Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Blessed Wives Mobilization And North-South Unification (Part3)

6. The Attitude Of Church Members

All members have to unite in heart with the women who are on the front line. You should breathe and walk with the same rhythm, harmonizing with their heart. With that kind of attitude, you should protect your nation and people, pouring all your strength and capacity into this task. After giving everything, if your power is not enough, you can still offer your determination to God, even sealing your pledge with blood. (42:149)

Those families who receive this blessing of being mobilized will have three years of hard work. What should all the other families do? There is no need to say anything. There is no need to wonder about going or not going. Let them sleep comfortably if they want. If they do so, they will lose everything. They will lose all the blessing they received so far from being in the Unification Church. You have to know this point and do your best. (38:129)

At this time, 1,200 women are on the front line working hard. When they see that some members stayed behind, I know these wives are wondering what you are doing. Did your church advance? If you are relaxed and do not accomplish your responsibility, you will be ruined. You must think, "Those women who are on the front line are in the position to receive the sword and arrows instead of me." You have to feel their clothes are torn before my clothes are torn. Before my face gets burned, their faces get burned. Members are supposed to have this kind of awareness and concern. If you understand this, then those of you here can unite with the front line. If you know this and you still do not accomplish your responsibility, then you will be indebted to God and your descendants will be ruined. (41:120)

7. Father's Second Mobilization Speech

When I went to the Soo Taek Lee workshop site yesterday, somebody asked me, "How can I go out and leave my children behind?" Do you think I have the answer? I answered: "You know what to do. You know more than I what needs to be done. This course is not mine. I have already completed my course. In my course, I also had difficulties and suffering, and that time has passed. Now you are the seed and should welcome the spring season. To be fruitful you have to overcome and subjugate your circumstances. Don't you? The fruit that is attached to a lonely tree is not insignificant. Otherwise it would not remain attached. This means that you have to sow a pure seed. In your family, you have to choose the most precious member and sow that one. The most precious member is not the father or son or daughter but the mother. For that reason, God chose to mobilize the mothers. But if there is some, one who says, "Well, my husband. . . and my son and daughter. . . etc., then that person will stumble." (36:31)

To mobilize the wives is a miserable thing to do. Yesterday, I visited a few local houses to see how the children are doing without their mothers. I felt so sorry to see them. In my heart I said to myself, "You must want to see your mother," and I prayed for them in my heart. Then I comforted them, saying, "Your mother has to go over the three-year indemnity course for God's Will. This period is like Jesus' three years of public life where there was no foundation to welcome the bride, so these women have to go out to indemnify this failure. That is why your mother has to go this course. Also, there is still a heartistic foundation needed to indemnify the whole. You do not understand now, but this will be your pride and your family's pride in the future. The day will come when you will praise your mother, so you should not feel like a lonely beggar. How fortunate you are that you can serve your historically precious mother." Nevertheless, it is miserable to see these children. (37:204)

8. The Third Mobilization For The Unification Of North And South Korea

1) Mobilization Area

Did you hear that when the wife goes out witnessing this time, she should go back to her hometown? (Yes.) Do you know why I said this? It is because women, not men, have to open the door and show the example -- open the door of sincere loyalty. In that way the people who oppose us will surrender. (November 8, 1987)

What should you prepare when you go out from here? How do you prepare, and where do you go? The place is your birthplace. Everyone gathers on the state level, and each city has a city leader. Should all Blessed couples up to the 6,000 Couples go back? All Blessed couples should go out. Not only the 6,000 Couples but the 8,000 and 10,000 Couples. All Blessed couples should go out. The 6,000 Couples are not the only Blessed couples. Are Blessed couples who were previously married going out? If you had to cross the Jordan River to enter Canaan, wouldn't you go out too? (Yes!) I cannot bring you to Canaan unless you cross the Jordan River. Do you understand? (Yes!) Start on June 1. There should be no one here who does not know her hometown. (165:136)

If we can mobilize you who are sitting here alone, there is nothing we cannot do. Can you catch a live tiger or not? (Yes, we can). Really? (Yes). Well, then, we must go to Pek Du San. (26-73)

Men in Blessed families must assist women so that women observe Father's order without hindrance. (55-107)

Father's direction is not his own personal direction. It is a Heavenly mission. If you firmly observe this mission, cosmic blessing will fall onto Korea. If I leave heaven and earth open, what do you think is going to happen? All the indemnity conditions on earth flow into there. When all the spiritual requirements are fulfilled, there will be no more Satan on the earth, and therefore, Kim Il Sung or Communism will collapse. Heaven has such a power.

Aren't we in the same situation? God can help us as well. Based upon the principle of restoration through indemnity, we have come to the stage where we can intervene with reality in a principled way. Reality has come to that stage. How can God not help us? If God does not help us, the Principle itself is wrong. God's Will could never be accomplished. So, be confident and have conviction! (165-34)

Although you are living happily now, don't look back at your family, and march forward. Just like Abraham's wife, give up your family and march forward. Why? For the purpose of breaking through. It is a historical fact. We are doing exactly what I said. (166-170)

Once you have received this direction, you must step together and march forward. You cannot participate in God's holy battle unless you do so. That's why we are so busy. 14-126)

If Father mobilizes your family, you must do it now. Schooling for your sons and daughters shouldn't be a problem. Now is the time for total mobilization. You should be proud of the sons and daughters of the Blessed families because they have originated from God's Will and are stronger than those Communist students. If you are born as a woman, you must think of yourself as representing all women, and you must work much harder than the women representatives of the Communist party. The same for men. If the evil wind is blowing, we must overcome and defeat them, as the wind of goodness. (1987/9/13)

Those who received the direction work hard and go through hardships. The person in charge, who issued the direction, cannot live an easy life. The leader must have a heart to feel sorrow and pain of his people in front of God. Without this kind of heart, the organization of this leader will certainly perish. When he has time, he must pray for them, visit them, and talk with them. Father has always been living this kind of life. (43-28)

You must follow Father's direction absolutely. Is there any objection? There is none, is there? Your sons and daughters should not be the problem. If you are thinking and caring only about your husband, you may lead him to his spiritual death. If you are thinking and caring only about your sons and daughters, you may be leading them to their spiritual death. Your family can become a source of resentment. That's why I scold women who only took care of their own families. Aren't you in the situation now as I just described? You faced oppositions and your path has been blocked. That's why such a situation has emerged. (165-301)

Just as Moses led 60,000 people of Israel, Father is now fulfilling the same mission centering on the families of Unification Church in the Unification world. When Father tells a family to go, and if the people in the family said, "we cannot go because we have families and they will perish." A husband should not say, "I cannot go because I have a wife." If he says so, his family will perish.

When we cross over the valley, we must successfully go over. When we go over the river, we must succeed in doing so. When we go over the water, we must be successful in doing so. When we swim across the river, we must successfully do so. You must know that now is such a time. You must cross the river which is to be crossed.

The people of Israel perished because they did not cross the Jordan river. You must understand this. Do you understand the significance of the Jordan river? It is the river which is the border between the Satanic world and God's world. If the husband can cross the river, he must do so, while tying a rope to the neck of his wife and then pulling it. You must know this. Father and mother must take an adventurous and risky step for the sake of their children. You must understand that we are now in such a time.

Man and woman must become one in mind and body. One heart, one mind. Children also must become one in heart with their parents. They all must become completely one in heart and mind with God and Father, then they must cross over the border line. When they receive the final direction from Father, they must immediately leave their families. You must know that such a time is approaching right before our eyes, the moment you receive the command to cross the Jordan river. The situation was the same at the time when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. They had to cross at the moment God separated the ocean. If they missed that moment, they would have all died. (100-291)

Now, the mobilization direction has been issued to all women. Have they all gone? If you first think about your sons and daughters, your husband, and your wife, your idea is a family centered idea. God's idea is not a family centered idea. God has a Cosmos centered idea. The messiah does not have a family centered idea. He is a liberator to emancipate all nations. Anyone can fall, unless he is committed to walk with the pace of the Messiah. (1987/10/01)

If Father told you to mobilize all men and women at a certain date and time, will you do it or will you not? You must do it. For what do you do it? For the sake of God's Will. What will you do for the sake of God's Will? You must save Korea. For what do we save South Korea? It is for the liberation of North Korea. For what do you liberate North Korea? You must liberate Asia. For what do you liberate Asia? For the sake of the world. And for what do you liberate the world? You must liberate God and the entire realm of His Kingdom. (168-141)

A. The Reason Why Women Are Mobilized

Why has Father mobilized women at this time? Mother has been setting a condition to embrace and save both the democratic and Communist realms on the world wide level. We are establishing the foundation on a family level centering on Korea, which can be the basis to defend against Satan. This is a view based upon the principle. Father has mobilized women of Blessed families this time for this reason. (165-278)

The Blessing is given wherever you reach out. You must know this. In the place where your words and speeches are carried, the history of resurrection and the history of re-creation will be born. You must understand this. You must know that we need many places which can initiate the explosion of love. There is no one other than those in the Unification Church who can take part of this mission. For this reason, Father mobilizes women at this time. A woman broke the way of heavenly love. Two children, Cain and Abel, were born because of the fall of a woman. A woman gave birth to Satanic sons and daughters. The blood lineage has been reversed by her.

Because women could not meet Adam, a man who had God's true love, they have become miserable and have created a Satanic world, which ended up to be this divided sinful world. Because of the first separation which was caused by false love, the world has been divided into democracy and Communism. This is history. Representing these two worlds, Korea must be united centering on the thirty-eighth parallel. This will be a historical event.

Here, women must embrace the right and the left. Women must embrace both the elder son and the second son, so that the elder son comes to visit the second son. Korean people must unite with mother's love, and must develop the movement to melt North Korea with genuine love. (166-83)

How can we mobilize women? Women are important. If women are mobilized, men cannot but take action as well. (164-211)

Father mobilizes Blessed families. Now, you have good fortune. Father has already achieved success and needs no help from you. I am going to help you, but you do not have to help me. You can achieve success based upon my accomplishment. (164-282)

B. The Meaning And The Purpose Of The Third Mobilization

If Kim Il Sung stands in the position of the fallen Satan, then organizing and solving the problems of North Korea can be accomplished only when women stand at the front line, because fallen Eve gave birth to fallen Cain and Abel, represented by North and South Korea. When all housewives and mothers are mobilized and bring two children together, fathers must step into the situation. Their husbands must stand right behind them. In this way, the original Adam is restored. This is the view of the Principle.

Then, the purpose of the mobilization of women at this time is the liberation of Kim Il Sung of North Korea. The birthright was taken away by Satan, but it happened because Eve fell first and gave birth to the first son [in that fallen state]. Therefore, a mother must become responsible to take the initiative to restore the birthright through her son. Her husband is in Cain's position and her son is Abel. When the mother becomes one with her son who is Abel, her husband will follow.

If it happens this way, restoration is accomplished. That's why sons and husbands are naturally mobilized when wives are mobilized. For this reason, we mobilized women in families. What does this mobilization of women mean? Father has Blessed the second generation centering on the vertical standard of Cain and Abel. From the viewpoint of the standard of the blessing of the second generation, families have a horizontal Cain and Abel relationship in the Satanic world. Mobilizing women in Blessed families extends the vertical standard into the horizontal Cain and Abel relationships in the family.

Satan works at night. We mobilize women so that we can open up the foundation upon which we can work at night. Do you understand? This is the historical, last mobilization. If we win it, the liberation movement of women will emerge. Do you understand completely? Do you understand the significance of the mobilization of families? (Yes). (65-260)

The standard goal of our efforts for this battle is the digestion of the breakthrough of the districts. If we can only digest it, the unification of North and South Korea is not so difficult. We can unify it, if we can digest the breakthrough of the districts. Who is going to stand at the front line? Women must do so. Not men. Kim Il Sung is the archangel on the Satanic side. The archangel tempted a woman and made everything his own territory. Therefore, women of Korea must chase Kim Il Sung out. Without the help of men, women must do it.

Therefore, this time, women of the Unification Church will be mobilized around early June. What are they going to do? A woman left the bosom of God centered on her [fallen] sons and daughters. Now, women will make effort to attend the standard of the new original father and husband, while at the same time holding onto her [Blessed] sons and daughters.

Now, North Korea is forming underground organizations in South Korea in order to invade it. Who is nurturing the members of the underground organizations? Women. Women! Housewives of North Korean families. The underground organizations are formed by families. Satan is establishing his foundation in families. (166- 66)

Ladies have been mobilized and sent out this time in order to establish the base in the districts and the sections of the areas. (166-195)

Whether you can do things well or not is not the problem. You must become persons in charge of opening the path through which people can assist from the outside. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes). Today, women of Blessed families have been mobilized in order to set the indemnity conditions, representing the world. Do you understand? (Yes). This is my third visit. The third visit after I came out of Danbury. Housewives of Blessed families must mobilize and educate all mothers of the families in Korea, so that they can love the nation. Do you understand what I am talking about? In this sense as well, women must be mobilized. We are not religious fanatics. We must save the country. Those who do not want to do it, you can leave. You do not have to become members of the Unification Church.

Do you have a capability to say, "What?! Fanatics?! I have the same heart of parents who love sons and daughters. If we lose the country, do you know what will happen to your sons and daughters, and my sons and daughters? Either they become members of Communist parties, or they will be killed with their knives.

In this sense, we must mobilize families and create mothers who can love the country. These mothers must educate their children as sons and daughters who love the country, and guide their husbands through the right path. Women must become such mothers and correct their families. If you do so, new buds will sprout and they will grow from there. When they grow and spread all over the place, Korea will become the heavenly kingdom of well-being, and sons and daughters of Korea will become the leaders who can lead the world, won't they?

Those who oppose members of Unification Church, saying that they are religious fanatics, will eventually be led to the same place where the members of Unification Church are going. In fact, things will soon become that way. (165-154)

When Communists carry out their underground activities, in most cases, mothers in the home give them assistance. The reason why we mobilize women of the Unification Church is to give clear ideological education to these women. Our sisters can meet these women twenty-four hours a day at any time. When the husband comes back home, they can knock on the back door and ask the wife to come out. They can talk there. If the doors are closed, they can go through the back gates behind the yard of the house. How easily they can come and go! They have the foundation to communicate twenty-four hours a day. (166-17)

Father had given the direction not only to you but also to Japanese members who went back the day before yesterday. Father theoretically explained to them what the present time was, what the necessary path would be for the sake of the future of Japan, and what would have to be done in every street and comer of Japan. We will do the same thing not only in Korea, but also in Japan, and in all other countries. Wherever there is Unification Church, in the world.

Father wants to push Korea to accomplish this first. Members of Korea have to do this first, don't they? Isn't it right? (Yes) The birthplace of my thought is the land of Korea. Father is the Teacher of the Unification Church, who loves Korea. So, Father wants Korea to do anything first before it is done in other countries. Father cannot but ask you who are in Korea to do these things first, and Father is grateful for your willingness to take part of the responsibility. You should not be outdone by members in other countries.

The women are doing preparatory activities now. if wives, and sons and daughters as well, all say, "Father, please sign here," doesn't he sign? won't that family join the Federation of the Nation for the Unification of the North and the South? (166-26)

From now on, you must devote yourselves and accomplish the unification of the North and the South, even if you regret doing so; husbands and wives must forget about one another and sacrifice their families.

In order to be qualified to enter well into the spirit world, you and your wives must receive the indemnity at the forefront of the tribe. Father mobilized you last year so that you could become qualified in front of the tribe. (1988/1/7)

C. Our Attitude To Participation In The Third Mobilization

Facing the mobilization, you must not have any selfish mind. Your family and work place should not be an obstacle for you to go to the front line. You must march forward for the sake of the nation, for the sake of the restoration of the unified nation. If we can find and establish the unified nation-the homeland-the unification of the democratic world and the Communist world, and the unification of the East and the West will take place. (1988/l/7)

Looking at the reality of Korea, although we all desire Korea to be a good country, the real position of Korea is not good. All of you must be anxious about it, right? If the reality of the nation is not good, can a society which exists within the sphere of the nation be good or can it be bad? There are more bad things in the society, aren't there? Therefore, don't hang onto the evil things, but stay with the good things. If the society is bad, how about the religious organizations? Both organizations and companies are under the attack of evil influences.

Throughout the history of Korea, have women represented the nation and said, "Follow and learn from us! Korea will die unless she goes in this way. We must build Korea as a nation which has a great hope in the future?" Have women ever stood in front of society with such a sincere heart? Having said this, you will understand that women of Unification Church are superior. That's why you must be grateful. Since you met Father, you have been given opportunity to do such great work under God's Will. (50-139)

You must go out and love Cain's sons and daughters more than your own sons and daughters. Have you understood this, or not? Without doing so, you cannot change them. You must go through such a path and love them to the point that they will say, "Please love your own sons and daughters instead of us, because they are people whom we want to attend." Do you understand? You must not be anxious about your beloved ones, your sons and daughters.

Once you left for the Way of God's Will, forget all completely, be it your husband or your children! Think that the only place you can be is in Cain's world. You must love sons and daughters of Cain's world and set the standard of the Cain-Abel restoration for indemnity in front of your sons and daughters. Therefore you must restore their parents. By doing so, your husband can stand next to you, and you can take your sons and daughters and lead them along with the families and children on Cain's side, to the Heavenly Kingdom. You can accomplish the restoration of Canaan. You, women!

Do you understand? (Yes) Can you say these things when you go to the local regions? When someone says, "Why do we do such things? Why does Rev. Moon ask families to split, arrange and send women all over the country? Why does he ask us to do such a thing?" how will you answer? You must reply the way I just did. You must explain to them about the fall of man and tell them that now is the final time for restoration.

Those women who will go out this time will become without question the leaders in their towns. Even if you live in Seoul, you will surely become an influential figure in the region. Leadership roles will be occupied by all of you. Father knows that you now are carrying a signboard on your back, which reads that you must do all the education in that region including that of children. Don't you like it? (We like it.) That is good.

One person shows and guides the way to go for all people, for all those who are suffering in chaos and confusion. They are liberated and so happy. God is joyful in heart by seeing all these scenes. This should be the attitude and heart which God's sons and daughters must have. What do you think? Is that right or not? (That is right.)

In this sense, sweat when you work, work hard for business, do extra work at night, and whatever you do with decisive commitment Those who try to die will live and those who try to live will die. At this point, we depart with absolute commitment without thinking about our own life and death. (165-149)

From now on, if you go to your assigned area and hide the fact of being a member of Unification Church, you will not prosper. If you lie, there will be consequences. Heaven will punish you. Heaven cannot smite Satan while leaving you unpunished. Therefore, be courageous in your assigned place. (1988/l/2)

How high, do you think, is the authority of the members of Unification Church? Do you know? While you are walking though the streets, you must reign there as the queen. When you go out into the streets, all women there must learn from you. You must live with dignity and authority so that you can straighten them and correct the bottom of their skirts. Don't become a woman who goes around the streets seeking smelly stuff. Observe the right norms and the norms of the heavenly principles. Be and live with dignity, so that all existence in the cosmos will praise you and say that they must follow you. You must live in that position. Do you understand? (166-269)

We are now standing on the front line. You, women in particular, must meet the expectation of Heaven and the True Parents, centering on God's love, which is the ideal of creation, the center of the House of Unification. You are standing in the frontal position centering on God's Will, in which you overview the realm of God's love. Don't lose the dignity which meets all the expectations. Don't become a shameful person in front of your responsibility for the mission, which God is watching with expectation and the whole of existence is desiring vertically and horizontally. You must become a person who can fulfill this responsibility without any regret and shame in front of your mission.

Number your properties in the order from the best on down. Sell the best thing first and use that money for the sake of the nation. Devote yourself for the sake of your nation. When you shed sweat and tears, and do your activities with the commitment of making yourself the offering, you may use money. You are free from Satanic accusations. Therefore, you must offer heavenly material things, heavenly sons and daughters, and husband and wife. When you offer all, they are connected to the realm of heart. Unless you establish the foundation of having offered the entire family in front of heaven, the resurrected family, the family which is connected with heavenly love, cannot emerge. (166-324)

D. Husbands' Responsibility After The Mobilization Of Women

Kim Il Sung is the archangel. He is the representative of all fallen angels. Because he is the representative of Satan and fallen angels, women of Korea must conquer him. This is for the purpose of the unification of the North. What are men now? They are archangels on God's side. (165-40)

Father chased out families this time. While wives go out and work, their husbands must give up their wives and sons more than the wives have sacrificed, and must work much harder for the sake of God's Will. If you are a husband of a wife who has left her children and husband for the hard work of the Will, you must also work that much harder. You, men! Who can complain? When we work for God's Will in this way, Heaven will come to sympathize for us. (103-215)

Men also should be prepared. Instead of their wives, men must make the necessary moneys and send them to their wives, no matter what. (164-204)

When the decision was made for the mobilization of the women of the Blessed families of the Unification Church, men should not complain about it. Men should keep their mouth shut and go behind women to support them. I cannot organize you, so I rather let you work like servants who make money and offer the dues. (165-40)

Now, let's make a conclusion. Do you do it or do you not? (We do.) Do you go or do you not go? (We go.) With some regret or with no regrets? (With no regrets.) How do you have to go? (Without looking back.) You should go without looking back. You must be that way. God will be happy about it. When you receive the direction and go out, go without any regret. Don't look back. You can look straight in your husband's eyes and say, "Please take care of yourself." You can look one hundred times. Look thousands of times before you turn and leave. Then, once you turn, run and go.

When a wife returns home after restoring the nation, her husband must prepare a banquet and welcome her like a queen. The husband must greet her with comforting words. He must welcome her together with the children, and they must bow to the mother. Such a warm welcoming must be given. When she returns, her husband must warmly welcome her. The husband can play his role only when he does so. Isn't that so? Only when the husband welcomes her in such respectful manner can he resume the role of a husband on the higher level. If you do very well and come back from the mountains and rivers of your homeland, I wont give you a talk on not witnessing ever again. (164-297)

E. This Is The Last Mobilization

This is the last mobilization. I will not mobilize from now on, even if someone tells me to do so. (165-261)

At the time Of Moses, 600,000 people were suffering in the wilderness. When at least sixty million tribal people, representing the world, become liberated from the wilderness and establish the heavenly kingdom, that is, when they establish one foundation on earth in accordance with the heavenly way, the desire of Heaven, which will not change for billions of years, will be developed. Now, therefore, I say that this is the final work. The final one. (166-268)

We have served and made an effort to change the hostile environment to a friendly one. We have influence on the individual level and the family level. When is this mobilization of families? We have done so before as individuals, but how many times is this mobilization on the family level? This is the second time. (The third time.) Why do you say, it's the third time? We did for three years in 70's. What's the next? Have we done anything? (1981. . . ) That was not for three years. How many months? (Seven months.) That was seven months, right? Therefore, this is the official second mobilization on the family level. This is the second time. This is the last mobilization. (169-294)

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