Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Restoration Of Hometown And Rebuilding The Temple - Part 2

4. Father's Hometown

1) The Original Homeland, Jung Joo

I said that the original homeland of the Unification Church members is Jung Joo. What is it? Actually, the original homeland is Korea. If a question as to the location of the original homeland is asked to worldwide church members, they would answer that it is Korea. If I ask them "What part of Korea is it?" they cannot answer, just winking their eyes. They do not know about Jung Joo, although you know about it because you live closer to that place. If I ask a question where the original homeland is to the people who are living in Korea they should know the answer.

If interpreting it from the meaning, who do you think is the one who named that particular town? [God.] We do not know who decided to name it, but someone among our ancestors did. When it was named as such, perhaps, that person received a revelation.

My father and mother loved me very much. Of course, all mothers love their children, but my mother loved me in particular. If I talk about all of it, you will find many tearful scenes. Although she loved me so much, why did I come to the South, where I could not see my loving mother in my hometown? That is the question.

Why did I come alone to the South, not bringing my parents with me? My parents always belong to me. Isn't it true? They do not belong elsewhere or to someone else. Whether I am in trouble or in joy, or I am in suffering or happiness, regardless of when or where, my mother will be always there so that I can attend her.

Yet, South Korea is different. I cannot always see it whenever I want to. Tribes there are different. For this reason, in order to save this nation, to save the South, I did not bring my own family with me. Then, what was I going to do in South Korea? What was it?

I should make the South into one, and by expelling communists from North Korea, I should make the Republic of Korea a free place to live, without the fear of attack from the North. From the providential viewpoint, the birthplace of Father is the original homeland. It is a holy place. Unless I see the day when I can visit that place, offering gratitude to God, I cannot save this country. That is the way it is. In order to restore the Korean peninsula, there must be a day when I can visit North Korea and offer a prayer to God in gratitude. Otherwise, I cannot restore that peninsula. That is, unless I symbolically bring unification between Northern Israel and Southern Judea in the position of Cain and Abel, alleviating their grievance, caused by their division, and offer them to God, carrying a flag of victory, it is impossible to restore the world.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without attending the Parents. If Christianity is totally united, it can attend the Parents. So all Christians who wanted to visit Jerusalem will come to visit Father's hometown instead. You should understand that the birthplace of Father in North Korea is a holy place. When people from all over the world shout from the four directions: "Let us go to North Korea," Kim Il Sung will retreat. If he does not, China or America or Japan will pressure him. Whether they like it or not, unless China accepts me, they will not be able to obtain modern technology that is 20 to 30 years more advanced than theirs. I already established that foundation. I plan to make scientific technology equal on the worldwide level. I am in the process of reconciling the struggles between Israel and Middle East through the Professors World Peace Academy Despite some ridicule, I am doing the job that cannot be done through ambassadors.

2) My Memories and Love for my Hometown

Hometown is a place where you want to return to. I want to die in this hometown, not somewhere else. Then, why do you want to return to that place? It is not because that is a place where you can live well with good food and a comfortable life.

But it is a place where your unforgettable feelings are imbedded in your memory. By going there, you can recollect the love that you received during your childhood, and centering on such love, you can go back to old memories in the same environment of nature. Since a hometown is the place where your life started and where your relations were brought together, it is so precious to you. I have an unforgettable memory that happened in my hometown. It was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. One day, I went to visit my maternal grandparents' home. They steamed sweet potatoes especially for their grandson, me, and I found they tasted very delicious. Often people express their appreciation for good food by saying, "One of two people would not know even if the other one dies while eating together." Anyhow, that is how good it was. Even now, I can never forget the taste of those sweet potatoes. When I ate them for the first time, I was too busy to eat, and I did not even peel them. Even now, when I eat something unusual for a special occasion, I am reminded by the time when I ate those sweet potatoes at my grandparents' home. As such, the first experience is always precious to people. People can usually remember memories of things that they experienced in their mother's bosom.

The memories do not come alive based on your intellect: but based on your emotional relationships with them. When people go to their hometown, they recall something emotional about their past. That is why, wherever they go, they miss everything about their hometown. And when they go to their hometown, they can usually remember almost everything about their past. Because they have some subjective, emotional memories, they have a special relationship with the hometown. Further, centering on the individual, a family or the entire village, they are involved, and they cannot forget their hometown. There is an expression: "Returning home in golden clothes," which refers to returning home with a success in their life.

Actually, even if you return to your hometown, none of your family members may be there, having already passed away. Nevertheless, you still would like to go back and relive all the joy that you feel in your hometown. The same is true for me. I went through all kinds of experiences in foreign countries, but what if I return to my fatherland, bringing all of them with me. Although Kimpo Airport is already part of my fatherland, when I arrive in Korea my mind already travels past Seoul and lands at a small country town, Jung Joo in Northern Pyung Ahn Province. It is only a mountain town located by the ocean, but why do I miss it so ardently? Since my life began from there, I would like to meet everyone living there and see everything there. Centered on what? It is centered on emotion.

My hometown is located on the other side of the DMZ. There are many things that I would like to go and visit once I get to go to my hometown. As I walk slowly over the DMZ, whenever I take a step, I would like to visit many different places. After taking several steps, I would like to roll down, and then I again would like to look around slowly. For this, I would like to visit my hometown.

In my hometown in North Korea, pinenut trees were planted, and in my childhood, I used to peel the pinenuts and eat them. That is why I like pinenut trees more than other trees. The memories of the pinenut trees in my hometown made me love those trees, and whenever I see them, they bring me back to the olden days in my hometown, full of memories.

I cannot visit my hometown in North Korea. When considering this, how fortunate you are, having a hometown near you that you can visit whenever you desire to! Your returning to your hometown and restoring it is necessary to open an era of the Unification of North Korea and South Korea, and is also to restore my hometown. At my house in my hometown, there was a 20-year old chestnut tree. It may have something to do with my being born in the Year of the Monkey, I was very good at climbing up trees. If the branch that I climbed on bent, I quickly sat on a lower branch, and I struck chestnut burrs with a stick. I had so much fun doing it. I still remember those memories, but those who did not grow up in a country town would not understand what I experienced.

In front of my home, there were several acacia trees, where magpies always sang. People normally say that magpies bring good luck. Right? I sometimes quickly climbed up to that bird-nest and quietly watched the shape of it. By so doing, I could tell from which direction the wind would blow a lot that year. It is because magpies build their nests against the direction where it was going to be windy. By the way, the design of their nest is amazing. It is truly a masterpiece, and I wonder who taught them that skill. Soon after completing the nest, magpies lay eggs, which are very pretty and colorful with bluish lines. The size is about a quarter of chicken eggs. Before laying eggs, those magpies do not mind people approaching them, but once they do, they make big fuss if someone comes near. Further, if someone approaches closely to their nest, all magpies in the village would gather together and do a loud demonstration against that person.

Due to my unique hobbies, I observed all kinds of things. That is why I am so knowledgeable about the nature of birds. Magpies lay eggs as many or more than ten at a time. As they got used to my climbing up and down to watch their nest and found out that I was not a danger to them, some interesting things happened. If I showed up before them, as if they were thinking, "Here he comes again," they greeted me, by making some noise.

I would make a similar sound to greet them in return. Then I looked into their nest and came down. Sometimes, when it was rainy, I would not go up. But when they saw me outside, they flew near me, making some noise as though they were asking me why I did not visit them that day.

Even birds come to like humans. Those who do not have such an experience may not understand this to be true, but I am not lying to you now. Also, I did some mischief to the birds. Once the mummy bird hatched eggs, I placed them in a nest that I made. Then that mummy bird came to my nest to feed her babies. Looking at it, I was amazed by her love towards her chicks. I think that there are many things that humans need to learn about loving their children from it. Through those experiences, I discovered that the world is operated based on the emotion of love. Then, where did that emotion come from?

The village where I grew up in childhood is a small country town. The environment was that whenever a season changed, all kinds of birds flew in and out, and all kinds of flowers bloomed and withered. When I was a child, each season was distinctive wherever I went, and I could see the beauty with the change of each season.

However, today in Seoul, even if I walk all day long, I cannot meet real nature. It is only a barren city with artificial views, which makes me sad. People who grew up in such an environment of a large city are dry in their personality, and because they hardly have chances to experience the beauty and the mystery of nature, their personality is inclined to be cruel and brutal with selfishness. This, we must understand. I could experience many things in nature and learn a lot from it. In the midst of it, in my own way, I came to realize what true love is and what true happiness is. The world of nature taught me something more fundamental about life than in schools. When I saw beautiful birds that flew in, due to the change of a season, I chased after those birds and observed carefully how they make their nests and how they live. Sometimes, it took a week just to find a nest of those birds, and it took over 10 days to see how they lay eggs and hatch them. As I was looking at pretty little baby birds that resembled their parents, I verified the mystery of God and the depth of His love.

The hometown where I was born, the field and the village where I played during my childhood, I would like to use all of them to be educational material for you. [Yes.] Before you die, if you could hear from me in person all of the things about my childhood during which I played in the river and on the fields, you will be able to understand my personal history more clearly. Now, you do not know how I grew up, right?

3) Jung Joo: Where We Should Go

Would you like to visit my hometown, Jung Joo? [Yes.] From my home in Seoul, the distance to Jung Joo is about 150 miles. What is that distance in comparison to a place here in South Korea? Kim Chun, it should be about the distance to Kim Chun. If driving a car it will take about two hours and a half. Only two-and-a-half hours. If you cannot restore my hometown, I will not be able to face my father and mother after going to spirit world. Now, I have to visit my hometown and my mother and father, and pray for them. That is the providential viewpoint. (154-343)

Should you go to North Korea or not? Communist spies are doing underground activities, and what are you going to do yourself? You should always keep that in mind. I returned after visiting the North for such a purpose.

My hometown is Jung Joo in the North. Would you like to visit there? Why would you like to go there? When we go there, there are many stories that I would like to tell you. I have many anecdotes about my childhood. Therefore, you should visit there at least once. If you do not, you will be ashamed in spirit world. In the future, Unificationists will think of it as the supreme Mecca like Jerusalem for Christians.

As you are living in this country, in your lifetime, if you go to spirit world without visiting my hometown, do you think that you can lift your face up? They will point their fingers at you and ask what you did, not visiting my hometown.

The unification of the North and South must be fulfilled. You must understand that if you go to spirit world, not being able to visit my hometown, your heart will be left grieving. You should go there and taste the water that I used to drink when I was growing up, and walk the hill that I used to play on.

Then, when your own sons and daughters toast before God with a loud voice and praise Him and His holiness, you will be able to alleviate my grief by making an indemnity condition to restore what you could not do, offering congratulations at my birth and attending me in my lifetime. If you cannot go to my birth place before you die, you should understand that you will leave a grievance behind as a Unification Church member. [Yes.] Consider it as your special mission. And until the day of the unification of the South and the North, I again ask you to continue fighting, standing on the frontline, marching forward with courage and conviction for the victory. (63-177)

When we talk about the fatherland, what is it? Is it South Korea? Where is it? As far as the Unification Church members are concerned, isn't it my hometown, my birthplace? Since the North is separated from the South, at any cost, we Unification Church members must take that land back.

I should go back to my hometown. Who are you? You are like and daughters who were born through me. When Jacob returned home, when he visited his older brother, Esau, all of his children followed after him, right? [Yes.] So should you.

Thinking of my hometown as your own, whether you are from Chulla Province or Kyungsang Province, even if you cannot go there, the fact that you are determined to visit my hometown is truly revolutionary. It is historic. Truly, this will be a once in a lifetime event throughout all of human history. The time when you can go with me to my hometown, the original homeland of all humanity, will be only one era throughout all of human history.

Where is the place where the 36 families should go? It is the homeland, the Kingdom of Heaven. The 36 couples should have come from the Kingdom of Heaven, from God's love, through the lineage of the Parents in the original homeland. Then, even if the love that started that way had flown to the secular world, it would have been circulated.

If you go to Alaska, you will see salmon. There are five different kinds. One kind is pinkish-colored, and another is reddish-colored. Anyhow, there are many different kinds of salmon. After approximately one year or so, if you let those with a size of one-palm length out, within several months, they will spawn in fresh water and go to the ocean, at which time 4,000 to 5,000 of them will travel throughout the five great oceans. Then in four years, they will reach the time to spawn.

Where would a mature male salmon meet a mature female salmon as its object of true love? They already had an agreement to meet each other at their birthplace. Such is their protocol. Who is the one who started it? Would it be salmons themselves? This is a mysterious question.

With whom would you go when visiting my hometown? Alone or with your spouse? What about your children? How and where would you feed them if everyone comes together at one time? I am not going to allow people to build any structures in my neighborhood. If all merchants gathered together, they would do all kinds of things.

5. Rebuilding The Temple

1) The Reason for Building the Temple

When looking at the history of Israel, the Israelites led an impoverished life, dying in the wilderness for 40 years. Their physical conditions during their life in the wilderness were extremely meager. But when they arrived at the land of Canaan, the seven tribes there lived an abundant life. Although they were serving idols. Then they came to desire living a comfortable life as well, by living with Canaanites. However, they should have thought of building their nation, superior to that of seven tribes of Canaan.

In order to found a nation, they should have first built a temple of God. Then, that temple could have become the foundation that could save their nation. Through oneness with that temple, establishing a foundation of spirit and thought on the national level, they could have completely established spiritual subjectivity at the center. Then they could have formed an object realm of an environmental system on the national level. What they should have done first was build a temple that could educate their nation. It was not so that they themselves could survive, but so that they could save their nation.

Why did they come to the land of Canaan? It was to found a nation that could be superior to Egypt. They should have understood this. They should not have thought of returning to Egypt, reminding themselves of their ordeals and miseries that they had experienced there. With that attitude they should be prepared so that even if in Canaan seven tribes appeared in front of them, they could overcome them, with a conviction that they should build a greater fatherland of their own. How?

With God, centering on the temple. That is the reason why they always carried the ark with the tablets of stone with them, right? That is the most important thing. It was a movement to unify people centered on the ark. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] That is what they should have done.

With spirituality in the subject position, a political people's federation should have been prepared in the object position. A nation should have been founded. By so doing, if mind and body were totally united centered on God on the national level, everything that is necessary for it could have been mobilized in the name of God. This is what the Israelites should have done in the course of restoring the land of Canaan.

Then what should the people have done after returning from the captivity of Babylon at the time of Malachi? They were to start a movement to rebuild the temple. That is what should have been done. The temple that was neglected should have been totally cleaned. Centered on the temple, the Israelites attend God, who can appear as the subject of that people's spirituality. God desired to reveal the subjectivity not only on the national level but also on the worldwide level. Don't you agree? You must understand that this was God's will, that He wanted to see fulfilled by the Israelites who were in the realm of revival.

Yet, when the Israelites entered the land of Canaan in hunger, the Canaanites were well established and settled. As they saw Canaanites in the possession of flocks of sheep and other material wealth, fully fed, comfortably situated and enjoying themselves, how envious they must have been! Then, they did not think of building the temple that God wanted. Instead of using that nation as a stepping stone, using it as fertilizer, due to their temporary hunger when Canaanites gave them some cake or some extra meal, or even some meat, they thought: "This is the best. Why were we brought out of Egypt anyway, troubling ourselves with so much suffering and pain?" This was the beginning point where they became sick.

However, even if they begged for food due to their starvation, they should have educated their second generation. Nevertheless, they let their children marry the children of Canaan. Why? Because they thought that it was the best way for their children to secure their life there in the future. They were truly a group of people who were to perish. It would have been better to have sent their children to the desert when they did such a thing. Nonetheless, when they allowed even their second generation to follow their bad example, they had no choice but to perish. First, leaves fell, then branches were pulled down. Eventually, even the root got rotten.

Then, nothing was left. The same applies to your case as well. As the Israelites who returned from Babylon should have done, you should establish a right tradition. If you escape from this task, you will perish. What I have done during the past 43 years centered on the Unification Church was to take after the same revival movement of Israelites. Through this, 4,000 years of history was indemnified.

That is why I was not here in this country. For 15 years, I had to work for this purpose. During my absence, while I was in America, the Unification Church in Korea became impoverished. The reason why I came back to Korea with a victorious foundation on the worldwide level is the same reason that the Israelites went back to Israel after being liberated from Babylon. What should we be careful about at this point? It is coming back with what? It is not money that you return with. It is to restore the temple of God. It is to build a temple in which you can attend God. [Yes.] It should be a temple that can move a nation.

2) Let Us Build the Temple at Father's Hometown.

When Israelites entered the land of Canaan, they all perished. Why? The Israelites who traveled for 40 years in the wilderness envied the customs and material possessions of Gentiles although they should have built a temple for God, transcending them. Even before Israelites and their children settled in that land, they should have first built a temple and attended God. Next, they should have resolved the problems concerning the nation, and finally settled in that nation. Nevertheless, they forgot about the nation and did not build the temple for God. On the contrary, they settled first.

We are now in the same era. That is what I am is doing through this visit, building the temple. We should first build God's temple more beautiful than anything else in town, and along with it, a nation should be restored. And next, we can settle down.

I have to revive impoverished North Korea, and restore its temples as well. Then, both North and South Korea will be restored back to God's bosom. Centering on the temple within that nation, at the place where the nation is located, people should settle, but without doing it, can they settle first? If they do, they will perish. You should know the right time well.

Among you, those who are from regional areas, please raise your hand. You should take responsibility for your own area no matter what, even if you should sell your land or something else. Then you can save your face and be blessed. As Abraham looked for a tomb, returning to your hometown which is the base of your heart, you should also build a temple where you can serve and attend Heaven and value it more than your own house.

What I said this morning is to build a temple first, then next, a school, and then, your own house. Do you own your house? Then, you should have your own land as well. Right? You should build a temple even tearing down your own house. Do you understand what I mean?

3) Invest Everything for Building the Temple

What is the direction I gave you during this visit? It is to take care of the second generation. All the contacts whom we cultivated so far, such as professors, their sons and daughters, etc., that is the first thing to do. What is next? It is to save your hometown. To save Korea is not something unusual. It is to return to hometown with the youth.

Once you return to your hometown, centering on God's love, you should repent that you did not love your parents. You should also repent that you did not love your neighbors, relatives, etc.

The Israelites who returned from the captivity of Babylon built a temple of God. That is also the founding spirit of America. What did the settlers first do upon their arrival? They built a church in the name of God. Then, they built a school to educate their second generation. Then, finally they built a house where they could live with their second generation. This is considered the traditional American founding spirit centering on their missionary zeal.

Likewise, the Israelites should have built a temple upon their return to the land of Canaan from Egypt. They should have attended God, Next, they should have built a school where the second generation could be educated. Then, centered on God, they should have built a house where they could live with the second generation. This is the right order. For this reason, I asked members to restore their hometown with the second generation. They should return to their hometown together. This is returning to their hometown with the second generation who can represent the ideal of family church that is mentioned by the Unification Church. If each person can bring 10 to 20 young people to his or her hometown, and do whatever they are asked to do by the villagers for 24 hours a day, the villagers will not be able to oppose him or her.

In fact, the entire world is gradually being transformed in the atmosphere in which members' parents cannot oppose Rev. Moon. Everyone is supposed to say, "Good." Actually, things can change very quickly.

When you go back to your hometown, you should not accuse or oppose the Christian churches. We should teach God's thought, the principle, in the Christian Churches. Now, national messiahs, you will be elected as a mayor or a city council through the local self-governing assemblies. What are we going to do? In the name of God, we should build God's temple. For this reason, I have given you an instruction to build 1,500 temples.

Ladies and gentlemen, you who claim that you are starving and are going through hardships, you might wonder why I am not helping you with your financial situation. That comes later, after we save the nation. For the sake of our nation and God's nation, we should first build temples. Then, next, we should build educational institutions. That is the reason why I asked you to purchase middle and high schools this time.

Then, at the temple, with all of your hearts and minds, you should repent your unworthiness. You should bring the youth and educate them. And on that foundation, you should bring anyone, such as your neighbors, village chiefs, etc. They all should be united with the youth who follow God and His will. The youth should be centered. By so doing, you should make the youth in the position of Abet and attend them like ancestors who restored an eldersonship. Then, this nation can revive. This is the course of restoration.

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