Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Dispensational Meaning of the 72 Couples' Blessing

Father has to offer sacrifices standing in the position of Adam, Noah and Abraham. And then I and you are to inherit the heartistic foundation.

Father set up the condition to restore all the failures of 36 generations and became the ancestor of humankind. But it is not enough just to be an ancestor. Where did the battle start? It started from Cain and Abel. They led their descendants to fight with one another, so the world became a battlefield. This should be indemnified. In order to indemnify the historical battle, sons and daughters of 36 generations should set up the condition not to fight with one another but to become one in front of God. That's why Father set up the 72 Couples-twice the number 36, in order to represent both Cain and Abel.

The 72 Couples set up the historical four position foundation of harmony between Cain and Abel. Therefore, the absolute standard to defeat Satan was established. Do you know how serious the position of the 72 Couples is?

The 72 Couples were established on the foundation of the 36 Couples. The 72 Couples symbolize the restored Cain and Abel. In order for Adam and Eve to stand in front of God as the true human ancestors, Cain and Abel should be completely one. The 36 Couples symbolize Adam, so they can be qualified as parents on the foundation of the oneness of Cain and Abel -- the 72 Couples.

The 72 Couples are in the position of Jesus' 70 disciples. The oneness of 70 disciples means the establishment of the indemnity condition on earth. Likewise, God's dispensational foundation gradually can extend into bigger dimensions on earth.

The Blessing of the 36 and 72 Couples means the completion of the ancestral families. It also means that God's providence gets to extend into the tribal and national levels on the foundation of the perfect family. The God-centered four position foundation is to be completed on earth through the blessed families.

The 72 Couples' Blessing represents the completion of the vertical four position foundation centering upon God, and it represents the establishment of the central point for God's providence. God could extend His providence horizontally on the foundation of the vertical four position foundation. On this victorious foundation, the 124 Couples' Blessing was possible.

Father proclaimed Parents' Day on March 1 (lunar calendar) of 1960 and Children's Day on October 1 (lunar calendar) of 1960. Therefore, Father had to find 12 children to represent each of the three stages of formation, growth and perfection. These were the 36 Couples. Next, in order to indemnify Cain and Abel, 72 Couples came about. Finally the families were to expand to the national and worldwide level.

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