Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The International Foundation For North-South Unification (Part 2)

5. The Foundation For Unification In The USA

1) America's Mission

America should consider which is more dangerous, retreating from Asia or from Europe. Europe is father away, and it has no base that is related to America. But Asia is connected to America through Alaska. This is a good foundation from which to stimulate Korea to take revenge for the thirty six years of Japanese colonial persecution. If America removes her troops from Korea, and Korea becomes communized, however, Japan will easily be communized, and then the whole Pacific Rim will be communized within five years. Alaska is not the border; something more serious will happen. From this point of view, America should understand what God wants to do with Asia and the world and educate and unify the American people. This is my claim. (91-70)

Now, America is generally acknowledged as the leader of the democratic world. If this nation collapses, it will be a global disaster. America is the only country that can protect the world against communism. (72, 25)

If America is pushed back by Communists in Asia, heaven and earth will also be pushed back. (33-12)

America is an archangel country. So America should help if Korea is to gain independence. Although the Communist world opposes it, America should help Korea and find a way to become one with her. Otherwise, unification cannot be hoped for. Independence cannot be gained in isolation. Then who should do this? These countries are now being divided and set apart from one another. They are being absorbed into the hands of Communists. This is why now is the time of crisis. (54-201)

Will America, the leader of world democracy, perish or prosper? It will perish, considering all of her present situations. It will be handed over to Communists and Satan. Thus, the more difficult it becomes, the more they should consult with God and unite under God; then, they will not perish. instead, they will be restored. (71-244)

What is our task in America? Although we have to abandon the American nation and American church, we should fight again in order to rebuild it as a God-centered country. It is my view that if this happens, America can dominate the world. If God has chosen and established America, would He want her to be a great country for its own sake or a country to save the world by turning it upside down? (a country to save the world) Do American people have such an idea? (81-5 1)

2) The Unification Church has Been Working to Save America

I did not go to America in order to develop the Unification Church and brag about it as its leader; I went with a great mission to show the historical direction for the world. So I could not share this with anyone. I have been fighting alone, keeping it only to myself As I see that now global problems are coming to the fore, I feel that God's work transcends human understanding. (70-37)

At the Yankee Stadium rally, I declared that I came to America as a doctor because she had become sick, and as a fire fighter because she had been caught on a fire. Who can say such a thing? Can an American president say it? What American young man can say it? This is an historic event. At the Washington rally, I proudly proclaimed that I came in order to save the decadent American young people and turn them around as the youth of the future. Can any American professor say such a thing? (91-64)

I warned America that she will go down in no time. I attacked them bluntly in broad daylight, those who consider themselves citizens of a developed country. I said, "America will perish. I am shouting lest it should happen. I will uproot all the systems that are connected to Communists." (62-129)

America is regarded as the prototype for democracy. Thinking that when religion is dismantled here, the whole country will fall into their hands, Communists are making step-by-step preparations to bring it about. When I know such things, I cannot but do this work in America. (92-131)

I am teaching American people that they should have an ideal that transcends the nation and that they should change from a country that lives for its own sake to a country that serves the world. This year, I am fighting again in order to switch on the transformation process. (85-62)

You may not know this. There is a promise I made with God when I came to America. I pledged that by the third year of the third seven-year course (1977), I would take the responsibility to find a life path for America and that I would do this work as long as I lived. For the short three years, I have been doing things that are almost impossible in America. You should know that it was not my accomplishment, but God is the one who supported it and made it possible. Therefore, it is a miracle that we are witnessing impossible things being made possible in front of our eyes. You should know that we have a victorious result that surpasses any victories in the past. (87-94)

I used shock therapy in order to save the dying country of America. I said, "America is now being consumed by fire, and I came here as a fire fighter to rescue her." I also said, "America is now dying out of sickness, and I came here as a doctor to heat her." This remark irritated American pride. I knew how the people would respond, but I also knew that the country could not be saved without shock therapy. So I had to be willing to go into prison. I went to prison for saying the right thing. (88.1.1)

How did I guide the nation of America? From above, I guided the presidents, and from below, I guided the young people. This is my view: when the president and the young people start having ideas of serving God, then America will be saved. (79-186)

Everyone who visits America tries to gain debts, but I came here to give debts. But they still treat me badly. They treat me even worse than a beggar, not to mention like a president or government minister. They just spit at me and ridicule me, calling me "Moonie." Even beggars are not treated so badly, right? For this reason, when they turn around, they will submit themselves one hundred percent. Does it seem likely or not? (It does) We are going forward for this day. (92-103)

Throughout the Communist and the free world, there is only one person who really serves America. Only Rev. Moon is here, urging people to work to save America. I am doing this with all the money and people in my control. I love America. For what? I am doing it for America and the world, and yet white people are accusing me of trying to swallow America. (79.5.1)

I am thinking, "America, don't perish and just wait for another ten years. For when I am here in America, you will be saved eventually in my hands." That time will come. If those who know this fail to fulfill their responsibility, they will be accused. So when I plead to God, "I will take the responsibility, so please help me," the God cannot but help me. He helps. This is why I can stir up this commotion. (87- 195)

We must save America because she is the center of the democratic world, and through saving her we can save the democratic world. Although America and the American churches oppose Rev. Moon, we must save America, the American churches, and even Communists, just as Jesus said, "God, please do not forsake them." We should be willing to take up the cross like Jesus. You should know that the Unification Church is trying to inherit the tradition of Jesus and to work accordingly. (87-136)

3) The Foundation For Unification

I went to America because I knew the ultimate purpose of the Communists, who advocate the overthrow of Capitalism. America had to be awakened from ignorance about communism in order for Korea, Asia, religion, and the free world to remain alive in the future. As soon as I arrived in America, God wanted to gather up support at once from the American people. As a religious leader, I could not use violence, and yet I had to work quickly, and urging the American people to decide between yes and no within a short time. I asked Japanese and Germans, historical enemies of America, to work with a conviction that if they worked to save rather than destroy America, this would remain as a great lesson in the cultural history of mankind.

American young people, spoiled by liberal pragmatism, are reluctant to do anything that does not benefit them directly. I tried to awaken them, however, by creating inspiring examples of sacrificial work through dedicated Japanese and German youths. It took three years before the American young people were moved by the young people sacrificing for God. (80-11-17)

Communist movements are spreading through American universities, and Kim Il Sung is accelerating his operations in America. His dream is to overthrow America. Among the immigrants in America, there is none who are as diligent and intelligent as Koreans. So they have much influence in the areas of politics, academia, and so on. In space research, which is the cutting edge of science, more than ten Korean scientists are involved, for instance. There are many Koreans who have influence in many areas. Hence, if the Koreans in America can be united, we will become a nation of enormous power, and through this our country will emerge as a world leader. Understanding such a potential in the Korean-American community, Kim Il Sung is trying to embrace the Korean Americans with all kinds of secret operations and propaganda. I have been promoting VOC activities in America on a large scale in order to counteract this. (80.1.1)

The first thing I did in America was to establish a seminary to serve as the center of bringing together the academic world. What matters most in guiding the world of thought is theology and philosophy. Hence, for the five years after 1975, I made connections with 380 theologians including European scholars, and invited ten to twenty of them every week to hold continuous seminars with our students. They came first in order to check out our church. They engaged in discussions with our students; they could not win over the students, however, although they mobilized all their skills and knowledge. Our theological students would read the works of the professors in discussion and go into discussions in different sections; after three rounds of discussions, the students would completely win over the professors.

This year, we brought together famous theologians through conferences in Hawaii, Mexico, and Africa, and on October 4th, we made an organization with 180 scholars, 35 universities, and 18 trustees. Now we have completed the basic work for the sake of helping the American world of thought.

The second thing I did in America was to bring unity in the field of law. I brought famous lawyers together. The third is media organization. Already the third Divine Principle workshop is over, and we are laying the ground work for a media organization through establishing a wire service called "Free Press International." (80.11-17)

6. The Foundation For South And North Unification Through China

1) The Position of the People's Republic of China

Since the Adam country, Eve country, and Archangel country have developed from the individual because of the fall, God's providence of restoration brings them back as countries. In order to find such countries, the Satanic world has been divided into two. This is why Father Kim Il Sung has emerged in North Korea. If Kim is Satanic Adam, China is Eve. For this reason, China will be the most problematic in the Communist bloc. The most problematic country in Asia is neither the Soviet Union, nor Kim Il Sung, but China. The Soviet Union is just the formation. This way, those three nations are the Satanic Adam, Eve, and Archangel countries. (68-35)

In trampling down the Communists today, the battle between the South and North will determine the outcome of America's struggle with Communists around the Pacific. America does not compete with the Soviet Union directly, but Korea will decide the outcome. America's true border does not lie by Mexico but in Korea. There should be a showdown at the border. Now Kim Il Sung and the Soviet Union are united. My strategies are unfolding in such a situation. Korea is the Adam country, Japan, the Eve country, America, the Archangel country, and Germany, the Cain-type Adam country.

As the Abel and Cain countries come into Asia as one, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, conquering China will mean Satan's loss of the Eve country and thus the end of the Satanic side. In other words, when China is turned around for us, Communism can be easily handled. I will take care of North Korea. For this fierce battle, I made conditions for thirty years, forgetting everything and receiving persecution. When one of our leaders accomplished the automobile production plan in China and reported to me, I said, "A result of thirty years' suffering has arrived." It is not one year but thirty years.

Otherwise, there is no way that South and North can survive amid the superpowers. With God's concern and protection, Rev. Moon was born as a Korean and built a foundation through which America, Japan, and China can be joined to crush the Soviet Union; through this, the way will open for Korea to survive. (86.1.21)

China needs help from God, America, and the Free World (86. 8.20)

2) Ways to Renew China

In China, signs that she will not stay imprisoned by Communist ideology are appearing in many areas. Especially, in non-political fields such as economics, culture, and sports, she is pursuing open and pragmatic policies. I believe that soon Korea will expand its non-political exchanges with China. The question is what kind of attitude North Korea will assume when Korea-China relationship develops. Now China cannot be regarded as a part of the Communist bloc headed by the Soviet Union. China is turning around towards a socialist political system and a capitalist economic system. In the fields of culture and arts, I expect that she will resurrect the traditional Oriental culture and expand exchanges with the world.

The change of Chinese position will have great implications for the South-North relationship. Now, it is the Kim regime that sees a crisis. They are struggling with the question of power succession and unresolved problem of economic revival, and are being isolated even in the Communist bloc. Chased into the comer by the changing international politics, they may even attempt a military action against the South, but if we are prepared, the South-North relationship can find an easy resolution. (86.10.21)

I have been making preparations for ten or twenty years for the future foundation. Knowing that China would return to the side of the Free World, I have been praying and preparing since thirty years ago. (86.10.21)

7. The Soviet Union Today And Us

1) The Strategy of the Soviet Union

Today, we are under a constant threat of invasion by North Korea or the Soviet Union. As you know, the harbor of Vladivostok freezes up in the winter, and they need the Korean Peninsular, whose harbors do not freeze in the winter. Furthermore, if Korea falls to Soviet hands, Japan will naturally come within Soviet influence. In an effort to conquer Asia, the Soviet Union is trying to take over the Korean Peninsular first.

Do you know why the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan? In order to keep China in check. Ten or fifteen years from now China will grow substantially in power, and it will become difficult for the Soviet Union to contain China. The neighboring countries of the Soviet Union are turning against her, and if China comes forward with an anti-Soviet motto, a federation can be formed at once against the Soviet Union. Behind the Iran-Iraq war, there is also the Soviet conspiracy to expand its domain of influence. Also, you should know that the securing of military bases in the Indian Ocean and moves in Japan and North East Asia are all part of their world communization strategy. Ladies and gentlemen, what will happen to Korea when Japan falls under the Soviet influence? What will Kim Il Sung do? This is a serious issue. (80.11.1)

After the Korean independence, as I saw the Soviet Union developing under the leadership of Stalin in the fifties, I was determined to weaken this country. Although I did not have my own foundation, God struck them down. God struck America and the Soviet Union. Thus, thirty years after the foundation of HSA-UWC, I declared the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the downfall of the Free World was declared when I arrived in America. There is no one who can handle the Soviet Union. No matter how confidently the Soviet Union says that their Communist theory will conquer the world and the proletariat will vanquish the bourgeois regimes, it is nothing but a vain dream, a pointless act, and an empty word. It will fail and disappear. If you look closely, the highest leaders of the Soviet Communist Party are not themselves Communists, which shows that the time of Communism is over. This is why Gorbachev is coming forward with a open policy towards the West. (163-154)

Now is the problem. What kind of time is now? Not only Korea, but Japan, China, the Soviet Union, and America have problems. Those countries who emerged as world leaders are lamenting, "Oh, it is big trouble to be standing in front of the world, although we thought that when we advanced to this position, everything would be ideal. Now this gives us headaches. We must retreat!" Now is the end. The Soviet Union has been pursuing a utopia, providing economic and political assistants to many parts of the world, but now problems have grown out of hand for them. So they are in retreat, reducing aid to Cuba and the Third World. Furthermore, there is an irrepressible storm of ideological breakdown in the Soviet Union. America is going through the same turmoil.

Soviet leaders are not true Communists. The time of Communism is already over. The theories proclaimed by Marx and Lenin have lost their credibility. Their impracticality have been clearly demonstrated by reality and scientific data. The world is already aware of it. (168-84)

The Soviet Communists have conquered all the countries they targeted except for Korea, owing to the activities of the Unification Church and VOC Federation. So it is a matter of course that they consider us the prime enemy. Japanese Communists started monitoring the Unification Church after they were expelled by VOC Federation and CARP. They lost their foundations in the US as well. Although they tried to kick out Unification Church through Frazer, they ended up losing their own foundations. We clashed against Communists in Europe as well, and they were also expelled in Germany. (88. 1.1)

2) The Collapse of the Soviet Communism

When we consider the Korean academia, they have a great hope in their relationship with the Unification Church. When I say "great hope," no one will take it as an empty propaganda, right? When I asked Dr. Kaplan, a famous political scientist at the University of Chicago, to declare the collapse of the Soviet Union, he called our leaders three times and pleaded with them, "In declaring their downfall, let us not shoot them directly but do it in a more roundabout way." He did not want to make a direct announcement. Furthermore, a few famous Soviet specialists from Harvard and other well-known universities pulled back.

Kaplan also visited me in prison and made a desperate plea. But I dismissed him and told them, "Who do you think I am? If you declare this, the Soviet Union will fall, so declare it." Now, they recognize that I have sharp political senses. I told them that what they find out from scholarly researches and discussions is not everything, and they see now that my opinion has been correct. Now the Soviet Union will be changed. (168-39)

I declared the collapse of the Soviet Union in Geneva. With this declaration, heavenly fortune came. When you speak up, you should do it the loudest in all history so that it even wakes God up from sleep to come and listen; only then, can heavenly fortune come. (laugh) We should make noise. The collapse of the Soviet Union! I asked great scholars of the world to proclaim this. I did it in Danbury. Instead of thinking of how to get out of the prison, why was I worrying about a collapse of Soviet Communism? This is a crazy thing to do. But I do not only look at a plane but at all three dimensions. You don't have such a world, do you? You don't know the spiritual world, do you? In understanding the spiritual world, all the religious leaders must learn from me. (168-34)

3) Moscow is Where We "Must Go"

Now the problem is not Korea but how to handle Communists, who will liberate Moscow? Will it be liberated while we just sit and talk? There are dozens of Unification Church members who were imprisoned after engaging in underground mission activities. Knowing this, how can I live a comfortable life? (86.3.9)

We must save the world. We work not only for the Free World but we must also go to Moscow and save the Communists. (86.3.9)

You should know this. What are we going to do through America? We are not out to dominate the world through America. Rather, this is the final strategy to go to Moscow. We must liberate Moscow. Only then will God and True Parents be liberated. After this, there will be no persecution. Then, there will come an age of complete world peace. We will progress towards the kingdom of heaven, which is shining with God's love and eternal peace and where there are no dark clouds. May you go to the world of peace through eternal love. (161-194)

What should Rev. Moon do? When America is saved, and there comes a position of glory, I still cannot ride upon America and say, "It's all done." If we stop here without looking for a way to move up to the world level, everything will be shattered away. Through a victorious foundation in America, we should save the world. As soon as we stop at America and forget about the world, we will be taking a separate path from God's providence. As soon as the Washington rally was over, I declared the Moscow rally and started making the preparation. Since then, we have been preparing ourselves to defeat Communism and achieve victory in Moscow. Then what is the aim of Rev. Moon? Where should we go after the Soviet Union? We go up to God's bosom and to the place of God's purpose. After Moscow, we should unite the world and heaven and earth. (161-96)

After winning at the Washington rally, where can we win next? There will nothing left to fight against, then? (laugh) (Moscow) That's right. You say "Moscow, Moscow," but I say "Must Go." Moscow is a place where we must go. (Cheers) Although you may not know this, Communists know this, and they hate me. Considering this, we cannot win unless young supporters of Rev. Moon are stronger than my active opponents; we won't be able to go to Moscow. You must be stronger than they are. (79-305)

Disciples of Jesus went to Rome even when it meant death for them. How about you? What will you do if they threaten to hang you? Will you be better or worse than the disciples of Jesus? (Better) Will you go to Moscow? (Yes) I said that you must go to Moscow. (laughter) It is not a laughing matter. It is not a laughing matter. (81-116)

Now, There is no more place for me to do a rally. I have filled the big squares with crowds in Japan and Korea. In America, center of the world, I filled squares of the eight biggest cities and filled Yankee Stadium. So if we fill Washington DC, there is nothing more to do except for things to do in the spiritual world. (Moscow) Moscow is your responsibility. (88-125)

Now, as a volunteer army of righteousness and commanding generals, I plead with you not to bring down the dignity of God and mankind. The problem for us is not just Yankee Stadium or Washington. Going beyond this, we should go to Moscow and bring it to God's bosom. I hope that you make daily determination to advance to this final frontline. (81-45)

I said before that Moscow is "must go," right? Who should support this? (sisters) So far, sisters have not had a name in history. (81-36)

When I gather tens of thousands of sisters from many countries and say "Attention," they should say, "Yes," "Salute," then "Yes," "Go back, then "Yes," and "March to Moscow," then everyone should march. Is this done by force or voluntarily? You should think about this. (81-37)

4) Our Plan for the Moscow Rally

God is working with the principle of being hit and then taking over afterwards. Whenever I went to prison, our Church went up by one stage. When I came out from Danbury, American people as well as religion welcomed me. Is this a going up or going down? We have been going up all the time. If I come out of a Moscow prison, then perhaps we will rise up directly to heaven. The Moscow rally will be accomplished very soon. I established the Summit Club. I plan to bring about fifty former heads of states to meet Gorbachev. Soviet leaders will have to welcome the Summit Club. I will be there as one of the chairmen. When I met Gorbachev, I will persuade him. Do you think I will be persuaded or he will be persuaded?

There has been no word "retreat" in my life. So far, I have been pushing forward against all the storms of the world. I have fought with 240 million Americans, and finally won. The plaintiff was the USA and the defendant Rev. Moon. Now, as far as American culture remains in history, they will have to kneel down to Rev. Moon. (88. 1.1)

My prayer is already made into a formula. I don't pray much. When I just close my eyes and pray, heaven already comes. So I just keep running for God's Will. I run more than pray, and act more than think. So far, I have been paving the way to go to the Summit Conference. If we bring about fifty former heads of states, and I go as their chairman, they will have to accept us. Can they reject us? We can make an academy, connecting professors from satellite countries such as Poland. We can connect world-renowned artists. I connected famous ballerinas and established the Universal Ballet. If we keep connecting people, all the Soviet people will be influenced by me.

Now is the time to restore the Communist bloc. Since I declared a Moscow rally, I organized the science conferences as a preparation to go there. After establishing an association of small nations and an association of former heads of states, I will visit Moscow with fifty heads of states as the chairman. Then Breznev will have to accept us. Then we can bring a mobilization team of a few thousand and do a rally there. We will do it with the presence of the Soviet police.

So I am preparing for such a thing. Let's see if it works or not. Because I talk about these things, many people in our country say that we go beyond national interests to talk about international issues. They say that even ten years ago they thought that it was a dream but now it is right. (86.1.1)

There may come a period of political confusion before Korea sees unification. Especially, I see that this period will substantially emerge after the Seoul Olympics. just as darkness precedes the bright morning, the political situation will become chaotic. World politics will be entangled and unraveled centering on Korea. By the end of the Olympics, relationship with the East European Communist bloc will be established and through this Communist influence will also come along. Then, the atmosphere for South and North unification will mature, and unification through a South and North general election will be discussed. Since there is tension and hard feelings between the ruling party and opposition parties, however, they cannot actively respond together to the rapidly changing international situation. This may result in Korea's loss of leadership in the unification process. Then, the people will be greatly confused.

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