Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. Questions And Answers Concerning The Unification Of North And South Korea

Look. The issue is whether politics and economy are the center or human beings are the center. The whole problem lies in human beings. Therefore, politics exists for the sake of human beings, and economy exists for the sake of human beings. Human beings exist not for the sake of politics or economy. There are people who live for the sake of politics or economy, but this is upside down. Our point of view is different. When you talk about politics or economy, you are talking about these things from the position centering on politics or economy, but that is not right.

We must discuss politics and economy centering on God. We must, first of all, clarify what is primary in thought and in the personality of a human being. Then, we can speak about politics and economy. To say what a human being must become, he must become a person like God. If human beings embody Godlike character, political problems and economical problems do not become the problems in the way they are today.

So you must become a person who can digest politics. Today, people in this world hold a view of man centering on politics and economy. Marxism is a philosophy for the sake of economy, isn't it? It is not a philosophy for the genuine purpose of human beings. Their theory of values of human beings produces nothing but a relative value. Philosophy has to center on human beings from the right point of view.

In order to unify the North and the South, right people must meet together. What are right people? People in the North can become right, and those in the South can become right. But, what is the center for people to become right? They must become right centering on God. They must become right persons who carry God. Viewing from this point of view, Communism is wrong because it denies Heaven.

The thought of South Korea is Godism. What is Godism? It is a thought to change a person to a Godlike person. What kind of person is this like? It is a person who lives centering on God. Anyone who opposes God and is dissimilar to God is a person who lives centering on himself. When these people establish an economical view or a political view, they do so centering on their own country. We must break this view.

The question is this. We don't have a political view or an economical view from the global perspective, a perspective held by Godlike persons. Korea must solve real problems now and must accomplish the South and North Unification. Is the Korean economical system standing in the position which represents the world history or not? It is not.

Therefore, the true man, who lives centering on God, must appear and establish the global economic view and the global political view. We must make things that way. What, then, is the central idea of this thought? It is a view of the global brotherhood centered upon parental love. It is a love for others, a love for each other. Why have dictators appeared in history? Because, their views were totally wrong. Even if one tried something, he perishes by punishment if he stands on the position which God does not like.

There has not appeared a person whom God can hold and set on the stage, who can control politics, even though he might not want to take that role. What kind of person would he be? He is a person who lives for the sake of others. A person who gives everything he has and lives for the sake of others.

The problem is that people do not hold this view. From individual, to family, society, nation, and the world alike, they do not hold this view. Why do we need political struggles and economic struggles? Everyone should mutually exist for the sake of others. Human beings must change and become that way. The political and economical problems are the problems which should be dealt with after we solve the problems of human beings.

Today, we have only two economical systems; the capitalist system and the Communist system. There are only two choices, whether we possess private properties or communal properties. In the ideal world, you can exercise both systems according to the needs. If you need a system of communal ownership, you can employ it, and if you need a system of private ownership, you can exercise it as well. For the best possible ways, you can exercise all as far as they are beneficial to the whole. It is an unfixed or flexible economical system, and a political system which uses this economic system. Conclusions have been reached. Do you understand what this is? (Yes.)

What, then, do we have to do now specifically? You must learn politics and economy concretely. You must study them. Namely, become a person who can exercise these politics and economies. You must know them in order to become that kind of person.

You need economy for your individual life, and for your family life as well. You need politics too. You need politics for the individual, family, society, nation, and the world. We need politics even if we lived centering on God. Isn't that so? We need to conduct politics even if we went to the eternal world or the spirit world. There is a political system in the spiritual world, but we don't need an economical system. Whatever you need will be supplied.

There is a political system. This political system is based upon God's original Will. There is only one system and that system is based upon love. How to exercise love, make the whole joyful, and to manifest God's standard of peace are the things to do.

Therefore, human beings must take the ideal forms of love. A couple lives centering on love. While they are in accord with the political and economical system of the country, they exercise love in hundreds of directions and in hundreds of ways. By doing so, they can live a family life which can produce effective results, and become ideal husband and wife. Therefore, politics and economy are peripheral problems which have second or third importance. They are not the essentially important problems. We can take them, but we can also throw them away [change them].

How, then, do we have to unify the South and the North? Those who hold Godism, who love God will become united. A group of the members of the Communist party has joined the Unification Church already. Those church members of the established churches, who had opposed the Unification Church, have also joined the Unification Church and have become its members.

Listen to their stories. If you listen to them, you will gain wisdom and receive benefits for your families. You can judge by your eyes, ears, and all five senses. Isn't it the nature of human being to visit the place where joyfulness exists? Doesn't a human being have wisdom, an intelligence which can discern and distinguish things? Doesn't he have an intelligent capability? Because he has an intelligent capability, he can compare things. Because he has intelligence, he has the power of judgment.

A human being is designed to go and visit a place where his five senses lead. Nobody tells him to go there, but he compares by intellectual capacity, makes a judgment by intelligence, and decides where to go. He is not designed to be taken somewhere by somebody else. He chooses and goes autonomously.

How can human beings come closer to the standard of judgment centering on God's personality? No one in this world knows the theoretical foundation for this. If they want to learn, they must come and study with us. It is Unification Thought. What is Unification Thought? Unification Thought is a thought which can describe uniformly the constitution of personality which can unify the [mind and body, religion and science] and South and North Korea.

Economical problems are side issues. When you go to the spirit world, do you think you will carry a lunch box? Do you think you will carry canned foods with you? In the spirit world, when you think and wish to eat food, the meals will appear in front of you. After you eat, if you tell leftover food to vanish, it will vanish to zero. All of the objects are subject to the efforts of your personality, things do not have any substantial influences.


Therefore, Father, just like both sides cannot have a dialogue, the relationship between the South and the North is the same. North Korea externally speaks about democratization and peace, but Kim Il Sung is trying to unify by the Communist method. He has internally such a political card. On the other hand, we have a political card of liberating North Korea by equipping ourselves with the Principle. When we contact North Korea, what method can we use? That is the question. How can we draw North Korea to the platform of dialogue, rather than what should we become and how can we lead the condition for the maturity of unification?


We must initiate theoretical debates in order to draw them to the platform of dialogue. We initiate debates on theoretical issues between the South and the North centering on the cultural world. Look how the Japanese Communist Party has been pushed back by the Unification Church until today. On college campuses as well, they run away whenever we invite them to a public debate.


We have been inviting them to have dialogue until now, but they have never come to contact us. North Korea does not contact us.


North Korea does not want to contact us just now. Even if they advance ten steps, they can retreat one hundred steps at any time whenever the situation turns into disadvantageous. And again, even if they retreated one hundred steps, they can make one hundred steps of advancement at any time. They lie and do whatever they want to do. They do whatever is advantageous to them.

Kim Il Sung has been teaching that way until today, which is already forty years after the Korean War. North Korean youths, therefore, think that way even today. What is the fact? North Korean youths think now that the fact is South Koreans advanced upon North Koreans and not the other way around. Therefore, we must clarify this history. We must disclose the real history. Thus, what Kim Il Sung says is all false. Isn't the Subject Thought (Chu-che Thought) centered on dictatorship in itself nothing but a false claim? Kim Il Sung's claim, that all independent struggles were conducted by him, is also a lie. He also lies that everything South Korea claims is a untrue. Kim claims that those who came from the Soviet Union are the best, but, that is not true. We must inquire into the original source. We must clarify the fundamental origin itself.

We must inquire into the fundamental origin of human beings. We must ask the question whether the fundamental origin of human beings is material or God. We must seek and find out the root of human existence. Only when we understand what the root is, we will be able to discern and judge all kinds of things. However, we don't know what the original root is. We do not understand the original root of human existence. We do not know what the bud is like either. We don't know the bud. All we know are branches. We do not know the root and the bud. We must understand the fundamental root. They say that an ape evolved into a human. Can human beings come into existence in that way? It is impossible.


We have to raise some slogan for the unification of the North and the South such as the Great Family Unification or so. If we have some clear conceptual slogan, I think we can expand our movement a considerable extent.


That is family. Family! The ideal is the expansion of family. South Korea and North Korea do not exist to fight. They are brothers. We must teach love of brothers to all.


How can we explain the relationship between Esau and Jacob?


Yes, that's right. The relationship is the same as Esau and Jacob. Then, let's term it as "Unification by Reconciliation." Yes, "Unification by Reconciliation." This relationship is the same as that of Esau and Jacob. It is a problem of Cain and Abel. The problem of Esau and Jacob is that of Cain and Abel. The North and South are brothers. They fight because each pursues not the common benefit as brothers, but each one's own benefit alone. If brothers pursue their common benefit, there will be no conflict. Isn't that so? Even if we unified the North, we will make the North a much more affluent and better place than the South. That is the how unification should take place. If we go this way, we can achieve unification. North Korea is trying to unify by purging and removing all capitalists. That is not our method. The unification of the North is done not by removal but by digestion, improving upon things as they are now. Brothers fight, because each seeks their own benefit alone. If the elder brother cares about the younger brother and thinks about the benefit of the younger brother, they do not fight. If we could reach that level, unification is naturally achieved. Do you understand what I am talking about?


Isn't our position for unification through Victory Over Communism?


It is not unification through Victory Over Communism.


When we speak to the public, we identify our position as unification through Victory Over Communism.


Unification through the Victory Over Communism does not mean that we do something by means of Victory Over Communism. It means unification centering on love or unification in love. The phrase, Victory Over Communism, does designate unification by overcoming Communism, but it does not mean that we achieve unification by defeating Communism. How are they digested after overcoming Communism? It is by love. Unification is possible only by opening up the path of ideal love, by digesting them in ideal love, which has never existed in the Communist world. Our unification is the family unification. Family Unification! Brotherly Unification. The South and the North are brothers. The Republic of Korea is one nation. One nation has been divided into two. It is the same as brothers who were divided, or a husband and a wife who were divided. It is family unification that must be done. A husband should not complain about his separated wife, and a wife should not complain about her separated husband. They must become one. When the wife loves her husband more than herself, and the husband loves his wife more than himself, unification is possible.

The problem is that they cannot love each other in this way. How, then, is it possible? As a single human being, it is impossible. They must know God. They must know God's love. Why is God's love necessary? By knowing God's love, they can participate in the same sphere of His love. They can participate, not only the same sphere, but also they can also receive the special rights to inherit everything God has. It is possible only in the realm of true love.

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