Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life

Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon

The Marriage Blessing

The Family Federation invites us all to stand up for marriage and family by making four affirmations of true love:

1. We affirm that the eternal love of husband and wife comes from God.
2. We affirm the ideal of absolute fidelity -- no divorce, no adultery.
3. We affirm that true love means to teach children sexual purity.
4. We affirm that these values will help bring world peace, beyond race, nation and religion.

Couples and singles who support these affirmations share a cup of holy wine or juice, representing, God's eternal love in marriage, and offer a simple prayer of thanksgiving. This year, over 120 million couples are protected to participate in this great affirmation of true family values in preparation for the new millennium. This will build toward 360 million couples. The global scaling of the first third of these marriage blessings will take place on Saturday, June 13, 1998. The main ceremony, in New York City, will be broadcast around the world.

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