Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. Our Mission For The Unification Of South And North

1. Responsibilities Of Political Leaders For Unification

In any given time, people who can decide the destiny of a nation are few. When a nation is in crisis, the way to resolve the problem is many times started by one person. The nation can survive, not by the collaborated decision of many people, but by one specific person's opinion. However, if the nation doesn't follow this one person's opinion, this nation may be left behind in history. We know this through established history.

In this light, to see this nation, where is the nation of Korea going? It's a big problem. If God does exist, will he forsake Korea? If he did forsake Korea, there will be nothing to discuss, but if He hasn't forsaken it, there is a Will of God for this country. We have to think about everything in this light. The world is watching Korea. (63-272)

What should the President do for the nation? He shouldn't ignore the opinion of other parties even though he became President by the endorsement of only one party. He should be able to apply the opinions of all the parties for the sake of the government. Also, he should gain support from all of the parties to deal with the unification of South and North. That is the President's mission and responsibility.

What should be the focus of policy for the next President? I think that he should focus on unification, the people's very hope. We shouldn't forget that North Korea has been focused to communize South Korea for over 40 years. Kim Il Sung. Has been creating an enormous organization centered on world-wide communism. He has provided education for them and has prepared arms to wait for a chance. In comparison to this, there have been no leaders trying to prepare for the unification of the South and North. From now on, we have to unite all people for the unification and focus national power for unification. For this, we have to create a way for all parties to participate. We have to create a criteria that can unite the people of this nation. For the government to unite the nation, there will be many obstacles. (Jan. 1, 1988)

In Korean history, the person who realizes the re-unification will be recorded as the greatest person in history and his name will remain for thousands of generations. It will be the greatest work for a President to realize the re-unification. Also, we have support him to accomplish this work in our lifetime. The President who can liberate North Korea will be a great President and he will be able to survive with his people.

The reason to support the government in spite of any persecution from the people is for the liberation of North Korea and the unification of South Korea. No matter who the President is, no matter what the ruling party is, we will support them to accomplish this work. (May 1, 1988)

If a person becomes President, instead of seeking a higher position, he should seek his people. He should live for his people. (61-235)

The president of South Korea should have the attitude to sacrifice for the sake of the liberation of North Korea. Otherwise, this nation will not receive a blessing from Heaven.

When the unification of South and North becomes very real, they will confront a serious ideological conflict. We have to prepare for that time. All of the people should be armed completely with an ideology. Also, a leader who can lead the unification should emerge in South Korea. This person should be able to prepare to receive Heavenly fortune. Also, Japan and America should have many people who can inherit the Heavenly fortune.

Father has been preparing for the world. If you can't prepare for your nation, you will be despised forever. (Oct. 21, 1986)

2. The Attitude People Should Take

Everybody loves their own hometown. But you shouldn't damage you nation because of it. You especially shouldn't be involved with arguments between local areas. You should give up your feelings to separate the nation according to areas, such as Chun-Ra Do or Kyung-San Do. You should be able to sacrifice your area for the development of the nation to support the unification of South and North. The government should be able to give up prejudices and have a policy for a balanced development.

You may not be able to solve local conflicts, but you can ease the bad feelings. You have to go back to your own hometown, show the reality of communism by your love and sacrifice and create a unification movement to unite the people. We shouldn't let the left wing power utilize local conflicts to separate the nation. We shouldn't give communists a chance for infiltration. (Jan. 7 1988)

When you go back to your hometown, you should reverse all of the relationships. Because it is difficult presently to unite people who are separated according to an area, we should reverse everything in basic order to unite them. Because of the previous presidential election, the conflicts among local areas got worse and the problem is now serious. Kyun-Gi Do, Chun-Ra Do and Choong-Chun Do are all separated and we can't overcome North Korea in the general election unless we cure this problem.

Today, the angelic world and the spiritual world can come down to Earth to support you and they can get rid of the obstacles in your way, so trust them and unite the divided people. For people who oppose you, they will only retreat if you mobilize the spirits of your ancestors.

If South Korea is united, it will win over North Korea in the general election. When South Korea is united, we will send the people who were kicked out by Kim Il Sung's communists and those whose families were executed by those communists to North Korea. (Jan. 1, 1988)

The nation should sacrifice in order to protect its sovereignty. Since North Korea is targeting South Korea, South Korea must protect its sovereignty even if it has to sacrifice the entire nation. It is the normal thing to do.

When a united Korea goes on to the world, it should become a nation that can represent the traditional ideology to sacrifice the nation for the sake of the world. If Korea can do so, even if it looses the physical nation and sovereignty, this national ideology will remain to lead the world on, even to the 30th century. You should know that. (56-273)

When we look at South Korea today, we can assess the future development of this nation by how much interest the mountain farmers have for their leader. People should have interests in either their leader or the policy. It is the decisive point for whether this nation will be prosperous or perish. (42-111)

Well, Korea is separated into South and North. You shouldn't think, "So what. It's fine with me. Let's not think about it." South Korean people should have the attitude to invest more effort than the North Korean people. (71-94)

Our nations should unite, regardless of their position. Grandparents and young people are all included. We should have one common purpose.

North Korea has almost double the population and a stronger military force. They are digging tunnels and living on barley meals. Do we even eat barley? What do we fear when we have much better conditions? (78-81)

Korea, today, is going through labor pains in shifting to a democratic stance. Free democracy is the political structure with which Korea will be developed. For that purpose, the ruling and opposing parties should be united through understanding and dialogue. Furthermore, they have to prepare the way for Korea to be a part of world history. If Korea can overcome today's situation, it will have a hopeful future. For that reason, all religious groups and people should not be onlookers, but should take a subjective position and encourage people and put forth their efforts to establish a democratic structure. (Oct. 21, 1986)

3. We Should Go The Way Of Love Following Heavenly Fortune

We have to follow Heavenly fortune. If Korea gives up Asia's fortune, it will be disqualified from pursuing individual and national fortune. Korea should be the one to support the Asian fortune following Heavenly fortune. Unless Korea follows Heavenly fortune, it won't be protected by it and Korea will perish. Then the is conclusion that no matter how much you may know about the way, you can't go without learning from Rev. Moon. Today is the same. Do you understand? "Yes."

There is no other way for Korea to go on to the world. You can't save the North Korean people with your fists. There have been many ideas for unification. At the time of President Lee, he tried to do it with military force. President Chang advocated peace for unification but he had to struggle more for the industrial reconstruction since it was urgent. President Park tried to do it by making both sides equal positions. Currently there are the South North Coordinating Committees for the governments to interchange, but each has a different structure. Each has a different ideological concept. South Korea's unification ideology is immature. Can South Korea take over those who are in the individual structure and the communist ideological structure? No it can't. It is their developmental discussion to expand their lives with a conflicting concept. There is no way to deal with North Korea through ignoring such an ideological background.

For that reason, South Korea should hold on to the government which can take care of North Korea with a love that surpass the love for one's own brother. Now Chun-Ra Do and Kyung-San Do are fighting each other to take over the country, but can they realize re-unification with that kind of attitude? No way. They will all perish. They will perish. My words are irritating. But I am saying the right thing even if they don't want to hear it.

South Korea must follow the Heavenly laws of love to go on to the world. If an individual lives that way, he or she will go on to the world. If the family lives that way, the family will go on to the world, too. When we go on that way, centering on the love of God, who is the center of the universe, we can belong to God, we can receive God's guidance and management and we can receive the protection for certain. That way, we can belong to God completely. (168-230)

4. We Have A Sense Of Subject

Think about this. Are flesh or bones more essential for the human body? Obviously bones are more essential. However, no matter how good looking the person is, can we like the person's bone alone? Think about a person without flesh. I believe he will be difficult like that. When flesh is added on to the bones, the person becomes handsome and human-like. In this light, there are many essential things that don't play the central role and are not treated rightfully, and don 't appear as important as they are. That is a fact.

In history, no matter how much persecution the nation receives, if a nation can remain with an ideology that doesn't change for thou. sands of years, it will eventually lead history. The reason that the realm of Christian culture has been formed is because Christians have been unchanging. Because history couldn't overcome ideologies, blood and flesh were added to it and established the realm of Christian culture. (18-235)

Today, looking at history, it is obvious that we are in the last days. What will happen to Korea in the future? What will happen to the nation? Nobody knows about it. What will happen to the democratic world? Nobody knows about it. What will happen to the communist world? Nobody knows about it.

In this light, the world is in the dark, isn't it? In this dark world, no matter how much people are confused, we have to became leaders with a subjective ideology to crush the darkness and embrace this dark world and show the new circumstances. (49-99)

As we are going towards the final crossing point of the world that is so overwhelming critical, it is the most important issue for religious people in Korea how to keep the subjective ideology even in chaos. It is also an issue for Koreans overseas. Korea itself has to solve the problem. It can't choose everything. It must recognize the subject and the object, God as the subject and humans as the object, and know where to stand and what to do. We are marching into the overwhelming crossing point and now is the moment. (65-152)

Today, we are living in a confused society. Also the world situation is in confusion. We are surrounded by the environment. If we became the people who are absorbed by circumstances and pulled away, we will be losers for sure. No matter how confused and complicated an environment we are in, we must have a standard to overcome the circumstances and bravely break through them. We must be able to resolve the circumstances. Unless we become the substance with such a standard, we will not find value in our lives and we won't be able to contribute for God's Will in the future. (25-80)

5. The Way For Patriots To Overcome Crisis Of A Nation

When a nation with 30 million people confronts a crisis, not all 30 million people can save the nation. Even if there are billions of people, not all of them can save their nation. It will be one person who can set a standard and save the nation. A nation can be saved by the influence of one person. He will appreciate the historical accomplishment of goodness in the nation more than anybody. Also he is a patriot who is responsible for all the problems of the nation presently and has a clear vision for the future of the nation.

The assertions of this person becomes the beginning point to pioneer the way to save the nation. Thus, not by all people, but by one person who represents the nation, the nation can be in a new fortune. On the contrary, we can also miss the new fortune. We must know that.

If we don't have such a standard to go over the steep hills of hardships, we can't to set a foundation for the new era in the history. (26-256)

We have to offer ourselves for the public mission. We should travel all over the nation and look at the mountains and the roads, saying, "please accept me." We are different from visitors or people who worried about this nation in the past. In the past, there were people who worried about Korea and shed tears under 40 years of Japanese rule but we are a different breed. (58-160)

We must go on centering on the goal to restore Korea to God. As Jesus fought to save the nation risking his life, we have to fight to save Korea with our lives. The Unification Church has its own method and strategy. Our method is to take over by shedding tears, blood and sweat and to take over by being persecuted. As a result of this, we could avoid the sorrowful position of losers. Because you have experienced these kinds of results, you should keep this strategy constantly. We must realize that we have so many responsibilities and even if we multiply our bodies, it will not be enough to accomplish our responsibilities.

I have shed tears for Korea more than any patriot. I shed tears out of deep feelings. I don't need to claim it because God already knows it.

In the religious world, Christians prayed as martyrs, in the position to disappear like dewdrops. I have experienced this position, too. It's easy to die. It is much harder to go the way of death without dying and to accomplish destiny. (26-21)

The world is not be the place for the solution. Korea is the one. The time will come when Korea will welcome us with no opposition. When North Korea opens to talk with us of equal rights, we have to be in the superior position. We have to be able to feed and embrace them with love in order to melt them down. We still have to do that. For that reason, we have to train ourselves to love our North Korean enemies. (43-280)

6. Let's Go Over The 39th Parallel For The Unification Of South And North

Centering on Kim Il Sung, North Korea has prepared in every aspect including arming its people and fortifying its land. We have to prepare more than they. Day and night, we have to keep fighting them in order to achieve our goal. Anyway, you need to go to North Korea at least once in your lifetime. Do you know what I mean? You can make connections with families and brothers. That is the start and the goal. We have to achieve our goal in the land we lost. You have to remember that I have had you sing "Tong-Il" since 1965 to prepare for such a time.

Now, you must go to the North. When you hear that communists are invading South Korea, you must fight risking your lives. That is what I think. Since I started this way, I have known communists so well. I know the organization well. For that reason, I have worked for the VOC movement at the risk of my life.

Even though Father is in such a serious position, the Unification Church members are still sleeping. We are defectors who have lost the land, aren't we? We are part of the family. No matter how much hardship you go through, or how much persecution you receive, if you can keep the right attitude and the authority of Heaven and say, "this is the foundation of liberation for your resentment," to welcome them, you will be able to be a person who can have his own hometown and homeland. South Korea alone isn't Korea. If it's divided in half, it isn't Korea. You must know that. (45-141).

7. You Should Pass Over Love, Truth And Resource

The most difficult thing in the unification is for us to overcome everything so that we will be the subject. In that light we must sacrifice for the nation. There have been many difficult courses in the past but now we have to present resources that even communist will approve. When workers, farmer and communists who try to manage workers and farmers say, "the Unification Church loved workers and farmers more than us' and everybody agrees to that, we will overcome communists. You should know this. (61-263)

If three years are not enough, we should invest 10 years. If ten years are not enough, we should invest 20 years. If our youth is not enough, we should offer our middle ages. We will offer our whole lives to build the foundation for the unification. Am I right? No matter what age we will be, we should go on! It is the way of unification. The unification ideology starts there. We have to present a movement that overcomes communists. It is the Unification ideology to create a brave group that can overcome any kind of difficulties.

Even if the work is started centering on Rev. Moon, there is still possibility that we will be defeated. But if we go through the process with God as our motivation, we will never perish. It's Rev. Moon's conviction that even if the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is perished, his will can be achieved. We never thought that the nation would be separated. Did you know that? We also didn't know that the unification fortune would come to us like this. It is important to find the solution that is hidden from us. (61-37)

8. Our Attitude For The Unification Of South And North

We have to build a highway on which people can be peaceful and happy. For that reason, we have to build a highway with which people can drive hundreds of miles. Even if our descendants may not know our names or appreciate the effort, it's our mission to build the highway. We must prepare a straight highway. It will be a hard work to do it in this small mountainous land. You may say, "Well the Unification Church's teaching is good and it's true, but it's a hard work to follow it. You are a coward! Some of you may be VIPs but Rev. Moon has no mercy once you come to the Unification Church and hear the truth.

We have to stand with the authority of Heaven. We, His children, have to accomplish the work that God alone can't do and make Him proud of us for that. In order to raise the authority of God, we can't be stuck with own authority. We have to raise the authority by controlling ourselves. We have to take care of all kind of problems. If there is a thorny path, we have to get rid of it and if there are holes, we have to fill them up. If there is a rocky field, we have to clean it and make a road for everyone. Day and night, regardless of what other people may say, we have to build the way. Even if we receive any compliment on the way, we can't to be satisfied and rest there. Even if some people accuse you, you are not in the position to fight against them. Because we have to hurry to accomplish right way, we will not have any time to waste.

It isn't my regret that my feet haven't covered this peninsula. It is my regret that my teaching hasn't reached 30 million people. For that reason, the Unification Church is working with its best effort to find the way like a sinner bearing a heavy load on his shoulder. Did you know this? (20-136)

Even though 30 million people sleep at night, God never rests, so that the fortune for 30 million people is created at night. History isn't created in the daytime. It happens at night. For that reason you should make effort while other take rest and have good times. We have to be busy.

Even though I want visit each house in each area of this nation hundreds and thousands of times, I am limited. That's why I told you to visit them on behalf of me. do you understand? We have to turn the cross around. If we don't go through number three, formation, growth and completion, we can't claim the accomplishment of our responsibilities for this nation.

What kind time is it now? It is the time for Israelites to leave Egypt to seek the land of Canaan. For that reason, we must put all of our efforts to notify Israelites in Egypt to leave their house at the certain time on the certain day. If you don't notify with knowing it, you will receive eternal punishment. Do you understand? Since we are getting into the age, regardless of their responses, we have to accomplish our responsibilities in front of the 30 million people. (61-222)

What is God's Will for Korea? In the Korean race, it has the ancestor's merits and God's blessing because it went through a miserable course. Because we can't pass this blessing over other nations, I would like to let you work harder, in the position that you respect and love your ancestors, than the other mobilization teams. Am I a bad teacher? Am I a bad teacher or a good teacher? I have worked in order for you to be in the center position. (61-224)

Today, we, the Unification race who desires the unification and the realization of God's Will, know that God is the subject. We know where the subject is heading for. We also know the developing steps to sacrifice family for tribe, tribe for race, and race for nation.

What should we offer here? We have to offer ourselves. We have to offer ourselves not mind and body separately, but we have to unite our mind and body to offer it at once. (61-261)

What shall we do from now on? For the unification, South Korean people has to go on more bizarre way than communists. If they have such determination, South Korea will be able to unite North Korea. However, if North Koreans can bear all kinds of limitations that South Korean can't bear, what will happen to South Korea? Will it be absorbed or not? Will it win or loose? Will the group which can bear the extreme standard win, or will the group which wants to avoid it win?

This is important. It is critical as a fighter in the final round in the history. If you can become a brave fighter, how much you can bear and overcome and how much hope you can hold with risking your life at the decisive point of the fight. If you can hold the hope to win the fight at the moment of death, you can absorb communists.

Communism embraces materialism. Do you understand? Communism is the ideology of materialism. For them, there will be nothing after death. But in the Unification ideology, we will fight and overcame even after our death.

If I tell you to do something, you will say, "not again." All of the leaders of the Unification Church should feel more responsibility. You should go on! I know many members want to excuse themselves... If there are many people who say, "I waited for the unification. I waited for the day, the evening and the night," and long for the unification ten times more than North Korea. (61-35)

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