Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Restoration Of Hometown And Rebuilding The Temple - Part 1

1. What Is The Original Homeland Like?

1) The Place Where we Must Go at any Cost

We have a place to go. It is hometown. We should see our parents there and should follow their standards. We, on their behalf, should fulfill their responsibility, and by connecting them in heart and through establishing a tribe, a people, and a nation, we should guide all mankind to the true way of life and build the Kingdom of Heaven.

Did this nation become a peaceful one? Centering on Korea, did it make all mankind and the world happy? No. From now on, Korea should prepare such a path.

The path that we should walk, the path that God also goes is the path of restoration, and we must go down that path at any cost. We should meet our parents and build that nation and restore the world. This is a path that heaven and earth must go, no matter what.

When we go to our homeland, what shall we do? We should meet our parents. Even if we arrived at our homeland, if we are not connected to our parents, that is not right. Even if our parents passed away, we should be connected through them to our homeland.

However, that nation should not be centered on itself alone. On behalf of your father, you should become a person who can fulfill the duties of loyalty and filial piety with parental heart, not being afraid to go anywhere. Then, Satan will run away.

The place where heaven and earth must go, whatever it takes, is the homeland, And, once they get there they must become one. (35-232)

We must go to the original homeland. Whether old or young, mate or female, regardless of whoever they are, all mankind must go to that land of hope. We should go to the land of Korea. We thought that what had already belonged to us is precious, but that is not so. (119-336)

What is the first thing that humans should find? It is the homeland of love. Religions were created for that purpose. What is the "compassion" of Buddhism and the "humility" of Confucianism? We must clearly understand that this is nothing but a teaching and use it as a means to restore the foundation for the homeland of love. (19-292)

All people throughout the world will long for a tribe, a people, and a nation that is close to the land of hometown. In the case of a Korean, he or she not only has Korea as his or her nation but also has a hometown. Likewise, if all mankind throughout the world can miss their own physical hometown, they will also miss that hometown. If Korea or America is that homeland, people throughout the world will think of it more precious than their own physical hometown or fatherland. Therefore, at any cost, that homeland should appear. (23-75)

We should establish the original homeland. You must want that original land. In order to establish a homeland that all humanity will desire, we need an original homeland. Such individuals and a family should be united as one, and then establish a tribe. Then, heavenly protocol will be established for a tribe, a nation, the world, heaven and earth, and love. Using such logic, no matter how ignorant they might be, with this formula there is nothing that cannot be done. In each country, fruit will be harvested. Revolutions will take place. We should become people who can deal with the problems of our people. It is for sure that the original land will be established when the number of such individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations grow. (29-?)

2) What is the Original Homeland Like?

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where, centered on God's love, a completely united couple can enter along with their children. That is, a family, a tribe and a people who are united as one. Even Jesus who could not start a family on earth cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven but is remaining in Paradise. People who were not brought together by the love of God cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a world of relations. Therefore, the entire family should go together, and so should all of the tribe and the people of the nation. Then, the Kingdom of Heaven can be finally built.

So far, no one could enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone is waiting in the waiting room because the gate of God's love is not yet open. In order to open this gate to heaven, Jesus came to earth, but he could not find a substantial partner on earth. In other words, Jesus could not find an object for his love. This is why Jesus has been anxiously waiting for the day when the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven will be open, walking a course of hard work during the past 2,000 years. On the day of the Second Advent, he will open the gate of love, by choosing a bride from among all humankind. Christians who do not know this are true heretics. Someday, they will be in trouble for this. (18-381)

What is the original homeland like? It is an eternal world of unity where people can sing songs of happiness centered on the original love of God, after severing from the evil in this world. But is there anyone living in such a place? No, not even one person. Countless people throughout human history pursued such a world, but it was not built on this earth. Although many people talked about this world, no one could actually build it, by living the word.

The same is true after Confucius and Jesus. Jesus came to earth in order to create and build the original homeland, but he left his earthly life without being able to do it. He said: "The Kingdom is in your heart." (Luke 37:21) But he actually did not see it himself. No matter how great, no one among the saints and sages who came and passed from the earth could see heaven. Thus all people who inherited the evil blood lineage from the fallen ancestors could not have any relationship with this original homeland. That is why all people are looking for the ideal world, which is the original homeland. Then, what is that world like? It is not a world where people would be unhappy with the happiness of others in jealousy and discord. It is a place where people are happy for one person's success and joy, taking this as their own success and joy. Therefore, if one person rejoices, the whole will rejoice, and if one person is pleased, so will be the whole.

2. We Are All Looking For Our Hometown

A hometown is a place where our parents are living. The place where we were born to our parents is called our hometown. That is what you should understand.

Originally, the hometown given by God to humans was one place, where Adam's family lived. Then, who was the master of that hometown? It is God. Further, who was another master of that hometown? It was the true parents centered on God. Had Adam not fallen, he would have become the true parent, by becoming one with God. And the place where he lived would have been the original hometown of all humanity, as the starting point where the realm of the true parents' love is substantiated. Then the mother and father would have become one, and also they would have become totally one with God. Further, their children would have been totally united with their parents as well. However, the opposite took place. Due to the fall. Eve drove Adam to the way of death by tempting him, and Cain, an elder brother, transformed that place into a battleground by killing his younger brother, Abel. Therefore, they started their life as false parents in a false homeland, building a false nation and a false world.

Thus, this world fell under Satan's dominion. And, whenever good people who wanted to took for the original homeland appeared, Satan killed them all. That is why religious people have been persecuted. It is only natural that, until now, starting from Abraham who passed away while wandering, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, the Israelites and even Christianity all became wanderers. Because they did not have their own nation, when they sought for truthfulness and goodness, they were persecuted, killed, and sacrificed.

Today, Rev. Moon and the Unification Church are being persecuted and are being pushed around. Where can we stand? We should become brothers and sisters as soon as possible. Actually, all the people in the satanic world are also our brothers and sisters. They are either our elder brothers and sisters, or our younger brothers and sisters.

Then, what is God grieving for? The original hometown. What is Jesus grieving for? The original hometown. What is the hope of so many righteous people? The original hometown. Then, next is to restore the original nation. This is the hope of all religious people and all humanity. This, you must understand. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] The way we can restore them is only when we have the following heart: "Satan, when you work for 24 hours a day, I will work for 25 hours a day." Or "If you treat me with hatred, I will treat you with love." That is incredible.

The word "hometown" stimulates our yearning heart, without making us realize it. A traveler sleeps in a different room every night, but out of thirst, when he wants to drink some water in the middle of night, although he is no longer sleeping in the same room as before, he goes in the same direction where a water faucet was yesterday. Then he realizes that he is not at the same place as yesterday. As such, hometown is a place that we all of a sudden think of whenever we are faced with a different environment. Everything about hometown is appreciated wholeheartedly. For this reason, travelers can never forget their hometown.

Fallen humanity is walking a course of a traveler, who is destined to find his hometown. Therefore, they do not know where they can leave their hearts. If they can leave them anywhere, they will not be able to return to their hometown. Today, since we are in the position of a traveler, we must return to the original hometown. But when we return, we should bring something that can be helpful to the hometown, something that we can be proud of before our family members, or something that we can leave behind for them. Only when we return to our hometown, after making such efforts can we truly experience the real taste of hometown.

Until the present time, religions made great contributions in seeking for the original homeland. They say that we need to go to Kingdom of Heaven, or the ideal world, or paradise. But these places are unlike the place where we are now living. They are the eternal homeland for us to live for eternity. That is why I am saying that religions made great contributions to humankind. Then what is that place like? It is a place where everything is prepared for us. It is a perfect, flawless place where our mind and body do not feel anything lacking. That is the place that all humanity is seeking.

Today, the reason why we long for our hometown is because that is the place where our parents who are closer to us than anyone else, our brothers and sisters, and our close relatives are living, always guiding us, welcoming us warmly and giving joy to us. Whenever we are faced with difficulties, they would comfort us, giving us their hand. Without that, even if we visited our hometown with a yearning heart, such a heart will dissipate. On the contrary, you will come back with a lamenting heart. In the hometown, there must be people who must receive us warmly. (23-80)

Today, we fallen people live away from our hometown. We are living in an age when we lost our fatherland. Therefore, we must find our hometown and fatherland. If someone was prepared by God to receive us, we must go to the original homeland where we can live forever with that person, For this, you must start the preparations from here on earth. You must leave your earthly life with a story of how and when you met the Lord and what you did afterwards. You must understand that you are faced with such a destiny. (23-81)

3. Our Attitude Towards Restoration Of The Hometown

1) Time of Returning to Hometown

You must return to your hometown in the position of God. You should restore your hometown. Since Rev. Moon laid a victorious foundation on the national and worldwide level, you must now go back to your hometown. Why do you do so? It is because through paying indemnity on the worldwide level, a foundation that can restore the Cain realm was laid. Before then, individuals could not return to their hometowns. In order for the individuals to return to their hometown, the restoration of Satan's world must be done first. They cannot return to their hometown alone.

Without laying conditions that can have an individual, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world surrender, you cannot return to your hometown. It is because everything such as an individual, a people, a nation, and the world was lost due to the fall of Adam. The mistake of an individual, Adam, resulted in a mistake of the whole. In the course of restoration through indemnity, the Messiah should start his path, on the foundation that is beyond the worldwide indemnity conditions. He should be above the realm of the fall of Adam and Eve, not below it. Until now, due to the realm of Adam's fall, the way to return to the hometown was blocked. The Bible states that Adam left the Garden of Eden, and God blocked their way with a flaming sword and cherubim. Thus, humans were blocked from going back to their hometown. Therefore, in order to go back to that hometown, someone in the position of Adam first must lay an indemnity condition on the levels of an individual, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. Otherwise, we cannot return.

Adam lost everything through the fall, which was centered on fallen love. Therefore, blessed families at this time should gradually lay indemnity conditions, being connected to True Parents, centering on God's will. You must clearly understand that you are not in the same position as Adam and Eve who started a fallen family. Adam's fall took place on the top of the growth stage, but in the age of restoration, centered on True Father, we are now in the stage where we can go over the top of the completion stage. Because we are standing in such a position, you must understand that you are no longer in the realm where Satan and his people can make accusations against you. You returned to the family attending True Parents. It can be compared with Israelites returning to the hometown centered on the second generation.

The standard of returning home is not the top of the growth stage, where Adam fell, but is conditionally the top of the completion stage. Therefore, you must understand that this is not yet substantial. However, in order to make it substantial, one remaining thing that needs to be done is to unite North and South Korea, which are now divided. When South Korea sacrifices itself, making special conditions for North Korea without reserving tears, sweat and blood, Satan himself will automatically retreat. When three times more effort and work than what has been done so far is made, your good ancestors who went to the spirit world will receive the benefit of salvation.

Even when you visit your own hometown, you need to continuously make effort in order to attend True Parents in glory and honor. You must cultivate yourself to become the kind of person who can live a life in which you will experience a yearning heart for True Parents. Even in the spirit world, after having gone a way of living sacrifice where you shed tears and your blood circulates more vigorously whenever you thought of them. You should understand that, in the future, your life of faith will lead you only through attendance. Your exemplary life must even be recognized by Satan. This is the age of returning to your hometown! This is the first event such as this that has ever happened throughout human history. As we enter the age of returning to our hometown, all religious people should go back to their hometowns.

Blessed families of the Unification Church in Korea are about to start returning to their hometowns. As church members throughout the world are about to start joining this providence, Korean members are doing it first. Thus, if you fail to restore your hometown, how could it be explained to all other members throughout the world? And, you must establish a tradition of success, at any cost, by doing your best to make it work with special conditions. From a providential viewpoint, entering the age of returning to your hometown is inevitable and essential.

You should not forget your responsibility that the Unification Church in Korea is the first one that opened the age of returning to their hometowns as representatives of all Unification family members throughout the world. The restoration of your hometown can be done only through true love, in which you sacrifice yourself with tears, sweat and blood. By doing so, you must establish a family and restore your elder-sonship. Because the power of true love corresponds to the essence of God, in the course of restoration, the only way that you can overcome any barrier is through love. You must not forget this.

When you return to your hometown, you must do it with a joyful heart. You must not forget even for a minute that you are representing God and True Parents. When you return to your hometown, you are supposed to plant seeds of true love and have them deeply rooted in the ground. Based on the axis of vertical love, you must apply your axis of horizontal love, making them into one.

Upon returning to your hometown, based on all the merits that you established so far, you will come to face judgment. That is the time you will stand at the crossing point of victory and failure. I wish that all of you will gain a victory. I am saying that you should transform the victories of God and True Parents into your own. God created the universe, but, until now, since it is under the dominion of Satan, He has been shedding tears, yearning for His lost children and creation. This, you must remember. We must restore hometown and fatherland. By so doing, we should liberate Him from sufferings.

2) Our Attitude for the Restoration of Hometown

Now, you understand why you should return to your hometown. Then, how should you look when you return to your hometown? The question is how you can lay such hard indemnity conditions towards True Parents, True Family, and the Unification Church, in order to set a right tradition? The era when the Unification Church was opposed is over. The era when your own physical family members became your enemies is over. We are now in the era when no one else but Kim Il Sung and communists in Russia can strike us. We are already going over the wall of the nation. We no longer have enemies on the national level like in the past.

The time will come when someone who opposes the Unification Church, will even be attacked on the street. This means that the time when the Unification Church is opposed is past, and instead, a time when it will be welcomed is arriving.

If you go back to your hometown this time, your parents who once decided to disown you long ago when you joined the church will welcome you. Especially if you return in the name of God, holding a flag of victory, all the people of your hometown will welcome you. Now, you must understand that we entered the providential realm in which the Republic of Korea will welcome you. You should realize that you are shouldered with the historical responsibility of yearning for True Parents, loving them, and fulfilling their will, thus alleviating their grief. You should be able to reach the original standard, offering tears, sweat, and blood for this purpose. And you should return to your hometown with such total confidence.

You may not have known this before, but you should become a person who can go in place of Father, who has been walking such a path, knowing God's heart. You should plant God's heart in your hometown instead of God and True Parents doing it. From now on, the goal is not to pay indemnity, but to plant heart. In the past, we climbed up through paying indemnity, but we are now in the era of planting true love.

You should be grateful to be given a chance to visit your hometown, benefiting yourself by doing so. You should move one step higher. To bring about the unification of North Korea and South Korea, you should go back to your hometown.

When you go back to your hometown, you should stand in the position where you can erect a vertical love in your mind, as Adam and Eve had prior to the fall, by inheriting God's love. Next, you should be able to set a standard in which you can connect it with a horizontal love in 9o degree angle.

Similar to the study of Job in the Bible, Father has been walking a path of restoration, not complaining even once about any tribulations. Job's faith towards God was unchanging and immovable. We should restore our hometown with such an absolute faith. When talking about all the history of the past indemnity course, with all of my heart and mind, I should make preparations for the time when I can visit my hometown, so that all the people and the nature in the town will be able to look forward to that day, welcoming me. You should not forget even for one moment that you are returning to your hometown carrying such a mission. When you see your tribe, you should make an indemnity condition, shedding tears for them. You are not, shedding tears for your own spouse or sons and daughters, but for your tribe in your hometown. When you return to your hometown, if you offer all of your heart and mind for your tribe for six months or so, not even necessarily for three years, you should be able to restore them all. But, for this to be done, you should invest more effort for them than for your own physical family members.

Since your path can also represent the world, it will be a chance when you can enter the realm of Father's blessing. In your hometown, you should connect the axis of God's vertical love and the axis of your horizontal love for your tribe. Due to the fall, God's original blessing was transferred from an elder son to a younger son. Thus, as the younger son inherited the eldersonship, there has been a limit in reaching God. Therefore, this is the time when we should restore the original eldersonship. This restoration should be done through restoring your hometown.

So far, a younger son subjugated an older son, by fighting Satan on the frontline. For this reason, the younger son was burdened with double responsibilities that required him to reach the standard of eldersonship. However, we are now in the age where we should restore the original eldersonship. Such a historical standard should be achieved during the process of restoring your hometown.

Father has been laying victorious foundations through the indemnity of tribulations on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world, and I desire to make an inheritance of that foundation to you. That is why I want you to go back to your hometown and restore your hometown, centering on your parents, brothers and sisters, and other relatives.

The path of restoring your hometown will be a path for your future. That is a path that you should go as an individual, as a family and as a tribe. Next, that is a path that all the people of Korea should go. Further, that is a path that all humanity should go. Even if you do not walk the path of ordeals that Father had to walk in order to bring victory against Satan, you shall be able to inherit Father's victorious foundation thorough restoring your hometown.

Father brought victory against Satan on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. Therefore, if you fight as Father's representative centered on God, you will lay a victorious foundation. For this you should march forward with absolute love and absolute obedience before the vertical and horizontal standards.

You must love God. And, you must love True Parents. The depth of that love should go beyond what you can offer to your parents in the secular world as a filial son or daughter. In front of True Parents who became the center of the tribe, you should do your best to fulfill your duties as a filial son or daughter in the horizontal position.

As far as your country is concerned, you should be more loyal than anyone throughout history. Unless you can go over that standard, you have no place to stand. You should not be accused by loyal subjects in the satanic world. With the conviction that the time when people in your hometown opposed the Unification Church is gone, and instead that the foundation that can welcome you is now established, please work hard. Satan's fortune is declining, whereas our fortune is getting ripe for the liberation from Satan. Understanding this, I am asking you to do your best for the restoration of your hometown. In Satan's realm, depending on your effort and endeavor, you will be rising up. And even if you are standing on the level where your ancestors fell, since all of the indemnity has been paid on the worldwide level, if you can only establish a reciprocal relationship, your entire tribe can be restored at one time. You should understand that you entered an era in which, centering on you, your family, your tribe and your people can be restored, and they can even stand together on the national level. Once you stand on that standard, by making appropriate indemnity conditions, this will be connected to the whole, from which the foundation that was rooted in fallen love will break down. Since we entered such an era, you must go back to your hometown and restore it.

A hometown is a haven in life, where your grandmother and grandfather worked hard with sweat. If you go back to your hometown, you should love it more than your ancestors did. As your parents cultivated dirt with shovels and weeded with hoes, you should also love dirt and also sweat for it. You should grow vegetables in the field, look after animals and plant trees, and love your hometown more than anyone else who has been living there. Only then can your ancestors can participate in the returning resurrection. In other words, by having spirits of people who used to live in that hometown come back to that land and their relatives, you should restore that place to God. If you go back to your hometown (in North Korea), you should have an idea of reorganizing your family members and offering them as sacrifices through which even communists can be liberated in the communist world.

You should fulfill your responsibility of restoring your hometown. By so doing, you let True Parents restore their hometown and nation. Through the restoration of your hometown, you will be able to liberate North Korea and bring the unification of North Korea and South Korea. The restoration of your hometown is possible only thorough true love, and that true love can come into being at the place where God's vertical love and your horizontal love can come together. As Jacob went back to his hometown with material that he accumulated during the 21-year course of his hard work as offerings, you should plant a deep-rooted tree by shedding tears and sweat as an offering.

Today, on June first, I am again instructing everyone to go back to your own hometown. Once you have returned to your hometown, you should sweat for your land, tears for your tribe, and blood for heaven. Everything you do is eventually for your sake, that you might receive God's love and grace. It is also to inherit the victorious foundation that True Parents have already achieved. Please become people who can fulfill your mission for the restoration of your hometown.

3) Make Korea the Homeland of All Mankind

What I felt upon my return was: "Father, can Korea truly be the homeland of all mankind?" This country should become not only a homeland of all mankind but also that of Heavenly Father. People of this country are loved by God as children of loyalty and filial piety, and they are responsible for laying the foundation that can connect an ideology through which the entire world can be saved. It is difficult to face the cold wind blown from barren mountains and fields, while thirty million people (of South Korea) are suffering, but on top of it, that to make Korea, the homeland of God and the fatherland of all mankind is even more difficult. Please think of this.

We cannot become responsible for our nation, by fighting only for our nation. That people and nation should take responsibility to comfort God's heart and lay a foundation, by making the thorny path that God is walking into a smooth one.

Where is the fatherland that God desires? Where is the original homeland of all mankind? The hometown where True Parents were born will become a historic, universal and worldwide hometown. We should inherit the thoughts and tradition of our ancestors. Otherwise, we shall be treated as stepchildren. However, through that inheritance, we should stand in the position of son or daughter from the position of stepchildren. Such a great event should take place in this nation. Father has turned everything inside out. Koreans should be a chosen people. If Korea is the original homeland and fatherland, all cultures and civilizations blossom in Korea. In order for us to make Korea the original homeland, today, we should be determined to become a sacrificial offering through loyalty, heart, love, and sacrifice. Otherwise, Korea shall lose its qualifications to become the original homeland. To create something good requires practice. Even if it takes blood, sweat, and tears, it must be done.

Even if Korea expels Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, this will remain throughout history. No matter how much Korea persecutes him, this people is still chosen by God. Therefore, we should love Korea where such a people are living. That is why Father prayed, even vomiting blood in the prison to seek the will of God and its fulfillment.

In order to become the person who God wants us to be, we should understand God's heart. Now, we should become a holy sacrifice in the way of the will, with a mission of a people.

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