Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Unification For South And North Korea Through Elections

1. The Time For A General Election In South And North Korea Will Come

What kind of issues does Korea have to deal with from now on? The Presidential election and elections for senators both can be issues to deal with but they are not important issues. There is a more important issue. In this UN's general conference they selected the Korean issue as its subject and discussed the general election with South and North Korea under their surveillance. Until now North Korea has refused that. However, when they have assurance that they will accomplish their plan and goal after reinforcing underground organizations in South Korea, I am sure that they will say, "Let's have the election." Then, how can we deal with this? What the Unification Church has to worry about is how to deal with this. For that reason, it is more critical to promote a national movement to prepare for the general election with South and North Korea that the coming Presidential election. (16-68)

I believe that Kim Il Sun will assert the general election with a peace offensive ahead after this 1988 Olympics. (Jan. 21, 1986)

Look. The time for the general election with South and North Korea will come soon. It is wanted by China, by Japan, by the US and by Soviet Russia. (165-188)

The political regime of North Korea retreated to the corner of the Communist bloc by the Olympic participation of the USSR, China and the satellite countries. It is exactly God's providence. In Kim Il Sung's generation, they have never retreated this much. The political situation is even more difficult than the time of the defeat in the June 25 incident of Korea. Being kicked out by the USSR, by China and by the satellite countries and being pushed into the comer by the world media, they are in such a miserable position. Therefore, they might commit provoking acts since they are in bad shape.

They might try recklessly to communize South Korea before the Olympic are over. My present strategy is to disconnect them even from Communist parties. Therefore, we must know that a dangerous time is coming up to us now. If Kim Il Sung doesn't commit any provoking acts and he thinks it will be difficult to accomplish, he will suggest the general election.

How will Kim Il Sung feel when China, the USSR and the satellite countries visit Korea for the Olympics and the election goes well in South Korea? He will urge the Communist countries to open their boundaries and visit each other, and say, "Let's have the general election," under the USSR's support and China's protection. The US and Japan will support them more than anyone, because they will be able to sell their products for double if it happens.

When the time of God's providence comes completely, North Korean Communists have no way but to be absorbed. You have to know that we will confront such a critical situation immediately. We have to hurry to prepare for the time. If we don't prepare, South Korea can be destroyed. I knew the time would come and I have been preparing for 10 years for that. You must now these facts clearly. (Jan. 2, 1988)

In light of international political moves, how should South Korea unite South and North Korea? I see that it will be done by a general election. China wants it, the US wants it, Japan wants it and even the USSR wants it. For them to be able to come to the 1988 Olympics, they don't want any unnecessary incidents. We have to be serious about preparing for that. Do you understand? "Yes." We should be able to do that since we know the time, shouldn't we? (165-130)

When we consider Kim Il Sung's nature, he will think, "Forget it. Neither China not the USSR is reliable. We should make a surprise attack to South Korea and conquer it." If he can't make an attack, he will urge the general election. If he suggest the general election, the USSR will like the idea, China will like it, and the US and Japan will like it, too. There is no way to avoid the flow. Therefore, what is important this year is to create the unification of South and North Korea. (Jan. 3, 1988)

Now, people in front of Kim Il Sung are ready to turn around to get out of there over the 38th Parallel. People in the South are tired of watching political parties fight and they want to turn around to get out of there. Where can they go? They should go to North Korea. People in the North put their backs toward the South and are trying to walk backwards, and people in the South are trying to walk backwards to go to the North. If both of them start the unification movement together on the 38th parallel instead of fighting, when they meet there? Things are moving toward that direction.

When we consider all of them, it is very likely that Kim Il Sung will urge a general election. What can we do then? If South Korea says, "let's have it in 3 months," they will say, "it's fine," in the beginning. But later, they will try to control the situation, suggesting to have it in 2 months, 1 month and 20 days. The compromising term will be 40 days. It will be less than 2 months. They will say that we should have the general election in 40 days. Then, 20 million in North Korea will all be Kim Il Sung's number one batters. How about the people in South? We will see many fellows who are in the gray area. At that time, we will be needed. We will be needed at that time. (166-125)

2. Stance Of The Surrounding Countries

The USSR is trying hard to change the nature of their structure now as that Gorbachev is approaching far Asian countries with friendly gestures. Gorbachev will propagate that his country is a friendly country at the Seoul Olympics and try to show peaceful gestures especially to the US. Gorbachev will suggest that the US let them have a general election for the unification of Korea. When the US receives such a suggestion, they will agree with it. Because the US knows that students, the office and the separated families in Korea want the plan fervently, they can't refuse to agree with it though they may feet uneasy about it.

Here, the problem is that the US military's withdrawal has to take place first. People in Korea are in favor of the US's withdrawal nowadays. It is because the US treats Korea as a subordinate country and even interfere the internal affairs.

Along with Gorbachev's suggestion for the general election with South and North Korea, because of the anti-America movement, the US military will have to withdraw. It is obvious that the Korean government will be in chaos when they receive a suggestion for the general election. The Democrat and the Republican are two parties in the US and the Democrat is asserting the withdrawal. They will think that the USSR's suggestion is the good opportunity to make the withdrawal from Korea in honor so that they will withdraw.

If the candidate from the Democrats becomes President this time, it will be obvious. If the Democrat makes President, even without the USSR's suggestion, they will withdraw the military, maybe not completely but definitely part of it. After the Second World War, the US helped many countries as a part of the policy to support foreign countries for 40 years. The problem is that it will be recorded as the diplomatic failure of the US if the military withdraws because of the anti-American movement, and the influence of the US in the international society will be minimized for that. Therefore, there is no doubt that they will withdraw the military. Also, they will be optimistic about the result for the general election because the population in South Korea is twice as much as in North Korea.

When the USSR suggests the South and North unification plan through the general election and the US agrees with it, North Korea won't have any choice but to accept it. They are not powerful enough to refuse the USSR and they don't want to be isolated in the world. (May 1, 1988)

When we consider the political stances of South and North Korea, the US, Japan and China, no one wants to fight for that. They don't want to fight. For that reason, it is clear that these 3 countries will be combined to coach Korea to establish their government peacefully. We never know when it will happen. The US wants it to happen soon, Japan wants it to happen soon and China wants it to happen soon. North Korea used to have the forums for discussion but they closed them out. The time will come when they have no choice but to resume the forums by the pressure of the international climate. (163-323)

Circumstances surrounding Korea are heading for unification. Except for the political relationships, in the fields of sports, culture and economy, the wall of the ideology has crumbled. Many Korean corporations are busy launching their businesses in China and the USSR and the Eastern Europe bloc has started their full scale interchanges. Some business entities have already finalized the trade contracts.

History is changing rapidly. The time when Kim Il Sung was actively involved with the political movement centering on the communist countries is over. Today's world history is heading for a peaceful era. However, true peace will finally return only after the liberation. (Jan. 7, 1988)

3. We Who Are Responsible For The Nation

What will South Korea do if North Korea asserts unification through a general election? South Korea has presented peaceful unification as their plan. Peaceful unification means to have a general election. Now, South Korea has no preparation for the general election. The people have not received enough ideology and education and their organization hasn't been completed.

Now is the time when all administrators including the President and leaders in various fields should go through a drastic awakening. Korean leaders should give up their easy life to pursue the unification for their motherland, with new determined attitude, and they should build countermeasures for the long run. They must complete the 1988 Olympics successfully and proceed centering on the upcoming unification movement.

Though the US is the strongest economical nation in the world, they are having a tough battle with communists. Communists have established quite a large base in Japan, too. Communists are communizing the world regardless of any economical power. Though it's true that economically weak countries have more of a tendency to get involved with communist propaganda, economical power alone can never overcome communism. South Korea can't avoid its destiny to confront such vicious communists. We might be able to pioneer our lives but our destiny can't be change by our pioneering. Your being born as so-and-so's son is an unchangeable destiny. In the same way, a nation has to go through its destiny. The people of the nation should be responsible for the destiny of the nation. (Jan. 1, 1988)

Kim Il Sung will urge the unification for South and North through a general election when he thinks that he has completed his education of 20 million in North Korea. After this year's Seoul Olympics, the unification of Korea will be the center of worldwide attention.

People from over 160 countries will visit Korea during the Olympics. As athletes from a majority of communist countries visit Korea, they will realize that they have been deceived by Kim Il Sung. They will see the overall development of South Korea including the politics, economics, culture and sports and their concept toward South Korea will change as they compare with North Korea.

The whole world will know that South Koreans are culture-centered race who pursue peace and prosperity, and their suspicions about Korea will disappear. All of the countries in the international society will be willing to have relationships with South Korea. It will mean North Korea's isolation and they will be in the position to be alienated by the countries of the world. Kim Il Sung knows this more than anybody, so he has started a scheme to stop the Olympics in South Korea. However, the Olympics won't be held anywhere else this year even if South Korea has the misfortune to not hold the Olympic there.

4. The Strategy Of North Korea For The General Election

So, they have been trained with the same numbers of administrative districts. It means that they have been preparing for the general election. (163-184)

In order to have a general election, we must spend at least 3 months to prepare but Kim Il Sung will urge us to have it within 40 days. He will urge us to have a general election for South and North within 40 days. Even if we suggest to have it in 3 months, he will say that he would like to have it in 2 months. If we agree with it, then, he will tell us to have it in 40 days. He will try to shorten the time. The reason is because they have completed their preparation. They have made a district structure in South Korea and dispatched their personnel. They will send the political propaganda team to the counties and they will make contact with the underground leaders to start their strategic propaganda with all of the underground members. (165-190)

If a general election is to take place, people in North Korea will push to have it quickly. They have completed organizing their structure. When they are mobilized for a general election, they will mobilize the entire nation, so that they can start the propaganda as soon as they arrive at South Korea. They will try to finish everything as soon as possible. (163-323)

What father worries about is the unification of South and North. The unification is the unification through a general election. Kim Il Sung will confront us centering on the Koryo federal system. He is planning to do so. Because Kim Il Sung knows that his objective foundation is growing, he will insist on that way. He even knows that there are some remnants of the Nam-Ro party. There are some leaders who can became powerful in South Korea and they think that they can do such things when they arrive in South Korea. That's way they are planning to make an invasion upon South Korea.

They will make a complete organization and bring a political operation team to dispatch them as succeeded leaders. Can the current government do that? Can the current parties do that? We must prepare for that situation. If the authority can't deal with it, we will be the foundation to protect the country. Do you understand? "Yes." It is the foundation to remain alive. You should know this very clearly. (167-81)

5. One Candidate For The General Election

South Korea must work on the liberation for North Korea after they develop the industries, promote the economy and stabilize the political situation. The 6th Republic should set a clear goal to build its political measure. When the fight against North Korea and the general election become a reality, it will be a problem that over ten parties are busy fighting each other. North Korea is united centering on the Kim Il Sung party. If 4 parties fight to be the ruling party in South Korea, it will only make Kim Il Sung happy. (April 7, 1988)

In South Korea, they should make the Korean Unification Party, rather than the conventional ruling party and opposing parties, for the general election to make all 40 million people into one. I am not making this up. If South Korea has 3 or 4 parties right before the general election, what will happen? We must know the it will only make Kim Il Sun happy.

I am telling you that when Kim Il Sun urges the general election, all the parties, including the ruling party and the opposing parties, should be united in South Korea. (Jan. 7, 1988)

Having the national election ahead, all parties should be united for the general election with South and North. Even if there is only one party for South Korea at the time of the general election, the result will be very open. Therefore, what will happen if there are 4 parties to fight against Kim Il Sung's communists? A new party for the future should emerge in South Korea and everybody should be united centering on that party.

The general election is coming closer to us and it will be hard to overcome the communists with existing political parties and leaders. Even if a united government is established, how can they fight against senators from the communist party? They can only fight against the communist party if they know about it. Isn't it obvious that they will loose the battle since they know nothing about the communist party? When we think about these matters, we see very serious problems. When the president is elected for a united Korea, North Korea will provide all kinds of support, including money for one candidate, and South Korea might have many candidates. If there is only one candidate from North Korea, how can we stop him?

North Korea will send hundreds of thousands of excellent lobbyists for the election. First, they will try to infiltrate through their relatives and friends. Secondly, they will try to bribe people with money and bribe government officials. Finally, they will blackmail or threaten people and even assassinate leaders or start terrorist acts. North Korean communists will come up with an armed revolt as their last card. They have many other plans for the election. What could be the countermeasures for South Korea? We have to educate people and make an organization with considering those matters. (Jan. 1, 1988)

If the general election with South and North comes up, Kim Il Sun will be the exclusive candidate since he is the dictator. It is definite. Twenty million will vote for him. What will happen with South Korea? Well, when the united government is established, everybody will try to make himself a president and they will do anything for that. (165-189)

What did I say is the subjective ideal? The subjective ideal is centering on love. What are the contents of love? God. What's next? "True Parents." It's True Parents. (164-95)

Our subjective ideology is different from the subjective ideology of Kim Il Sung. It's not the subjective ideology of communists. As we hold the subjective ideology of love centering on God, our goal is to be qualified in the authority and conduct of our responsibilities to all of the creation and the Creator. (164-104)

Today, a revolutionary government has emerged and is emphasizing the subjective ideology. It is a good term. Subjective ideology. What shall the person who becomes a subject do? We should know that a person can be a subject under the guarantee that he will be responsible for all matters. Not just anyone can be a subject and a leader. Not just anyone will be the president of the company. The president must be responsible for all the matters, good or bad, in the company. Then the person can be a good president. (83-321)

Don't compromise with the USSR or China. You must compromise with God in the subjective position. It will become the subjective ideology. Even if you compromise with Korea, it's history won't be able to lead mankind. By knowing that it can't receive God's providential course, you must unite with God's laws. In a subjective ideology, principals of God, saints, loyal merits and filial sons are bound together.

When this nation is educated and armed centering on such an ideology, this nation will be a great subjective nation in the world spiritually and physically. (Oct. 4, 1978)

What do we need? People and families that have been centering on their own people and families. Where can they find the way of saints and the direction to lead saints and to make the will and the purpose one? When it is determined, it will be the greatest subjective ideology in the world. Today, subjective ideology is discussed in Korea, but we are in the age of the world. When we look at all of the cultural realms, the subjective ideology of Korea shouldn't be the one centering on the history of Korea.

If the history of a people can represent the central position in world history, it may be accepted as the subjective ideology. But we cannot discuss the subjective ideology without any connection to the main ideology of the entire world history. A subjective ideology can't be establish until it provides an historical background which is common to all races and goes along with God's Will. (84-187)

What is the subjective ideology? It can unite the world and it is the ideology of peace. We can conclude that it was God's strategy to have made religions flourish to keep the ideology in this nation. Therefore, we must unite religions, unite internal standards and unite external standards. It should be done for peace. For peace! The purpose of politics is to create peace. (Sept. 1, 1987)

6. The Reason For The Separation Of The South And North

Right after the liberation of Korea, the Korean political world was in confusion among the powers of America, China and the USSR, and while Dr. Lee established the political regime, the assassination problem occurred. In the Christian world, Christians worshipping God, Jae-Kun Church that was imprisoned, and other spiritual groups etc. were causing confusion. It happened because they didn't know God's Will.

For 40 years since then, everything has perished. The nation was separated into South and North Korea. It's been 42 years. 43 years is the limit. I tell you that 43 years is the limit. If we can't bring the heavenly fortune in unification during this period, we will perish. Why was Korea separated? Because it didn't have a unification ideology. There was no subjective ideology, that's why. (166-153)

There was no nation in Korea at that time. There was no nation. Korea without a nation had to show the way to reach the world by connecting to the US and uniting with the established churches. However, there was no Christian leader who could show that to the people. Why was it so? In light of God's general providence, 3 years before 1948 was a confusing period. It was a confusing period without an ideology for the leaders.

Dr. Lee, who had been the independence movement activist in America, returned to Korea, Master Kim Koo, who had gone to China, returned to Korea, and all of the patriots in the USSR returned to Korea, and all of those who had various backgrounds trying to establish their own foundation. They fought each other. But there was no subjective ideology. Korea didn't have a principle with which it could integrate ideological views such as America's and the USSR's, or Communism and Democracy. There was no ideology for the leaders. Because of these confusing circumstances, North Korea went its way and South Korea went its own way, too. (164-129)

Korea had three parts. One was for the USSR, the other was for China and the rest was for the US. Those three groups were fighting each other. At that time, there was no subjective ideology. There was no subjective ideology to show Korea to reach the world. Each party was fighting for its own good and each church was fighting for its own good, and it continued for over 3 years. Then North Korea came to establish its government and South Korea established its government and centering on August, 15, having no choice but to be separated into two. (165-292)

7. We Must Establish A Supra-Racial Subject Ideology

Forty years ago, with the fanfare of independence, all kinds of patriots in foreign countries, people who were called patriots, started to return to their mother nations. The main groups were from the USSR, China and America. Those three groups caused a great problem. Even the Nam-Ro party centering on Kim Il Sung was combined, although the main group that established the government abolished the Nam-Ro party. That kind of fighting took place.

However, there wasn't any subjective ideologies for Korean people then. There was not a subjective racial ideology to show Korea that it has to go a certain way, or that it has to be influential to Asian nations. For the old and the young, there wasn't any emphasis to show the way. Like at that time, things are going in a similar direction. Trust in the Government, confusion centering on the US and the USSR with assassinations and shooting, all this is occurring now.

Where shall we go? We can't follow the US. Neither can we follow the USSR. We can't follow China or Japan. When we look at the position of Korea, the surrounding nations are all powerful nations. But currently we can't simply depend on a powerful nation. America and Japan conflict in the trade imbalance. And China and Japan are the invaders that took over our country 40 years ago. More than that, the USSR is a communist country. Centering on the relationship between Korea and the US, can we always trust the US? Look. The US is calling us the second Japan and control the trade. They will kick us out if it's for their own good. As to the nature of our country, there is no nation to relate to our country. Can we be connected with communists, with China, with Japan or with the US? (166-119)

Today, one thing that Korea, in terms of a subjective ideology, should know is where it can find the subjective ideology that transcends races. That is what I am planning to discuss with the President.

If we can find the origin of a subjective ideology here with no regard to race, it will be ideal. But if we can't find it here, what will happen? If Korea can show its historical view as a main line ideology of world cultural history, Korea will be able to be independent with a subjective ideology. But if Korea can't show it, our historical view will be over and it can't go on to the new world dimension.

The strategy against communists is the same way. Communism is a world ideology. World ideology. Because communism is a world ideology, we can't prevent nor digest it with a nationalistic concept. Without showing an ideological structure which can prevent world communism based on a world and a supra-national ideology, we can't destroy communism. (85-118)

You should know that we are entering the world competition age. As Korea is trying to find the way to win the economical competition, the Unification Church must go on to the world competition stage to establish a new subjective ideology that forms a cultural realm centering on the Unification Ideology. We have to know that such a mission is waiting for us in the world. (Oct. 4, 1978)

One thing we have to finalize is how to control and smash communism, and it is the destiny Korea has to confront. We have to educate the youth centering on it and arm them with ideology. It is good to have a commercial relationship or whatever to unite South and North. Everyone there is red. For that reason, we have to arm the second generation of South Korea with the ideology of love completely before we can confront them. Rev. Moon asserts that if South Korea can establish a subjective ideology according to the Heavenly laws, involving ideologies of filial piety, loyalty and devotion, South Korea will never perish. (Oct. 4, 1978)

The nation has built a structural standard. It is necessary to unite centering on the subjective ideology in a relative position. Such a unification form has been automatically established internally and externally. (81-285)

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