Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. National Federation For The Unification Of North And South - Part 2

4. Foundation Day

That time comes only once. We should yearn and prepare aggressively for that time because time waits for no one. It just passes by.

If this doesn't transpire, heavenly fortune will be very different. So there is no time for night or day. There is no night and day. In order to accomplish this we cannot rest. Getting tired is not a problem. Thus, this time we organized the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South.

Why does Reverend Moon absolutely have to organize the conference before May 15? It is the season similar to spring, before summer. That is when all things are restored to life. Looking at the whole situation . . . . Which year did the May 16th event occur? (1961) The new sovereignty was born centered on the fortune like May 16. So, we had to do it before then. Not after. At this time, the whole Korean situation should be like that. Since it did not happen according to God's providence, confusion has transpired. The opposition party is confused; the government party is confused; people themselves cannot find direction where they should be going; the religious people cannot act, and no one can guide anyone. We are all tightly connected. The spirit world and the physical world were divided, as well as East and West, North and South. To overcome, we need to do it like this. All fortunes go together intensively. Regarding the organization of the National Foundation Movement for the Unification of North and South, "so-and-so" said that it cannot be done.

Also, so-and-so said, "I'm dying, too busy." (When is a good time to do it?) It's good to do it during the summer vacation in July. Did I say June? (You said June.) It's not June! (laughter) There isn't time. Reverend Moon has to do it! Everything, this time! . . . . How do they fit together -- screw, bolts, nuts, turning together? It's similar to that. Its very interesting, very strange, mysterious, to find out this point. Who is there? Heavenly Father is there! What is the name of Heavenly Father? Can you understand?

Actually it is easy. I know that it's very difficult to make a free association in America under the terrible storm of criticism. I have to direct them to make everything. However, they don't understand. It's more important than the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South. We have to do this by May 15. Then people who come to see it will comment, "Hey, you did it!" Did you do it just because you were compelled? Anyway, you did well. If it was possible, how good it could be around June; but that is wrong. It's no good after May 15. Some religious people can say, "Let's do Chon-do-gyo" on the Kyon Ryung mountain on May 16 and it will happen. With that kind of confidence I wanted to build the pan-national organization for the unification of North and South; that is why I pressed to do so by May 15. After the 16th, people will ask, "Oh, what is Rev. Moon doing? He is just imitating and copying!" We might hear this kind of comment. If it becomes like that, our image will become bad. So, I pressured people to do it quickly. Like feces, evil things smell. Three or four days later, no one wants to touch it.

This time Rev. Moon came back to Korea to organize the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South. At this time the conference stopped and the government domination was taken away. So, the Korean people now follow Rev. Moon. Do you understand? (Yes!)

This is the way for South Korea to be in unison with Rev. Moon. If everybody -- all families, Kim Il Sung, North Korea -- does this, then we will have a situation of saturation or abundance.

This saturation will overflow if it cannot fit anymore. Centered on Rev. Moon, connecting with this situation of saturation, it can elevate towards the worldwide course. From then on it will not come down. Here is the ideal world, one equal world. It is returning to a true world.

5. The Goal Of The National Foundation

Which national federation unification movement centered on God's original idea is unifying North and South? Therefore, to build that nation of Heaven we need to build a new national ideology. (May 1, 1987)

Rev. Moon returned to Korea to make the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South in order to make a unified Korea. (November 13, 1987)

We established the NFMUNS to find a shortcut to unification. What must we do? Not only the unification of South and North. Not only the liberation of South and North. We have to liberate Heavenly Father by liberating humankind. What is the center? We have to know that the center is True Love.

The National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South is the organization for the unification of North and South. People first need to make the federation, then do the unification movement; so we have to be united to mobilize 60 million people. If the standard-bearer can unite 6 million and then 60 million towards the new Eden, then the world will directly become the perfect foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Have confidence and faith. Believe the words of Rev. Moon that from now on we have to defeat North Korea. Who is taking responsibility? Heavenly Father cannot take responsibility. Reverend Moon also cannot take responsibility. Each person should take responsibility; each person has to be liberated from Satan. In order to be liberated, what should each person do? Your family needs to be liberated. So what is the goal which puts all power on this National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South? There is only one goal. The goal of the Unification Church, the goal of the Victory Over Communism League, the goal of the Federation of Unification of Students and Professors, and the goal of the National Federation is the same. It's not two, just one. What is it? It is the family! Why the family? Because of the Fall, the family was lost. So we have to recover the family.

What is the goal of the National Foundation? When we do the movement for the unification of South and North, what do we have to defeat? Where is the focal point? Where is the place where we should thrust the general attack? The standard of defeating is not in Seoul city; it is in all the district and the neighborhood. All leaders of the district and the neighborhood and "the village." Our own organization must bring all our power to that movement. Where is the place of our front line? Of course, we all have to go to the district and the neighborhood and Li and the neighborhood; but it is not good without initially putting a foundation in the town and "The district." Do you understand? Also, without maintaining a base of 3,300 people in the whole nation, it is impossible to bring victory centered on the town and "The district."

Therefore, does "to defeat" mean that we can bring victory over Communism armed only with ideology? It is no good to be armed only with ideology! Already the Communists are trying to realize their ideal by making a nation centered on Communist ideology. During these 40 years they are exerting themselves to actualize that ideal; but until now that has not been accomplished . . . . They have the Communist ideology and the benefit of action, but since the work is centered on the leading organization, the Communist Party, people forget about it. People quit, leave or defect. By recognizing these events, we know that our time has come. Therefore we can completely connect with the North Korean people by uniting with the foundation movement in South Korea.

So, the "defeating movement" in North Korea is the movement to defeat the district and Li leaders in North Korea. Here in this national organization you indeed train and finish. . . .

The goal of the National Foundation Movement from now on is the movement of victory in the district and the neighborhood. If only we unite with this, the unification of North and South will happen. Even if only armed with the ideology to unite the district and the neighborhood leaders, then we can unify North and South. It is not difficult to unite the district and "The neighborhood's" leaders.

We have the organizations: the Victory Over Communism League, the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students, and the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South, and all these organizations share the same goal which is the occupation of the district and the neighborhood.

6. Management Of The Federation

From now on the issue is world mobilization. In order to accomplish that, first of all we must have an absolute ideology; second, an intensive organization; and, third, an understanding of the unification process since we are confronting Communism whose activity and power of organization are greater than ours. For that development to occur, we need to organize.

Presently Kim Il Sung actually has a strong hold on 20 million people; therefore, we have to make an organization that is stronger than that. If we do that, then the organization of Kim Il Sung will naturally fall down. This is the providential viewpoint. It will collapse naturally. Did the North Devil organize everything through compulsion? North Korea is composed of volunteers. We are composed of volunteers.

When we think on that, we need a unified theory that can assimilate everything, that can transcend those of the Communist organization and the democratic organization. We can conclude that we need to organize unification based on an idea like this.

To form an organization for world unification, we should use Korea as a model. An organization centered on Korea, a federation for World Unification, East and West, North and South. A federation for the unification of the world, east and west, north and south. Definitely, Korea becomes the model of the world. If the world is included, then all things become a unified world organization. The whole nation has to be armed with that ideology.

In order to do that, what should we do? We have to come up with educators who can teach the whole nation. We have to reach highly educated people. We should connect quickly with South Korean educational organizations.

We need to work with everyone in the universities, in junior High Schools, in High Schools and in the National Schools. We should quickly link with leaders of educational organizations.

We have to intensify educational activity, meaning that we have to connect the student activities. We have to educate and extend this activity through the students, connecting above and below and left and right. After that we need to educate parents through the students. Also we have to educate the family.

Through the student organizations, everything -- family and society -- can be connected. We have to tie everything vertically on the horizontal foundation. Who must do it? Teachers have to it. We need to inform the schools that the teachers and the professors have to do it.

Then the organization of public officials. After connecting the private organizations centered on the college campuses we have to mobilize the organization of public officials. We have to connect state organizations like the government through the organization of public officials. It means to unify different organizations of public officials.

Then in order to mobilize this kind of people, the leaders of society, we include in the federation meetings alumni and graduate students from the universities. We have to connect with the region as one core center. Centered on the region we have to establish the unification movement completely. Then we have to unify parents, students, teachers and public officials.

We must prepare an organization of two parts because your country and the reality in Korea is different. It is not necessary in your country, but Korea needs to make unity of the North and South. We have to pre, pare two parts of organization. We have to prepare this kind of organization in South Korea as well as in North Korea. In South Korea it is necessary to have this kind of organization because after the unification of North and South Korea these organizations will make preparations for the elections.

Even though South Korea is too small and too narrow, it can become like a tiger's head if it uses Rev. Moon's head, hands and legs. How do we mobilize with just 1,000 people? If it is just me, I cannot do anything because I am just 1/1000th. So how do we do it? By thinking that one thing in North Korea is the problem. So, is there anyone who will go to North Korea? All those people raising their hand say "yes"!

From now on for three years I want to go to North Korea and organize in all kind's of organizations, in each the district, the town and li and in women's and men's clubs. We will start now. Are you going to do it? (I will do it!) (Jan. 21, 1986)

If your power is lacking, we will mobilize the leaders of li; by receiving help through the cooperation of the central organization we will educate teachers and principals, and then we will educate the students. After quickly finishing this, we will use their vacation time to bring their parents. Then it's finished! At the same time, through our activities, we will organize the leaders of the district, the neighborhood and the town, the neighborhood organizations. After that, we will connect everything centered on well-known people in society and in the alumni associations. Aside from that, we will take charge to educate and prepare the army and the private defense groups; indeed, we will educate all the people to become members and then the work of the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South Korea will be finished.

When we are finished with all organizations, if a stranger appears in a village we can ring the bell in every house to notify one another. We should check everything. If the person says that he came to visit his parents and his hometown, we should call his parents to see if they know this person or not and would they let him inside their house; then even the best spy will be defeated, and contact with his leaders will be destroyed.

We have to check every day; we have to expose secret telegrams or wireless communications that are coming and going between North Korea and South Korea. We do not exactly have any clear statistic on how many active North Korean spies there are behind the scenes, but it would be a big number. If we can stand the fire of truth with Heavenly Father's protection, we will be able to round them up. We can know if a person is for unification or not. Do you understand now what we should do for the establishment of the organization for unification? (Yes!) Now is the moment when Rev. Moon is devising plans for that realization. Due to my experience in the jail of Hungnam Prison, I have scrutinized everything. We have to realize that if we cannot take out the root of the Communist Party and Kim Il Sung, then Korea will indeed be punished.

So, the thing that needs most attention is to find out where they are penetrating. Their number one goal is the district and the neighborhood, so the emphasis is how to defeat this. (Jan. 2. 1988)

Participation in the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South has to be extended even to the Headquarters of the Defense Army. We have to educate all qualified men. We have to put these people in the most important positions in their districts. They are the brave patriots who will sacrifice their lives. For the sake of the country and the nation, they fought and were injured. It is they who should teach the juniors the desire to dissolve the resentment towards the North Devil. Centered on Unification Thought, district leaders will join the National Federation. They will become important leaders armed with an ideology they believe in. If it becomes like this, the unification of the fatherland will be completed.

Then there is the "prepared army of the post." We educate the "prepared army" and let them attend our organization. If you meet some "funny person" there, right away confront him with our ideology. Fight with theology, then guide him along the right way. After the education of the "prepared army" the next thing to do is to educate the "private army," and there is no other place that can do this than the National Federation. Therefore we have to practice by having them receive everything. We have to get back the balance in every kind of field so that people will come to devote themselves to the Unification Movement. (Jan. 2, 1988)

Therefore, what do we do with the local organizations? There is our church organization. But here, in this place, there is no Federation of Unification of Students and Professors. Therefore we have to allot one professor of the Federation of Unification of Professors and Students. He can use one office with two other persons, and each person's mission is to help each other.

Therefore centered on the Unification Church, one person can do VOC and be vice-president of a National Federation, and the powerful person in the local area can be another vice president.

Therefore, three persons have to make unity. It is not good if we cannot make unity with three persons. To do this they have to focus together. The mouth also has to function with three points. The ear also. Everything must be like this. Thus, it must be achieved within the realm of the four-position foundation centered on the spirit. This is the Divine Principle viewpoint.

From now on, the organization of this system is in three stages. Three stages. If the President has to control from the district government to the Ministry of Finance, the President has to give the direction until the Minister of Finance. Then it's three stages. Thus the Minister of State is from the Minister of Finance, Chief of the Department, Chief of the Section. The Minister of State goes down one step. We have to connect to this kind of organization, do you understand?

Our organization also has the form of three stages; that is the town, the village, the neighborhood, centered on the town and the district, the district and the neighborhood centered on the district. (Feb. 24, 1988)

I recently made the National Federation, but before that I organized the Unification Church and the IFVOC. When we just look at it horizontally, the problem is to determine which one is the first among these three organizations. If it were up to you, the first would be the Unification Church, then the IFVOC, and lastly the National Federation; but how about with Rev. Moon? I say that unity centered on the National Federation is first, and everything else is after that. This is the stage of formation, growth, and perfection. In relation to this, we realize that the Unification Church is in the position of the head. Then the IFVOC is the fighting spirit. The National Federation is the mobile leg.

During the Age of Restoration we do not work from the head. We have to work from below. Therefore, going down from the head, the IFVOC and the Unification Church have to turn, centered on the National Federation. Indeed, doing like this will be its end because the center is turning.

If it comes to turn centered on the Unification Church, the place of rotation of the IFVOC and the place of rotation of the National Foundation will also end.

So in the era of the final restoration, when turning we need to turn centered on people. We have to turn with the same heart of all 40 million Korean people. With this kind of meaning, I said to unite centered on the National Movement.

When we unite, where we go to oneness is to be centered on the National Federation; but to make oneness, you have to go to the district and the neighborhood. If it cannot unite all the people from the bottom up, it is no good. If three branches don't become one, then it's no good. The record has to show three people united.

I made the National Federation by this kind of means. Then to put this order worldwide, I said to get the members of the district and the neighborhood under control quickly, by the movement of defeating the district and the neighborhood. (Jan. 2, 1988)

7. Our Attitude Towards The Activity Of The Federation

Now we organize the National Foundation Movement for the Unification of North and South; the era has come which is able to show the march of the group for unification which is struggling day and night, fighting and moving with the heart of love that is able to hold all the people. (February 23, 1988)

Since we are doing God's Will, Heaven will create all the circumstances and conditions. Then the core will be erected, constructed together. This is just the same as with Cain and Abel. So, we have to invest in its development now. Isn't that so? What must we do as the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South? When the circumstances are ready, we have to invest everything ourselves. How much investment? Investing should be the same as being able to unify. That would be to sacrifice ourselves. If we do not do this, then we cannot do anything.

The course of restoration is the course of the history of re-creation; but as long as we remain in the restoration process, we have to invest. The limitation of having to invest must continue until perfection.

When everyone came to Korea, did you think that you can easily achieve the goal of the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South? Here is the front line. Here is the front line of the world. Here is the focal point of the world. So, if everyone makes determination, I see that many kinds of revelations will happen here centered on God's Will. Isn't it too good to be true that if we unite completely we can even move spirit world to soon call Kim Il Sung?

Even though there is no one, it has to be done. Even if you do not have money, sell your house; just do it! Then Heaven can protect our future; He can take all the responsibility.

There is a point there. To do it with money or do it because of that organization. If this organization is not organized by Heaven, then it was organized by Satan. If it isn't used for the heavenly purpose, then money is poison. Poison. It would perish, do you understand? Sincerity is necessary. Sincerity. From now on work and visit; if need be, cry more than you would cry inside the church. It is that easy. For the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South, sincerely cry and work more that you would in the church.

When in a village, it is elegant to be working and visiting by car. But if your mission dictates that you have to walk many, many miles, then you have to do it. You should be grateful for today's conveniences which can make your work faster; feel like "it's too good for me!" If you have the heart to do ten times more, a hundred times more that, you even begin spitting out blood just doing it, and Heaven will cooperate.

As the representative of the world, of the South Korean people and the country of South Korea, we have to make that offering. Are you standing the same way as I am with the attitude that I can do anything for others? You cannot?

As the representative, the Unification Church is doing this. By Rev. Moon's order, the Abel standard is that the Unification Church has to completely unite with Heavenly Father's love and the True Parents; then you and Rev. Moon become one. You and all things become united, which is the foundation; so you have to build completely. Together with what? Together with the nation. We have to hold tightly. We have to hold the nation and its people. Do you understand?

The Unification Church members have to hold all things, hold the land of South Korea and its people. Unification Church members are in the children's position of Cain and Abel. The way that Cain should go was established when Abel became a sacrifice. We should hold the South Korean people through this kind of principle. Reverend Moon holds the nation in the same way.

You should hold the land of South Korea like this, centered on God, centered on love. We have to achieve the realm of liberation on the parallel line by connecting and uniting with God's love, by children and parents uniting centered on God's love, by all things and man uniting centered on God's love. Through God's love all things are held; children's hands are held by parents, parent's hands are held by God.

You must know that God is alive. God should be alive! (Amen!)

I feel good so I donated 5,000 million. I am feeling very well, that is why I do it, or, I was feeling bad and that is why I do it. So, from now on, those people who feel bad and donate, get punishment. Do it with a happy heart. After the restoration of Canaan, is it good for the hero who is in front to start the building of a nation unwillingly? You need to have the kind of heart that wants to learn continuously and goes endlessly with joy, day and night.

Even though people follow me and persecute me, I live with great joy. I didn't cry when I was handcuffed, going to jail. I went with a smile, not with tears. I didn't react like a small minded person. When I went to Danbury, Bo Hi Pak and everybody cried, but I said "So, goodbye, I will go," and then I left. "You don't know there is life after Danbury? Because you are blind you cannot see, but I see ahead. Now I go full of hope!" Otherwise, it is no good. After saying that, I entered. I fulfilled thirteen months. Number thirteen is the worst number in America. I came out from the jail to restore this number.

This time, did you read the message on the organization of the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South? (Yes!) At the closing, I gave a speech on what to do in order to unify the 38th Parallel; I had a lump in my throat for about five minutes and I delivered the speech more painfully than any in my whole life . . . . For this one goal we have defeat ten thousand times. To do ten thousand times. Everyone, each time I had to hit the bull's eye. I did like this. Otherwise we couldn't restore. So, my wish is that you can inherit and build on all that Rev. Moon has achieved.

Just as Rev. Moon's family became one, you and your spouse must become one completely, and from now on, you have to make unity with the people. South and North are in the position of children. Do you understand? You have to take responsibility for the worldwide indemnity course just as Rev. Moon did, so that we can graft here. It means that you have to accomplish everything, the completion of the providence.

8. No One Is Against The Federation

The Government Party, the Opposition Party, all the government parties -- you shouldn't be interested in them. The urgent problem now is to unite South and North; is it to fight with both parties? So, everyone, if anyone wants to do it then do it; but those who don't want to, then don't. Seeing all these things happening in this era, we know that the time of fortune is coming to Korea. Even though America is great, she has to cooperate and help Korea.

Therefore, the point of conclusion is the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South. So, President Hwang, should he attend here or shouldn't he? The bureaucrats of the government party and the opposition party, should they also attend or not? How about those against this? Should we say, "If you are against us you are Communist"; should we slap them and throw them out? If the time comes that the government is against it, I will drive into them more than the Communist demonstrator. If they are against this, they must be cleaned up. We should clean up both the government and the opposition party. You have to do it with this kind of determination. Do you understand? (Yes!) We have to have that kind of faith. We have this kind of ideology, the kind of landing operation that can liberate the spirit world, the physical world and God's resentment. This is the present subject matter; already we received that order. We have to learn. There is no objection. Logically, is there any objection? Is there any objection? (No!) When we consider the providential viewpoint together with the historical climate, there is no other conclusion.

Now, the goal of our victory is the family. This is the movement of defeating the district and the neighborhood leaders. Is that the family? There is the leader of the district and the neighborhood at the center of the town. The three stages center on all towns. So it is necessary that the base of the town centered on "the town-the village" and town is connected. In the big city, centered on the district, the district and the neighborhood are connected. Do you understand? Therefore, three stages.

So women, go there to be able to connect with the leader of the district and "Tang"; you have to mobilize women there. Is there anyone who is against the National Federation Movement for the Unification of North and South? If they are against it, then they are Communists and their action is to give benefit to the enemy. So, the position of our nation is completely united with the standard of the Divine Principle. It is the same, isn't it?

Even with the same positions, for a long time they stood above us and hit us. But now we have to stand above strongly. All the conditions that they established are going down. At the family level, in all kinds of situations, husband's as well as wife's, son's as well as daughter's.

Everything that became connected with Eve in the Garden of Eden, all fallen levels of the family, has to establish the opposite condition and follow the heavenly nation which is connected like the perfected Eve centering on the original perfect Adam. In that realm, if Satan invades, the Communist Party automatically perishes. Do you understand? The Communist Party will perish naturally.

Where are those who offered as much as I did for South Korea, who invested as much for this Christian nation?

Some people did centered on themselves, but Rev. Moon-did he take any benefit from this nation? I was treated indifferently; until now who has helped me win against the persecution of the Unification Church? Who has given me even one bowl of noodles? As I am building this foundation, trying to liberate people's resentment in the nation, trying to liberate North Korea, trying to unify North and South, I Will receive those who are against me. I will grasp their chest and say, "Hey, you! How come?" If you say to me, "Don't do it!," I will hit your face. Moreover, people who want to crush what I am doing, I will hit them from the front; I am not the one who is generously doing this.

During 40 years of suffering as the "pioneer" going the righteous way centered on God's Will, do you understand how tragic and painful a heart I have, what kind of aggrievement I was holding? While you ate your meals and slept, I was pushed into jail. Do you understand what Rev. Moon is saying? You give me this kind of suffering if you feel that intensive melting of the heart, that kind of pain, and you are still against me. You attack when you talk so. When the heat rose and the eye became too opened and the mouth could not speak, what can you do to defeat becoming like that? Even if you are haughty, will you lose elegantly? What can you do? So, now, go out and behave like this.

Is everybody like this? When you are visiting the leader of the district and the neighborhood, walking locally during the nighttime, is there anyone who is trying to stab you with a sharp-edged tool? Is there any or not? No! Everything is peaceful. I prepared everything so that no one can touch us, even if some people swing a long pole.

No one can go against the movement of unification of North and South. The only way we can receive persecution from anyone against us is if they are Communists. This would be more clear as the activity of the IFVOC is expanding. The only choice for the people who are in the nation's government office is to support our war of unification of South and North, because their main policy is against Communism. Even though they do not like to, they have to answer and do something anyway to justify receiving government officers' and leaders' cooperation.

If they are against the unification of North and South, it will sting them when you ask them kindly what their reason is. They have to raise their hand in front for a clear and justifiable passage.

I have been suffering all my life in order to make the foundation to be able to start the movement of unification of North and South. From now on, I really wish that you can work bravely in the circumstances that have already been created so that we can implement it much more easily. If there are people who are against the movement for the unification of North and South, demonstrate in front of them so that they will turn the opposite way. (Nov. 21, 1986)

9. National Education Is Necessary

For Korea to receive salvation is dependent on the accomplishment of the National Movement. (Nov. 21, 1986)

In order to liberate North Korea, we cannot go with empty hand; we should prepare all the resources that can liberate all kinds of things. We have to solve that within this kind of preparation. All along, I did not work because I had the money. I worked with absolute belief. I achieved this because I had unconditional faith when I planned to do it like this 40 years ago.

I accomplished today's success since I made the effort. It is the same for you. From now on, in order to attain the victory completely in Korea, education is necessary more than anything else. Take no notice of day or night, just as I taught. If there is time, even skip lunch and dinner and tell them, hold them and shed tears; indeed they have to be moved. Look at the course which I went until now. Even now, if one person visits me, I hold onto him and spend time to tell him God's word; I do not go to any other place. You will understand how I have lived my whole life, if you do like this. If you work with faith as I have, I am very sure that God's Will, will be done in Korea.

After educating there is no principle to be presumed. Education is indirect preparation. Indirect preparation is for doing that direct preparation. If you do indirect preparation, then I will turn to direct preparation. So, you do the indirect preparation. To evacuate three-tenths of one million in one month couldn't be difficult through our organization. (Nov. 21, 1986)

Do you know that because of when and what the Unification Church is, the government parties are fighting and restraining each other? Should we be grateful? (laughter) Even now, is that situation dead or are they still fighting? Who and what are they saying in this situation? Everyone is discouraged, saying "Oh, no! Our country is falling apart. There is no hope!" Then at the same time Rev. Moon appears and says, "Let us unify North and South; I have confidence!" Then raising up the people, they say, "yes."

Now the National Federation itself is not a problem. The problem is how to educate the district and the neighborhood and have it sink in. Through this way, education is the same. Education is Unification Thought; through education of VOC, through the Divine Principle, we educate. Everything comes into the district and the neighborhood .Education of Unification Thought is the responsibility of the National Federation centered on the professors; education of VOC is the responsibility of the IFVOC; and education of Divine Principle is the responsibility of the Unification Church. Even though we cannot give any other, whatever the subject is, restoration will hasten if we add the Divine Principle.

It is good to issue membership identification to that special team of about 3,000 people, those who have received the education on the unification of North and South. (Nov. 21, 1986)

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