Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Position Of Human Beings

1. The Purpose Of God's Creation Of Man

Why did God create man? The first reason is for God Himself to be able to stand in the position of Parents. But Parents are invisible in the spiritual world and thus cannot procreate. Therefore, in order to become Parents of bodily human beings, God must have a "body." Otherwise, He cannot be the Creator.

Second, in the "vertical" world of spirit, if a there is a line perpendicular to the vertical line, no area is produced. This is a metaphor to indicate that in the spiritual world there is no multiplication of beings.

But, extending the metaphor, when this perpendicular line is moved horizontally through 360-degree planes to create a sphere, a lot of space is produced. In that space, a base of physical bodies can be produced in order that the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven can be multiplied. Do you understand?

The third reason is to maintain characteristics of eternity within man, the realm of the object of love. What this means is that it is not only Adam and Eve who are to be the objects of God's love. In the same way Adam and Eve stand in the position of the object of God, so do their children. Therefore, God created man in order to eternally preserve this position of God's object. Do you understand what this is about?

Both Adam and Eve call God Father. Then how will their children call God: uncle or grandpa? (They'll call God Father.) Yes, they will call God Father.

To recapitulate: First, a form is needed. There must be a form of Parents. God must acquire the form of Adam's Father spiritually to show, "This is the Parents."

Second, the production center is necessary in order to produce the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, husband and wife are the factory. If they are the factory, which is better, mass production or a little production? (Mass production is better.) Mass production is better.

Then how many dozens would you like to produce? The more the better? The fewer the better? You women, how many dozens are you going to bear? When God sees birth control, He grimaces. Then what are you going to do?

If the factory automates mass production and there comes to be mass production everywhere, the Kingdom of Heaven will be full. That's why women are created to bear many children.

2. Man As A Mediator Of The Spiritual World And The Physical World

When we think of the process of God's creation, God created all things first and then man. Everything began centered on God. We know that God's Will and Heart for the creation was to see the unification of God, man, and all things from their appropriate positions. First there is God, then there is the earth in the created world, and in it there are people.

Man stands in the position between God and the creation. Therefore, we must know that man is a mediator who can be a connecting point between the spiritual world and the physical world. (67:143)

3. Body And Mind, And The Spirit Body

How does this created world in which we live today exist? It has two axis: a visible axis and an invisible one, creating a dual structure.

As things revolve around a subject, this subject itself makes a revolving movement. It is the same as occurs when the body and mind engage in give-and-take action.

All beings exist according to this principle. In the fallen human world today, the axis must be fixed in the course of restoration. They must be corrected.

As for man, what is the center of his body? It is the mind. Each person has a spirit body. His body revolves around his mind and moves in accordance with the order of his mind. If his mind says, "Go to the east," his body must head toward the east, and if his mind says to go west, his body must go west. His body cannot make a move by itself.

Only when we can get to the place where both our body and mind desire to go can we relax and be truly happy. Isn't that right? Even though we might be struggling mightily to achieve a goal, we cannot feel happy if we haven't yet accomplished it. We feel joy only when we can achieve success. (136:14)

From God's perspective, there is God, and then Adam comes. The mind of Adam contains God, and this mind is called the "spirit mind."

What is the spirit mind? God, who is the vertical subject, dwells in the mind of horizontal Adam, and this mind is a mind to attend God. This is called spirit mind. (50:19)

Man has both mind and body, and above mind is a spirit, and above the spirit is God. Therefore, man can only become perfected after becoming completely one with God.

A human being, even if he is only one "insignificant" individual, represents all of human history and even all of the future providence. Therefore, he has a cosmic value.

Man, in his pursuit of his life's providence, must attend his own mind or heart. This is an ironclad rule of Heaven. Heaven would punish a person who fails to follow his original mind's order.

Up until now, Heaven has been saying to man in the course of history, "Centering on your mind, live according to your own conscience and belong to the side of goodness. Be careful not to be caught in some materialistic, evil conditions."

Then, is the standard of man's conscience able to receive the Heart of Heaven 100 percent? No, it's not that way at all. In fact, man's fallen conscience is offended by so many restrictions. But at the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the hope that all of you long for, there is a gate of judgment. Our course is made all the more difficult because we are currently in a historical period of fear, anxiety, and confusion. In other words, it is an era in which even if one struggles to achieve goodness, he many times cannot.

Today, we should not possess so many material things. This is because, when God created man, he first created the material, or the body, and then breathed into it a spirit. Therefore, man is composed of body and spirit -- but spirit is the center.

If this world moves toward centering on a materialistic authority, a period of struggle of thought would ensue. In fact, this phenomenon was conspicuous right after World War II. Eventually, however, an era of thought centered on the mind will appear.

Then, what kind of thought would this be? It would be thought that penetrates materials, penetrates hearts, and centers on spirit. The course of restoration is seeking an era of thought centered on spirit. Humankind is in a situation of having lost this, and is still in the state of having lost the harmony of spirit, conscience, and body.

Therefore, we must go beyond material and spirit, and proceed to God. Humanity is just about to enter into the era of spirit. Therefore, there appear many mad people on the streets today. (4:268)

4. Complete Motion And Resonance

There are cells in the body and mind. You know that there are the spiritual five senses and that we have a spirit body, don't you? The cells of both the internal self and external self must resonate with each other.

The spiritual being, which is our internal self that can live for eternity, and the physical being, which is our external self that can live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, must be able to resonate with each other, centered on love. When they resonate, the sound should be the same, showing that the two are bound together. When they are bound together, they revolve. When revolving, they revolve around one central point.

When the resonating spirit body and physical body become harmonized centered on God's love, spiritual cells and physical cells engage in perfect motion together. Perfect motion. You need to know this.

Therefore, when our eyes become perfectly harmonized with the world of spirit, they can see the whole land of the spiritual world as well as the land of the physical earth. This is because they engage in perfect motion. Isn't a microphone the same way? If its quality is good, the sound can vibrate 100 percent.

Similarly, once our whole body becomes one with the power of love, centering on both spirit and body, and creates a realm of explosion, the spiritual world, physical world, and God cannot help but resonate with that realm.

It is the same with the hands. If my hands are in such a state of oneness with true love and touch something, electricity runs through the creation. You can feel it. Once there is such an electricity, everything wants to cling to you. Once such a person appears, God and even the whole universe want to cling to and follow him wherever he goes.

When there is a perfect plus, a perfect minus will always follow it. And if there is a perfect minus, even if there was not a perfect plus, it must appear and follow it. This is a universal law. (171:103)

Just as a person has a mind and body, he himself has a dual structure. It applies to men as well as women. Both men and women are composed of a mind person and a body person. So when we add a man and a woman together, we can say there are four persons there. Divided, there are four persons, but the point is how these four can become one.

With what intention did God create these four persons like this? How do we make the four into one? Will God do it by force or by pressure? No. If they center on God's true love, these four can become completely one.

All of you possess a spirit, called a "spirit self' in the Unification Church, and a physical body. The cells of our spirit self, even though invisible to our own eyes, exist in just the same way as physical cells. The spiritual world exists just as substantially as the physical world, even if we cannot see it.

Then when can a spirit self and physical body become one? This is the problem. It is similar to a tuning fork. When a tuning fork is struck, it can make a nearby tuning fork resonate at the same frequency. The spiritual situation is parallel. Once God's love matches perfectly with our mind, our body automatically responds.

Therefore, that which lets our mind and body resonate 100 percent and allows them to come into the realm of oneness is not God's wisdom or power. It is only love that does the job. Only love.

What is the focal point, the ideal standard, that your physical five senses and your spiritual five senses long to reach? That point is not God's power or wisdom. Love is the concentrating point as a center and a standard of everything. (138:254)

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