Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 2)

8. Things That Must Be Done Before Death

1) Go Over the Last Border Line

We will all without a doubt die once. Therefore, no matter how strong a storm may come, you must overcome the peak. No matter how well we get to the line, you must not collapse before crossing it. Once we get to the border line, what will we do? When you joined this church, you all came in well. When I look at all of you, you are all mixed up in your appearances. But nonetheless, you joined very well. In the beginning, you all ran in, but no one knows for sure if you will all reach the finish line. Some charged in but gave up in the middle. Unless you reach the very last finish line, you cannot be called a winner.

Being born as a human being and working your way to the finish line is very important. No matter how much the people behind you oppose and persecute you, you must keep going on the right path. Dealing with all the opposition is only a waste of time. The person who works hard to take the few steps in the path of fate more quickly is the person who will pass the finish line. This is how we must advance. (24:77)

2) Warning and Following God's Hyung Sang, Heart, and Divine Character

We will all someday have to throw off our physical bodies and move on to the spirit world. So we, as human beings living on earth, must face death. You must work hard to make your good self, your second self, which will be the one living in the eternal world. While inside the womb, you receive a good education from your mother, and then you are born as a good and healthy baby. Your life on earth is similar to your life in the womb. Therefore, we must grow by seeing and learning God's hyung sang, heart, and divine character. While you are growing, you must work hard to overcome obstacles, even if it means risking your life. (14:17)

3) Don't Commit Sins

You talk about such things as the mind being straight, don't you? Is your mind standing perpendicularly? When the tree is leaning, do you call it straight? Or do you call a thing straight that is standing perpendicularly? When we say the electric pole is standing straight, is it falling? The same thing can be said when we say the mind is straight. Likewise, man walks while standing vertically. He must stand perpendicularly straight.

You must make your mind perfectly perpendicular. Your body is horizontal. Things can move only when the centrifugal force and the centripetal force are balanced. The force drawing it from perpendicular direction and the rotating force must be balanced. In the same manner, you must find yourself.

When you assure yourself, God should agree with you and the True Parents should agree, too. Next is the environment, such as relatives, the clan, and the nation. All of them must agree that what you say is right. The one who is accused by them is the problem. Such people must be separated from others.

From now on, centering on the continent, we divide it into the warm and cold regions. Those who commit many crimes are gradually sent to the North Pole. Such a time will come. Why do we have to feed such people? They should live by eating bear cubs. We will send them to the borderline for several years. They can capture and eat whatever they want and live there. If they are still alive, they can come back several years later.

Such an age of separation will come. If they die in that world, they can die, and if they don't, they don't. They can do as they like. If they want to capture and eat tigers, they can go ahead. If they want to capture and eat wolves, let them. If they want to capture and eat bears, let them. They can capture and eat as many as ten animals a day. If they want to build a house of ice and live in it, they can do as they wish. If they don't want to do it, they won't do it. Such an era of separation will come.

We separate patients with contagious diseases, don't we? We completely separate them in this way. Therefore, we emphasize not committing sins as the preventive medicine. (202:280)

4) Live and Die for the Sake of the World

There is one thing that I always think with pain. Since I am carrying the responsibility of God's Will, I must bring the stage of fulfillment of God's Will to the designated level while I am alive. To carry out this mission, I cannot die, no matter what happens. Therefore, even if I enter into the situation of death, God gives guidance to me. Whether I eat, sleep, or stay awake, I think and work for the sake of the world. My prayers are also directed to that goal. I did not work hard centering on Asian situations or the Korean people. I always thought about how to fulfill my responsibility on the worldwide scale. For this reason, I could not even die.

Thinking about all these things, I must say that you must live and die for the sake of the world. As I have already told you, you must stand on the level of the world. Then, on what position do you have to die? You must stand on the world level, and die for it, while embracing your loving wife, your family, your clan, and your tribe. The Unification Church has formed clans and is now forming tribes.

How will the Father of the Unification Church die when he dies? I will die for the sake of the world, while holding the tribe and the entire Korean nation. If the Korean people are united and try to die for the sake of the world, they can find the way to live with the world. For this reason, I take the path to find the way. (34:1933)

5) Work as Hard as You Can

I think you are doing your work in a certain range now. You must make a leap and jump there. If you need money, make money. If you need manpower, get it. You must work hard without eating and sleeping. (Laughter.) Never ask someone to help you. Never rely on me and church headquarters. You must help yourselves. You must work three times harder, more than three times harder, than ordinary people. Because I work so hard that, if I live 70 years, it is equivalent to 210 years. Likewise, you should not think to live one hundred years or so but think to work three times harder than others. If you live that way, even if you live 70 years, it is equivalent to 210 years. Think in this way: If you work ten times harder than ordinary people, you live 700 years. If you work twenty times harder, you live 1,400 years. Your life is equivalent to that, isn't that so? (Yes.) Until what age do you think you live? Right, you work 24 hours for your whole life. Only when you live that way, you can bear fruit and abundant love in the spirit world. You will possess a large amount of treasure of love. When you have a large amount of love, you can work in the larger stage of activities. (102:38)

6) Work for the Public

What are the norms of heaven? They are to give priority to public matters. Private matters belong to Satan, and public matters belong to God. You must work for public matters. While you are on this course, you may receive opposition. But if you do not get damaged from the opposition and go over the difficult path with vitality and prowess, you will become a heavenly person and welcome the spring. (47:272)

In the marketplace, if you are greedy, you don't have customers. People don't come and buy things from you. If you are greedy, nobody likes you. All of us know this. There is no one who does not know the secret of how to manage one's life concerning the distinction between private and public matters. Therefore, if you are unable to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, you cannot use the excuse that you did not know how to manage your life. Do you come to know the distinction between public matters and private matters only when someone else teaches you about it? You know it yourself, without being taught.

Suppose your mother divided a delicious rice cake evenly between you and your sister. You ate yours and your sister kept hers without eating it. Suppose you woke up at night and secretly ate your sister's cake, which she had set her heart on. When you tried to eat it, wouldn't your mind say, "You fool!" Doesn't your mind tell you so? Do you feet what your mind is telling you, or not? If you don't feel it, you are not a human being. You should feel it. Why? Because your mind pursues public matters. If you follow private desires, you will perish.

For those who follow the norms of heaven, there is a mind that protects them from destruction. Because there originally existed such a mind in God, human beings come to have the same mind with its original characteristics. It is not an artificial, man-made law. Can you say, "Conscience! Be that way, because I want you to be so for my sake," Suppose you gave a command, "You conscience! You should be this way because I think so," Does your conscience act in the way you desired? We don't know where the command of the conscience comes from, but we receive it from somewhere other than ourselves. When we see how such a feeling in fact controls us, we can see it does so centering on the issue of the public and the private. (31:241)

Today, we stand on the turning point between good and evil and the public and private, centering on one's own everyday life. There are many cases when we mix up the priority between these two and finally fall into a self-centered, private lifestyle. But if one lives that way, one will perish. Therefore, one must repent for one's past self-centered, private life and push oneself into the public-centered life, no matter how hard it is. Meanwhile, one cannot tolerate the public-centered life and returns to the old private-centered life again. In this way, one goes back and forth between these two lifestyles. When one remains in the private-centered lifestyle more often, one lives a lifestyle that keeps a distance from the public good. This is the life of faith until today. Therefore, you must realize that all private-centered people must repent for their lifestyle. (31:241)

Everyone, do you wish to receive good fortune? Do you wish to live an eternal life? To do so, you must become a public person. When you educate children, don't love your sons and daughters alone. You must become parents who love their children as offerings for the sake of the people of the world. When you hold your babies to your breast and feed them with milk, you must think of yourself as if you are a mother who represents all the human race on the earth, and your baby is a representative of all the human race. You must feed the baby milk with this kind of heart. When you feed your baby with milk, don't cherish your child alone. Please become a mother who can cherish others' children with a loving heart as if they were yours. A baby who grows up with the milk of such a mother will certainly become a great person. You may not get an immediate result, but after the first and second generations, you will have a great heir who can lead the world. This is the formula. This will surely happen that way. (31:168)

Now, do you want to devote entire your life to indemnifying private matters? Or do you want to devote your life for the purpose of indemnifying public matters? These two kinds of life are both devoted to some purpose. What do you want to do? The one who stands up at the risk of his life to devote his entire life for public matters and public indemnity must be a great person. A new history will be created by a group of people like this.

Now we stand before the question of how to control one's life. Facing this question, how shall we spend the rest of our lives? This is the challenge of the course of your life. When you manage your life, the issue is whether you live an individualistic life or a public life. This is the question. In your everyday life, when you eat, buy, sell, and do other things, the issue is for what you do all these activities, that is, for whom do you do them. Do you do all these activities for the sake of yourself or for the sake of God? This is the problem. And another issue is whether you have a private feeling or a public feeling in doing all these activities. Your feeling is another issue.

Shouldn't we pursue the position in which we can pledge to go the public path? Anyone who has the mission to indemnify history must advance to the stage that everyone hopes and wishes for. Therefore, in the course of everyday life, how to transcend private feelings and embody public feelings is the important issue that all people of faith must concern themselves with. You should know this and keep it in mind.

What is sin? Sin arises from the private place. Perishing also takes place on the private level. Evil is the same. When private matters are pursued beyond a certain standard, this situation appears evil. Private matters have a certain limit. When they go beyond the limit, they appear evil. The one who pursues them comes to commit sins and perish.

Now, then, what is the position that can be eternally good and eternally prosperous, that can receive blessing and good fortune eternally?

Where is the position that can avoid peril, avoid sins, and avoid becoming evil? It is the public position. When you eat, you must eat in the public position. When you work, you must manage with the public position. When you speak, you must digest the situation with public words. In this way, you must live your life connecting all aspects of your life with public matters. The person who lives this way cannot go to hell even if he tries to. (31:164)

7) Embody Love

You must not think about yourself as just "my private self alone," Is yourself limited to "my own private self'? If we removed from you all the elements of your mother and father, all elements supplied to you from all things, wouldn't you disappear? (Laughter.) Then, what is the being called 'the self'? One goes through the age of the womb, inheriting the blood and flesh of mother and father and living from supplies given by them.

In the age of the earth, you have mother earth, the mother of all things. This is the earth. This planet earth is the mother. She supplies you with elements, doesn't she? (Yes.) The earth is the mother that supplies you with elements on a level different from that of your own mother. When you grow in the mother's womb, how do you breathe in the womb? You breathe through an umbilical cord, don't you? This is your hose linked to your mother's body. You must know it very well.

However, when you leave your mother's womb, you are connected to the second world, the world of air. After you lived in the womb, when you came out the old environment was destroyed. What are you connected to at the moment of your first cry? You come to breathe air by the nostril and the fontanel. You come to be connected with the world of air. When you are connected to the world of air, this [points to nostril] is the absolute supply line. Can you live if your nostril is stuffed? Can you? [Father covers his nostril with his hand and talks.] If you did so, can the heart pump? [Father takes his hand off his nose and talks. (Laughter)] It pumps. It is alive.

You could live for the sake of the world of air while you were living in the womb. When you came out from the womb to connect to the world of air, all the supplies for your life in the womb, such as the umbilical cord or the amniotic sac, were destroyed. All these organs such as the umbilical code and the placenta are destroyed and die. Do you understand? (Yes.) What appears at the same moment of the death of these organs? You come out to the universe, to the mother planet earth. In this way, you live by the supply of elements through your mouth. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.)

While we live in this way, what should our body do now? While you were breathing through the umbilical cord in the womb, at the same time you were preparing the nostril which is the air pipe. Then, when you dash out from the womb, you switch the use of the organ and begin to breathe. Likewise, what should you do in this world now? What you must do after your birth is embody love. You must breathe the air of love. You must inhale the air of love from your mother and father. You must go through all processes by the supply of the air of love. Then you become a father, a grandfather. . . Once you are born as a baby in a family, you go along a sine curve and then vanish. After you are born as a baby, you grow, and then you are dissolved. You are born as a baby and return to the stage of being a baby again.

What is going to happen when you die? You kick off the second world and are connected to the third breathing organ of love. Do you understand? (Yes.) You kick off parental love and brothers' love and enter the world of love, which is in total harmony with the original Being of the great cosmos, God. The spirit world is filled with the air of love. The air of love! Therefore, you must prepare now, while you are in the earthly world, pipe equipment to breathe love. So you need experiences of the spirit world. You can be immortal only when you become a person who can feel spiritual love and breathe the air of love.

When you kick off the womb of the mother planet earth and stand up, how do you breathe? It is right to say that you breathe straight with this part, the fontanel. You can gain an eternal life only when you inherit the third love. Where do you return after you are connected with love? You go back to God. When you are connected to the breathing organ of love, you go back to the spirit world. But there remains the way to return to the original being of God. Isn't that so? (Yes.) Once the seed came out from the origin, since it originated from the original Being, it must return to the origin to bear the result.

The course of life you are on now is the journey of a traveler. What do you have to be equipped with here? You must go this path by embodying love. The Fall of Man means that you could not receive the love of mother and father. Therefore, you must form the vertical family centering on the love of True Parents, true brothers, true husband and wife, and true sons and daughters. You also have to create the horizontal environment by placing many families on the north, South, east, and west. When these families become true families that are connected in both vertical and horizontal directions with all other families, they are expanded to the realm of clan, tribe, nation, and the world. The world where all of them are connected by love is what we mean by the Heavenly Kingdom! Do you understand? (Yes.) (139:212)

So, the experiences in the spirit world are necessary, and when you become a person who can feel spiritual love and breathe, you will not die. With what are you going to breathe when you kick off and rise up from mother earth's womb? You need respiratory organs of love. It is correct to say you breathe in a straight line. Only when you inherit the third love can you obtain eternal life. Then, where do you go back to with love? You go back to God. You go back to the spirit world with love respiratory organs, but you still have to go back to God Himself. Isn't it true? When a seed comes from the original body, it should go back to it with a fruit.

Our path of life is that of a traveler, but what should we prepare? We have to experience love. Since the human Fall brought the result of not being able to receive the love of mother and father fully, we have to establish a vertical family centering on true parents' love, love of true brothers and sisters, love of true husband and wife, and love of true son and daughter. Then we have to establish a horizontal environment by connecting with many families on east, west, south, and north. When they achieve a true family that can connect the vertical and horizontal and then be connected to the realms of the tribe, people, nation, and world, that world connected in love is called the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? (Yes.) (139:212)

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