Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. One World

1. The Unified World That Religion Has Been Seeking

Originally if Adam and Eve had not fallen, what would have happened? Adam would have become the chief of his tribe, and at the same time, the chief of his race, and the king, representing his nation. In this way, the world would have become one under the ideology of Adam. All of the useless ideologies have to be cleared away. We have to totally get rid of all these ideologies, because they are distorting the world.

Originally, the ideology would have been Adam's ideology, the language would have been Adam's language, the culture would have been Adam's culture, the tradition would have been Adam's tradition, the lifestyle would have been Adam's lifestyle, the system would have been Adam's system. Everything would have been the system of Adam's nation. This ideology has to be one with God in God's mind. This ideology is what we call Godism. (20:123)

In unfallen Adam and Eve's family, would the family have existed for the sake of just two people, or for the sake of the whole universe? Now for God, to whom would the nation belong? Would it be God's nation? Adam and Eve's nation? Just Adam's nation? Just Eve's? Would that nation belong to God and Adam and Eve, who all have a common purpose? That nation would belong to Adam and Eve, who are centered upon God. If that nation expanded to the world level, then that nation would be the world centered upon God. You have to understand this.

What does Satan's world consist of? There are so many various nations. They have not been united as one. God wants to wipe them out. This is the way for people to go. Even though Satan has opposed us by every possible means, in the end, if we do not establish such a God-centered world, then we cannot bring about the ideal. Therefore, if everybody becomes like God, then Satan cannot exist. If we can see God's existence in each person's character, then a perfected man, a worldwide family and a worldwide nation- can be achieved. Everything will be achieved if we can become that kind of person. (161:243)

Until now, what has Christianity been thinking? What has Christianity been yearning for? It is to meet God, to meet the bridegroom as a bride, and to meet their children and to establish a tribe with them, and to build one worldwide nation by establishing the race that can restore the world.

This is the reason why religious people tried to witness to even more people. We have to unify the world centered on the truth. So all religious people have to build up the chosen people by witnessing, then unify the world as one hometown, making the people of the world their own relatives as God's people. The Korean race is in the position of descendants of the elder son. They are the descendants who have believed in religion as well as the descendants of the elder son. You Koreans have to become one with Westerners, with white people and black people. The thing that can unify us is love. It is love that can connect us with God's flesh and blood. (8:110)

What God likes most is the culture of love. Does God need money, power, or knowledge? To design and build a good house requires many materials, such as bricks and doors. But the most important thing is to have the essence of total beauty and harmony. What God desires from people is not that they have a lot of money or become scholars. In the Bible it says, "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind." This is the first commandment. The second commandment says, "You must love your neighbor as yourself " These are amazing words.

I Corinthians Chapter 13, the chapter on love, speaks of faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love." But people did not understand this. What does it mean to love with your whole heart and mind and soul? It means that you have to love even risking your life. All of you, have you experienced loving someone completely? Have you loved your husband completely? Have your loved your teacher completely as his disciple? Have you loved your nation completely? Nobody has loved anything completely. So we need a model person. We need a model of a true person. By doing this, true people who follow that model can be expanded into the world.

You cannot establish the ideal or the unified world if you yourself are imperfect. It cannot be accomplished in ignorance. So, God tried to send one perfected person in Israel who had a total understanding of God's providence, and He tried to connect the Israelites to him. That is why God made a promise to send the Messiah, centered on God's sovereign nation. It had to start from Jesus. It was possible to build it only when Jesus and the Israelites united absolutely. Through accepting the Messiah, immature people had to perfect themselves; complete the family, race, and nation and obey all of Jesus' will and entirely unite with it. The Israelites who met the Messiah did not understand that God sent him not only for themselves but also for the world. (54:41)

The goal of Unification Thought is to establish one nation centered on God. This is the nation of one sovereignty, one people, one land, and one culture. They are connected by one blood lineage centered on True Parents. In such a nation, everyone can fulfill the pledge to become an ideal heir through establishing the one realm of the heart. We can fulfill the Bible's commandment to "love your enemy." (1983.4.3)

Until now, religion has emphasized leaving your home. But the last religion, the worldwide Unification Church, emphasizes leaving your nation. White people have to go beyond white people, black people have to go beyond black people, yellow people have to go beyond yellow people. This is happening for the first time, because of me. So you must understand that whatever I declare is the final commandment.

Japanese members have to come out of Japan if I say, "Give up Japan and come out." When I go to Africa, I may say, "Leave America and come to Africa." Everyone should come without any excuses. To say "Oh, I don't like it. I want to stay here," is just the same as Lot's wife. It is exactly like life in Sodom and Gomorrah.

To which group do you belong? God's will is for one nation and one world. We are proud of one sovereignty, one people, and one nation. Everything we do is to fulfill that. We pledge one parent, one tradition, and one blood lineage. Where do you belong? You belong to heaven. You are already in paradise. You are not Americans, you are the people of heaven who do not belong to the earth. The earth is completely filled with all kinds of worthless junk.

Where are you heading? We are going to the heavenly family, heavenly race, heavenly nation, heavenly world, and heavenly universe. We have to go until we reach that level. If someone considers the whole world as his nation and all of the people as his brothers and sisters, and inherits this tradition, then he can surely go to the nearest place in the heavenly nation. That is the theory.

When you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, don't think, "I am going to take my mother and father and sons and daughters." You must think that you want to take the nation to heaven with you. I have lived for that purpose until now. That is why I can become the central person in the spirit world. This is the way that God thinks, True Parents think, and the way true children and you should think. (161:225)

There are no boundaries in the world that God wants to create. There would be no conflict between the black and white races, or between good and evil. Everything has been divided, even in the family, between husband and wife, between parents and children, as well as between black and white. Good and evil people have fought. From this situation, the Lord of the Second Advent has to make one world that does not have any boundaries, through overcoming racial problems. He has to unify the family that has been divided, and he has to build the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (53:72)

What is the Kingdom of Heaven? What will the Kingdom of Heaven on earth be like? It is the world where the church stays with God always, where there are no communists, and where nobody doubts God's existence. In that world, everyone believes that God is his own Father, and there is no Satan, and none of Satan's temptations. The world that God rules is the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the world where God lives with us. (79:304)

2. All Mankind Me Brothers And Sisters, One Family

Your true feeling is that you are longing to live in the Kingdom of Heaven. In the heavenly nation, are there any boundaries? Are there two languages? Are there racial differences? Then what is the Kingdom of Heaven? All mankind are brothers and sisters to one another because everyone was born from the bosom of God, centered on God. All people are His sons and daughters, so they are brothers and sisters. Centered on the Kingdom of Heaven, they are the people of the nation, and citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. (66:281)

Where was I born! Weren't you born from Korea? When you say you are Korean, why are you a Korean? If you search for where your ancestors came from, they came from China, Mongolia, or somewhere else. There is only one origin; all of them came from one origin. If you follow that origin, you will find the very first ancestor; the original being who made the original ancestor has to exist. His existence is not obscure. So who is the original being, the very first ancestor? It is God. When I took at you attentively, you are so mysterious. Why does a woman look the way she does? For a woman, you may think, Why does a man look the way he does? You are used to each other. Think about it seriously. Why do people look the way they do? (166:212)

Who is the owner of America? It is God, because He is the one who loved this land even before people arrived here. Who is the owner of Korea? It is God. He loved Korea before He raised up the Korean race on Korean land. He has loved it steadfastly even though it was in the worst situation. Therefore, He is the owner. So if you can become steadfast sons and daughters of His, the American land will be yours and the Korean land will be yours, too. You can claim that the world is yours. This is possible centered on love. (18:90)

What kind of person is a perfect person? He or she has to become a person of the world that is one with God. Which nation do you come from? All of you came from various countries, such as America, Germany, and Korea, but where did your country come from? It came from planet earth. So the earth is my nation. Where is my hometown? The earth is my hometown. I don't have any barriers between white people or black people and myself.

Everybody is God's child. From this viewpoint, the world becomes good. I ask you Americans, Who are the American people? And I ask you, What do you prefer, America flourishing or the world flourishing? (The world.) You can answer like that because you are members of the Unification Church, but other American people don't like that idea. That is why they say I am a heretic and other things. Who is going to win? Who is going to lead the world and history? The American people cannot do it. We know that Americans have come to be expelled and isolated from the world. So we are the only ones who can protect the world.

Which nation do I come from? (Korea, God's nation.) God's nation. I wanted that answer, but I don't like the word Korea. Korea has opposed me for the last thirty years. Even though I abandoned Korea, I am going to save the world. "Even though I abandoned the yellow people, let's save the white people and the black people. After I restore the white people, I will come back to you." This is the way I think. That is why I came to America, even though Asia and Korea are in an emergency. So, where do I come from? I came from my Fatherland. When you are asked whose son you are, or which country you are from, you have to answer, "I come from God. When you are asked which nation you come from. You have to say, "I come from God's nation." You have to say that you are a person from heaven.

I found greater things than Korea, which is my motherland. I found a greater way than the way my mother and father lived, and greater things than my brothers and sisters who live in my hometown. That is why I gave up everything and learned the process to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. To do that, you need to prepare your papers. For common people to get a green card, the process is very complicated. Do you think it is easy to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven? (79:247)

The Principle is the truth that has never changed throughout history. No one can change it with his authority or power. Even the world and God cannot change it. If it is the unchanging truth from the past to the present and on into the future, then it must have the value of the ideal that human beings were originally seeking. If people resurrected by the principle go beyond their nation and the world, then they are all brothers and sisters. They will not have any concepts about white people or black people or yellow people. Let's consider it. The only difference with black people is their skin color. Everything else is the same. The bone structure and skin and blood are the same. The only difference is the skin color. It is caused by the weather and life's circumstances. It is inevitable.

Let's look at the pine tree, for example. From the frigid zone to the temperate zone, the species of tree change depending on the environment where the tree is planted. Also, it depends on where it started and what its history is. And let's look at the bear. The bears in the North Pole are white. Because of the environment, they have to be white for protection. What about the white race? We can compare the white race to the white bear. And we can compare the black race to the black bear in the tropics and the temperate zone. This is the only difference. Can the white bear and the black bear say to each other, "Because you are white, or because you are black, I cannot be with you."

If the white race has that kind of concept, then the white people could be surpassed by black and yellow people. The white population is only one-third of all humanity. At this time, when communism rages, if you have such a concept, you will be attacked relentlessly.

Everyone has to become one in the Unification Church. We hold international marriages. Eastern and Western people marry each other. The most beautiful scene in history is people loving each other transcending race. From now on, my declarations will be recognized as having been farsighted after ten, twenty, or thirty years. If we don't have a worldwide ideology that advocates these principles, then mankind will perish. Centered on God, all people are brothers and sisters. Before God, there is no reason not to be united. The spirit of the Founding Fathers of America is "One Nation Under God." It is going toward that direction. (1975.7.13)

Black people and white people are all human beings. Suppose that someone married a black woman and she gave birth to a black child, and then later he married a white woman and she gave birth to a white child. He is the father of the black child and the white child. In other words, for the children, the father is the same. Anyway, unless we reach the point of knowing that we are all born of one Father, so that we are all brothers and sisters, then it is not possible to unify the world and all the ages. (18:111)

I need white people. Why? I have to save the Western people. I need black people because I have to save the black people. I need yellow people. Why? Because I need to save Asia. So, what am I going to do? Not divide people into black, white, and yellow but bring unity. To do that, we have to establish one absolute standard from the starting point, which is my ideology. So, I have thought that in the future I want to live with people from twelve different countries.

I am going to try to live with people who come from a few of the countries of the white race and a few of the countries of the yellow race and a few of the countries of the black race. If someone says, that it is wrong that Reverend Moon is living with black people," then I will push him out. I will push the Western people out with the white race and the black race. Do you think that God says, "Oh, I only love Western people but I cannot love yellow and black people"? The poorer the children are, the more the parents sympathize with those children. Who would reject such a parent's love? This is the principle of love. So, I am going to send all of the talented members from America to the underdeveloped countries to save them. How can we achieve that? That kind of education is what God wants. (74:36)

3. International Marriage Is The Short Cut To World Unification

Until now, the North and South have fought. America is not an exception. The North and South fought as enemies in America's Civil War. The East and the West have fought each other, not only between nations but also between families and groups. They have always fought.

What would make me victorious? Removing all the causes of conflict and unifying the people. I am trying to do this, even on the small Korean peninsula. The North Koreans and South Koreans have been hostile to one another under opposing political systems. They have hated each other historically.

But in the marriage of the Unification Church, North and South can be united. Suppose in the beginning a bridegroom from the North and a bride from the South fight as enemies, just as two knights fight. But after a while, the two people exchange a smile and fall in love and become the happiest couple. Then even though both their families were enemies, without realizing it they will become filled with the bridegroom and bride's joy.

So, in Korea many young people now ask, "When will the mass wedding take place? I would like to participate." They are so inspired. This phenomenon is growing, like a small wave that becomes a great tidal wave. The same thing is happening in Japan. Even though in the beginning they were against it, now they are watching the happy couples who are married in the Unification Church.

In America it is the same. People are watching my every move with their own colored spectacles. They ask, "When will the next marriage take place?" What is the reaction of American young people? Someday they will surely understand it. The shortest way to unify all the races is international marriage. One man and one woman who come from totally different cultural backgrounds have to be harmonized with God's love. This is perfect harmony and unity.

We are the ones who bring the ideal into reality. We have to search for the enormous power of love to accomplish great things. Such a power can only come from the greatest love. Not love that depends on social trends and circumstances but the greatest love. We can go beyond the boundaries of race, nation, culture, and knowledge. (93:38)

In the future, how can we unify the world? Also, how can we make the foundation for heartfelt communication? Those are the main issues. I am going to match the Japanese to the Koreans internationally. It is one thing that God wants to do. God does not want to see a Korean crouching within the boundaries of Korea. God wants everything to be done within the territory of His ideology.

The greatest desire of women in communist countries is to marry a proletarian man, a laborer. So the Unification Church sisters have to think in a better way than those women. (17:43)

From now on, in the spirit world, you can be proud of how many descendants of your blood lineage can unite with another race. Therefore, in the future, your sons and daughters should marry internationally. It will happen gradually. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is good to try it.

4. The Necessity Of Unity Between East And West

I had various experiences in America. I saw that even though American members devoted themselves in their life of faith and worked very hard together for a long time, if they left the church, they disappear secretly without saying good-bye. Also, they rarely come back to the church. Oriental members are different. When they leave the church, they express their opinions clearly, and many of them come back. I think this phenomenon is the result of different educational systems. The more the providence progresses, the more American people need strict training. American people advocate liberalism centered on themselves. Because everyone claims his own freedom, America is in confusion. But Oriental thought is different. Everyone is in the relative position of being submissive to a central person. The American educational system was good in the early pioneer days, but now it causes problems in the time of unification. Now, the time of worldwide pioneering has passed. We are entering into the time of unification.

From this viewpoint, I think Unification Thought is necessary in the present Western civilization. It is a great thing that we influence the nation and the world to become unified like this. So, Oriental people are innocent and pure in some ways. They are not so changeable. On the other hand, American people are changeable. This is one reason why American young people tend to yearn for the Orient. Oriental people think that American women change their mind every day. In some ways it is true. In America, the divorce rate is very high. Women initiate divorce more than men. In the Orient, it is the opposite. Therefore, if we exchange them, isn't it ideal, because it is totally opposite. Also, when Oriental people have a meal, they talk quietly or do not talk, but in the West, people talk while they eat. This is opposite.

So, to establish an ideal world, we must bring the Orient and the West together. We can conclude that we absolutely need one religion that has the spirit of unity. (1975.7.13)

God is fair. America became a representative country among all countries with a blossoming material civilization as a result of God's blessing. Therefore, it is difficult for American people to change rapidly from the external standard to the internal standard. On the other hand, in the Orient they respect the spiritual aspect more than the material aspect. In the West, they have received the external blessing but are lacking in internal blessing. In the Orient, they have received the internal blessing but are lacking in external blessing. So God is fair like this.

In three to seven years from now, it will be roughly balanced. Young American members of the Unification Church have changed a lot. You have learned to sit on the floor for a long time without moving. You never even dreamed of being able to sit without a chair.

If we emphasize the spiritual aspect centered on religion, we can overcome the material condition. The Orient has rejected the external standard in favor of emphasizing the spiritual culture. Western people have taken what the Oriental people have thrown away. This is the reason why Western countries, including America, became wealthy. They developed Western civilization and became wealthy externally because they received Oriental material support. But now it has reached its limit, and the spiritual civilization of the Orient has reached its limit. In the Orient, a more Western material civilization is required, and in the West, a more Oriental spiritual civilization is required. So, we are standing at the crossing point, and now both cultures are in a position to give and receive.

If the ideal is realized, everyone will live without any problems wherever Oriental or Western people go. To achieve that, the standard of life, thought, and purpose has to be united. Oriental people used to think that if they study in America, they will succeed. But now they don't think that way. Instead, they think that if they study in America, they will become bad and nothing will be achieved. Many American young people became hippies. They experienced all different lifestyles, like different ways of drinking, eating, and living. As a result, nowadays they claim to want to go back to a primitive lifestyle, rejecting all material things. Because they are seeking spiritual things, their interest in the Orient has increased.

5. Building The International Highway

We have a written record of my proposal of the International Highway in 1981. I sent it to university presidents and government institutes in 140 countries around the world. All of the letters have been preserved. The plan was for an international highway to equalize technology. The developed countries have exploited the minor powers through technology. They have exploited them with the power of technology and politics.

With that common base, the powerful countries have united and controlled the minor countries in their own way. At the time I sent out the proposal, all the professors of the Professors' World Peace Academy laughed scornfully at the idea of an international highway. They did not know that I was going to suggest that plan. Actually, those professors of the World Peace Academy should have thought of suggesting the international highway themselves. When I suggested it, their leadership did not like the plan. If they don't feel good, so what? What are they doing? They talked a lot about it. Now, I am taking it on. (162:156)

In 1981, I announced the construction of the International Highway. At that time, even though scientists and the leadership opposed it, I proclaimed it because it had to be done. They don't understand the Asian situation. They have to listen to me. We must do it. I completely ignored the leadership's opposition to the plan and announced it publicly. Otherwise, it would have been no use now.

Now the high-ranking people of China doubt my intentions. When Japan built the railway in Manchuria, their aim was to make a base to conquer Manchuria. So they are doubting whether perhaps I intend to conquer the Chinese continent. When we had a conference of high-ranking people, they would not believe the International Highway plan, because they think it is absurd and not reasonable. (1985.12.29)

Japan must build the International Highway to the cross the Chinese continent through North and South Korea. (1986-6.1)

To build the International Highway we will need much. Recently they started excavating, competing with one another. "Please give us a chance to do it. Let our company do it. We will pay the expenses," they said. So this will become the public opinion of the world. People will think it is amazing. They will find out that Reverend Moon's background is incredible. They will find out in the academic world, the political world, in Europe, South America, and North America. The word will spread and be amplified like a trumpet call. (166:29)

6. Let's Build The Highway To The Kingdom Of Heaven

For human beings, what is the most difficult path to go? It is the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. In this whole universe, the most difficult path is the one to the Kingdom of Heaven. Did Jesus go to the Kingdom of Heaven? He is in paradise. This is the waiting station for the Kingdom of Heaven. So you can imagine how difficult it is. Does God live in the Kingdom of Heaven? The answer is no. Since human history began, has anyone lived in the Kingdom of Heaven? God does not live in the Kingdom of Heaven. His son does not live in the Kingdom of Heaven. So who can live in the Kingdom of Heaven? There is no one. That is why it is so difficult. It is the most difficult path.

You have joined here with the determination to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. There are many ways to become president of the United States. It can be done. Which do you suppose is easier, to become president of the United States, or to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? You have to think about it. The most difficult thing is to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the most difficult thing. On the other hand, it is a good thing, not a bad thing. Even though it is the most perilous and farthest way to go, do you have confidence to be able to go there? Well, try it.

To do that, you have to run through America and go to the world. To go to the Kingdom of Heaven you must break through the satanic world in the spirit world. You have to go with that attitude. Can you win over the spirit world? Then you have to know what it is. You cannot go there if you don't understand. Even though the Kingdom of Heaven is the hardest place to get to, you cannot avoid going there. Even after you die, you have to keep on striving to get to there.

So from this viewpoint, it is a big job for even God to get to the Kingdom of Heaven. To shorten the way, God had to send His central figures throughout history, and His chosen race and the Messiah, so that they could take responsibility and sacrifice themselves. God has leveled the path with these people. They were sent to level the path. That is why so many saints came to earth, to fill in the road by their deaths. The reason why many nations flourished and perished was to fill in the deep valleys. That is the purpose of history. So history is the history of the rise and fall of nations. By doing this, the road that was high became lower, and the road that was low became higher. Now, that road has become equally flat. Equality means peace. Through this course, equalization has occurred.

Then, who can do this? It is only God and man. Satan cannot do it. How can God achieve this? It can be achieved not by holding onto life but by cutting and sacrificing oneself to fill in. Sometimes God has to raise up a people, pulling up those who are not ready. That is why we find up and down -- rise and fall, dead and alive -- in history. What is the purpose of this? It is to open the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the purpose. To build the highway to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then, who designs the highway, and who executes the plan? God made the blueprint, and Jesus was to execute the plan. He had to cut down the mountain at the time when he needed to cut it down. The owner of the mountain should not be against it but should say, "Please do it." So, he had to build the nation of Israel. By cutting down all the mountains, he could start to make a highway. If he asked to demolish your house with a bulldozer, you would have to say, "Yes!" Also, if there were a beautiful lake and he asked you to cover the lake, you would have to agree with it. Today, we have to make an exemplary country. Then when people from other countries see that everything is great, they will say: "We want to do it, too." That is the way we are going to do it.

Once such a road has been paved, cars can go where they need to go in a moment. That car is the human being. By driving man as the car, we are going to the Kingdom of Heaven. If God rides in a human car and drives him, then the human has to run wherever God drives. Are you that kind of person? Do you think the car can say, "I don't want to go." Can you say that? You cannot say that. The car has to go if God holds the steering wheel and steps on the accelerator. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place where a woman can go by her own desire. God as the driver controls you and enters the Kingdom together with you. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. You must understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is the place where the Messiah as the representative of God comes, and everyone enters the Kingdom under his guidance. The Messiah comes as the owner of the car, and it is he who drives to the Kingdom of Heaven first, once he has established the highway.

Then, what are we supposed to do? We are the ones who build the highway. We have to fill in the low places. So, we have to put ourselves into those places. We have to put ourselves there. If we cannot fill in the holes, who can do it? We have to do it by sacrificing ourselves. By widening the road, we can cross over America. We need to run with a torch to make that kind of foundation.

When you go on the highway, if you have to go by taxi, it will cost you. For us, the same thing can happen. Furthermore, how difficult will it be for us? We have to look for the difficult things. Can you do it? Who are we? We are not the people to drive but those who will fill in the road. What kind of road will it be? The quality of the road will be directly proportional to the effort of those who build it. We have come to under, stand this. (72:253)

To pioneer this road, sometimes we have to go into the ditch, fill up the lakes, dam a river, or dig a hole. So there should not be anything that a Unification Church member cannot do. Nothing. We need technology, too. Unification Church members have to take responsibility for this. You have to be able to do many various things. American young people can do only one thing at a time. They think, "After I finish one thing, I will do the next," but in our case, we cannot do it like this. While we are doing one thing, we have to do two or three other things at the same time. I have been doing this. That is why I have suffered. To save everyone, I cannot do things one at a time. You have to understand this. To save everyone equally, I cannot avoid doing it like this.

So is it OK for you say, "I will do only what I want to do"? No. I know that there are more things that we don't like to do than things that we do like to do. However, we are the only ones who understand what needs to be done, and we are the only ones who can do it. We cannot avoid doing it. So, don't you feel bad? Do you like it? Are you grateful? If you can do it, then we can surely build the highway by ourselves. We can cross the world with our ideology. Then this highway will become the highway to go up and down, vertically and horizontally, and to turn the whole world around. If we can build such a highway, how wonderful it will be. (72:257)

7. The Unification Of Language

Even though in both America and Korea pigs grunt with the same sound and sparrows squawk with the same sound, human beings don't speak the same language. Whenever I traveled to different countries, I encountered all kinds of languages. It is so difficult to communicate even basic things like asking for food. Because of this, we human beings became the dumbest among the dumb. Who caused this? It was caused by the Fall. How can we say that we are the Lord of the universe if we cannot even use the same language to become unified. How regrettable it is. There are so many things that dumbfound me. (20:124)

Centered on God's absolute love, man and woman have to unite absolutely into one and establish one absolute culture. To establish one absolute culture, we have to have one unified language and one alphabet. So I have emphasized many times for you to learn Korean and the Korean alphabet, because the creation and development of a unified culture must be conveyed through language and letters. (1985.11.12)

Language is a problem. I speak in Korean. In the future, if you don't have an interpreter, what can you do? Do you have to learn from me, or do I have to learn from you? Why? If you learn Korean, which I am speaking, you can learn much more deeply and possess valuable things through me. That is more valuable than anything else. That is why we can conclude that you must learn Korean.

Those who really wanted to understand what Jesus spoke in the Bible tried to learn Hebrew and Greek. That is because his words in the Bible are precious. How did the Renaissance conquer the world in the Middle Ages? Several famous philosophers appeared who were able to offer direction and precious value to lead humanity. They studied Greek to be able to follow that thought. It is simple. In the future, which language will be the original language? It will be Korean. If some problem occurs with a quotation, the original language will clarify it. Because we have to bring everyone in the right direction, in the future we will hold important conferences only in Korean. This view is correct. So, do you feel the need to learn Korean? You have to team Korean. In the future, when you go to the spirit world, you will speak Korean.

If the children of True Parents cannot speak their own parents' language, then they are like mutes. I will say they are mutes. The world will go toward that direction.

I stirred up Western society since I came here. You have to understand that this is a new threat to religion, a new problem. It is true. The Korean language will be the one that people will study as the original language. No matter how many times you say "Aha" while you are reading it in English, if it differs from the Korean original, then you will have to fix it every time.

That is why unchanging things are valuable. It is the same in this case. Don't you think so? So you have to study Korean. (74:33)

The Koran language and letters were made in Korea and used in Korea. The term "True Parents" was coined in Korea. Centered on True Parents' love, God was able to be engrafted to True Parents for the first time in history. In other words, because Korean is the first language that God was able to start speaking on the foundation of true love, we can communicate with God most directly in Korean. The origin of the term "True Parents" is absolute. That's why we have to learn Korean. Also, you have to learn Korean letters, which is the means of expressing the Korean language. You have to understand that Korea is the first place that God was able to speak words of love. Because I used the term "Cham Bumo" (True Parents) for the first time in Korean, the origin of the term "Cham Bumo" is in the Korean language.

Cham Bumo is not English or Chinese, it is Korean. Therefore, Korean is the language of the loving fatherland of the Unification Church members. Because Korea is the beloved fatherland, you have to seek your fatherland. That is why you have to team the Korean language and letters. I can say that the heart to want to be blessed with a Korean man or woman comes from the desire to go closer to your original hometown, because God expressed His first love in Korean. (1985.11.12)

Since I was born in Korea, all of Unification Thought and my speeches are published in Korean. The Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Speech Series are the sermons given on Sundays. More than 200 volumes will be published. I am expecting many scholars to study them. If you don't read them in the original language, you cannot be an authority on them. Everyone needs to understand that these volumes contain the guiding ideology that cannot be omitted in any aspect of the new history, world, and culture.

I have worked hard for God's providence. I have not heard of any occasion in history when God's providence could be completed through the politics, economics, or culture of this world. Nowadays, the number of scholars who study Korean has been increasing. It is because they want to read my speeches in Korean. If you translate my speeches, then their authority is decreased. Do you understand what I am saying? (Yes.) You must read them. Don't you think you have to read them in the original language?

Over the past 40 years of Korean independence since World War it, these speeches have progressed with the advances of history. In the future, if a scholar asks you questions, what are you going to answer? If he says that in Reverend Moon's speech it refers to this or that, then what are you going to answer?

From 1990, I am going to hold international conferences in Korean. How many years is it until then? (Three years.) Without religious power, we cannot become unified. If everyone could communicate in Korean, then this one book would be enough. But if we have to translate it into 120 languages, then that would require 120 books. What a big waste that would be. And what a big loss that would be for the future world. Without me, no one can achieve unity. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes.) Study Korean! Study very hard! With brains like yours, you could succeed within one year. (161:289)

The Korean language contains philosophy. It has the background of the principle of the universe and its harmony. There is a famous scholar in America who received a doctoral degree in linguistics on Korean phonetics. Doesn't my translator, Mr. Han, have good English pronunciation? If someone can speak English well, you cannot distinguish whether he is Korean or American. If a Korean can speak Chinese well, then people cannot distinguish whether he is Korean or Chinese. So these days, many Japanese tend to learn Korean first before teaming other languages. The Korean language includes a very high level of religious language. The way of expression is very deep and delicately detailed. No other language can match this. That is why Korean people have good brains. (1988.1.3)

Look at the Korean language. The expressions correspond to their meaning, like "jji kuk, ijae kuk" to imitate a bird, or "wat-da kat-da" to mean coming and going. Why don't people say just "wat-da"? Why do they also say "kat-da"? Also, "ji ji go boko," which means frying. Everything corresponds. No other language is formed like this. Also, ilhui chung, hui chung" or "dol-long, dol,long, dal-lang, dal-lang" signify the ding dong of a bell, and "hi-hi-he-he" imitates laughter. Everything corresponds.

In this way, Korean is the best language in the world. God taught the best language in the world to Koreans. No language other than Korean can express universal harmony. That is why I was born in Korea. (Laughter.) When Koreans hear this, they will be pleased, but if Westerners hear this, they may not be so happy. Even if they are not happy, I cannot help it. (63:127)

If you learn the Korean language, Korea will become good. Are you studying? It is easy to learn. You can memorize the Korean alphabet within thirty minutes. On the other hand, it is difficult, very difficult. I think the pronunciation of other languages is easier. The reason why Korean is excellent is because God gave Korea the blessing. The Korean language is better to team than Japanese and Chinese among the Asian languages. (161:287)

For the future to be connected to Asia, you need to understand Korean. Unless you understand the Korean people, you will not be able to understand Asia, because Korea has been trained by the powerful countries such as the Soviet Union, China, and Japan. Koreans are able to understand everything, including the special characters of other cultures. Without understanding Korea, you cannot understand Asia. That is why I tell you to learn Korean, even though Korea is just a small country.

Geopolitically, Korea has such an enormous thought that can influence both the economic and political worlds in the future. It is good for you to keep in mind that Korea has such a background and to study it. For Japanese, if they learn Korean when they are young, they will never forget it. If you learn Korean, you can be connected to the world. So you have to study. (161:29)

Each nation should reinforce the education of their mother tongue. In each nation, education in the mother tongue has to be emphasized. By which language can we bring unity? (The Korean language.) Why do we have to unify language? All of you, do you study Korean? From now on, I am going to send someone who can teach you Korean. I am going to send someone who can teach Korean to at least twelve developed nations within this year or next year. Did you finish publishing the books? How are you doing now? As soon as possible, we are going to publish books from which you can learn Korean. We will publish them by ourselves. It will be the best book to learn Korean. (1988.1.3)

Now, I have to hurry to arrange for Korean teachers to be sent out. From 1990, 1 will not use a translator. I will speak only Korean. So from this year, 1988 to 1990, for three years, I have to send teachers to force members to learn Korean. Eventually you have to do it. No one can do it for you. Only you can do it. It is the principle. If you don't, you will have problems in the spirit world. If you meet your ancestors in the spirit world, they will ask, "You worked with a Korean teacher. Did you communicate with him in German, French, or English!" If you don't say, "In Korean," you will be punished. (1988.1.3)

We are heading for the unification of the world, so you have to be able to read my speeches in the unified language. Where are my speeches? These 74 books contain my speeches. Now 74 books have been published. We will keep on publishing them. What are you going to do without reading them in the original language? The original language, not in English or German.

So, you don't need to worry about sermons from now on. These books contain the sermons I gave throughout my life. In the spirit world, the time will come when someone will question you about them. Are you going to say, "I have never seen them and never read them"? From the beginning, I am not going to translate into English. I think it would be good if we could use Chinese characters. If you go to the spirit world without reading Chinese characters, you will face a big problem. If you leaders don't read them, you will have big problems.

In future generations, will I go to your house, or will my speech be in your house? Think about it. Which one is it? My speeches will be in your home. (1988.1.3)

8. Lets Trust, Love, And Live Together

What is your wish? You wish that someone could trust you. You wish that someone would love you and live together with you. If you can achieve those three wishes, you will be happy. Surely, those are your wishes. If Heavenly Father can trust you and love you and be with you, then what in this world would make you happier than this? Everyone in this world wants to be happy. First of all, to be happy you need a companion to trust you. You should live with someone whom you can trust and have give and take with forever. Those who can achieve these things and live like this through all their lives are the ones who are truly happy.

If we ask a woman what kind of husband is a good husband, she will answer, "The husband whom I can trust to be steadfast forever is a good husband." For a man, it is the same. For God, it is the same, too. God wants that kind of person. If someone can be trusted and receive love as God's partner, that person is the purest person. If we become the purest person and believe in God, then God will be really appreciative. And if those people live on with such an attitude of trust, loving each other, then God will want to live together with them. Someone who has achieved that kind of standard can become a responsible person.

Who did I say the happiest people are? Those who trust, love, and live together with others are the happiest people. If a couple live like that, then God will stay with their family and they will establish a happy family. If a race wants to become happy, then they have to trust, love, and live altogether with other races. They should have those wishes. How about the president of a nation? When all people wish to trust him and love him and live with him, then he can be an ideal president. When we think about the world centered on God, it is the same. God can feel happy when all the people of the world wish to trust, love, and live together.

In conclusion, what is the criterion of a true and pure person? Someone who can be trusted, giving love with an unchanging heart and wishing to live with others together. That is the criterion. How can we become such people? We can become such people with God. (1975.7.13)

God created human beings and believed in them with an unchanging heart. No matter how much humans have changed, God has been keeping that standard transcending history. Even in the fallen world, parents believe in their children, even though the children deceive them. Even though the children cannot be trusted, the parents trust them again. This is God's heart. You might wish that you could marry a man or woman like God. All human beings think the same.

If you trust someone who cannot be trusted, and love someone who cannot be loved, and don't give up on someone whom you cannot stand to live with, then what will happen? Even if the person leaves you, if he becomes convinced of your unchanging heart, then he will be deeply moved and come back. God has passed through the way of restoration providence with such a heart.

The reason why people call Jesus a saint is that he gave blessing even to his enemies and loved them. That is a motive force that can move history and touch all the people of the world. In the 66 books of the Bible, there are so many words recorded, but when you summarize them, trust, love, and live together" is the overall meaning.

Who do you think is the purest and the most trustworthy person? That person is the one who constantly trusts and loves and lives for someone as God does, even if he is in the situation in which he cannot trust and love and live with them. Such a person will be victorious over those circumstances. (1975.7.13)

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