Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. Our Desire Is Unification

1. Unity

Our wish is unification! What is unification? Our wish is to see the day when we can embrace the 3,000 Li peninsula of South Korea and North Korea as one country. We must bring this wish into reality. Whether we eat, sleep or are awake, coming or going, alive or dead, we must be willing to die for the realization of this dream. It is the wish of the parents, but at the same time, the wish of their children, who are related through blood lineage. (43-153)

What is the goal of the Unification Church? It is unification. Unification is the core. (90-64)

Our wish, what is our wish? Is it to close down the DMZ? [It is unification.] Unification! I am referring to the unification that can be brought by the Unification Church as a sacrificial offering. (56-283)

Well, our wish, what is the wish of our country, Korea? It is to close down the DMZ. Is that right or not? [It is right.] What is the wish of the president? It is to unite the South and the North, by removing the DMZ. And what is the wish of the Unification Church? [The unification of the cosmos, heaven and earth (chun joo)]. It is not only to unite the peninsula of Korea, but also to eliminate (communism in) Russia, the Soviet Union. Such is Rev. Moon's viewpoint. I am not doing this just to eliminate Kim Il Sung and the communists in North Korea. I am doing this to eliminate all communists throughout the world. (85-255)

"Our cherished hopes are for unity. Even our dreams are for unity. We'll give our lives for unity. Come along, unity." We sing this song. So, what is our wish? Do you know why the Unification Church is so busy?

It is because we should work for unification whether we are dead or alive, or are meeting people, or eating, etc. Accordingly, in order for you to bring unification, you should first become the best person in the world. For example, if you are compared to a gimlet, you should be the best gimlet. (20-270)

2. Song Of Unification

Our wish is unification. Right? [Yes.] That is why we have been singing the "Song of Unity" since 1967. Indeed, our wish is unification. (50-250)

I will sing a song that I am going to sing abroad. It is the "Song of Unity." To achieve unification is not simple. In order to bring unification, we need a foundation, but building the foundation is not easy. Let us sing that song together.

"Our cherished hopes are for unity. Even our dreams are for unity. We give our lives for unity. Come along unity. Unity saving the people, Unity saving this nation, Come here quickly, unity, Come along, unity."

In order to promote this task, you should sing this song as often as possible. Even when Father is not here in Korea, even if you undergo difficulties in your life, I ask you to persevere, thinking of this song. This is what this people wish for. Next, all of the church members should go to a holy ground and pray there.

Until Father returns, I ask you to pray in the church on a rainy day, and at the holy-ground on a clear day. Please pray about unification in particular. The South and the North, democracy and communism, and heaven and earth, are all separated, but you should pray to become a patriot who can unite the nation, a saint who can unite the world, and a loyal son or daughter who can unite heaven and earth. God is looking for such a person.

Loyalty and filial piety are fulfilled in a difficult situation. Unity is not achieved at a high place but at the very bottom place. It comes at the crossing point of life and death. Where did God's heart and Jesus' heart meet? It was on the cross where his life was crossing the point of death. Therefore, you should understand that this is where a new history started, and you need to pray for the unification of the South and the North. Then what should be done to bring about the unification?

First, you should love the 30 million people of South Korea. Otherwise, you cannot bring unification.

You should love the entire people of Korea, not only your own sons and daughters. You should not love only your own province where you are living, but also your nation. And you should love all other small towns and North Korea. For this, you should pray hard at the holy ground with a heart of ownership, and with a loving heart. Centered on the Unification Church, all religions should be unified. And, centered on religion, South Korea should be unified. And centered on South Korea, South Korea and North Korea should be unified. And centered on the unified Korea, Japan should be unified. And centered on Japan, the USA should be unified. And centered on America, Germany should be unified. If these four major nations are united, the world will be automatically united. (22-152)

We should accomplish the unification of the South and the North. If it cannot be done by Korean people, it should be done, even by mobilizing other peoples. With this in mind, we should become a resistance corps that fights against communists, the worldwide foes, by inheriting the spirit of the March 1st Movement that fought against Japan (during its occupation of Korea). Such a resistance corps is the Unification Church. Bearing this in mind, we should sing the Song of Unity. (45-185)

3. Unification Should Be Achieved In Father's Lifetime

In what time period are we living now? We are living in a providential age. Along with the forceful and courageous sound of your pledge, or the sound of your youthful hearts beating and the uproars of the corps that is running towards the enemy camp, thinking: "Everything depends on this," then, billions of spirits in spirit world who have been waiting for this moment will welcome you with applause. Even the spirits in hell will say: "Please be victorious. Please. I will do it, even crawling down." In a few years, such a breathtaking moment will come to this land. So even if you need to go to a battleground and you might fall down to the ground, vomiting blood, you should fight courageously, all the way to the end, for the cause of righteousness.

By so doing, if you offer your life and become a loyal subject for heaven, everything will be resolved. Thus a new history will begin right there. Since we have been preparing ourselves for this moment with such a standard, and since we have been keeping a wish in our hearts to secure this oneness, have we not been willing to be rejected by our own family, our own nation, and numerous religious denominations? For the sake of such a critical, final day that God, history, and all humanity have been awaiting, many people sacrificed so much, with a wish that they could realize a solemn and magnificent victory? As it can be connected by the stroke of my own sword, and my own words and deeds, is it not an unprecedented matter? If I can fight in the actual battleground, seeing it with my own eyes and feeling it with my senses, what life can be more fruitful than this? This, we should realize and feel. (157-352)

Do you want to run to the North over the DMZ, fighting courageously or not? If you die without stepping on the soil of Father's hometown, you will be accused in the spirit world. Would you not want to visit Father's hometown at least once? It is not a handsome looking one. But you do not want to go there for its external look, right? [Yes.] Then, Father will tell you about his personal story, how he did such and such in the olden days. He fished right here and that fish was such and such kind. He played right here, enjoying such and such games, etc. Then, they will sound so real. I bet you would like to do all of those things yourself. Would you or would you not? [We would.] When I was crossing the DMZ, I determined, "Although I am now crossing this place alone, in the future, if I need to go over again, I will come with a large crowd of people so that communists will flee to Northern Manchuria." I have not given up that determination yet. Do you understand? [Yes.] Would you like to go there? [Yes.]

Then, you should chase the Kim Il Sung regime out to Manchuria, and I should be informed that all the territory from Yalu River is safe. Thereafter, I will return to my hometown and hold a huge banquet. I will eat barbecue ribs with four hands, including shadow hands. You know that two shadow hands make four hands, right? Well, I'd like to create a fantastic feast there. My desire is to have a greater feast than Kim Il Sung's 60th birthday one. I do not mean to have such a feast for my own 60th birthday. I am saying this because we can have such a great feast to celebrate the day of liberation from communism and the founding of a new nation. Do you understand? I will be in trouble if I pass away without holding such a banquet. From this perspective, what is our wish? [It is unification.] (57-363)

In the spirit world, after laying the foundation of victory on this earth as one nation, after determining a realm of victory at the place where spirit world and earthly world are united, prior to offering a ceremony of victory, if Father is no longer on this earth, you will become pitiful people. Therefore, you should think: "Well, then, we cannot go the path of parents. Then, we who attend True Parents with the title of children, must restore this nation before we die." Only when that is done, will Jesus be liberated from his grief, and the wish of God who sent Jesus after 4,000 years of the history of restoration be realized. This, you must understand. (43-154)

4. Prayer For Unification

Father, I pray that today will be a clear day with bright morning sunshine. With you, I know the sorrow of a pioneer in walking the sad course of restoration in which I shed tears, trying to forget the pain and suffering of yesterday. Who will be responsible for this world? Father, please have compassion on this people of Korea who cannot be revived unless the South and the North are united and go through the course of struggling, and unless they climb up a wall of grief from the pain inflicted from the taking of their own flesh and blood. Forty years ago, when this nation was liberated from Japan, Christianity had been united with your son, me, in 1940, Korea could have then become the leading nation in the world. I cannot forget the historical past in which I had to suffer from sorrowful tempests and snowy winds from the North, re-indemnifying 4,000 years of history. Even at the point of stimulating my mind due to the tragedy, since I can feel the misery of Heaven, I struggled in pain and You brought the foundation of today's victories, leading and guiding the course of the world. I do not know what to do in gratitude for Your heavenly fortune.

Beloved Heavenly Father, please do not forget the Unification Church members, who, with hearts pierced with love for You, wish for the day when they could entirely offer you a realm of liberation for all humanity by lifting and carrying them to You, climbing up through the clouds of the grief of heaven. In order for us to bring that day, we are to carry out the responsibility of bringing the unification between South Korea and North Korea. In order to fulfill this destiny, we must continue to move forward. I reflect upon my 40 years of life that parallel the lost history of humanity, through which I have been taking busy steps in the entire world of six continents. (12/13/87)

When thinking of how You, Heavenly Father, have been waiting for the day when the nation that the entire creation desires will be established, I realize that we must bring unification to South Korea and North Korea. Whenever I think of this, Father, I again realize that we should not spend our life in dozing. We should remain awake, offering all of our loyal hearts and minds in order to carry out our mission given by You, Heavenly Father. In order to do this, we need to go through a course of battles. Please guide all of us to become the people who can feel this in our hearts with more depth. (50-34)

Father, who knows the situation of division between South Korea and North Korea, how pitiful are the people of South Korea and North Korea, who cannot trust anyone under these difficult circumstances! Please guide them so that they shall be able to cope with their difficult circumstances, looking at their hearts with faith in You. Please allow them to become the people who understand that the environment can be recreated as long as the center exists. I know that by having the world inherit the foundation of this victory, the liberation realm of all humankind can germinate from this point on, and a new, transitional time of history that will be praised by all future generations to come is approaching. I know that all of this is from Your grace. I earnestly pray and pray that You alone will have dominion over all of this, by allowing this day to come with Your blessing, and by walking the foundation of the grief of South Korea and North Korea. Please guide us to become a group of people of the Unification Family who can understand the immobile will of Heaven and Your circumstances in which You cannot always answer people's calling to You, and who can go their way solemnly, pushing themselves for this on their way. (11/8/87)

A nation is divided into two: South Korea and North Korea, as the crossing point of democracy and communism. The Republic of Korea entered a way of destiny, a way of tribulation, that it must inevitably go. Although it has been struggling in sorrow and loneliness, in the position of being struck first, it is now facing the victory of tomorrow. Please allow this people to be bold and strong. (31-183)

You alone know for sure the way to lead 30 million people in South Korea and how to embrace the 50 million people of both South Korea and North Korea who stand in front of You. I earnestly pray that the victorious day of founding the nation of Heaven can come as soon as possible, by holding this people in Your hand and bringing them to Your will, through erecting the right group of people, choosing the right leadership. Father, I wish and pray that the day of unification that we have been dreaming of can arrive as soon as possible. (63-318)

Father, please allow this people to see the day of victory along with the realization of Your own dream and wish, by loving, educating and guiding this peninsula that is divided into the two nations of South Korea and North Korea. Father, we know that Heaven has been working behind the scenes, for the realization of Your ideal nation, knowing that the South and the North will eventually communicate freely with each other. Please let the hearts of all leaders move Your heart during the time-period when they are working for this. By so doing, please allow countless groups of people to follow the way You want them to go which is an unavoidable way for them to go. Please guide and protect this people and nation. (61-289)

Father, please remember this pitiful people of Korea, with a history of half of 10,000 years; who have been living like orphans; who have been treated contemptuously like beggars half-clothed in hunger, but still maintaining faith in the existence of God. And whenever they were cold, with a yearning heart, they prayed, "Although our parents are dead, God, please help us." Because you know such a relationship has been continued throughout history, You looked for this Korean people, and despite countless ordeals, You still desired to bless them. However, this people betrayed you. Father, since the liberation, the Unification Church has been walking a course of numerous tribulations. It endured incredible unfairness that could not be described to anyone. Even in the place where they felt their teeth ground and muscle stretched, they came this far, thinking of God's sorrowful days. We know that we should become the kind of children whom You can be proud of for eternity. I wish and pray that You will continue to love this people and embrace them in Your bosom. Who will take the responsibility for the unification of the South and the North that are being crossed? We know that You, Heavenly Father, are the only one who can do it. Since we know that due to our inadequacy, we need to become a group of people who are willing to go the way of death on the cross, offering all of our hearts and minds, we realize that we should overcome the peril of this nation, patiently longing for Your bosom and waiting for the day of Your victory. Please let everyone understand this clearly in his or her heart. I sincerely wish and pray for this. (63-354)

5. Take Responsibility For Father's Concerns

Father, unless we fulfill the mission of the Abel country, subjugating the Cain nation, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven, so please protect us who are walking a path of such destiny. No other people are more pitiful than the one without their own nation. However, the era of orphans for the group of people who have already suffered during a period of tribulation is gone, for they now have come to enter the era of having Parents.

But again, even such an era has passed from them, for they have now entered an era when they need to be concerned about establishing a new nation of tomorrow, and love that nation and its people, in the relation of tribes, people and the nation. A time when the spirit of people that has been buried in Your heart can be exposed, escaping from the fallen world, is now approaching us closely. Yet, if questioned as to the number of people who can be truly patriotic sons and daughters, Father, I feel that I need to repent before You in tears. Father, please forgive me. Until now, when looking at the group of people who have been following the course of Your will on the front-line, saying that they will liberate the grief of people who shed blood along the way, I know that there are many who worry You, but not many of those are in the position of taking responsibility for Your concerns.

When understanding such a situation and reality, I realize that there again remains a way of the cross that I need to bear in the future. Since the way of the cross through which I can rest in peace for eternity still remains, on behalf of his people, your son would have to pioneer a way of battles and a way of destiny that they need to go, by taking strong steps. Since this people are divided into the South and the North, in their hearts, for they are grieving, their separated family relations along with the division of their own people. Please let us realize that we are the ones who are responsible for bringing unification to the South and the North, liberating people from that grief.

The North above the DMZ is in the position of Cain, and the South that is below the DMZ is in the position of Abel. Thus, should the people in the South first have loyal and filial hearts towards You? Since erecting the foundation of faith first is the mission of this people, we should be able to love Heaven first before loving this people. However, no one knows that this is a condition that can determine the life and death of this people. For this reason, the group of pitiful people of the Unification Church, as representatives of this nation, should stand on the front-line in loving God.

Unlike the people of the North who unwillingly surrendered themselves and follow the direction of the enemy, we should excel them by 100 times or even 1,000 times, by willingly, not forcibly, taking responsibility for this mission with a free spirit. In such a way, unless we set the standard of loving this nation and this people first, we cannot be restored to the side of Heaven. This we must clearly understand. (31-180)

Beloved Father, the miserable history of Korea and its people, and all difficulties that Korea is faced with in chaos, are reflecting all of the chaos of the world. We now understand that we are in the age of unifying the South and the North, and the East and the West that have been divided throughout history, and through the sacrificial offering of the Unification Church, by going a course of sacrifice, we are to march forward to receive the age of a new heavenly fortune. As we pledge this before you, lifting our two arms, please accept them not only as representatives of each nation but also as representative of all humanity. (168-67)

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