Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Federation For Professors And Students

1. The Federation Of Unification Of Professors And Students

1) The Foundation of the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students

What is the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students? It is the Federation Movement of Unification of North and South of Professors and Students in the Universities in the whole Nation. Isn't that long? Even mixed up, everything have to be there. Nothing should be missed, shouldn't it? It is made up of 16 characters. So simply said, it is the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. It is mentioned in the academic circles! Federation of Unification of Professors and Students! We can begin to understand by first saying it -- Federation of Unification of Professors and Students! You don't know how to do it, do you?

In this community, you do not understand but, in the universities, if you mention the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students, it is instantly understood. People say that together the Academy of Professors and CARP centered on Reverend Moon give the Communist Party a difficult time! Do you know about this? Federation of Unification of Professors and Students? Do you understand what the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students is? Even some of you members of the Unification Church may be hearing this name for the first time.

So what is the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students? Try saying it, Professor. We have to put this in the whole nation! What is it? The National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South! It is! Is it long? Everything is in there! Today if we ask what is the number one problem of the nation, it is the student. If student and professors unite, it becomes a movement. Even though we have the government party and the opposition party, this country doesn't move. No one listens.

From now on we need to unite everything into one organization and we must have a strong plan. We have to make proper relationship from top to bottom and left to right. I know that we can liberate North Korea centered on the movement for the unification of North and South and to extend the national movement we need to try as leaders the Second Generation, who are full of power and strong will. Also we need to unite the professors and students in the academic circle. Seeing vertically, we must unite them with the professors in the Cain position and the Second Generation students in the Abel position.

Before it would become the standard for unity of professors and students, Reverend Moon made the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. We can say that its appearance is a historical event. Centered on the Federation of Professors and Students we can unite the professors and students in the academic circle. (Nov. 21, 1986)

Is it all right? When we made the National Federation Movement who was the subject? (Professors and students) Yes, they are the composition of the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. Remember this abbreviation, what is it? (Federation of Unification of Professors and Students) Everybody should know about it. When was it organized? (Last year, Oct. 11, 1986) It was Oct. 11. I made it when the students were committing violence every day. If I didn't do then, can I work like this today? Therefore, that time I came. Also this time, in order to do this meeting, I came.

If I didn't do this, fortune cannot settle and it will even fly away. Rev. Moon cannot consult with anybody. He cannot confer with the government. If the government doesn't cooperate, then I shall do it with my own hands. So it appeared as the subject ideology and holds power by God's name.

With whom did I make contact? To receive cooperation or help from somebody, Reverend Moon did like this? I did not! Therefore, I organized that Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. Why do we try to make it the top? When we see centered on Rev. Moon in the same position as Adam and when we see that Rev. Moon sees the ideal of creation centered on God's Will, the foundation of the base of Second Generation is to bless everything centered on Adam's family. It's to bless until the Second Generation.

What is this? It's like the family vertical and horizontal. Vertical and horizontal. On the family level, Cain-Abel comrades have to be one completely. Then it's impossible for Satan to invade. Satan cannot invade it. It is historical. So try to be centered on this level. . . . From now on, what we need are leaders. We see that the nation on every level and circle is centered on the best intellectuals. What we need are the smartest people and, next, the best media. Returning to Korea this time, Rev. Moon has to start definite action. In order to achieve this and in order for professors and students to be in a leadership position, I made Federation of Unification of Professors and Students.

We have to use the name of professors sometimes and then sometimes students. This is the reason why I named it the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students, why I remarkably organized the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students.

2) Many Kinds of Relationships

When analyzing South Korea, the model of vertical Cain and Abel is the professors and the students. Initially it is the relationship of parents and children, but at present centered on the nation, seeking to move the country, there is only the professors and the students. Parents will come together naturally. Centered on the realm of the unification of this vertical Cain and Abel, we have to unite horizontally society's hero and its youth. On the social aspect, if the horizontal Cain and Abel became united on the standard of the Principle, then the foundation for the complete realization of the nation will be built. The nation can rise from there. The whole nation has to follow.

The relationship is vertical when it is centered on the university professor and the university student. It is similar to the relationship of parents and children.

The relationship between Unification Church and the people of this country is that of father and son; that between the Unification Church and the academic circle is that of Cain and Abel. The VOC is joined exactly in the middle. The VOC is not Cain nor is it Abel. It is mixed!

The VOC needs to be completely united with the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students; if so, then when we look on the horizontal viewpoint, the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students is the levels of formation, growth and perfection.

The Federation of Unification of Professors and Students is the representative of the intellectual world. And next, what! It is representative of the future. This is similar to the relationship between the head and the leg. So that if I think and say, "Stand up," I mean for the legs to stand up. If indeed the academic world can stand up, everything will be solved.

The VOC movement is a horizontal movement, not a vertical movement. And the Unification Church is connected vertically. If the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students and Unification Church became united, the VOC can be incorporated completely between them. We see it like this. The organization of the Unification Church is an organization of relationships of parents and children. So doing that is vertical. It's a vertical organization. Because the professors and the students are also vertically organized, they become like this. There is an old saying, "The king's and the teacher's and the father's obligation is the same," isn't there? All of it is vertical. However, the VOC is a horizontal organization. So with the VOC, we shouldn't be looking at our own desires. We must do a good job with VOC.

Our Unification Church is pure and religious so it doesn't have much experience with society. So that we don't know how to deal with society so well. But the VOC has experience in dealing with society so that the two should be mixed. It has to have both sides. Therefore, they have to do the job of gluing professors and church because if they do not unite, then it's impossible for the unification of North and South. If inside our own we cannot make unity, how. . .This is the point!

In the Divine Principle viewpoint, everything is in a Cain and Abel position. When we see the Unification Church vertically, you and the True Parents are in the vertical positions of Cain and Abel. Centered vertically on the Unification Church, you and Reverend Moon are the internal vertical Cain and Abel. Do you understand? The professors and the students are the external Cain and Abel. It is good if they can be united. Internal and external Cain and Abel becoming united, how is this achieved? How? If this became oneness, unification will appear above it. The internal vertical Cain and Abel which is the VOC, the realm of the Archangel, and the Unification Church and the external Cain and Abel which is the professors and students in the university have to be united. I say the VOC; it's the VOC. Centered on the organization of the VOC! The VOC organization is big. Being bigger than the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students and more than the Unification Church we have to try to put this front and top all the way to the neighborhood. . . that peak point is connected to the world, to the neighborhood in this world, connected also to the district and the neighborhood in North Korea.

3) The Mission of the Federation

What is the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students? When the teachers and the students become united, what do they do? It's unification. What kind of unification? (It's the unification for South and North) Centered on what? By sticks? By clubs? (It's by love!)

By organizing the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students we need to educate the students to catch the Communist party. Through the Principle and through action. . . . do you understand? By having the arm of the right side and the head of the right side we have to hit the arm of the left side and the head of the left side. You have to defeat the Communist Party through ideology and theory. Absolutely, we must not retreat. We need this kind of strategy. If we expel the leftwing elements and the reactionary elements in the educational institutions, the nation will move ahead. If we did this, the nation would be grateful and the people in authority would also be appreciative.

This mission of the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students is enormous. We need to do breathe in deeply, fire rapidly and have a broad mind. This is an amazing thing! The fact that the students and the professors will join together, will come out to unify North and South, is in itself enough revolutionary substance. Therefore if someone says anything, a revolution can happen. It is wonderfully amazing!

Once the meetings are held in the universities and the "fire starts to burn," our movement can observe who are the students of the leftwing groups. Even though some do not attend, we can still observe them. Except for a few, once they speak, we can see through their appearance. We need to strongly establish everything and move ahead. The time is like this now.

We have to influence the professors to be active. Then what activities do we need to start? We have to hold public speeches for the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South in the eight "Do." The professors should mobilize the local hero and the students should mobilize the local youth. This is their mission. You and the professors can give lectures on the campuses, but to entice people to go and hear the lectures and drive away opposition- influenced groups, we need the local champion.

We need to put emphasis on the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students for the accomplishment of God's Will. What the VOC needs to do through the Unification Church is to have a rally of the Second Generation. Do you understand? Organization can happen later, but the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students should take the lead. How come? We have to try to influence the Second Generation and the intellectual people of the nation. This is the point.

The first thing we need to do is center the movement of defeating the academic world on the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. The problem is how to unite the universities centered on the National Federation. Next is the movement of society through the things that are connected centered on the university. We have to bring together the local hero, the local administrative officers and the local political leaders. The professors have to coordinate these public meetings, gathering these distinguished people together while the students gather together the local youth. At the same time you are having conferences in the main cities, do the same in the district and the neighborhood This is the defeating of the district and the neighborhood.

If you were in my place, you would think to have the VOC at the front line and as the base organization of the National Movement. However, Rev. Moon doesn't think like this. No!

We have to put the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students in the front. Where is the subject? (The Federation of Unification of Professors and Students) It is the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students! I need the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. Once the nation becomes united with the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students the nation will start to move ahead.

If the professors cannot correct the universities, it would start to decrease. It is this serious. So I tried to make the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students in record time. Is it easy?

Nowhere in history can you find that the university professors and the students got together. This is revolutionary. Last year in March the preparation for the big conference as the three-point foundation centering on the professors was a lesson for them from me.

To change the historical level, I became the motivating power so that this will expand to the intellectual world. Last year I asked the president of Seoul University to invite the president who is in the National Capital Region. I thought that I had to meet and persuade him to do this. Because the professors didn't have any national influence, I held the conference of professors. When did you grasp the academic world strongly by its collar and say, "Listen to what I am saying. You have to do this!" I organized the National Federation for the Unification of North and South in this manner.

Also this time we need to prepare this movement before the entrance examinations to the universities. You don't understand, do you? Doing the conference together with professors and students is unlike any event in history. The concept of placing power on the professors' elegant shoulders is worse than putting the mouth in front of the tiger. However, cooperate with those scholars in order to save this nation. Centered on patriotism they can compromise with parents on an equal level; then for them to be working and cooperating together would be an amazing event. Then who will be leading? The professors will lead. It's not the students. We need to go through the vertical course!

When we think that South Korea itself is where Abel is, then the professors and the students are in the realm of Abel. However, these people are doing Satan's work. Everybody needs to be put together; people have to be united. We have to do like this, don't we? (Yes!)

In the future, there will be no other way. There is no way South Korea can survive if we cannot influence professors and students in the academic circle; not by political party, not by religious organization, nor by its founder (like Reverend Moon), and not by the VOC. All the nations in Europe have become like this. Rationality is collapsing everywhere. All the authority on the earth is collapsing. There is no way to recover. Now you realize how tragic this kind of destiny is, don't you?

The teachers' union in the university has a vertical relationship in it. There is a relationship with the board of directors and there is a relationship with the students. I really want to live with the board of directors and the students together. I want to live this way even if you don't! If there is a student who has this kind of conviction, even though his intelligence is feeble or he has some other weak point, we can say that he is a "teacher of the professors." And to the student who "truly wants to be together with teachers and wants to lead together" we can say that he is a true student. And anyone in the board of directors who feels that "I want to live together with professors and students" and wouldn't feel ashamed of the groups they represent. then he can love the school more than anybody else.

How much effort does a professor exert so that his system in his field of study can be made worldwide? It is necessary to have an appreciative heart, shedding tears while holding and reading his book, tearfully feeling his suffering as mine.

Due to the heart, the bone marrow spreads, comes together, divides and goes forward inside the body.

All of you, how much do you love the students? The point is to be able to say in a dignified way that he and I have the relationship of teacher and pupil; that you are both connected heartistically in a kind of relationship where you cannot leave each other for long without looking back, without trying to hold and catch the student. This kind of feeling sinks deeply into the bones. Don't care about how difficult it is. Don't care about the owner. (October 11, 1986)

The professor shouldn't tell himself that he is great. He should live for the sake of the students; likewise, the students should live for the sake of the professor. So the movement of living for the sake of others should be diffused in the schools. (Sept. 29, 1986)

2. The Providence Centered On The Second Generation

1) The Second Generation in the Communist Realm

Now the Communist world appeared on the Satanic side to strike the democratic world on heaven's side, but True Parents on the worldwide position have to be able to adopt them without holding anything against them. They have to establish the condition to be able to hold the son who represents the democratic world and the son who represents the Communist world. Then the age where the leader of the democratic world and the leader of the Communist world can meet each other face-to-face will be next.

However, I am saying that also within the democratic world there is Cain and Abel. Through the vertical viewpoint, the First Generation is Cain and the Second Generation is Abel. Also in the Communist world, the First Generation is Cain and the Second Generation is Abel. So, after restoring the elder son centered on the realm of Abel how will the democratic world be?

If the standard of restoration of elder son is to restore lineage, then every Second Generation person of the Satanic world will go to God's side naturally. Naturally means joining to.

According to the fortune of heaven and earth, the Second Generation in the democratic world and the Second Generation in the Communist world are connecting to God's side naturally. This is presently happening in the Communist world. On the world situation we see that democracy and Communism are fighting each other, but the Second Generation in the Communist world is yearning for the democratic world while the Second Generation in the democratic world yearns for the Communist world.

They are coming near each other. So in the future, children will turn their backs on the Communist world. In a similar manner like this momentary border line, Reverend Moon has now been doing the movement of adjusting the Communist world and the democratic world centered on True Parents in the History of Restoration of Indemnity. So I returned holding together the Cain and Abel of the democratic world. So from now on I have to deal with the Communist world.

Today the Second Generation in the Communist world yearn for the free world like America. But when they came to America they begun to lose hope seeing its decadent social lifestyle. (Aug. 21, 1985)

You know that members of the Unification Church went to Russia and its satellite countries. Do you understand what this means? (Yes!) They are building the way that we can go when spring comes. They do this at the face of so much opposition; opposition that are corrupted so much. The Second Generation of Russia are corrupted. Corrupted means able to be changed. America's Second Generation, they are also joining the Unification Church. (Sept. 25, 1978)

From now on, the number one emphasis is on the Second Generation. The Communist Party also sees the Second Generation as the important factor. Also the Unification Church's Second Generation are the leaders guiding the movement for the unification of North and South. So sooner or later the Second Generations in both South and North Korea will start to fight each other; however, this time the Second Generation of the South side will not lose.

Also in Japan, the conflict with the Communist Party is centered on the Second Generation. Now Japan desires to be a member of the associations of free world countries to completely liberate itself from the menace of Communism. Japan developed as it is today due to a stable political situation. (April 7, 1988)

The next thing that I want to do is to educate the Second Generation in the Communist world. They are pursuing a frenzied life that does not conform to the will of the First Generation. If we educate this Second Generation with Unification Thought they can change quickly. This is Heavenly Father's strategy.

Within the Communist world there is trouble between the liberal group and the conservative group. We should not lose this opportunity. They are equipped with an ideology so we have to confront them with an ideology. Also they are powerful so we have to push them aside, confronting with trust. (April 7, 1988)

Reverend Moon, standing in the position as representative of the democratic world, brought the doctrine that can push out the Communist world.

Already the Communist world is finished! Only the Unification Church can climb the pinnacle of the Communist world and the democratic world. Already we have the reputation of being the best in the world. The Satanic world is scared and Heavenly Father is happy. The First Generation of the Communist Party are against us but the Second Generation is beginning to like Reverend Moon. It has progressed like this. If it didn't, I would make it this way even if I have to borrow Heavenly Father's power. Now in the significant world that is coming, only Heavenly Father and True People would remain. True Love is the purpose and ideal of the Unification Church. (June 5, 1983)

2) Demonstrations in the Universities

Worldwide, the problem in the universities has recently taken a new direction centered on the students but can the students even be its nucleus? They cannot be! After a period of a few years, after their education, they would move according to the direction that society dictates. The power of the students which cannot bring changes after they are assimilated by society cannot have social influence.

Today students are demonstrating. But if you decide to demonstrate, stand in the position of the cosmic power that is centered on love to bring harmony. If you do it this way, the nation and the cosmos will welcome you more and more; but should you do the contrary, then the demonstrations will be removed by the power of the cosmos. (April 12, 1981)

Today the students are only criticizing the government. They are saying, "We are perfect, you are evil!" All of you, are you perfect? If not, then you should realize the position you are in! After realizing that position, can you express so? Actually, I don't think that anybody is like pure gold. You need to go through the refinement factory to melt all the evil things and take out all the impurities; whether you like it or not, you have a lot of work to do.

The children that are moved by conscience are found lying in the academic circles, aren't they? America go back! It's like this, isn't it? The anti-American movement. . . . The American government put up a policy of self-protectionism to correct the trade imbalance, but this is only material to fuel anti-American feelings. They ask to take care but behind everything they strike and take away. After this and after everything clears up, they are the only ones that benefit. What kind of people are they!

But still America is better! Russia took over everything. In North Korea, within one month after the occupation, they took the machines in the factories. Not even one engine remained. They took out everything -- the electrical transformers and motors, also water and wind dynamos, electric and heat power plants; everything was taken away. They moved everything completely to Siberia.

3) The Mission of the Second Generation

Everybody in the realm of the Second Generation should become a leader, then they have to become the foundation of the state. Is it just the university? In front of Reverend Moon and in front of South Korea, the Second Generation are the university, junior high school and high school students. Do you understand? We must call everyone and hold a rally centered around the 20-year-old youths. After we call and rally them together, who must they center on? They have to unite with the professors. This is the vertical Cain and Abel. Brotherhood is a horizontal Cain and Abel relationship. They have to be one like the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students.

Once this unity becomes strong, we have to next make a model of this society centered on this movement to influence famous people through the professors, and the youth through the students.

After I build the worldwide foundation as soon as I come back, you have to be connected over to the national standard. When we connect to it, who is the center that it must be connected to? Through the Principled viewpoint should we connect centered on the Second Generation or should we be connected centered on the First generation? It is not on the opposition party nor on the government party; it's on the Second Generation. Based on the nature of the academic sphere of South Korea, only in the universities is there a standard of consciousness remaining. (April 7, 1988)

My thought is that from now on we have to create that new climate, do you understand? If you do the movement well, you will not be defeated by the lazy left-wing youth. The Second Generation, do you understand? (Yes!) Therefore, this kind of conclusion comes. We have to be responsible and we have to stand up on the realm of liberation; that is, we should be able to connect to the liberation of the world, that the nation should go and should be able to achieve the nation's liberation and that the race should go and should be able to achieve the liberation of the race. (Sept. 13, 1987)

4) By Educating the Second Generation We Can Prepare for the Unification of North and South

In South Korea we must lead the movement for the unification of North and South centered on the Second Generation in the academic world. And we need to give Unification Thought education to everyone. However, the activity of CARP in South Korea does not live up to the expectations. As a leader of CARP, Dr. Song, you must push strongly, having nerves of steel, even if people might say, "they're stupidly honest!" When you drive away you have to drive without excuse. The leaders of the Communist Party put less-educated people at the head of the revolution because they think that those people have the power to drive away anything by being stupidly honest.

Until now the most difficult thing for me was to accomplish the work process centered on the Ph.D. people. I do not get irritated a lot when I see what these higher-educated people are doing. But the work that they promote isn't possible. Those doctors attending here, your expression is not so happy, but this is truth.

By educating the Second Generation, I am supposed to pull up to the top by starting at the bottom. By taking care of the Second Generation, I make great people serve them. The Second Generation who are suffering at the bottom, once given Unification Thought, will have to be followed even by great people. They can achieve things which cannot be achieved by great people.

Even the famous Ph.D.s in society cannot catch up to the Second Generation who receive Divine Principle education. Those Ph.D.s who say that they are famous in society do not receive a doctor's love in front of Heavenly Father. Therefore they need to follow the Second Generation in order to receive God's love.

Heavenly Father knows everything! After being hit, He then takes over. Heavenly Father's Providence has been working this way. He knows that the method of deception and impression is the way to make Satan surrender. You must respect the way of Heavenly Father's great love. Even if people step on you, you shouldn't confront nor fight them. It is a fact that we do not fight, but it is possible for missionaries sometimes to do like this to awaken the people to pay attention. Especially for the Second Generation in the academic circle, they are so hot blooded that they have to know strongly the reason why it is necessary to be hit first and then to take over.

Next, we must encourage the education of the Second Generation who are doing service in the army. Ever since 1950, 1 had thought about their education. Unfortunately, at that time no one accepted my conviction. But through the anti-Communist education that we did extensively throughout the nation, they declared that the VOC education of Reverend Moon is necessary. But how did they become like this today? It is because the army came to be influenced by the Communist party.

God's Will is great! The providence is being accomplished absolutely. The time has come for the education of the Second Generation who are again in the army. From now on, the first thing that must be done is to manage the Second Generation. Then we have to be prepared for the definite time of unification of North and South by managing the Second Generation in the academic institutions and saving the Second Generation in the army. I am saying that there is no way for South Korea to go without saving the Second Generation. (April 7, 1988)

From now, what are the things that we should do? God's providence will not be done by moving all 60 million people. It will be accomplished by the Head Priest. By the cutting of the doves, the sovereignty will be made or will not be made. Likewise, the accomplishment of our portion of responsibility will be made in the same way. So that centered on the Second Generation, putting in order the preparation to welcome the Age of the Unification of North and South is most important, more than anything else; you shouldn't forget this. The first thing that people should do is to relate with the Second Generation. When Moses led the exodus from Egypt, the restoration of Canaan centered on the Second Generation was supposed to be accomplished by Moses.

The First Generation who had lived in Egypt couldn't enter Canaan. We shouldn't forget the fact that the restoration of Canaan became possible only after 40 years has passed since their exodus from Egypt and only after educating the Second Generation; so that to prepare for the Age of Unification of North and South we need to educate the Second Generation. On the opening of the Age of Unification, I really wish that you can overcome your mistakes and be absolutely impressed with the reality that the Second Generation should become leaders and wholeheartedly educate the Second Generation in the academic institutions.

5) Education and the Unification of North and South

How many days did we educate everybody when we did it this time in Seoul? We did everything in 28 days? By planning 3 weeks ahead! We educated 140,000 people in 28 days. At that time we borrowed the entire wedding ceremonial office of the district. Everybody should be educated like this. Then everything will be done completely in a short time. Is there a Hall of "Saemaul" in the district? Also, there in the district until li isn't that so? Everything is there! We can use a lot of people to serve meals. You can make and serve them in a small tent in front of the garden.

Before the night is finished, tell everybody to please come for tomorrow morning's study period so that they will gather at that time. If we did the patriotic movement during the "daytime" when everyone is awake and very much aware, then it has no "taste." It should be done in the "nighttime.". . At night when people sleep, they silently and eagerly sing a song about liberation, "Let's go to North Korea. Let's liberate North Korea." Then from now on what should the young people in li do? A long time ago there was a national boy's team, wasn't there? Again, try to make this boy's team but for the unification of North and South. .

6) The Second Generation's Attitude

Why did it take 40 years for the Israelites to cross over the Jordan river? It was because they lacked faith and couldn't unite with Heavenly Father's original Will and who was guiding them. Even if it took 40 years, Heavenly Father wanted the Israelites to reach this principled standard. Yet although all of the First Generation ancestors became food for the hawks, he had to save the Second Generation. So all of the First Generation became food for the hawks, didn't they? It is the same with you. The Unification Church also has the same destiny.

We must be strong and bold. We must be strong and bold. Heavenly Father corrected the Israel people who had the sorrowful fortune of the ruin of their country and he gave the order to Joshua, who after Moses died inherited the position to be in front of the emerging Israel nation, and to Caleb, to be strong and to be bold. He ordered them to be strong and to be brave. Do you understand? (Yes!)

Now we are similar to the Second Generation of the Israelites who were in the Sinai wilderness. The fortune of the American church is like the breaking down of the Israel people as a group. The First Generation was punished and perished in the wilderness while the future generation that remained built and restored the nation of Israel. But this time we gather the Second Generation in the new wilderness of Sinai as the group who will prepare for the nurturing of the country and the building of the land of Israel. We need to have the same foundation. We must know that Heavenly Father ordered us to be strong and to be bold at this time.

Who perished when the First Generation were the leaders? All of them perished. We are in the same position as when the First Generation of Israelites were supposed to be the leaders in building the land of Israel but in the confusion in that dark age perished in the wilderness. Now we have to know that we stand in a similar position like the new group of Second Generation with Joshua and Caleb who were going to build the Israelite nation. Everybody, are you so? (Yes!) It must be so!

Where is the point where we win the fight or fail? From now on by mobilizing the young Second Generation, the First Generation has to manage everything. My mission is to guide the Second Generation. This is similar to the time of the Israel people who 4,000 years ago restored Canaan and built a nation centered on the Second Generation.

Why is it? I have to bless until the Second Generation. So that Satan cannot accuse. No one can do it either. They cannot hit us. If the sword is hit, it breaks and falls down; consequently they are hit. We can do like this.

For 40 years until now I have been coming to educate the youth.

So centered on my family and centered on the Second Generation of the 36 couples as historical representative of the children of Abel, we have to observe and digest all the Second Generation in the Satanic world. Here are professors and all kinds of leaders in the nation; if the national leader tries to help the professors, then everything will start to advance. The public official is a servant, isn't he? Therefore, the person in the highest position is not in here! Who is the owner of the future? It's the professors and the students. It is only students centered on professors that can engraft from the very first to past to present to future.

Did the Second Generation do a good job this time centered on True Parents? (Yes!) Is it called "special corps"? Did the "special corps" become the leader? (Yes!) To be a leader, where did you go? Everything must be learned in the universities; we must do it. This time the Federation of the Unification of Professors and Students gave lectures in the university, didn't they? It is the Federation of the Unification of Professors and Students of the whole private school. What does it mean? It means to learn the blessed land of Canaan in our Unification Church. Even the nation cannot go against this.

Already you shouldn't be jealous of anything in this world. But now everything in this world is perishing, isn't it? Don't put your hopes, any hope, in the government party or in the opposition party. Only on us; we start everything from us. We should stand in the center here and we must have completely the realm of influence through four directions; establishing on our own self means having absolute faith. We must sacrifice for the whole centered on an immovable base and centered on here. Do you understand? Seen through the Divine Principle Viewpoint, it would be like this.

Your own ancestors can connect to all the students centered on the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. It's to connect. Indeed, only to connect the students? From now on, centered on the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students, everybody must go to the city, go to the town and mobilize the teachers of the elementary school until 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade students. We must educate centered on the university professors and organize tightly. Do you understand? In the viewpoint of the History of Restoration, the time of Moses during the restoration of Canaan and the present time of establishing the Fatherland as God's nation stand in a parallel position; thus, in planning to enter the fortress of Canaan during Moses' time, if the Second Generation were placed as leaders they did not need to live in the wilderness for 40 more years. (April 7, 1988)

Through the position of righteousness, we must be able to plan our life so that we leave to the Second Generation a respect for their inheritance and make sure that they themselves will seriously value this tradition. Today the Second Generation will not be a problem if they are determined like this.

Heavenly Father guides -- so be bold, don't be a weak person. Being on the side of righteousness, don't be scared or hate your enemy. Be the hero or the brave man on the side of morality who can rectify the problems into goodness and righteousness.

3. The Movement For Unification And The Hometown District School

1) Significance of the Hometown District School

The tendency of unification is maturing in four directions: east, west, north and south. If the Korean race doesn't stand up for the way of unification, I will try to extend it by bringing Japanese and American people. We will enlighten people with allotment by bringing famous international scholars to the unit of the city until "Gung" in the whole nation. If it were like this, how shameful it is! As a Korean race, it would be so shameful if unification, which is our Korean desire, was achieved by a foreigner. Reverend Moon managed to build Hometown District Schools in the whole nation centered on professors from this nation.

Today, we already established and are operating these Hometown District Schools in about a hundred places in the whole nation. Actually, when the Communist party invaded South Korea, they organized in the farming and fishing villages centered on the young people who were so poor and couldn't study. In this age of unification of North and South, the Hometown District Schools offer an opportunity for young people to get an education who otherwise couldn't do so due to extreme poverty, thereby in effect taking out an object for the Communist party to try to organize. Also, in this age of unification, we can organize the whole nation centered on the Hometown District School to oppose the Communist Party; this is the work of "killing three birds with one stone." Is there any better way to love the nation and to love our hometown than by educating people centered on the Second Generation through the Hometown District Schools? This is the highest form of love to reach the universal principle. From our hometown districts we have to build the heartistic foundation. Then for the very first time, our ancestors can be restored through this heartistic foundation.

When your ancestors come through Seoul, where do they go to visit? What kind of condition is necessary so that they can be resurrected? The place where they want to go and the place they long for is their hometown. Same as our ancestors, whom do we visit and share love with? In an unknown city or in Seoul, what do you long for in your heart? To study and succeed in life, that is only for them and not for their parents. So we have to build the traditional foundation which can continue for future generations to get cooperation from spirit world and restore spirit world. In order to do so, we have to develop to build the Hometown District Schools. Everything is for welcoming the time of heavenly fortune. (April 7, 1988)

For the sake of God's Will, we have to save our hometown districts, don't we? However, who can save their own hometown district? We try to save them by organizing professors centered on the Hometown District Schools. Then this will be the amazing foundation. (Jan. 21, 1988)

2) The Hometown District School and Patriotism

A little while ago in Korea, we began the Hometown District Schools, didn't we? Everybody, as a university professor, how much did you think of your hometown district? We need to think of how to live together in our hometown districts. The person who doesn't want to live together with his own parents, who doesn't want to live in his own hometown district, cannot love the country. This kind of person, if he says he loves the nation, then his word is fake. From this develops living together with the nation, then living together with the world. Then, after living together with the world, we come to living together with Heavenly Father. So that, for the first time, after loving the local area, it became possible to love the nation. (Oct. 11, 1986)

In order to unify North and South, we need to distribute the professors. Now what is the quickest way to mobilize South Korea to the direction of the unification movement? We need to influence the academic world. In order to influence the universities, first of all, we have to move the professors. Next, if you want to go to the local area, you need to influence the junior high schools and the high schools. Next is to influence the elementary schools.

Until now we couldn't defend ourselves from the attempt of the Communist party to Bolshevize South Korea centered on the schools and centered on the educational materials that carried left-wing ideology. The Ministry of Education couldn't take responsibility, so through every kind of effort we really need to influence the school masters, need to influence the principals and need to influence the university presidents. Freely in a natural environment, the professors are the ones who can influence them without chastisement. For the movement of unification, Reverend Moon dispensed the Hometown District Schools and established them in the cities, in the towns, in the whole nation. You have to love your hometown district. The professor who comes and goes like the wind in the university after becoming a Ph.D. and becoming successful in his life never really loved his hometown district although he was born there and went to school there. The teacher who wants to love the nation has to start loving the hometown district. Therefore I am saying that we have to educate poor people through the Hometown District Schools. If your own flesh and blood bums with the desire for learning, go back to your hometown district and, shedding tears, hold the poor people in li all night. Educate the people in your hometown district.

Therefore, all professors should join the social activities and meetings centered on the Hometown District School in the hometown district that they graduated in. I think that from now on if the professors don't attend the management of the Hometown District School we have to stamp and brand them and purge them from the school and from society. Can you think of the nation without thinking of your hometown district? Confucius said, "Shine your heart to correct mind and action, rule the country well, try to make peace with the whole world." I order to rule the nation, you have to rule your house. Therefore to love the nation, you have to love your hometown. It's the same rationale.

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