Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Shortcut To The Unification Of North And South (Part 1)

1. The Necessity Of The Organization

The organization is necessary for deciding position. We have to know the position of ourselves. Does everybody understand? To decide position is also to tightly connect with the history of relationships.

At the center, "I" must be connected. Power should connect with power, and whoever wields the power becomes the subject. The object receives guidance.

Therefore that relationship is connecting on "4 directions -- 8 directions" and with history, and deciding that the position of our own self can solemnly stand from any direction, front and back, left to right, up and down.

After our own position is decided to be in that position, in the realm in 3 dimensions which is in "4 directions -- 4 directions," the position of all kinds of reasons, our own self and all things can be related, can become united. We have to nurture those people who have that kind of original power. So, if it is necessary to have an organization, it has to be decided at that position. To decide, we have to make one of the subject realm or the realm of perspective. If we cannot make the subject realm, it cannot continuously exist as one entity. If we make this realm, then one object can exist right away centered on it. The position is a natural selection.

After the power of the organization and the power of unity became one, action comes. If the center should say, "I do not belong there. You go to the west and I go to the east, then, in this kind of situation it is not far from ruin. So, in an organization unity and action are all developments of elements in the society.

So, the whole has to quickly make the standard of reciprocity as the standard to unite for all things to go forward on the same purpose. Unified action has to be done. If it is, prosperity can come to any place. This is the Principle.

The root of the Fall is rooted in the relationship of moving one's position. If you do not act following God's Word, it is the beginning of the Fall. Therefore I can say clearly that to know the position and to enter the realm of organization have to be connected in a relationship. In order to do so, our own self has to absolutely stand in the object position. United power has to appear in our Own selves, then we can do heavenly action. You have to keep this always in your head; never forget it.

First of all, what is it? Organization. What is the organization for? To decide the position. What is second? To unite. Each, on his own, has to decide that the standard is to be in the object position towards the subject, which is in the central position. If it becomes like that, unity is achieved. In order to become united with one goal, we have to go forward as one world. It has to be like this. TO move forward, the goal must be to have unified action. Without living this principle, then it is nothing. When you become like that, you can clearly see who is above. If you forget that, you lose everything, which is your relationship between up and down.

First of all is organization. Second is unification. Third, action is necessary.

These three big elements are needed in order to move the world centered on Korea. We have to thoroughly do a hundred percent, to report in "4 directions -- 8 directions," by standing within the realm of the organization. In order to achieve the main mission, you must make that standard to stand at the top. You have to decide your position and your position within the realm of the organization. If there is no position, there is no place to sit. Once position is decided, you can begin to work. According to how effort is made, you may begin to realize that the position is getting bigger. It is very important to decide position for the power of the organization to become stronger.

One country has to be organized as a simple unit. If the top leaders' orders go down and action and progress are made, will that country prosper or deteriorate? (Prosper!) It becomes prosperous. According to the difference of power, history changes and moves and the age is transformed. This is the principle of the development of history. So we have to believe in the unification of North and South centered on our own organization. Do you understand? Already the school principals, the headmaster and teachers in junior high schools and high schools are receiving education, aren't they?

So let's do this activity centered on the Prime Minister's homeland. If in Taegu, let us educate from the Taegu city's Board of Education, the "Kyung Sang Pok Do Su district" Association of the Board of Education, the headmaster, the principal until the teachers. Next is "Kyung Gi district." To do like this, let us organize the whole nation through perfect education. There is no other chance if you miss this time. So is it good to miss this chance or to catch it strongly? (Have to catch strongly!) Please raise your hand one time, and clench your fist, those who will take a strong hold on this best chance. By your raised fisted hand, we have to defeat the district and the neighborhood; we have to make the organization of the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South. (Jan. 2, 1988)

2. The Ideal Organization

What should we be doing at a time like this when the Unification Church is trying to build the Kingdom of Heaven? After this, we must organize the center in the town and "Gung." We must try to make the people in that locality visit our church. We should practice this in our church.

We must have an organization like this within our church. It should be similar to the Ministry of Justice and must have administrative work. It has to be in this form when it starts. From now on, the economic problem and the field of sales must be left in two domains. The movement of two domains is the movement to separate the problem of the church and the problem of the economy. So, what is it that corresponds to the legislative body? This is the unit of the family. This has to be achieved; otherwise, this country cannot come about. As the core, the family must take the leadership part. Subject and object have to take this responsibility. We have extended this extraordinary mission. So the first time the Kingdom of Heaven is established, unity is achieved through this kind of organization from the mountain to the middle of a big city.

How can we make it like this? The family has to do this kind of responsibility. From where can we achieve the Kingdom of Heaven! It will be achieved from the family. It must be from the family.

So, who must inherit this tradition as the ideal in the unfallen world? That is Adam's descendants; the family of Adam's descendants have to inherit it. So, from now on we have to extend this kind of organization to the global scale. By this, the environment of the Kingdom of Heaven will be achieved.

In order to accomplish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we have to make a system that can apply all the laws of the Principle to the circumstances of the society. They should all be similar to man. Today's information organization should resemble the auditory organ, the sense of hearing. In order to get prosperity, this is how South Korea should become. The nation will prosper if there is a strong organization that can receive all hostile reports from outside as soon as possible and can indeed dispose of the element of invasion. After that, what will these developed societies be similar to? It will be similar to "I" The three big principles concerning mind and body and matter are here. It cannot make an exception; it cannot even miss one. To put together these three through formation, growth, and perfection, they must be consummated perfectly in one form.

There is only one heavenly parent for man. This is God who has dual characteristics, so man also has dual characteristics. All things are also made with dual characteristics, forming plus and minus. If God and man and all things are connected, put together they constitute the number 7. When 3 stages are extended, the four-position foundation is realized. Once these numbers 3 and 4 become harmoniously unified, it becomes the number 7. The number 7 is the number of perfection, the number of the purpose of creation.

You also become all of these things. All these three become one. If the eye is connected with oneness, then the nose also can see straight into oneness. The ear, too. So everything is created to oneness.

If you see the face, this eye is symbolic of God, and this nose is symbolic of man, this mouth is symbolic of all things. In the face the highest part is the nose, isn't it? The teeth number 32, which is symbolic of all things (4 x 8 = 32). Realizing this, we can say that all the elements of heaven are gathered in the face of man. Everything is thus connected within three parts of the organization. You'll never know how wonderful man is without viewing him through the three principled stages of formation, growth and completion. In order to achieve the Kingdom of Heaven centered on this kind of principle of creation, from now on we have to pioneer the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Today, the biggest problem in the world is the absence of an organization like the human lung. Without an organization like the lung which can absorb oxygen as the price of life, there is nothing that can absorb ideal materials, that stands in a new policy which can bring happiness to the whole of humankind. History until now has been the process of welcoming the ideal with no ideal thought or "ism." The Unification Church shows a new ideology for this process.

The sun is the father and the mother is turning centered on the father; mother is like the earth; son and daughter are like the moon; they have to turn centered on the mother. So, from now on, all organizations in the society have to be an organization of the family centered on cosmic form. The world has to be like this. The church also has to be like it. We have to attend or treat the church leader like Father. In the church, somebody should be like Father and there should be somebody who can do Mother's mission. Then we have to make unity in the family to grow in four directions. The nation is the same. Also, the world is the same. After all, the organization of the world has to have the form of a family and of a man.

3. The Organization Of The Communist Party

The organizations in the Communist Party are like an organization of cells. (June 14, 1987)

The Communist Party puts their workers in jail, examining and checking all information through surveillance. Everything is reported on any contact, and they tighten their organization by putting people on the blacklist. The organization of the Communist Party is no more than an organization of absolute confinement.

The highest focus of the organization of the Communist world is the prison. How do they dispose of anti-Communist people? When a leading worker for democracy or the free world goes into jail, they will naturally know the decision and content of the trial. Being informed of which jail he is going to, they send a Communist member there six months earlier. This Communist Party leader commits a hostile crime and enters the same prison. He builds a foundation with the jailed democratic worker by acting like a friend or brother and preys on him like a victim. Day or night, the Communist becomes the servant of this person, prepares his bed and feeds him his dinner, then speaks evil things of Communists, even if they are not true. So, the person will tell everything, all his secrets, because he feels that the Communist is on his side. Then he steals all the information. As soon as the Communist Party member leaves the prison, a thunderstorm follows the betrayed prisoner. Everybody fights in this kind of world. Do you understand? (Jan. 2, 1988)

4. The District And The Neighborhood

From now on why do we have to defeat the district and the neighborhood? The Fall came from the family. It did not start in the neighborhood, do you understand? Not in the district and the neighborhood. There should be a family in that the neighborhood -- the defeated family. The mother and father have to believe Heavenly Father absolutely; they have to love sons and daughters like Heavenly Father loves the mother and father. We have to love our neighbors and the nation which is connected, and center that on the love of Heavenly Father and the three big loves which are children's love, parental love, and conjugal love. From here is established the direction of the realm of unification, do you understand? (Jan. 31, 1988)

The movement of defeating the district and the neighborhood is the origin of indemnity which can liberate the families in the whole world and build the foundation which Jesus couldn't accomplish for the resurrection of the tribe in history. Now the standard is to defeat the leaders of the district and the neighborhood. Centered on the families of Unification Church members, the liberation of the tribal realm at the global level starts today in four directions. You have to understand why Rev. Moon asked you to promise here at this time. It is because I see that this is the condition for spreading the realm of revelation of the district and the neighborhood to all nations.

Now, the reason for South Korea's failure is that it couldn't educate people centered on an organization which is centered on the district and the neighborhood Even by controlling, it couldn't accomplish until "Gung." They just made an administrative organization that was "coming-going" in the street; everything that they were concerned about was only the national treasures. It is no good.

Thus, to be successful we need to invest all resources centered on the leaders of "the district" and the neighborhood. Therefore we have to protect the family. In order to save the nation it must multiply by selling, by protecting its sales. This is an important theme. Selling itself becomes an arm of the ideology. When we become successful we say we are all connected and unity is present in the neighborhood. Like this, we have to unite.

When we say, "Start!" it is to strongly prepare and to put the standard of defeating in the district and the neighborhood; for this, all of us must be able to go to North Korea. We must completely conspire with the propaganda team within the area of the district and the neighborhood. Do you understand? Of course the toxkm, the town "the district"; but the first subject is organization of the district and the neighborhood. We have to establish the organization of the district and the neighborhood. Surely, it has to be made.

Then, absolutely we have to go to the place where the district and the neighborhood is in North Korea; we need to prepare by renting a jeep or car in the district and the neighborhood, and we have to shoulder all expenses and use everything by our own power.

Now, what is it that we must do? The defeating of the district and the neighborhood cannot be broken by the organization of North Korea. Even though North Korea is doing much maneuvering underground, they cannot digest the movement of defeating by driving out until the district and the neighborhood. The organization of "line and point" is organized by the public administration, but it cannot defeat the district and the neighborhood.

If it became possible that the district and the neighborhood begins to relate with everything, then everything will fall down. Also, the organization of point starts to relate. Also, that organization of line is related. Organization of form itself has relationship with everything. We have to do that which North Korea cannot do.

When the Communist Party breaks down, it is good to be humble and bow down. As when Jacob made Esau surrender, the 40 million South Koreans should carry them on their shoulders. North Korea and Kim Il Sung will surrender completely when we give all things; this is for MY elder brother, every asset that was collected in 21 years.

From now, to center on the National Foundation, what must we do? The only remaining thing is the movement of defeating the district and the neighborhood. From this movement of defeating, we make the organization. We should make it centered on the district and the town. Everything else is centered on the town. If we see that the center is on the district and the neighborhood, the organization of the nation is along the greatest circumference. The organization of the district is the next circumference. Then the organization of the town is the circumference inside it. Centered on the neighborhood, the district is the next circumference.

Restoration is from restoration of the individual to restoration of the family; restoration of the tribe is the restoration of the people; restoration of the nation is the restoration of the world. It goes like this. When we see an organization like the National Federation, the organizations of nations is also evident. There is the organization of the district. Next is the organization of "Gung." There is the organization of the town and (the district) and the neighborhood. This is the organization of today's South Korea. Then, what does the neighborhood represent? Of course, it is representative of the district; there is a double purpose. The neighborhood's direct purpose is the purpose for all the nation. To make unity in the nation, the district and the neighborhood has to be united in everything. Their organization is similar to the structure of the human body.

Should the root go down under the organized body of the district? There is the town under the district. There is a the town and li under the county; but if there is no foundation for everyone when they build the foundation, Satan can come in to live temporarily. So, we have to let the root down from the district and the neighborhood. We have to know this through the Principle. Do you understand?

This is the reason we should unite for one goal the National Federation, the IFVOC and the Unification Church -- the goal of defeating the district and the neighborhood Their goal of restoration is only one. The goal of man, past, present, or future starts from the individual perfection. It is the same for unification centered on the district and the neighborhood. We have to build the foundation like in a steel cast. (Jan. 2, 1988)

It is not for a political purpose that we do the movement for the district and the neighborhood, but to establish an organization and an ideology that can welcome the era of the unification of North and South. The Communist Party is an organization of mobile groups, so that I try to prepare our position suitable for it. (April 7, 1988)

The first subject or problem is defeating the district and the neighborhood. The next subject is defeating the town, and so on until the village. If we do so completely, we can become organized.

Now, the most important is the final peak. Rev. Moon has been praying his whole life for the occupation of the district and the neighborhood centered on the town and province, Indeed, to completely occupy the satanic world.

Therefore, for the regional district leaders, the standard of activity is not in the province. It is the leaders of the district and the neighborhood. Centered on do leaders of the district and the district is just a stage of activity. The stage of activity for the leader of the province is not one of the district, also not one of the neighborhood. The stage of activity in some of the provinces and in some of the districts you have to pass by and visit the land by inspection. This is the same as the district leader of the city. It must be focused on all the district and the neighborhood.

Before I called and gathered the district leaders of the National Federation Movement of the Unification of North and South, I asked each one how they did. How was it? Which is better: to make unified the whole of the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South or to make unification together with students in the university and in the high school in the district and the neighborhood? After organizing and tightly joining the organization of the district and the neighborhood, they will be mixed. After this, we educate all those who finished graduate school and doctorate courses. So, if we educate day and night, even that "aunt" also tries to dine with Kim Il Sung. Even the "shop boy" in front of the gate of the temple will eventually be able to read the Sutra without studying it. So it's true, the old saying that we have: "Even if people are not so smart, they eventually get to understand everything." (laughter)

Therefore, is it possible or impossible if we have this kind of strong organization to defeat the district and the neighborhood? (Possible!) Easy or difficult? (Easy!) If old people can do it, can young people do it or not? (Can do!) Even nighttime or daytime, just tying one string can do it. Do it with confidence so that unification can already be achieved. Therefore, I gave the direction to make a strong organization.

I can say that the National Federation has all the decisive power for victory or failure. Last time Rev. Moon went forward, too, but the National Federation has to do it next time. Do you understand what I'm talking about? (Yes!) So we have to accomplished the organization of "The district" and the neighborhood

I gave the direction that local and regional leaders of do have to practice without disorder. (Jan. 2, 1988)

Is it possible to defeat the neighborhood when the leaders are not organized? Our ancestors will appear and say, "Hey, you. Run." They drive and push us, even making it impossible to sleep during the nighttime. This kind of problem will happen: our ancestors will say, "Run, I am the center, the head." Why do you have to defeat people? Don't be defeated, don't lose the neighboring town. To become like that, from now on we have to do the national meeting of the movement for the unification for North and South.

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