Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Organization Of The Third Israel Through Blessed Families

God should organize the dominion of the new Israel by giving birth to blessed families. So the fortune of the heavenly side is to be raised up from 1960 on. From that point, we are to proceed to the worldwide era by crossing over the era of family, tribe and nation.

Father, in the position of Jacob, has to organize a tribe and a nation by uniting with members in the position of Esau.

The 36 Couples represent the number 12 in three stages. The 72 Couples represent reversing the failure of Cain and Abel by restoring all the historically lost families in the fallen history.

At first, there were Jesus' three disciples in Jesus' age. In order to match that standard, first there was the Three Couples' Blessing. Next, the number 12 should be fulfilled through the Blessing. The 36 Couples correspond to Jesus' 12 disciples horizontally extended through the three stages of past, present and future. The Cain and Abel types of the 36 Couples expanded as the 72 Couples. The 36 couples represent the family and the 72 Couples represent the tribe. Jesus started the world providence centering upon the 120 disciples in Mark's upper room; similarly, the 120 Couples represent the world. If Jesus had blessed 120 disciples and had successfully connected them to the nation Of Israel, God's will would have been accomplished in Jesus' lifetime. Jesus should have laid this foundation within three years.

Next, there was the 430 Couples' Blessing. The number 430 corresponds to the number four, three and seven. Forty-three has to do with liberation. The Israelites were liberated from Egypt after 430 years of slavery. Israel started the national and worldwide providence of salvation. After the lapse of 430 years, Israel became a nation. But now we enter the age to restore the world after 430 years.

Father opened the way for any nation or tribe through the 430 Couples' Blessing. Then, to make a reciprocal relationship, Father was to match the number 43 to the West. That's why, one year later, Father blessed 43 couples in the United States, Germany and Japan.

The 777 Couples' Blessing was composed of individuals from ten nations. It established the worldwide foundation.

Father blessed 1800 Couples 14 years after 1960. It was originally supposed to be held in 1974, but the real providence started from April of 1960, so it was permissible for that Blessing to take place before April of 1975. Therefore, the second seven-year course was completed with the 1800 Couples' Blessing, and the Unification Church could depart for the worldwide providence. Six times three equals 18, which indicates the complete subjugation of the satanic number six and the accumulated foundation to enter a new age.

The Unification Church has been forming a nation as a new race; you should know this fact clearly, since you are the very ones to inherit this tradition.

The blessed families, centering upon Father's family, form a new tribe. It will develop and form a nation and world. That is to say that a new nation -- the Third Israel -- is to be formed. For example, a Japanese who is blessed will not be a descendant inheriting the blood lineage from the Japanese historical ancestors, but instead he will inherit God's lineage in the Unification Church.

The Third Israel should be formed on earth by connecting the spiritual First and Second Israel into it. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent should establish the first family (Adam's family) in place of the First Israel, the second family (Noah's family) in place of the Second Israel, and the third family (Jacob's family) in place of the Third Israel. That's why the 36 Couples are to be the ancestors of humankind.

All of you know well that God's providence is to be lifted up to the national level through establishment of the internal family standard. That's why Father started organizing the family in 1960. The 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, 430 Couples and 777 Couples were set up. Centering upon those families, Father could gain victory. Father could depart for the world due to the victory gained on the national level.

To extend the territory of the blessed family means to expand the mainstream families who inherit heaven's internal heart and the True Parents' lineage. Finally, it means to form a tribe, nation and world centering upon God.

The blessed families of the Unification Church were not originally intended to form a nation; rather they were predestined for the world of goodness. Therefore, each blessed family has national and universal value. It doesn't just represent a family of a few individuals, but it represents the family of all humankind. In other words, it represents the whole, transcending the tribal and national level.

Unificationists are to form a new tribe, with a new vision transcending the conventional concept of tribe, and then make a single nation in which the persons of all races love the other races more than their own.

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