looking for what you desire. And if such a person appears before you, you have to have a heart of conveying the Principle to him throughout the night. In order to inspire him at first meeting, you have to convey the deep contents of God's words and serve him sincerely to the extent that he no longer has a question.

How many sons and daughters did you create whom you can take to the Kingdom of Heaven? There is nothing else you should do. Even if you have hundreds of millions of dollars and live richly, all that will pass away. You have to invest all materials, knowledge, and your very lives for the lives of fallen selves. You have to do this. You do not invest them separately, but all at once, and create heavenly citizens. The more you invest, the more the value of that total investment increases.

The leaders of the Unification Church here, you might feel proud with power on your shoulders. But that is a shameful thing. How many lives did you save centered on yourself? All of you should leave records of how many. Do you follow? (Yes.)

How much you are going to be praised eternally before heaven for your achievements depends on how many heavenly citizens you harvested. We did not have a spade to harvest them. There was no spade until now. You could not do it because you did not know. But you have children on your back. You can gain an explosive amount of harvest once you start spreading God's words passionately. But you are spending time aimlessly even with that kind of internal ability. So, doesn't God want to drop lightning, or not?

Midnight is not a problem. Dawn is not a problem. Night or daytime is not a problem. Heaven desires to accept it, but can you say to Him, "Oh, I am sleepy"? Does God rest? His position is to go straight.

You have to know clearly. Do you understand? We have to teach about the question of eternal life. I am telling you, "This Word of God is such. . ." so can you eat meals and sleep? From now on, you have to take responsibility. Therefore, I have not been able to curse those who oppose the Unification Church. Heaven desires to establish a relationship with them and connect with them. If they fall away, it is our church's responsibility. I have to take responsibility for that. This world came to oppose us because of Satan. It is our responsibility to overcome that opposition quickly. How miserable the circumstances will be to be damaged by our inability to overcome it.

It is the same as feeding a baby with milk. If you give birth to a baby, you have to feed milk to the baby. That is why, when someone visits you, you should never treat the person coldly. Haven't I been living such a life all the time? If someone comes here at midnight, unless he wants to go away, I continue sitting with him and never tell him to go away. That person does not want to go away because he has something he needs. Then, I have to tell God's words to him. Didn't I live my whole life in that way? I will never be businesslike. The spirit world is always awake. Do people sleep in the spirit world? Does God sleep? This is a serious question. Do you follow? You, do you follow me? (Yes.)

Say you brothers fight among yourselves. You fight because you feel disturbed. If that one life falls away, do you know how much damage it will cause? That person might come to understand all the Will of God and fulfill his responsibility before Heaven; then he can save thousands and tens of thousands of people. He might be greater than you. So if you make a wrong personnel decision, all will be in trouble. If you stay in the low position and try to put everyone else in a higher place, there will be no troubles. Do you understand? That is the meaning of modesty.

But if you make a mistake, you will go down. If you enter the room where your wife and children are at night, you have to take responsibility as a father and husband. If the husband does well, his wife will follow him in the other world. Of course, there is a process of training in order to enter the father's house. It is quick if they can go directly. The other world is the world where there is no forgiveness. You prepare now to be fit for that world. Do you understand?

(Pointing at one person) How old are you? (40 years old.) You became 50. How about you? (43 years old.) The next person? (37.) And you? (38 years old.) All of you are around 40 years old.

I turned the sun upside down at the age of 27. How do you set it on fire? It is set on fire. That was my dimension. "How many people are here whom Heaven can pull away? God, you said you would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if there are five righteous men. How many righteous men are here? If there are none, please wait for several months. I will create them," I said. How busy was I? You have to have pain in your bosom with such heart. You have to do anything and everything for that. You must not say you will do something after eating. The fuse of dynamite is lit and is about to explode. Do you still go and eat meals? It is serious. You have to know this clearly. Do you understand? (Yes.) The question is how to connect people to eternal life.

A light is on only when electricity is transmitted through a terminal to electric circuit devices. Isn't that so? The electricity generated at a power plant is being transmitted here. Isn't it? Only when there is a connection will it remain.

Spiritual parents should love spiritual sons and daughters more than their own children, and spiritual sons and daughters should do more for their spiritual parents than for their own mother. The parents who gave birth to you are parents of the satanic world, but your other parents are parents of the heavenly world. You have to serve them more than your own mother. And spiritual sons and daughters have the responsibility to nurture the children of the persons who saved them and marry them. That is God's Will. So they have to bring all those children up. It is the same as Adam bringing them up. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Unless it is connected with eternal life, everything is in vain. It is not the end after they listened to God's Words. You have to encourage and encourage them to bring them to the Blessing. They have to receive the Blessing. If they receive the Blessing and start pioneer witnessing, a connection will be made naturally. If they can overcome persecution in the difficult circumstances of the satanic world, they are already on the path of life. In this way, if you nurture them until they receive the Blessing, your responsibility is finished. This is a serious question.

Even if you give a sermon, "I" should not be there. You have to speak shedding blood and sweat. You have to go through the pain of giving birth. You have to do it shedding tears. If tears dry up in your eyes, that is fake. (1992.4-155)

3) Reasons Why One Should Give Birth to Many Sons and Daughters

Members of the Unification Church understand the spirit world, don't they? There is no member who does not know God. They believe in the spirit world. It is a path to start from love, divide from God, and eventually go back to God.

If a husband and wife are truly united in one heart and go to the spirit world, the man can become woman and the woman can become man anytime. We say love is oneness, don't we? If you look into a woman, a man is inside. Her husband is inside of her. It is exactly the same as God's dual characteristics. Since internal character and external form came into being divided from God, they have to be on the ladder of love to go back to the origin. Because the standard of creation started from love, one has to be on this ladder to enter. After all, the final destination is being together with God. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Does one give birth to a baby in the spirit world, or not? (One does not.) Why not? The spirit world is a vertical world. It is the world in the shape of a circle centered on God. Therefore, it is not necessary to give birth to babies. God created human beings as His body because He needs a horizontal foundation. Do you understand? It is a field to multiply. All the people in the spirit world come from the earth. If we think in this way, why do people engage in birth control? It is by the order of Heaven. He is ordering not to multiply evil lineage anymore. Think about it.

How about the blessed couples of the Unification Church? How many heavenly citizens do you multiply? That becomes your property. Your own sons and daughters are more valuable than spiritual sons and daughters, aren't they? Spiritual sons and daughters do not know the relationship of blessing. Your position in the Heavenly Kingdom will be decided on how many such sons and daughters you leave behind, Because I came to know this, I told Mother to give birth to 14 children, She had four operations, so I interrupted it unwillingly. (205:99)

Perfection has to be achieved on earth, not in the spirit world. It is possible centering on True Parents on earth, not in the spirit world. You have to give birth to sons and daughters. Your sons and daughters become heavenly citizens. Your sons and daughters become ideal citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. So, you have to give birth to many sons and daughters. It is good to have perfected sons and daughters.

Originally, it is good to have more than 12 directions. That is why I desire more than 12 directions.

I'll tell you how I created more than 12 directions in 21 years. Aren't there 12 months in a year? It is the same as Jesus' 12 disciples and Moses' 12 tribes. If you give birth to many sons and daughters, how do you bring them up? It is not so easy. The twelve months are different. Emotions are different. Children are all different. So parents' hearts are broadened. They come to have good experiences. Do you follow me? (217:130)

Let me ask you one thing. Those who are blessed, raise your hands. Oh, many. If your partner tells you to exchange it for America and the world, what will you do? (I will not exchange.) Really? (Yes.) How about exchanging your sons and daughters? (I will not exchange.) Why? Because, you have to rule with me the people of the Kingdom of Heaven from now. Without sons and daughters, the Kingdom of Heaven does not prosper.

Since the spirit world is the infinite world, we should not engage in birth control on earth. Even if people starve and die, all end up in the spirit world. Even if they starve and die, if they believe in the Unification Church and starve to death in love, they go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand what I am talking about? So, the satanic world is now promoting birth control, and the Unification Church is encouraging the opposite way and to be always prosperous. Always. (Laughter, applause.) Even though we go to the place where we starve and die, we can live. We are all trained to do that.

So, what is today's gift? We discovered an amazing, ideal center for which we can sacrifice everything: absolute love. And if we do it, we can control God, control the satanic world, and control heavenly fortune. What are we going to control? God will follow. God follows, this world follows, and heavenly fortune follows. (201:133)

You have to bring up children to be great and leave them behind on the earth. In the future, those children will all go to the spirit world and become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. How many people do you offer as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven? It was a hardship on the earth, but it becomes a noble, glorious way in the eternal world. Do you understand? You suffer a lot to educate and feed children on the earth. But in the spirit world, food is not a problem. Clothes are not a problem. it is not a problem to live. You will wish to have as many as possible, even ten million children. (218:319)

You should know clearly that there is no multiplication in the spirit world. Do you understand? There will be no multiplication in the spirit world. Because God is in the position of vertical parents, the axis is only one. There is only one point. (221:204).

What does God do to save the world? Once you go to the spirit world, you will find that all the works of all the people of high dimension who entered the spirit world are their works on the earth. What kind of place is the earth? It is the manufacturing plant to produce citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? The Kingdom of Heaven is broad and vast. It is infinite. Too huge. People have been born and died in the last hundred million years, but you do not know where they are. It is that big.

Even if each person gives birth to about 100 children, the Heavenly Kingdom is so huge that there never is overproduction. The other world can accommodate any number of people. So, do we have to control birth, or not? Once you go to the spirit world, the question becomes how many citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom you created and led there. When you lead many true sons and daughters to the Heavenly Kingdom, that becomes the basis for the grade differences to be honored in the heavenly world. You should know this. (202:40)

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