Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) Rebirth Through Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ is the one person for whom God searched 4,000 years and then sent to this earth. This Jesus is the new ancestor of goodness and as the True Parent he is working hard continually in order that we who once died might be reborn.

Jesus is like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Could Jesus alone fulfill the will of God? No; that is why he had to find his bride. The bride's family should have been Jesus' family, the bride's nation should have been Jesus' nation and Jesus' nation should have been God's nation. Jesus came alone as God's son. Therefore, the bride's nation, the Jewish nation, must be Jesus' nation and that nation's church should be Jesus' church. After that, he should have conquered the Roman Empire.

However, he was killed, so there was a problem: on the earth, there was no standard for the parent. If the father and mother are living, centering on love, they can make the condition for rebirth. Since there is no father or mother, there is no way to make the condition for rebirth through the love of parents. That is why fifty days after Jesus' resurrection, the Holy Spirit came to the earth. What is that Holy Spirit? It is the Mother God. For the first time since the fall of Adam and Eve, the ideal substantial Adam form, Jesus, was born, but the ideal substantial Eve form was not there. Therefore, the standard of the ideal mother was without form; only the spirit was sent to the earth. That is why receiving the Holy Spirit means to re-enter the mother's womb.

In the process of being born again, after receiving the Holy Spirit and becoming the embodiment of Holy Spirit, just the Holy Spirit is not enough. As the mother spirit, the Holy Spirit is the bride to Jesus. Through the Holy Spirit we must love Jesus, who is the bridegroom, and make the condition to be absolutely one with him in order to have rebirth. Only by going this way can you receive salvation. That is the reason you must think of Jesus as your husband and the Holy Spirit as your mother. Without making conditions like this, there is no way to be reborn. Logically, it makes sense.

After Jesus went to the spirit world, Pentecost happened in the attic where about 120 followers prayed together and the Holy Spirit came down. This Holy Spirit is the Mother God. If Jesus is called the father, the Holy Spirit is the Mother God. The wife is the one who knows the husband completely. Then what kind of person is the Holy Spirit? If Eve had become perfected, she would have been the substantial mother, but because of the fall, Eve's spirit was called back by God. If Jesus had received a bride on earth, that spirit (Eve's) would have resurrected through that bride and received a substantial body. But because Jesus did not have the foundation to have the bride, that spirit could not come back. Thus, Jesus could not take the position of the substantial true parent. That is why Jesus and the Holy Spirit had to take the position of spiritual parents. If that had not happened, there would have been no foundation for the providence to continue.

Today, those who believe Christianity say the believer must receive the Holy Spirit. But why must one receive the Holy Spirit? Because the wife committed the sin, woman must overcome labor pain. That is why the Holy Spirit is working. Again, in order to receive salvation, because one is a child-like spirit needing Jesus' and the mother's love together, Christians teach about receiving the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the perfected feminine spirit of God. The function of the Holy Spirit is to help to go back inside of Adam. That is why all Christians must return back to Jesus' body as his seeds in the children's position. How many Christians are there who are following this way? Is there a Christian who thinks about this even in his or her dream? All of them just believe in Jesus and say they want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. But if one says he believes only by his mouth and expects to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, he or she is making a big mistake. Only by going back into the bone marrow of Jesus is restoration possible.

Think about how God has to pursue His providence. You must know through this course, that countless satans are rejoicing. In order to penetrate through those satanic walls, countless numbers of sacrifices follow. Without sacrificing, you cannot enter deep inside Jesus to be reborn. Entering Jesus and coming in contact with the love of God is such a course. After that condition is completed, you have made an internal condition to connect to the True Parents' blood lineage. From there, by going the way of true love, for which Jesus and the Holy Spirit are longing, you can be born again. Also, only by becoming one in love, like a woman loves a man or a man longs for a woman, can you be born again.

The Holy Spirit's function is to give emotional stimulation. Once you receive the baby spirit, you are longing for Jesus very much. Jesus is the bridegroom and the Holy Spirit is the bride. The principle of resurrection in Christianity refers to the fact that when these two substantial bodies become one, you are made new.

In Christianity, the Holy Father is God and the Holy Child is Jesus. Then what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the Mother God. Because it is the Mother God, unless you receive the Holy Spirit you cannot be born again. The Mother God, the Holy Spirit, must give birth. This Holy Spirit is longing for Jesus. She longs so much that her eyes are ready to come out. You may not have experienced anything like that. The Mother God, which is the Holy Spirit, loves her husband's spirit. This loving feeling must occur in the human body. With this heart, one must be born again. Without passing through the love of the parents, there is no way to be born again. This is the heavenly law.

Jesus is the father; the Holy Spirit is the mother. In other words, Jesus is the groom and the Holy Spirit is the bride. When the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, the love of the Holy Spirit for Jesus becomes one with your heart. You receive the fire of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, everything changes. By doing so through the love connection of the spiritual parents, new life springs forth. This is what Christianity means by being born again.

Until today, the mission of Jesus and the Holy Spirit is to give birth. Because the essence of Eve's original mother nature could make a reciprocal base with the fallen Eve, God sent it back in Jesus' time as object to the subject. But it did not have form. Jesus had form but the Holy Spirit did not have form (a body). However, doing the mother's mission-going into our heart, giving an emotional stimulation and cleansing sin--doing this work is to be as a mother raising a baby, receiving the father's (Jesus') protection. This becomes the condition to be born again and actually is rebirth.

In Christianity, no one can receive salvation without going through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus represents the spiritual father and the Holy Spirit is the mother. Spiritual rebirth is possible when one stands as the child being one with the spiritual parents. However, this going through the parents is only spiritual. Passing through the course of engrafting, the power of rebirth is engaged; this is Christianity's principle of rebirth. Without passing through the parents, there is no new life. By doing this, the providence of salvation has progressed until today.

Because Jesus could not fulfill his mission on earth, he did his mission spiritually instead. Jesus and the Holy Spirit made the foundation and stood spiritually with the mission of father and mother. Spiritually, there is unification. Spiritually, it is the work of giving birth. We are the descendants of fallen ancestors. Because we human beings are born through the womb of a mother, we must reenter the mother's love nest. This is the love of the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is the Mother God, that Mother God with the emotional love must took and find the father, Jesus, and embrace him. Through that love, the Mother God adores the father spiritually. Through this loving action, the force of love is working; feeling this force is what we call receiving the fire of the Holy Spirit. New life can come only by experiencing this-in other words, through the mother's womb. One must feel this love by the senses, centering on the father and mother. Without feeling it by the senses, the new life cannot be born. Without love, the new life cannot be born. This is what Christianity says about rebirth.

Because Jesus could not complete this process on earth, but only spiritually fulfilled it, this work must be repeated. Therefore, the Unification Church must do this mission again. Then, in order to complete this mission, where shall we enter? Who is the coming Christ? Because the coming Jesus is the father, we must enter into the body of the father. The fallen people make the condition of entering inside the father, getting the help of the mother who attends Jesus as her groom, entering into the body of Jesus who is the man. This course has been going on. But realistically, we cannot enter into the body of Jesus. That's why we enter through the heart of love. With the heart of love, we can pass into and through Jesus' body.

Until today, what is the reason Christians worldwide believe in Jesus? With the help of the Holy Spirit they entered the body of Jesus. Because Jesus did not marry, he is in the position of the virgin God-man. In order to enter to the body of Jesus as his baby seeds, Christians worldwide have believed in Jesus to this day. Like this, after entering the body of Jesus through the restored new mother, one stands in the position to be born again. You can get rebirth. Because human beings are unable to do this with their physical bodies, we must make conditions according to this content and be connected through a parallel process.

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