Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Essence Of Human Life

1. Spirit Is The Essence Of Human Life

Just as an electron revolves around a proton, human beings are made to revolve around God. God can pursue the providence of restoration because man's mind, which is like an electron, naturally relates to God's mind, which is like a proton.

When we think like this, if one searches for the word of truth, even all by himself, he can come to feel the vibration of God's life and the harmony of God's love. Thus, the way to search God's life and love through the way of truth is the way to become valuable oneself.

As Saint Paul said, you can become the light of the world because you have the love of God within yourself.

The truth has a central core that is eternal and unchanging. Then how can we search for the truth, judging what is good and what is bad in this evil world? You have to become totally selfless and take the lowest position. The Bible says that whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

Man's essence is spirit. Therefore, when you go to the spiritual world you will realize more deeply that the essence of being human is to live for the sake of others.

Nevertheless, why does man deal with everything so selfishly? It's because mankind has a blood relationship with Satan, who is the angel that violated heavenly law. (2:137)

So it's important that we eat spiritual food. Do you know what spiritual food is? When you are hungry and you have to choose between spiritual food and physical, you have to think that spiritual food is more delicious than physical food. In order to stand on the side of God, you have to train yourself that spiritual food is tastier than physical food and that the taste of life centered on spiritual power is better than the taste of life centered on physical power.

Should the taste of the spiritual life be more delicious than the taste of the physical life? Shouldn't it be more delicious? (Should be more delicious.) No, physical life is! (Spiritual life!) I don't know anymore. (Laughter.) That's because everyone knows that. What is your response when asked, "What about you?" When you are hungry at lunchtime, you say, "Hey, it's lunchtime!," don't you? (Laughter.) Is there any time more serious than this?

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that, centered on oneself, we have to eat spiritual food, enjoy spiritual life, and revel in spiritual love rather than enjoying the taste of physical things like food, sleep, and sex. The spiritual taste should be better than all external tastes combined. However, you don't have that confidence. (Laughter.) This is not a laughing matter. This is the reality. (131:211)

2. The Meaning Of The Lord Of Creation

If we look at our nation, we find many tribes. There are a host of individuals among the many tribes. And I am just one of the many individuals among them. If we look at ourselves this way, we can think about how far we have to go to achieve the world of victory and the world of hope.

But you should never say that it is acceptable for you to live the way you are living today. What we have to do to go the way of goodness is to prepare ourselves to gain authority as a lord of creation, in which you can take dominion over the whole cosmos as a son or daughter of God.

What does the phrase "lord of creation" mean? Who is the lord of creation? Today, people say that the lord of creation is a human being. But God is the Lord of origin of all the creation, isn't it true?

You know that spirit exists, don't you? Human beings have spirit. In fact, human beings are the leaders of the spiritual world. Therefore, we call them spiritual lords, connected directly with God.

A human being cannot become a lord of creation by himself. When a person is a part of the creation himself, how can he become a lord of creation? The creation is a relative, resultant entity. The creation alone cannot connect to the cause nor dominate the cause. The creation is to be dominated by the cause.

You are definitely a resultant being. "Lord of creation" in Chinese characters means "central spiritual existence." You should understand that this phrase refers in one sense to the originally intended relationship of oneness between God and human beings. Therefore, the lord connects to God.

However, not all human beings are lords, even though we say man is the lord of creation. People who are qualified to become the lord exist in a special realm. Those people who are qualified to join the Club of the Lord must at least not live for the sake of the individual. They are the people who live for the sake of the whole. God works to fulfill His desire centered on this kind of people. (32:136)

When one is asked how man should live and is told that he should live eternally, that is good news, isn't it? Well, in this evil world we live 70 or 80 years and then. . . .

One may think, "What is the difference between one ant's death and one man's death?" The difference is due to man's being a spiritual being. Spiritual being! Right? Lord of creation. Even though man fell, he is still the lord of creation. What a wonderful title!

For what reason can man become the lord of creation? It's because he has a mind that does not age, that's eternal. All things can change. Even pure gold changes. The color fades away. It fades because of weathering action. But the human mind does not fade or wear out. Therefore, mind has the highest authority, because, like God, it is unchanging. (159:278)

We human beings with a physical body, centering on what do we call ourselves lords? The title "lord of creation" is not centered on money, knowledge, or power but on God's highest love.

3. Inner Self And Outer Self

What is man's original fate? It is to enjoy, praise, and respect in the realm of God's absolute love and in the relationship with the Creator of all things in heaven and earth in a perfected harmony of love. Man was created to be in complete harmony with heavenly and earthly destiny in this relationship. That's why man has an invisible mind and visible body.

If we had been born according to God's original plan, would we have been afflicted by a struggle between mind and body? Or would there have been complete unity between them? There would have been complete unity. God is absolute and omnipotent, and has the best technology and the best in everything. Do you think such a God would have created man with two different purposes -- a mind and body struggling with each other?

Looking at yourself, you find your inner and outer selves in conflict.

Do they struggle or don't they? (They struggle.) When will this conflict end? After 10 years? Does it seem like it will never end, even after you die? If God intentionally created man to struggle this way, then this God does not have one purpose but two purposes. Therefore, this God is a God of chaos.

But when we observe all the laws of the universe, we clearly understand that they exist with one purpose and with a definite order, without mistake. From this we know that man was not created with two purposes. Therefore, we must search our original mind, putting aside our body and looking for the origin. (44:194)

When we look at our physical self and spiritual self, which is more important? It is the spiritual self. Our physical body will decay after 70 or 80 years in the realm of time and space. Spirit, however, has the authority to go beyond time and space. So it is man's original desire to realize this historical responsibility and fulfill it.

No matter how good and rich a life you may live centered on your physical body, you cannot avoid death. Your physical body will eventually die. Then which is more important: the spiritual standard or physical standard? We are not meant to live centered on the physical standard. The physical self exists for the sake of the spiritual self, and the spiritual self exists for the sake of the physical self.

You should not live your life the same way as the people of this world. You have to start from a more effective position, uniting your physical and spiritual selves, from the position that your spiritual self is the subject. This is the road that you who have Unification ideology should take. Nevertheless, many people still live to eat centered on the physical body. (20:326)

4. The Purpose Of God's Will Is The Perfection Of Spiritual Self And Physical Self

What is the essence of God's Will? It is the perfection of the spiritual self and the physical self.

Looking at ourselves, we can set up a metaphor, saying that the past is "spiritual" and the present is "physical." The present represents the physical body, the junction of the two worlds, spiritual and physical. Because the present position represents the satanic world, our physical body should overcome the satanic world.

Also, we have to build a spiritual foundation of overcoming the past satanic world. This is what has to be done. If we overcome the past and the present, we can build a foundation for our spiritual self and physical self that is a blessing for the future. (73:96)

What we have to understand is that today this fallen physical world is the subject, not the spiritual world. In order to perfect ourselves, the physical world and not the spiritual world is the subject.

We have to clearly understand this point: For purposes of perfection, the physical world is the subject instead of the spiritual world. Perfecting the physical world, then, means the perfection of both spiritual world and physical world.

Therefore, we have to understand the importance of our physical body to our lives. (91:178)

5. Perfection Of Our Spiritual Self Is A Direct Path To The Heavenly Kingdom

When we raise chicks, they grow to be hens and roosters, and they crow according to the different seasons. Are you going to always remain chicks? It is time for you to grow. Therefore, whether I am here in Korea or not, you have to grow. What I want ask you now is to become a "historical fruit being." Whatever you may go through, you have to bear fruit.

You have to be fruitful, just like an apple with perfect color receiving good sunlight. When the people come to know about this apple orchard and how good its fruit is, they will travel a long distance to eat it. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.) (82:39)

(Father writes on the blackboard and points to diagrams.) Through here and through here we go to heaven. Therefore, this is three stages. One, two, and three, right? We should go this way.

Is there anyone who is confident that he is not going to the spiritual world? Raise your hand. When you die, you will all go to the spiritual world. You will go through this way. You have to go to the spiritual world through a victorious position representing past, present, and future.

You will go here vertically, but this vertical line and this vertical line have to become parallel. You have to go through vertical and horizontal lines. In order to go here, if this angle differs then you cannot reach your destination, and everything will be far away. You should take this way.

Now we have to gather all the fruits and plant them in the spring. Then, how can God work through this kind of man in His providence for restoration? You all know the providence for restoration because of me. As God chose me as a man who matched His essential standard, I also choose people who are like me. Therefore, you have to collect the fruit.

(Father writes on the board.) So there are many fruits. If there is an apple among them, it must be a very good one. But once a crow pecks on it, will it still be a perfect one?

This is also plus and minus. Man is plus and woman is minus. Thus, two people become perfectly one. (216:265)

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