Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Inevitable Path Of Human Life

1. The Body Is Far From Eternal Life

Let's talk about the earth. The earth also breathes about a foot. It moves every day. Do you understand that? (Yes.) Do your cells breathe as well? Or don't they? (They do.) Do you exist in your cells, or not?

Everybody, do you live eternally here -- in a place where you become invisible substances of love? (We live in a world where we become invisible substances of love.) Do you want to die as soon as possible? (No.) (Laughter.) When God wants to show you something, can you follow God with your body? (No.) Therefore, you need the spirit self. This is not a hallucination but a fact.

God is the center of the invisible spirit world, and God needs His reciprocal existence, so God wants to give mankind the eternal realm of the ideal.

2. Most Of Human Life

We are going toward somewhere whether we know it or not. We are going toward that place while we are working or resting. Not only myself, but this tribe, this world. Furthermore, heaven and earth are going toward someplace as well. This is an undeniable fact.

After the end of life, do I go somewhere? This is a very important question that man has to solve. All religions, philosophies, and histories are mobilized to solve this question. Therefore, you as well are driven to this destiny. This is undeniable.

If the self has to go somewhere, where is this body going to go! Where is this mind going to go? And where is this life steered toward? Where is my heart going to go? My wishes, hopes, and ideals, where are they going to go? Even if you cannot solve these questions, we are destined to go somewhere.

When we die, we end our life by burying this body in the ground. If so, on the day my body is buried, is my mind, this life, this ideal, and even this hope buried? Do they disappear? Unless we have definite contents, secure solutions, and a clear purpose, I am destined to become an unhappy man.

On this path, stop for a moment your moving mind and leaning heart. Some ask the question, "Where do you go?" Those who have asked this kind of question to solve these problems are wise men, philosophers, and sages. But until today, there was no one who could give a command with firm conviction: "My body, my mind, my heart, my life, and my ideals, run toward this place. All people under heaven. all beings in heaven and earth, run toward this place," (8:194)

Religions desire the end of this world that started from selfish desires. They pursue public worlds and have been hoping for a single, unified world of peace. It is religion that has been screaming this kind of idea for thousands of years. They did not just begin to scream today.

How should religious people live? To shorten this historical distance, to connect the worlds, to connect the cosmos is far more interesting than to have fun as a husband and wife. This kind of life is far more interesting. Although one lives as an individual, one can make a liberated family if one lives beyond this world. It is a life beyond the world that originated from the private origin. That kind of family cannot help but become an absolute family.

When we walk the streets of Myung Dong, we see young couples loving each other. For whom is it? Whom? Whom? They say they want to enjoy their youth, which they can have only once. Who is the subject, or the master, of the enjoyment? This is a serious question. Since when can you enjoy? Can you enjoy all the time starting from your 20s? Is there any special method when you get to your 60s, 70s, and 80s?

But the way of the Unification Church is different. For the sake of what do you eat? Do you eat just to sustain your life? You members of the Unification Church, for what do you eat? You eat for the sake of the world. You eat to abolish this evil world. You see in order to clean up this evil world. You do not see things to become a part of an evil side but to defeat the evil world. The way we hear, the way we think, walk, and act are all different from the secular world. (36:72)

God is not an absolute being if He created human beings as a kind of being who lives only for several days and perishes. God created human beings as precious beings whom He wants to cherish eternally.

If God is eternal, and man is the object of God's joy, man must be eternal. If that's the case, the counterpart of the eternal God must be an eternal world. How can we describe this by words?

There are many people who think that death is the end of their life, and they live that way, saying, "You can live 70 or 80 years; that's what you get. And if you die, that's it," During the course of history, there were people who thought deeply about how to have an immortal life. They thought about the way to live beyond death. The more one held a greater ideal, the more one thought and said, "What is the meaning of human life? Why are human beings born and why do they walk the path like travelers?" People said things such as "Life is a bitter ocean" or "Life is like the dew on grass," They don't have to worry so much if human beings live eternally. (39:229)

3. Death Is The Inevitable Path Of Human Life

Someday you must go to the spirit world whether you like it or not. Without question, you will go to the spirit world. Raise your hands those who do not want to go to the spirit world. (Laughter.) Those who are confident of not dying, raise your hands. You must go, but where do you go?

When you visit Korea, you land at Kimpo Airport. But landing at Kimpo Airport does not mean you have traveled all over Korea. From Kimpo Airport, where do you go? Do you go to Cholla-Namdo, or Kyungsam-Namdo, or Pyung-an-do? From Pyung-an-do, where do you go? You must visit a county. From a county, where do you visit? You must visit a district. From a district, you must visit a village. This is not easy.

Here is the problem. If human beings cannot solve the problems of their basic land of existence, what is the value of success in social life? Those who do not have a basic land of existence, where do you think you can go in the spirit world with confidence? That's the problem.

If the order is issued from the spirit world to come, God will take me away, even tomorrow night, no matter how great Rev. Moon is today. Is there any other way? That is so, isn't it? No matter how loudly I speak, I must go. When I speak loudly and go, I go after I speak the right words. I must present the nation and the world with the way to go. If I make a mistake, I must die. (177:42)

Without question you die. Those who are confident about it, raise your hands. Those who are confident that is not the case, raise your hands. Once you are taken away it is an eternal thing. What can you do? Do you say, "Help me"? There is no hope. (Laughter.) It is not a laughing matter. This is a serious problem. (162:114)

4. The Master Of Life Is God

What is the wish of the Unification Church? Those who are greedy are members of the Unification Church. Look at the members. They have "greedy" written all over their faces.

What is our wish? It is the unification of heaven and earth. What is our wish? It is the unification of the North and the South in Korea. How is unification possible? Can we achieve unification because God loves and brings about unification? What is the method to achieve this? Who has to fulfill 5% of the portion of responsibility? Does God have to fulfill that responsibility? Who said God has to? Who has to fulfill it? Human beings must do it. It is human beings, human beings!

Who is a human being? It is myself, myself, it is myself. This eye, this nose, this mouth, this ear, and these hands and legs must fulfill the responsibility. Therefore, my eyes must be busy, my nose, my ears, my hands must be busy in fulfilling the responsibility. Wow! This is an astonishing thing. Do you like it? Do you do it, or don't you? (I do!)

If I knew it but did not do it, I must go to the first courtroom and face God's public judgment. "You! The world must be saved even if you are killed. But why did you not do what I told you to do? You! The world must be saved even if the Unification Church is destroyed. Why didn't you do it?" When God says this, can I be proud of myself and face God? What kind of situation would I be in? Do I have any face, or not? (No.)

Therefore, you must do your responsibility whether you like it or hate it. You must do it whether you are old or young. Whether you marry as a bride and stand in front of the gate of the bridegroom's house, or whether you are kicked out by everyone and are on the way back, you must do it. That's the extent you must do it. Don't you? (Yes.) If you are committed to kneel down to death, while you are dying God will extend the way of death.

Without question, that is the way. My death is more serious than a king's death. If you do it this way for the sake of the world, God will extend your life. (64:325)

I am not the origin. The origin must be a Being transcending myself, and the purpose must be a transcendent Being to myself. If that is not the case, how can I stand in a position to confront this world? My life is not born from parents, society, tribe, or nation but from one transcendent Origin, that is, God, who is the absolute Being. The motive must be firmly connected to the transcendent motive that stands in the absolute position. Your motives must not be connected to historical relational factors, environmental relational factors, or social factors. Only when one connects one's origin to the transcendent Cause, the transcendent Purpose, can one leap, transcend, and extricate oneself.

You must connect your life to the transcendent Motive. Your life does not begin with yourself. It began with God, who is the absolute. When you connect yourself to the transcendent Motive, you can die by God's will in the process of transcendence.

5. Life Is Too Short

Does man live thousands of years, or hundreds of years? After living a hundred years, we all flip over and die. Every day, one was about to die but stopped.

Throughout many historical ages, many of our ancestors died. If those who lived a hundred years or less thought and worked for the sake of the whole, for the benefit of the whole, what they did remains even after a thousand years. Isn't that so? However, if they lived centering on themselves, they had to perish. They constantly fell, and they destroyed the whole. Because they lived their lives that way, problems occurred.

The biggest problem is how to turn a self-centered lifestyle and its way of measurement into a whole-centered measurement and direction. It is a question of how to turn self-centered thought into whole-centered thought or a thought that also concerns peripherals and to strengthen it.

We all understand who the superior, admirable people are, don't we? Even in elementary school, we understand this, don't we? If you take care of others, help them, and continuously do for the sake of others, after a hundred years, you go up, up, and up. You constantly go up. However, in reality people sought a self-centered way, and the battlefield has been expanded.

Therefore, we must reverse individualism and the course of life that pursues one's own benefit. We must change this. Somebody must declare this. To reverse this self-centered lifestyle requires thoughtfulness.

Suppose one has only one piece of clothing to wear. If somebody tried to take it away forcefully, he would desperately resist. He would not give it up. Prepare clothes for four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Suppose it's spring, and he is wearing winter clothes. You can go and tell him, "This is winter clothing. Why don't you take it off? You should be wearing spring clothes now," Do you understand? When someone comes to those who are wearing spring clothing, bring summer clothes and tell him to change. They have not known that there is an alternative, that there are more valuable things that can replace what they have now. (200:91)

There are parents, teachers, and relatives on the earth. We have relationships and a way to establish relationships among us. But in the spirit world, there is no such thing. In the spirit world, all of us live for the sake of others centering on God. Each position is distinguished. Therefore, those who are above cannot come down to a lower position, and those who are in a lower position cannot easily go up to the upper position. According to the Principle, we are to achieve perfection on the earth, then go to the spirit world, isn't that so? Once we go into the next world, that's it. Sooner or later, human beings will die, won't we? Those who are confident of not dying, raise your hands. There will be no one, right? (Yes.)

Life is too short. If man's life span is 80 years, it is too short. It is less than eight hours in spirit world time. From the perspective of time in the eternal world, it wouldn't even be eight hours-maybe eight minutes or so.

Therefore, the power of true love is great. How fast would the speed of true love be? What do you call the speed of true love? It is super-high speed. If you say super one million times, super, super, super. . . (Laughter.) I have just been to America, and Moscow as well. But this is really fast. (205:65)

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