Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. A Group Of 7,000 People And The Mission Of Korean Members

1. A Group Of 7,000 Who Must Be Indemnified

1) A Group of 7,000 Who Do Not Surrender to Baal

At the time of the work of Elijah of the Old Testament Age, there were ten tribes in the northern nation of Israel and two tribes in the southern nation of Judah. They were divided into north and south. Elijah fought in order to unite them. Elijah fought alone in order to testify to the living God against nearly 850 prophets who exalted a wooden statue of Asherah or the god Baal. They erected an offering table in order to test the truth or falsity of the god Baal. They offered oxen and prayed for the offerings to be burned by the fire of God. Elijah and these priests competed with each other.

However, the false god could not appear, and the prophets of Baal and the wooden statue of Asherah were kept awaiting the god's fire. But it never came to burn the oxen.

But when Elijah prayed, the fire struck and burned not only the offering but also the entire altar. Then Elijah had the 850 false prophets slain. Since this happened, everybody was supposed to surrender to Elijah, but in reality, Satan rebelled against him. Satan tried to catch and kill Elijah. Then, Elijah ran to the desert and sat under a tree. He prayed and asked God to take his life: "Now, I am the only who remains." On the one hand Elijah despaired, but on the other hand, there remained a group of 7,000 people who had not surrendered to Baal. Judah had to reestablish the unified realm of the North and the South by supporting the group of 7,000.

At that time, the realm for the Messiah was not established on the national level. Prior to the coming of the Messiah, Elijah had to establish the one realm of Israel, which had been vertically divided, on the horizontal level. Judah and Israel, and Israel and Rome related, in each case, horizontally as Abel and Cain.

Judah is Abel and Israel is Cain. When they are united, they form the realm of Abel. This realm of Abel, Israel, must triumph over Rome, which is the realm of Cain. They had to set the vertical standard first, and had to govern Rome, thus setting the horizontal standard. (169-206)

2) Jesus and a Group of 7,000

Israel and Judah, which had been divided, had to be united. Israel was the Cain-realm and Judaism was the Abel-realm. Elijah killed all 850 prophets of Baal in order to unite the Israelites under God's Will centering on the nation of Judah. However, the Israelites tried to kill Elijah. God is alive. He is a living God. The Israelites who had returned to this living God, were supposed to support and protect Elijah. However, to the contrary, they tried to kill him.

Therefore, when Elijah ran away to spare his life, while he was asleep under the tree, God gave bread and water, and helped him along the way. Elijah entered into a cave in Mount Horeb, and said at the last moment, "There is no one remaining but me. Please take my life away and let me ascend." God replied that there was still a group of 7,000 people who had not surrendered to Baal. Even if the Israelites in general opposed him and all twelve tribes opposed him, if Elijah could unite those 7,000 prepared people, he could establish the indemnity condition for the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, if there was a unified group of 7,000, there was a way to open the path again -- the path to consummate the situation in which God could emerge. (165-289)

The one who came later in Elijah's stead was John the Baptist. John the Baptist, therefore, saved a group of 7,000 among the Israelites. If a new sect which followed Jesus was formed and became Abel, they had to find a group of 7,000 from the nation of Israel and Judaism. The entire nation had to be saved centering on the new way of baptism. However, Judaism and the neighboring country opposed it. If John the Baptist, who had gathered 7,000 people, offered them to Jesus and completely united with him, Jesus did not have to die. If they had united with Jesus, the right and the left would have been united.

There, 12 tribes and 72 disciples would have been formed. In our terms, if they had formed 36 couples, 72 couples, and 120 couples, and then 7,000 couples, Jesus would not have died. They would not have perished. Because this was not accomplished, Jesus stood in the position to be taken by Satan. When Jesus was crucified, there came to exist two thieves, one on the left and one on the right. The lack of the foundation became the condition for the division of the right and the left. Because God did not have a group of 7,000 people, the division of the left and the right emerged. (169-208)

3) 7,000 People to be Restored through indemnity

For the New Testament Era, Elijah was expected to come prior to the coming of Jesus. However, the nation of Israel and Judaism were not united. God's Will is accomplished only when the realm of Cain [politics] and Abel [religion] are united. John the Baptist, who came in Elijah's stead, had to unite with Jesus. John the Baptist was chosen as a representative to unite the realm of Cain and that of Abel, the nation of Israel and Judaism.

The land of Judea is small. You can go around the whole area in just four hours. It is relatively easy to restore such a small country. God set up this small country and conducted His dispensation.

John the Baptist and Jesus had to be united centering on religion. The time of Elijah was also a chaotic era in thought, which included the worshipping of a wooden statue of Asherah and of Baal. At the time of Jesus, which was a late Roman era, things were chaotic and complicated centering on the philosophical background of Hellenism. Some went the way of Babylon and worshipped various gods. Things were so chaotic and complicated. They had to manage all of these situations and unite with Jesus as individuals. Upon this foundation, Jesus could secure the position of parents, and after that, he could establish kingship upon it. Once he established the nation, he would embrace Rome centering on the nation, uniting twelve Arabic tribes. They would establish one nation including the entire Arabic realm.

Just like Cain and Abel, these countries today are fighting as enemy countries in order to indemnify the disunity in their past.

Who is going to unite them? It is Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon is now establishing a unity among them. International conferences and political meetings cannot be successful without my support. We have come to such a stage at this time. Unless we indemnify such complicated historical mistakes, we cannot solve all of these present problems.

In front of Jesus, if there was a group of 7,000 centering on John the Baptist united with him, comparable to the group of 7,000 who had not surrendered to Baal, how could Jesus have died? If he had had a group of 7,000 he would have formed his own family. He would have formed not only 12 disciples, 70 disciples, and 120 disciples, but also his own clan, and it would have absorbed the clan of John the Baptist, and this would lead to the formation of the new foundation for kingship. If he had had this group of 7,000, how could he have died? Nobody has solved this grievous misfortune.

At the time of the Second Coming, this failure has to be dissolved. While I was in Danbury, I was in the position to dissolve the failure of the Old Testament and that of the New Testament. I had to connect the 7,000 most famous people in American government. While I was in Danbury, I sent a set of video tapes and books, weighing five pounds, to three hundred thousand ministers. They were surprised by discovering the contents of Unification Church. (1985/12/29)

A group of 7,000 people had to be united in front of Jesus, However, those whom Heaven chose and prepared were lost. This must be restored through indemnity. So, while Father was in prison in Danbury, he put in place the education of 7,000 ministers. Do you understand? Father educated 7,000. There was no one in America and the American churches who stood on the heavenly side. While the Unification Church stood on Abel's side, if 7,000 people from America and American churches could establish the condition of unity and follow the path of Abel, the indemnity condition could be established. For this reason, what Father did in prison was to educate a group of 7,000. They were ministers. Father established the indemnity condition through a group of 7,000 centering on CAUSA. How difficult it was to connect a group of 7,000! (1987/5/27)

2. Father And A Group Of 7,000

1) Danbury Prison and a Group of 7,000

7,000! What does this number, 7,000, represent? If you read the Old Testament, you will see that the northern nation, Israel, perished because they all followed Satan by worshipping Baal and the wooden statue. Knowing God's Will, Elijah was angered and destroyed all the high priests of Northern Israel. Under God's grace, he challenged them and successfully set a fire. When 800 or more of Baal's gods were all destroyed and the priests were all killed, Northern Israel had to understand the existence of the living God and obediently follow Southern Judea. But, they all turned into opposition. Although the high priests were all cleaned up, the people of Northern Israel opposed Elijah. It is shocking and disgusting! Even those who witnessed with their eyes the work of the living God in front of them opposed him. How disgusting and surprising it was! Furthermore, they tried to kill Elijah.

As he fled, he sat under a tree and asked God to take his life, didn't he? While he was asleep, an angel came to him and gave him bread and water, didn't he? Elijah, then, went up to Mount Horeb. While he was staying in the cave, he prayed, "I am the only one who remains. Please take my life." Then, God said to him, "You may be suffering and struggling about your situation. But, don't you know that there is God's providence which you have never thought of in which He has to save Israel.?" And God taught and said to him, "They opposed and disturbed you, but there still remains a group of 7,000 who did not surrender to Baal. You must wake them up." When they were united with Southern Judea, God's dispensation was forwarded. God said that the victorious foundation would be inherited continuously. In this way, there was a group of 7,000 who had not surrendered to Baal.

At the time of Jesus, while there was opposition in the sphere of the nation of Israel, if there were a group of 7,000 people centering on John the Baptist and if they did not oppose but were united with Jesus, Jesus would not have died. All historical mistakes must be paid by the same value based upon the principle of causality. If the nation made a mistake, the price must be paid by the nation, the church by the church, and so on. Unless we solve the problems based upon the principle of causality, we cannot overcome them. If the sin was committed, the price necessarily must be paid for it.

For this reason, at the time of Jesus, he tried to get the same group of 7,000 in order to re-solve the problem again. But such a group of people never appeared in front of Jesus. Judaism did not become a group, and the nation of Israel did not do so either. Consequently, Jesus was crucified. The group of 7,000 people which has such historical background still remains as the unsolved problem. Therefore, when Father entered into Danbury prison, he planned to gather 7,000 ministers.

History makes progress in a spiral mode as the history of time-identity. It grows larger and larger in scale. Father lives in the age of time-identity for indemnity on the world level. When Father entered into Danbury prison, he was in fact pushed to the end and forced to go there without choice. This was the same situation in which Elijah had been placed and prayed.

American churches and American government opposed Father. People conspired and wished to put an end to the work of Rev. Moon for their own sake. Because they could not kill me, they took this measure. If they had a way to kill me, they would have done whatever they could, but, things did not work out in the way they wanted. It was at this time that Father gathered and educated 7,000 ministers. Their education was not at all easy. (164-131)

2) 70,000 Minister Education

If we could educate 7,000 or 70,000 ministers, we have something extra when we enter into the land of Canaan. If we could educate 70,000 ministers, we can organize two hundred fifty local organizations and digest America completely. The land of Canaan is possible if we gain a victory over the Communist party. So, we will secure 45 million Victory Over Communism membership centering on Christianity. If we could unite 70,000 ministers in America, we can easily achieve the goal of 45 million membership. (1985/4/8)

When 70,000 American ministers come to participate in the CAUSA movement, we can educate and inspire them to march forward for the sake of the restoration of the world. Think about it. If 70,000 American ministers stood up as the missionaries to the world, not only the Christian realm, but also the entire religious realm of the world will be turned upside down and will be astonished. I believe you understand Father a little more now when I tell you that the way to save America is to have American ministers participate in the CAUSA movement. God's desire is deep for what you are doing. You must understand this fact. (1986/6/6)

What am I doing now in America? While I was in jail, I started two-day seminars for ministers. [More than 7,000 ministers were educated in Korea and tens of thousands of other ministers, priests and religious leaders were educated in North and South America through CAUSA from 1985 to 19881. While I was in prison, I sent 345,000 ministers a package with Divine Principle and Unification Thought books and video tapes. I wrote a personal letter in prison, saying, "Wake up ministers!" and enclosed it with the packet. I sent my idea and thought to them even though they may oppose me.

Why do I distribute and give away these things to them? Those who do not understand us say bad things because they feel hatred, but those who understand us come to like us. Therefore, I sent these materials by big trucks, ninety-nine trucks of thirty-ton capacity each. (167-61)

We led and educated ministers. We need people who play a trumpet to make a bridge. So I took 7,000 ministers to Korea and educated them. We will complete education for 70,000 ministers after them. We led them to the situation in which they could study our materials. (1987/9/13)

3) 7,000 Minister Education in Korea

In the past, the nation of Israel was divided into two parts. In the Last Days, when the Lord of the Second Advent appears, he must gather a group of 7,000 or more people again and indemnify these divisions of the past. This is exactly what Father did while he was in prison. Father educated 7,000 American ministers and this created the foundation to educate 70,000 who could lead 350,000. Where did we take the core 7,000 ministers for their education?

It is not America. It is the third Israel. The nation of Judea was supposed to create the realm of the second Israel centering on Jesus. Because they could not fulfill this goal, we must take ministers to Korea which stands in the position of the third Israel. That's why a group of 7,000 came here.

All ministers of established churches are supposed to fulfill the mission of John the Baptist, but they were incapable of doing it and opposed us instead until now. So, Father took the role of John the Baptist and fulfilled all the tasks. This is the meaning of a group of 7,000. (169-209)

What Father is trying to do in America is to inspire American Christianity. Forty years ago, American churches and American government could not unite with Father. Forty years ago, Korean Christianity and the people could not unite with Father. Father can reconnect them again. What Father has done in America is to activate American church leaders, and thereby create the environment and conditions upon which America can move forward. Many American ministers are coming here, aren't they? 164-13 1)

American ministers must help Korea. The fall took place because the archangel failed to assist Adam. They must assist Korea. We take 7,000 ministers to Korea this year. This event is what is meant by assistance. Because American churches could not unite with Father forty years ago, Father is reaching out to them again. We are now working really hard. We are trying to educate Christian leaders, thereby saving America.

Viewed from within the perspective of the religious sphere, established churches and the Unification Church are in a Cain-Abel relationship. Therefore, Father is not overwhelmed by world-wide Christianity. The central nation of Christianity is America. Once we connect 7,000 American ministers to the Unification Church, a new foundation will be established. The era of opposition of established churches is passing by. (1988/1/2)

By June of this year, education of American ministers will reach 7,000. In fact, I tried to finish it by the end of last year, but it was delayed. The 7,000 minister education must not go beyond June. So, I want to ask you to finish it by that time. To educate 7,000 ministers is not like grabbing someone on the street. We visited tens of times in order to find one person. They are the people whom we find in the midst of incredible opposition. When we found and asked them to attend, there were many spiritual phenomena. Why did we do such a thing even though we had to experience rejection and opposition? We walked such a course of hardship solely for the sake of God's Will and Korea which has to inherit His Will. (1988/5/1)

3. Mobilization Of 7,000 Members Of Foreign Countries

From now on, we must mobilize a mobile team of 7,000 members and go to Korea. At the time of the Korean war, sixteen nations came and helped Korea. Who sent them? It was not done by man's power. God sent them. God did it in order to protect His nation. (1974/7/4)

I have called 7,000 members to prepare for these activities. We take 5,000 members from Japan and 2,000 Western members. If these foreigners came and revitalized on the district level, what is going to happen to Korea? The atmosphere and environment (wind and earth) will change, and subject and object relations will change. We must make a real effort in creating the environment quickly before a day passes by. (165-54)

7,000 foreign members will be coming soon. They have been preparing 400 dollars a month a year and a half ago. They say, "We have been preparing very hard, but why aren't we called? Why don't you tell us to come?" We need [to prepare] the basis for them. We must be in a hurry. (1988/l/21)

The place where members of the world wish to come is the land of Korea. All of them think so. Once they are trained in Korea, they can go to America, Japan, and Germany. We must set that kind of standard. Why? The standard established in Korea becomes the standard necessary to Japan, America, and Germany as well. Therefore, those who come to Korea and learn the standard are welcomed in their own counties upon returning there. We can logically say so.

This issue is linked to that of the defeat of Communism. Do you understand why this is so? They want to come to Korea. You want to come to Korea where Father is staying, don't you? (Yes) 7,000 people begin to knock on doors. They begin to knock on providential doors. This is not the beginning and the end. Starting with this, 7,000 can become 70,000, and then 700,000. Such an interchange must take place. The coming of 7,000 member is the start.

When 7,000 members come to Korea, they create a model case. Koreans will say, "Oh, don't go back home!" When foreign members go back to their countries, they will also cry because they really wish to come Korea again. Then, they will send another people and we will welcome them. We must create such an environment. We must be able to take members in and out and they must be able to go back and forth. People from each country of the world can come and go to Korea. How can we call it? A bridge of love to the homeland will be born. (1988/l/3)

We send Korean youth to the world instead of bringing the youth from the world to Korea. We send them to the frontline as an advance force for the movement to stop the advancement of the Communist world. Therefore, we declare to take charge of the theoretical battle on college campuses, and prepare joint operations with the Victory Over Communism League. You have gathered here for the purpose of preparation. If you become the ideal model and form the realm of elder sonship, 7,000 youth from the world will follow and work with you. We set a joint battle line with the Victory Over Communism League all over the nation. On the day when 7,000 members are brought into the operation, the era of Kim Il Sung will be over. (1986/1/21)

Those states which could not send members will regret it in the future. I told them, "Come back to the homeland victoriously." I prayed to God to achieve the unification of Korea, but I have not achieved it yet. So I am planning to take 7,000 Westerners into the country and prepare for the unification of North and South. Once the North and the South are united, then Germany will naturally unite. All will be solved by the vertical unification of North and South, and the horizontal unification of East and West. (1986/5/6)

4. Mission Of Korean Members

1) Korea is Ready

You must be ripened just like an apple which turns to red when it receives good sunlight. If the good taste of the fruit is known to all the people in the country, the host and visitors alike, those who know the taste will travel and come to taste it form a far distant place again and again. They can come and eat it at any time. Do you understand what I am speaking about? (Yes) Suppose you went to America or any part of the entire world and said "The taste of the Korean apple is so good. Ah, there are many tasty fruits there. Oh, you must visit." They then spare the time to visit Korea, but when they come, they see rotten pears, rotten apples -- what a terrible sight. They will have a headache and stomach acid. Could we still tell them to come? Why do I talk about such things? There is a reason. Don't be ignorant of the world and don't behave that way! Korea will be a subject country from now on. You must know it.

You are Korean. I ask you, Unification Church members born in Korea, to fulfill your responsibility as elder brothers, as seniors of the subject nation. Now, members of foreign countries are rushing into Korea to marry Korean women and Korean men. At this stage of time, you can, not be as you have been. You must unite together. (101-192)

Everybody, all the problems of the Communist party in Korea are your responsibility. Do you understand? (Yes) This 7,000 miles of territory [the Korean peninsula] which Father loved, upon which you shed your blood and sweat, must not be destroyed. If it perished, the country cannot be proud of its position as the bearer of God's Will. She cannot set her pride in front of all people of the world. Korea is standing on the spearhead, facing the Communist world in a dangerous situation under the gun point. If Korea can play a central role for the world, she can receive praise as the homeland of the Unification Church. But if our friendly members of the Unification Church of the world defeated the Communist party, liberated and restored the people of Korea tribe ahead of you, the pride of Korea will be completely lost. Do you understand? (Yes) For this reason, Father has been dealing with these problems [within the Korean church] until now. (85-256)

After several months from now, big changes will take place in Asia. I am playing a key role for this change. Therefore, you must be much stronger than Japan and the people of Japan. You must be much stronger than Westerners who have blue eyes and blond hair. (82-149)

2) The Mission of the Fatherland is Great

What I am anxious about is the greatness of the mission of the homeland. We know that a head house can become a turning point of happiness and unhappiness. So Korean members must be courageous, strong, and brave. You must be dignified. No matter how suffering and severe the path may be, which is contrary to what you expect, you must know that your path can be the cause of uplifting or breakdown of many other members. Please become like humble young children who will pledge, "I will establish the tradition to save these members." Please be such a person!

With this thought alone, you will become a host who can carry the responsibility of the tradition of the fatherland and who can praise the history of the fatherland. You must become such a heavenly army of the Unification movement.

I have now spoken about how the members of the Unification Church should be. Members of the Unification Church must have a unity in heart. We have the same heart, and we know that our history is that of betrayal to parents. We must be willing to accept a difficult course for the sake of the establishment of Heaven. (60-35)

Everybody, to be a fatherland is a fearful thing. If you did not know that your brothers, who went out to foreign countries, were sacrificing themselves there, your country is powerless and perishing. You, who live in the fatherland! When you hear the news from foreign countries, don't take them as some common phenomena. Don't hold such ordinary and decadent thoughts. I have nothing to do with those kind of people.

When you hear good news, you must have a heart to rejoice and dance together even if you are hungry. When you hear sad news, you should feel it as your own problems, forgetting to eat and sleep, and feel it deep into the marrow of your bones. That kind of person is a host and [the missionary away from home] is like his own son's position. Isn't it so? In such situations, those who look at these matters as bystanders, who laugh at them and criticize them with their mouth wide open, are the traitors who cause deep sorrow. If there were enemies to be cut and cleaned up, such will be the first. (60-31)

3) The Mission of the Subject Nation

You are members of the Unification Church of the subject nation. You must think about the attitude of your spirit. You must reflect upon yourself, whether you unconsciously tried to go back to your old relationships when you experienced a little suffering in the wilderness.

You must know that you have a mission to establish the kingdom of God upon arrival to the land of Canaan from the wilderness. Although you may experience persecution and opposition from tribes of Canaan, you must fight and win, and create the fatherland. You must accomplish the given responsibility with faith in God and with the burning heart which overwhelms that of the tribes of Canaan. Although you finished the life of wilderness, you should not think that everything is over or everything is accomplished. It is not the case. You must finish the final responsibility.

Today, members of the Unification Church must deeply understand that they have received the mission which nobody had thought about in human history. You must become a person who transcends temporary history and the world, and who can receive the heavenly fortune. You must be grateful for God's love and blessing, Who visited an eastern country, Korea among many countries, visited yourself in particular, in order to accomplish His Will. (1986/10/21)

In order to become the subject country, you, Korean members must pay attention. As I spoke to you yesterday, foreign missionaries had been sent to each country. Have you started a movement to collect money, even a penny, in order to send it to them? You are in the subject country. Church President! You must spiritually take care of what you do. Our comrades have gone to foreign lands. They are fighting on the streets of foreign lands, looking up to Heaven and praying for their comrades in their mother country. They are also hungry and longing for many things. But they cannot speak about their situation. You have your home and friends here and there.

They have to live, looking up at the stars in the sky. There are your comrades who keep the way which Father has assigned, even at the risk of their lives. They are fighting to overcome the present path of life and death, pledging the victory of tomorrow. You must not ever forget your comrades, members of the Unification Church of Korea. (83-92)

We will have to make Korea the subject nation which can influence and take care of foreign countries. I do not like the country which is taken care of by others. Well, then, do we have to do it or do we not have to do it? (We have to do it.) Do we have to do it even if we died or if we were alive? (We have to do it even if we died.) We have to do it no matter what, whether we are alive or dead. That is the way it is. (64-294)

While Father is working in foreign countries, what do you have to do? You must fulfill your responsibility in front of 30 million Korean tribes. What do church leaders and witnessing staffs have to do? They have to start a national movement. You must give publicity to people. Do you know what it means? (Yes) You must do street witnessing. You must work everywhere in the nation.

Now, it is not the time for individuals to find and visit families. It is the time to make a public announcement in front of the whole society. A crucial and critical situation is coming in front of us. We must set the pace and create the environmental foundation upon which we can jump high. You must know that now is the time to appeal to the entire nation, holding our flag high. In the period of Father's absence, what will you have to do first? You must get together and pray. This is the first thing you must do. just as Father has been praying for this tribe, you must have time of prayer to pledge with Heaven to protect the nation. You must pledge in prayer to serve wholeheartedly to the nation, and unite all the key factors inside and outside of yourselves for the day of the unification of the North and the South. I ask you to do this. You understand, don't you? (Yes)

As the second thing to do you must publicize the Unification Church so that there is no one who does not know it wherever you go in South Korea. If we did not publicize the Unification Church, it means that we did not carry out the mission of the Unification Church. Do you understand? (Yes) You must publicize the Unification Church in this short period, and work day and night without rest.

Originally speaking, we are supposed to work together with other organizations. Since we cannot do this, we must carry a double cross. We must do this, even if we are the only people to carry out the task. There will be no way to go, if we do not do this work. In order to change the miserable destiny to come, you must devote yourselves wholeheartedly. Although you must go through hardship, I must ask you to overcome it and carry out the responsibility, Do you understand? (Yes)

I must tell you this next. Now, witnessing members on the front lines and church leaders are not united. You must visit the problem places and solve them all. Do you understand? (Yes) You must pray and work together. If it is possible, take those who do not get along well or who were enemies in the past or who oppose each other. Let them unite while you work together. You work with them so that they can unite through the activities for the sake of the nation. You must solve any enemy relationships among members of the Unification Church.

If you pray this way, are united, and witness wholeheartedly to thirty thousand miles of Korean peninsula, going around and around, Heaven will certainly assist you on the way. This is Father's point of view. I ask you to devote yourself with a sincere heart for the sake of the nation. Did you understand? (Yes) (50-254)

When I go to America, I want to look back to Korea and say, "Oh, Korean members! They are doing very well!" You must work hard so that I can say that.

Korea is a subject nation. I want to praise it as the leading nation. Don't you think so? Is that so or not? Even if you lived like beggars, Korea must establish its spirit as the subject nation and the fatherland of faith. You must be praiseworthy. Even if Father was in America, you must work hard so that he can praise it. If you did not do so, it is a big problem. Should you do so or you don't have to do so? (We should do so.) What will happen, it you did not do so? (It will be a big problem.) What's going to happen if you did not do so in spite of possible situations? What should be done, if you cannot do autonomously? What do you think? Should you do autonomously or forcefully? (We should do autonomously.) Whether you should do so by yourself or by force, you must decide. Should you do so by yourself or you should not do so? (We should do so by ourselves.) Yes, You must do so by yourself.

4) What is Desired for Korean Members

Korean members have an important responsibility to become leaders who guide the heart of foreign members and guide their faith in the right direction. Based upon the norms and virtues which you have inherited through a long history and its tradition, you must play a role like a root in the world of heart.

Korean members must show an exemplary life of attendance for all members of the world. You must inherit the tradition of heart in order to solve God's regretting and agonizing heart. (1982/10/17)

You are working at the headquarters. If you had a mind to think about Father and to live for the sake of Father, you must have a heart to live for the sake of Korea, the world, and God. You don't have to worry about me. Even if you did not worry about me, I know my way to go. I can go my way even if I died. But, you may not be able to go your way even if you died. Therefore, don't worry about me, but love Korea, love all humankind of the world, and God more than anything else. Only after that, love Father. This is the way you must go.

When you feel a longing heart for Father, turn your mind and long for the people of Korea. I feel at home when I see a person who cries for Korea as Father did, holding the mountains of this thirty thousand miles of Korean land, grasping a branch of a pine tree or a piece of grass. Father feels a longing heart for this kind of person. (51-361)

What I wish you for you to establish is the pride of a suzerain. Once you are born as a child of a tiger, you are a tiger even if your legs are wounded. Do you know what I mean? (Yes.) Don't be a spineless coward who just accepts all bad words about the Unification Church, which he may hear wherever he goes. Although I have things that I want to say, I do not speak out. I think, "Let's see ten years from now!"

I need a person who cannot sleep well without solving by himself the problems which no one can solve, a person who cannot claim any success without solving the problems. I need a person who straightens himself, and can focus on and fulfill the goal in the way he has set. Unless one is such a person, I don't think he can solve the present problems of Korea, pioneer, and make a bridge to the new future world and the new heavenly kingdom. Father will make a way to connect Korea together. After a little while, the time will come when each country competes with each other to welcome Father. The day will come not so long from now. When the time comes, Korea will not be able to become even a candidate. I think so. This is the country in which I shed my blood and tears, and I spent sleepless nights by giving all my heart. However, this country does not listen to me as some other countries. I have made an imperishable foundation for you. But you have not become even children of cats, although I told you to become children of tigers. If I made a mistake about your education, I must take responsibility. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.) I am a serious man. I am a person who becomes more serious along with the Heavenly dispensation. (82,46)

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