Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Way To The Restoration Of Independence Of Our Motherland

1. The Origin Of All The Countries

What nationality are you? Most people must be Americans so America is your motherland. Is that right? What is Reverend Moon's motherland? It is Korea. What is Mr. Kuboki's motherland? Japan. What is Mr. Orme's motherland? England. Mr. Paul Werner's? Germany. We all have various nationalities. Then, what is God's motherland? He does not have one now.

Where does the origin of all the nations come from? Are they from God or from somewhere else? The historical origin of all countries has become an important matter.

All the countries were separated due to war. When there are two countries, it can be found that there are extreme grudges about the boundaries between those countries. We all know that it is an historical fact that those countries whose boundaries are adjacent fight more fiercely and shed more blood than a third or fourth country whose boundary is further away. So the wall between these two countries and two people is the highest.

Since olden times, two countries who are adjacent, engage in fighting across the boundary. That is why it is easier for you to fight with your next door neighbor. It is because we are fallen people. The reason why we fight with our neighbors is the result of the human fall.

What is the human fall? There arose a feud between God and mankind and there arose a battle between God and Satan, and between humans and Satan. We can conclude that because there are so many countries in the world, that there have also been many fights, battles and wars.

All countries pursue a world of peace, yet do you think they can all go to the world of peace? This is the common task of all mankind. The world of peace should be the world of consequence, then it would be logically wrong that we can reach the world of peace with a false start and a false cause. Therefore, by unfolding the movement to overcome the origin of those battles, we can find the starting point to pursue the ideal world. It is logically right that because the cause is perfect and starts with peace, it can go through the peaceful course and arrive at a peaceful purpose.

From this perspective, we can never reach the peaceful world if adjacent countries continue to hate each other. As long as we continue to hate each other, we can never attain a peaceful world even if we are longing for it and proceed to the ideal world. In order to change this ugly history, we need a movement which has the content to change the direction of the false history.

2. The Motherland We Have To Establish

We are just like the people who do not have a country. Have we ever had a country in the past? We have never had such a country. Was it because there had been no one who tried to search for a country? No. It was because they could not find the country based on the external and internal standard of that age.

The country we have to search for is not the country which has such a history and tradition that we see in the today's world. The country we are looking for is essentially on quite a different level from any other country. In order to find that country we should become the people with a sense of sovereignty and independence in ideology. The independent ideology must be in accordance with the Creators' ideology. In order to find a country that the Absolute Creator wants, we should want the country to be centered around a sovereign and where the country and the people can be in harmony. The country should be equipped with that kind of personality and form.

In order to form one country, there should be a sovereign, a people, and a territory. The same may be said of God's country. The sovereign is replaced by parents and the people by sons and daughters. We can not be missing one of these three elements in our country. That is an absolute rule.

What is the most important thing? It is to serve the world and the nation. We will never be ruined if we can do that. The place where we can never be ruined is called the upper limit point. If there is someone who died for their country, even after their death they remain as citizens of that country. They will remain there until the country disappears.

In order for the country to be formed, the requirement would be territory, people, and sovereignty. Those who manage the country should relate to God and govern it while all the people have fallen asleep. Then, the sovereign should become one with the people. After becoming one with the people, then, he too has to remember that everything he owns is not for himself but for the country. If that happens that country will flourish.

In order to form a country, it should have its own sovereignty. It should have its own people. It should have its own territory. From this perspective, when it comes to the matter of realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, who would be the owner? Who would be the sovereign? It is for sure that God would be the sovereign. Then who would be the people? The people in the Kingdom of Heaven would be all the people of the world. Then where would be the territory? It is this earth.

A country should have a sovereignty as we have a mind, the country should have people as we have a personality, and the country should have a territory as we have our own belongings. Under this fundamental rule, territory is controlled by people and people are governed by a sovereignty. The three fundamental elements are surely territory, people and sovereignty.

When we look at a human being, it shows the principle that mind controls body and body controls the natural world. This principle proves the decisive conclusion that the world is like a gigantic human being.

No matter how large the society, or the country, it should take after a human being. It is because God loves the idea that things take after him. Then, what does a human like most? It is what takes after him.

Then, what does the ideal world take after? (Humans.) It should take after humans. It means it takes after the humans of heaven and earth.

The motherland, as a terminology in the Unification church, does not mean one country like Korea, rather it means the worldwide country. We do not feel comfortable to use the word worldwide because it is used in the Satanic world. We, the Unification Church search for this motherland country.

The mother country is not the Republic of Korea. The mother country God has wished for is not Korea, nor America, nor any country in the communist world. The mother country is the country which God wants, but we have to establish and complete the history of the mother country. In order to establish a new ideal mother country, we should set up a new standard. We have to change our lifestyle.

The ideal world is quite different from the current world. The terminology is also different. Do they know such words as the sovereignty of principle, a common base, a common foundation, the providence to lay the foundation of restoration. They do not. That is why we are different.

After we establish the country that the Unification Church has cherished, we must take away the sign of the Unification Church. And, after we establish the ideal world that the Unification Church has cherished, we must throw away the country that the Unification Church built. We have to throw away the cultures which are only for one ethnic group, such as the Korean culture and the Korean personalities. The religion that is for the world will remain forever.

3. Restoration Of The Independence Of God's Country

What kind of assertion does He have to make if there is a man who wants to inherit God's providence? We cannot insist that he should follow the path that ordinary people like. On the contrary, we would insist he should follow the opposite direction. The ideal slogan for this is "Love the enemy with the heart of love." "Love the enemy." These words can restore our mistaken history to the right path. It is just like an anchor and anchor rope to the boat which is adrift in a typhoon.

Nobody has carried and practiced this word throughout the history of the resurrection providence. If such persons exist, those persons should organize a system and secure a worldwide domain. Who do you think God loved most until now? It was Jesus Christ. He presented a new teaching to the world where fighting was rampant. His philosophy was to destroy the wall of hostility between the ruling country and its subjected countries. Jesus thought "Though Rome is trying to conquer me by force, I will subjugate you with love." That is why he prayed for his enemies even on the cross. You also have to know that his ideology emerged with his surprising declaration to the Roman soldiers, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." By living up to his own teaching, he presented himself as a great model, that all countries in the world can overcome their hostilities and cross over the border between countries. Jesus knew that there are not only individual enemies; There are family enemies, tribal enemies, people's enemies, national enemies, and worldwide enemies everywhere. What this means is that lots of enemies are waiting for those who follow him and are willing to follow after his course.

In other words, within the family, there are going to be family enemies waiting and in the tribe, tribal enemies will be waiting, which might lead to a fierce fight. Whenever that happens, the teaching is, you love the enemy. With this spirit, we will win eventually.

Then, how do we restore the independence of the country, which is the realization of God's ideal country. It starts from the individual with the heart to love even their enemy. Therefore, as long as God exists, there is no wonder that Christianity became a worldwide religion who presented themselves as embracing their enemies by taking down the border with love and jumping over the barriers of the environment and culture. If you plant a bean, a bean will grow, and plant a red flower seed, then a red flower will bloom. Likewise, if you plant revenging Satan's evil seed, then a revenging evil tree will grow, yet, if you plant a good seed which loves and embraces the enemy, the same kind of good tree will grow. And this is the law of nature.

From where and through which path do you think God's country is coming? The truth is God's country is coming through the path of loving ones enemies, of loving the enemy of the individual, of loving the enemy of the family, and loving the enemy of the tribe, and of loving the enemy of the nation and the world. Therefore, leave a tradition of love. Otherwise, God's nation will not appear.

Even without friends, I am confident that I can obtain the victory overcoming all the opposition. Because the stronger the opposition, the bigger our heart of love for the enemy; we do not have to be disappointed at stronger opposition.

The law of nature is if one place has low pressure, the other place is supposed to have a high pressure. Likewise, if one place has a high pressure, the other place will be low pressure. Though insulted and disgraced, and since I did not choose to fight, but rather to love them, those who insulted and disgraced me became my friends, my family friends, tribal friends, and national friends.

You have to know that if there appears the country which consists of those whose spirit is loving the enemy, then that country can become the ideal scene God has wished for, that ideal territory.

I, Reverend Moon, am not a good-looking man at all. Am I right? Though you would say "Yes," the world would think of me as a not good looking person. Yet, God likes me. Even though the world treats me as a stupid person, since God recognized me, I can attack the world from a dignified position. There is nothing we cannot do as long as we have love for the enemy in our hearts.

Do you know what can be accomplished if I, alone, work actively with enthusiasm? Because of this, there will be young adolescents that God can be pleased with. There can be variegated colored racial families that God can be pleased with and there will be a formation of people God can be pleased with. By God's restoration an independent country can be realized.

Since you are told to love the enemy, you are supposed to love the person you hate most. If the most handsome man were paired with the most ugly woman, they should love each other more than they could love their enemy. Those are the candidates who proceed with the flag of the highest royal prince as far as loving the enemy of this world is concerned. If those people already exist, imagine how wonderful it would be. Those are the people who can jump over racial borders.

You have to know that if we lead our lives with the heart of love, all the barriers can be broken down and the history of restoration of the providence will be shortened. Therefore the Kingdom of Heaven is coming close to us.

Reverend Moon's philosophy is simple. He has tried everything. He has become a farmer and a laborer. He has done everything he could do. I could even be a fisherman and catch tuna. I have been living this life for the past 60 years like that, thinking that I was by myself. Then one day when I looked back, I found Englishmen, Americans, and millions of people from all over the world following me. Though I pushed them hard, they would come back soon, and follow me again. That is why no matter how difficult it was to research the Unification Church still all the detailed contents cannot be known.

4. Unification Ideology For Independence

Now, what road are we supposed to take? To you, there is no country. Therefore, even though there is a race, as long as the sovereignty does not center around Heaven, anybody can persecute you. Am I right? Therefore, we have to search for the country that Heaven can welcome. Today, on this earth, the first Israel is the one that Heaven can welcome, and the individual, family, race, people, and church can welcome. Yet, do you think that the first Israel is in the position to be welcomed from the perspective of the Unification Church, the Christian Church, or the Republic of Korea? The direction is wrong. The path the Republic of Korea is going is outward. Right? Not making God as its center, but the world as its center. The Republic of Korea is going outward. There is no main stream thought for the country.

Therefore, we have to form the new national philosophy equipped with vertical and horizontal contents by making the main stream thought its center and connecting it to Heaven. Then, unless we apply that newly formed national philosophy to our country, we cannot have the restoration of independence.

What kind of country should it be? That country is the one whose people should have undergone a miserable course and the character of the people should relate to the Principle of Restoration through indemnity, and should have established the historical tradition.

What kind of country should it become? The country should be completely unified. What should the Republic of Korea do to become like that? Just as Israel was divided into north and south, Korea, also divided by north and south should be unified. Just as Cain and Abel, Korea has been divided by north and south. So, unless we unify these two countries, no victorious Israel country will emerge.

Then, in this country, making the Republic of Korea as its center, how can the south and north be unified? Without the new world view it cannot be unified. To prepare for this time, the Unification thought that the Unification Church is maintaining is the way.

Now, we have to do two things. First, we have to form a unified people. The other is to establish a religious country united with faith. Centering on this thought, the south and north should be a unified country. Otherwise, God's country and the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Heaven will not come into the world. This is the number one goal that today's Unification Church members should accomplish.

If we cannot find our mother country, we cannot own one country. Then we cannot make Heaven its center and we cannot be superior to the Satanic countries. Unless we have that one country, we cannot strike the Satanic countries. We cannot push them out. We cannot make that happen with religion or the Unification Church. With the Unification Church as the center, the country should go forward in the right direction. We must know these problems are still left for us to solve. From this point of view, just as the spiritual pillar of Israel was Judaism, the thought of the Unification Church will be the main ideology in Korea.

5. We Are Emissaries God Is Sending To The Satanic World

Today, those who are working for God are like secret emissaries to the Satanic world. Though different in size large or small, wide or narrow, high or low, our individual should never be far away from the life of a secret emissary. We always stand on the threshold of life or death. At the slightest slip, we could come near the situation in which our eternal life is swayed.

We can not lead our lives as a secret emissary unless we have a strong commitment to restore our mother country which in turn, can make it possible for us to support and protect our eternal lives. With a heart of remembrance we can end the bitter history of our mother country and all the people will be delighted. Then the day of independence will come and our accomplishments will be revealed. We should be able to overcome the present difficult situation. Without a faithful heart we cannot accomplish the mission of a secret emissary. Only when our desire for the restoration of independence of the mother country is ten thousand times stronger than our desire for life will we even be able to perform our duty as a secret emissary.

Even if you were sacrificed through an unexpected accident, a new responsible person can be dispatched again for that position. Even if he dies, people who can be on your side and become your friends and will come into being. Even though he were sacrificed, because he led his life setting a model, lots of people who can be on his side will remain. As long as these people remain, God can send a substitute based on that foundation. However, if he died without that foundation, no matter how hard he had worked, that would be the end of it.

In this new age, what kind of attitude should you have towards this situation? The faith in the restoration of independence for the mother country should blaze passionately in your heart. As a pioneer and one of the members of a crack contingent leading the advance, you should feel proud of who you are, being responsible for these enormous missions. You have the solemn responsibility to carry this once in a lifetime mission which so many people who came and went wished to have.

Therefore, your entire life, eating, sleeping, coming and going should be to establish independence for the mother country. How impatiently God has been waiting for those who could come forward and promise to carry out the mission? Till now, we have been terribly persecuted and chased out. We have to establish God's providence which can create the mother country.

In that country there are sovereignty, territory, and people. There is also the blood lineage of a united people, connected to each other, and a history no other nation could have. As soon as you accomplish your own mission, the foundation for the restoration of the independence of the mother country is coming near. We are paying the price today for the restoration of independence and it is near at hand. When you think of this fact, you should proceed with the determination that you must fulfill your mission as a secret emissary. Otherwise, we cannot greet the worldwide blessing and Heavenly fortune which God will bring to us in the future. (29-40)

We have to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth. We can save our honor only if we bring back to God what He has hoped for, by searching for and becoming one with the center of the country. Do you have the country? When you think of that, you can't even die even though you want to. The question is where you will go after you die.

After you go, how can you avoid humiliation and disgrace? Since the length of my life is limited, how busy I would be to accomplish it within that limited time? To make it more difficult, the evil Satanic environment is against us and our enemy is blocking our way. To penetrate this, we cannot avoid the pilgrimage of the secret emissary. You have to remember that this is the way the Unification Church member should go. You also have to remember that I am also giving my life, to restore the country and to achieve the merit for a national foundation. I am carrying that mission, nominated as a secret emissary from heaven and coming on this earth.

How wide do you want your influence to be? Individual, family, national, or worldwide? How do much do you want to influence?" In order to step up to the worldwide level you cannot do it alone. You need a country. But, do you have a country?

Therefore, we are eating, sleeping, and leading our lives, day and night, only thinking about the country. You have to lead your life making a firm vow to Heaven and Earth that you were born for that purpose. Even while you are sleeping, you must have the thought that you are sleeping, and gathering all the beds of all the people from all over the world and placing them on the top. You must have the thought even when you see a dinner table. Wherever you are, you should not think that you are alone. You should cherish the thought that you are sitting on a royal throne gathering all the various races from all over the world. The son of God should be like that.

You have to remember that the life of sons and daughters of God should be one which excels the authority of the Satanic world. These kinds of sons and daughters are the ones God can love. If God loves sons and daughters who are inferior even to Satan, he will lose His dignity. You have to make a fresh determination that you will lead your everyday life with the conviction that you grappling with the whole world. We can say that as far as that goes, the Unification front-line battle is getting stronger.

You have to think that "even though I am in the realm of the Satanic world, I am a secret emissary. I am an ambassador of heaven." When a secret emissary communicates it can be connected directly to the king of that country. Others may not know that, yet you must proceed with the conviction that you are living for the mission and the dignity of the secret emissary. You have to know this for sure. The king of the country is waiting for the news of the secret emissary, isn't he? It is all the same. When we perform that mission, God is also waiting for our report.

Therefore, in the position of a secret emissary, if I request something what urgently needed to be sent, wouldn't God make every effort, running a risk, to send that to us? Likewise, when you have that kind of conviction, recognizing that you are privileged sons and daughters of a glorious God, then God will answer your prayer. Then you can find that God is alive and see how God is working.

Only if you do that, can you become a leader, can you cure a patient, and God can help directly when you are in trouble. Through that life, you have to learn a lot. Only then can you break through everything with confidence. Only then, can we proceed with the conviction that God is on our side.

6. We Are The Leaders Of Independence

Where is the place we are heading for? To search for one individual is not our goal. To search for the family is not our present destination. The way we are heading is to search for the country. Whoever it is, either mother, father, or children, they must search for this. Yet, some of today's Unification Church members, blessed families and their tribes are saying. I do not care about country, church or whatever." If this is the case then everybody is a failure. But, if we are searching for the country with all our heart, then the time should come we can truly hold a festival and celebrate and sing in triumph.

When indicating a direction, it is one, not two directions. If requested to go, we should go. Are we ready to do that or not? We are not playing games in the Unification Church.

Now, in North Korea, they are reconstructing a family register, even for families in the south. Do you know what that means? The Satanic world is taking the first move. For the country, you can mobilize even if you leave behind your own husband, wife, parents, children, and everything. Otherwise you cannot find the country of hope. When you find that country, you can find your parents as well. If you cannot find that country, you have to watch your parents, wife, and children suffer and bleed. Where can you find a more miserable scene than this? That is why you cannot love your wife, your parents, nor your children until you find that country. This is the path the Christians should follow, and the Unification Church should follow.

You should become a person who can deny yourself for the sake of the country and justice. No matter how difficult the situation, if you are thinking about what the father desires for the cherished children, you should become a person who can fight against and win over the environment. Only then can you say that you finally become God's true sons and daughters.

Then, what kind of person can construct God's country? He who is the one who can deny himself and honor Heaven with an aching heart. The one who honors society, nation, country, and world, while denying himself, is God. Furthermore, he who esteems Heaven while denying country and nation is the one who can establish the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, no matter how sorrowful the situation you meet, you should be the person who can be sorrowful not for yourself but for the society, for the country, and for the world, and one step further, you can be sorrowful for Heaven. Then you can establish the Kingdom of God.

Moreover, during the course of your search for the country of God and the justice of God, you should be able to win the battle against Satan.

Then you can connect the family, society, nation, country, and world into one. That is, wherever you are placed, you should become the person who can win the battle against Satan. When you go forth into the society you should win the battle against Satan, despite any social situation and when you go forth into the country you should win the battle against Satan, taking responsibility for the most difficult problems in the country.

Do you think, Satan, who has been giving a very hard time to God for the past 6,000 years, would pull out gracefully, lowering his eyes?. Satan will never pull out gracefully. That is why Satan challenges us to battle. Therefore, we should put ourselves in the center. Even, Reverend Moon of the Unification Church himself, if he deviates from the center, would be broken and thrown off. Unless the direction is correct, there will not be any development.

Therefore we must search for the country day and night. Searching for the country is to search for the world, and searching for the world is searching for heaven. Then what? We keep going forward to escort God to this earth and settle down here. Then all countries on earth return and dedicate the glory to God. We have to remember that to battle that is the mission of the Unification Church.

The Unification Church member should establish the country barefoot. Can we save this country with leftovers? How can we devote ourselves to what we eat, wear, and ride? Let's carve out our future with empty hands and bare feet. The place to do this kind of thing is the Unification Church (14-201).

Are you a brave man who can search for the mother country or a loser who will ruin everything? A brave man is a man who can represent the country and do things that nobody else can do. He who does things anybody can do is not called a brave man. He is just a soldier. He who accomplishes things when other colleagues are retreating can be called a brave man. A brave man should be the one who can run faster than anybody else and can therefore avoid the bullet. He who does things that anybody can do cannot be regarded as a brave man.

In establishing the country, who can be the general of the advance guard to become a brave man? They are the leaders in the Unification Church. Now you are the chief of the church. In the past you were the responsible person in the city or so called district leader.

Then, where is the foundation upon which we can establish the country. To establish a country, we need to have sovereignty, territory, and people. Then from the perspective of Heaven what can be the foundation for the country? That is the property of the church. Right?

Who are the people of God's country? They are the followers of Unification Church. Who is the sovereign then? You are. You are the substitute for the head of a village, for the head of the town, for the governor, and for the provincial governor. You have to run forward before anyone else when they come loaded with a bomb from the Satanic world. Do you have that spirit? Spend every penny to expand the church, to extend the territory and to concentrate the people. The leader of the church is to take the place of the sovereign. To take the place of the head of a village and of the mother, or the father. You have to leave this kind of tradition.

What kind of country is to be established in Korea? When we circulate and interchange with each other, then which will there be? Will there be a Communist country established, or will today's Republic of Korean still remain, or will a totally new country be sought after? When we can see this kind of question arise we feel that our time is coming near. If you are one of the followers of the Unification Church who can control and be responsible for this, how much responsibility do you have and to what extent are you determined to sacrifice yourself? Are you sure that you can do it?. By crossing the 38th parallel to go into North Korea, and by making cities and counties of the 5 capital cities in North Korea as its center, we have to prepare our base, don't we?

Who would be the leader of jongju township, the territory of North Korea. Have you ever thought? Have you ever been such a person who prepared for 10 or 20 years to become a head of the church, let say in jongju, jongju township? And if it seems difficult, then have you ever been such a devoted person who could die, leaving a will to your descendent, saying "you should study really hard so that when the time comes, you can become a head of the church in jongju, in my place taking the place of Heaven." Reverend Moon has been thinking and preparing for this.

When you think of that, are young fellows supposed to go back to their hometown and live in comfort? Even after you die, you should leave the will behind. You should leave the country to your children, shouldn't you? So you have to make a fresh determination.

Think about leaving for one small country of the Soviet Manchurian border and becoming a head of the Church, being vigilant, while putting heads together with the Communist party and hearing shots day and night. Even if no one or no country recognizes it, even if we have to forfeit our life, our heart of faithfulness for the love of the country will not change. You have to be able to have determination like this. It is all right if the country does not recognize it. It will all become known when you go to the spiritual world.

When you think of it, you have to understand how weak a person is. You have to know that even if a person is weak. God's heart is to have them wander around in the territory of the North Korea and blow a trumpet. It is beyond comprehension that a young man of 20 or 30 years with a young heart and body and sensitivity cannot convey the truth of the Principle. You have to study even if you cannot sleep a wink at night, so that your eyes become festered and broken. You have to be prepared even if you become a mere skeleton because of hunger. Those whose bodies are mere skeletons can receive God's love completely. God can pin all his hopes onto that one slender man.

7. Our Attitude For The Accomplishment Of Independence

Jesus came to establish a country. It is pitiful to be without the mother country. Since they had no mother country, the religious men were miserable. The mother country is our last hope. In that mother country there are included people, race, family, and individuals.

Has all Korea become our mother country? Since it has not, we have to make it happen. To establish the mother country that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have wished for, we all have to work hard with single-hearted focus.

What is good? The individual sacrifices himself for the family, the family sacrifices itself for the race, and the race sacrifices for the independence of the mother country. If everybody sacrifices for the independence of the mother country, it can be accomplished and everybody can become a patriotic loyal subject. If you are loyal to the standard of the country, you can be recognized. The basis for this idea is to be absolutely loyal to God. Then, all the courses will be acknowledged.

What should the Unification Church members do? Jesus said, "Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will." Here, my will is the world's will and your will is God's will. You, as a member of the Unification Church, what have you done? Have you come forward with accomplishments by becoming a loyal and moral subject? You have to be prepared for combat, individual, familial, racial, national, and worldwide, after fully performing your filial duty. Jesus came with the mission of sacrificial offering. You should be doing worldwide battle, therefore solidifying a foothold for the people. You have to be worthy to be called a disciple of the Messiah. While the leader is developing the world followers should pave the way for the people. Many people died wishing for the path of Independence for the mother country. They died with the conviction that the time would surely come.

The Unification Church members have paved the way from the standard of the individual, people and country. Now, we have to mobilize all the people and all the countries from all over the world. We have to search for the days of Independence for the mother country, for freedom, equality, and happiness. No matter how hard the road may be, we still have to go. This is the perspective of God and our True Father. Jesus died while going toward that standard. Mankind on this earth should go forward led by the Unification Church members. Even if the time comes when only the Unification Church members can accomplish it, we still have to continue to work hard. Until we succeed, we have to set up the tradition shedding blood and sweat. We have to remember that we still have the condition of restoration through indemnity to fulfill.

We have to take responsibility for Korea. With our unchangeable resolution and conviction for the establishment of the mother country we have to satisfy our sadness in not being able to establish our mother country, the country of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit, of the patriots of old, and of God. Otherwise we cannot save our faces.

We have to search for the mother country. We have to live for that country. Those who cannot live for the mother country, they cannot search for the country. You should make the world your own mother country and live for the world. He who can do that can establish the mother country. Eating, sleeping, walking, and everyday life and behavior should be for the establishment of the mother country.

That is why we are fighting against Communism with the determination of even being willing to be hit by the thrust of a knife. We have to love our mother country more than anybody else. What I am saying is, when you eat, you eat for the mother country and even when you marry, you marry for the mother country.

Now, I have a group who listen when I talk and who move when I give them a direction, yet I am not someone who can feel happiness because of this. We have to remember that even if we have to sacrifice the Unification Church we have the mission to expand the foundation to promise the independence of the mother country. There should be the religious association, the people, and the country who can support the family which has established the providence of the past 6,000 years. However, because it was all broken into pieces, we are destined to patch things up again. To patch these up we have to run, taking the lead.

Even when going to bed, you should go to sleep hoping for the country. Though we do not have the country, yet as one of the members of the country, we have to go to bed for that country, and wake up with only one wish for the establishment of that country. All senses such as seeing, hearing, and feeling should be focused on the mother country. Until that day comes, you should not die. Until that day comes, we should be busy as a bee. To accomplish that, we should overcome any cruel suffering and adversities.

If you have things to do, you should finish it no matter how late it gets at night. When you think of the fact that the restoration of independence to a mother country can be sought only after excessive sacrifices, can you sleep peacefully and stretch yourself after a sound sleep?

Wake up and pray, bending yourself forward! Heavenly Father, I am feeling the miserable lonely path of a solitary man heading towards tomorrow's rest and the nest you are searching for, the ground of the victorious country which can govern the world Heavenly Father wanted. I myself am feeling this way, so how much more can you feel this misery?

Even when you die, you should die for the country. Therefore, if you happen to be in the situation where you are destined to die in your old age then you should be able to leave the following words, "I have done everything I could for God. I have done everything I could for the country."

Jesus said, "Do not worry, saying, what shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear? For the pagans run after all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them." The main idea of the Bible is God's Kingdom. It is not the idea of searching for ones own happiness. As people of the country, if you had a husband, that husband is a representative husband for the country. Therefore, first love the country, then love your husband. Since your wife is a representative wife for the country, you should love the country first, and then love your wife. Even when you die, you should be able to request to die at that place and time where you can say you have done everything while your energy lasted, so you cannot do any more. You must not die saying, "I should have done this."

That explains why you are supposed to be busy even if you have accomplished something. You have to go again and again. We should go one step further while others are resting. We should be able to say, "Satanic world, rest! Satanic world, idle away your time, we will keep going for the sake of the country." (50-245)

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