True Family and World Peace

by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God [Part 2]

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
President, Family Federation for World Peace

This speech was delivered on March 12, 2000 at the Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul. It was first given on March 9 in Taegu, as part of a speaking tour of Korea.

Unification Based on a New Global-Level Ideology

Therefore, in this country, centering on the Republic of Korea, how must North Korea and South Korea be united? They cannot be united without a new global-level ideology. The Unification Ideology being advocated by the Unification Church has been prepared for this very time. Do you understand? Now we are in the position where we have to do two things. We have to form a united people that no nation of the world can match, and then we have to create a united nation with a single faith so indomitable that no other religion in the world can match it. Centering on this kind of ideology, North and South need to become a unified nation. Without doing that, God's nation, namely the sovereignty of a heavenly nation that we can proudly proclaim to all the world, will not be born. You have to understand that this is the priority purpose on earth for us today

If we cannot establish the fatherland, we will not be able to have a nation that can center on God and surpass the nations of Satan's world. Without that nation, we cannot chastise the satanic nations of the world. We cannot push them away We cannot do that with just a religion, with the Unification Church. A nation has to establish its direction centering on the ideology of Unificationism, and then move forward. You have to understand that this issue still remains to be resolved.

From this point of view, if we see that the Unification Church is like Judaism in Korea today, the thought of the Unification Church will become the mainstream thought of Korea, just as Judaism was the spiritual pillar of the Israelite nation. In the future, there will be a time when it must become the national religion. That is what some people say. Even members of the National Assembly say that. If the thought of the Unification Church becomes the state religion, the communist party won't be a problem. Ladies and Gentlemen! The people who live for the sake of Heaven today are the emissaries of Heaven sent into the satanic world. Each one may be different, a milsa may be big or small, broad or thin, high or low, but the lifestyle he maintains must not deviate from the lifestyle of an emissary because there is always a life and death danger involved. He is always placed in a situation where even the smallest mistake can determine the issue of eternal life.

Therefore, if the emissary's spirit of working for the homeland, the homeland that can support and protect eternal life, if his spirit is not hundreds of times stronger than the environment, he cannot live as a secret emissary. He needs to be able to ignore his current situation by thinking of how all the people of the world will rejoice when all resentments have been erased. He has to look to the fatherland's glory, and while creating a new history, think that all his efforts will be known and recognized on the one day when he sees the birth of the fatherland. Without having that kind of mind, he can't carry out an emissary's secret mission. In other words, his mind must contain a hope for the dawning of a homeland that is a thousand times, ten thousand times greater than his hopes for the present reality, in order to be able to overcome all resentments and execute his secret mission.

Even if by some chance he was to die in an unfortunate accident while executing his responsibility God can dispatch, to the same place, a new emissary, who can carry out that responsibility. Even though he has already passed on, people will appear who can become his friends and become his allies. Because he dies in a situation where he can be a model, people who can become his allies will remain even though he becomes a sacrifice himself. As long as these people remain, God can send someone in his place on that foundation. However, if he does not die in that situation, no matter what he may have achieved, it all stops there.

The One-Time-Only Mission

From this viewpoint, what kind of stance do you all need to take in meeting this new age? Your conviction for the dawning of the fatherland must be burning in your chest more passionately than any other thing. In other words, you have to feel pride in becoming a flag bearer who builds the fatherland that God has longed for, for 6,000 years. You have to take pride in bearing the responsibility for this incredible pioneering mission as a member of the crack troops standing on the front line. Many people in the past hoped for this mission, but even so, it was not available to them. You have to have a very solemn sense of responsibility for having taken on this one-time-only privileged mission.

Thus every aspect of your lifestyle, eating and sleeping, coming and going has to be for the establishment of the fatherland. How much do you think God has been longing for you to step forward and cheerfully, coolly declare you will carry out this mission as an emissary dispatched especially by God Himself? Up until now, God has been mercilessly pushed aside, heartlessly chased away. He needs to establish the will of Heaven, the will He has never been able to unfold, a will that presents its entire contents on the basis of a complete national foundation, the will that can establish the fatherland. He has never been able to fulfill this will even once.

Now, however, it is possible to establish this homeland. That fatherland has a sovereignty, it has a national soil, and it has a people. Moreover, there is the lineage of a homogenous ethnic group connected to that land, and there is a history that no other people can possess. For this kind of fatherland, we need to carry out our mission as emissaries. If you can fulfill that mission at an earlier date by your own volition, then the foundation for the dawning of the homeland will be that much closer, thanks to you. Paying the price of sweat and tears today creates the foundation for meeting the dawn of the fatherland that much earlier. Thinking of this fact, you people have to go out into the world with the determination to live and carry out an emissary's secret mission. If not, we will be unable to receive the unprecedented blessing and fortune that God is preparing to give to us.

We have to construct Heaven on this earth. What I am saying and, surely it makes sense is that, to be able to hold up our heads before our Father, we have to found that nation on this earth, become one with the center of that nation, and in that heavenly nation, live and then die with the standard that Heaven hopes for.

But then, do you people have a nation? When you think about the fact that you don't, then you can't die even if you want to. Where are you going to go if you die? If you go, how are you going to avoid that sense of shame or self-consciousness, that feeling of pain? The length of my life is limited, and to get everything done in that period, how busy do you think I am? On top of that, the evil satanic environment opposes us; don't you think our enemies will try to block our way? To pierce through that and forge ahead, we cannot avoid the unsettled lifestyle of a special emissary.

My comings and goings are all for the sake of building that nation. I take up the mission to become a true founding citizen for the sake of the dawn of the homeland. I receive my orders as Heaven's emissary and enter the evil world of today to carry out my work accordingly. We have to live with these thoughts uppermost in our minds.

Without doing this, you will not be able to establish your dignity and authority as citizens of the nation that is on its way here. Do you people want to make a difference individually? Do you want to influence things as a family? Nationally? Globally? How do you want to make a difference? You'd like to make a difference globally, wouldn't you? However, if you want to rise to the global stage, you will not be able to do that on your own. You'll need a nation. But what I'm asking you is, where is your nation?

The Lifestyle of Love

Right. So we eat, we sleep for the sake of that nation, day and night for the cause of the nation. Do you understand that you have to live your life pledging before heaven and earth that this is the reason you were born? When you're sleeping, you've got to imagine that you have gathered together all the beds of millions of people around the world and that you are sleeping there positioned on the top. Even when you look at a dinner table, you've got to have that kind of thought. Wherever you go, you've got to think that you are not sitting alone, but that all the different races of the world are gathered together, piled up together, and that you have climbed to the top and are sitting on your seat there. The sons of heaven have to do things like that.

Each of you needs to understand that the lifestyle of the sons and daughters of Heaven requires being able to stand in the position to surpass the authority of the satanic world, that it requires attaining and preserving the position of glory in the course of life. If God wants to love His sons and daughters, that is the kind of son and daughter He should love, don't you think? If He loves sons and daughters who don't even match up to Satan, He can't really preserve the dignity of His fatherhood, can he? I want you all to keep that conviction in mind and make a new determination that you will live every single day of your life marching ahead, hand in hand with the entire world. The way I see it, that is where the foundation for the unification battlefront is determined.

"Even though I live in the midst of the satanic world, I am a secret agent for Heaven. I am the one ambassador of Heaven." That is what you have to think. The emissary's route of contact allows him to contact the king of the nation directly. Other people do not know his situation, but he has to push ahead with the conviction that he is living with the mission and authority of an emissary. Each of you has to understand this clearly. Even the nation's king is waiting for a report from the emissary. In the same way, when we are fulfilling this mission on the earth, God is waiting for our reports and also for our requests.

So if I, in this position, send a request that I urgently need such and such, don't you think He would brave troubles and difficulties from every sector to send it to me? In the same way, if you have that conviction and recognize that you are sons and daughters of God's special glory and ask, saying "This is what I need, Father; please make it possible," then it will come into being. In this way, you can discover God as He lives, and see God working.

You have to be able to do this to become a leader. If there are sick people, you can heal them; if you encounter difficulty God can help you directly You have to learn about many things through this kind of lifestyle so that you can have confidence, have convictions, and breakthrough everything that lies across your path.

Respected guests! Where is it that we have to go? Our purpose is not to go and find the individual. Also, our current purpose is not to go and find the family. The path we have to go is to find the nation. Do you understand? Whether you're a dad or a mom or someone's child, we have no choice but to do this. But then, the followers of the Unification Church today, the families who have been blessed, the people in the clan realm, they all say "Whew! The nation? The church? Don't ask me!" If it gets like this, then everyone's a failure; they've flunked out. That is how it is from the Principle view.

Establish God's Nation

You seek for the nation until the day you die, and give all your heartfelt effort. Only then can the day arrive when you can celebrate and sing a triumphant song for the dawning of the Heavenly nation. Among all of Jesus' teachings, this is what you need to know. The direction being shown to you is not two, just one. If he were to say "Let's go," you'd have to go. That is how it is. Isn't that how it is? So if he says, "Sacrifice being with your husband, sacrifice being with your family and go," do you have to go or not? You don't do that for the sake of the Unification Church, but you have to be able to do that for the sake of the nation. Then things will work out.

Currently in North Korea, they are tearing up the family registers and re-doing them. Do you know why? Satan's world does things first. You have to be able to step forward and put aside your husband, or wife, or parents, or children, or whatever, for the sake of the nation. Otherwise, we cannot establish the nation that embodies our hope. When that nation is established, you will find your parents at the same time. If you can't establish that nation, you will have to sit and see your parents shedding their blood, your wife shedding her blood, your children spilling their blood. Is there anything worse than that kind of situation? Therefore, before we find that nation, we cannot love our wives, we cannot love our parents, we cannot love our children. This is the path that Christians need to go the path that the Unification Church needs to go.

The Person Who Can Build God's Country

You people have to become those who can deny themselves and live for the nation and that purpose. No matter what kind of difficult situation you find yourselves in, you have to be people who can fight and overcome it thinking of the hope that your father has in you. You have to become that kind of person before you can be called God's true son or daughter. So, what kind of person, then, can build God's country? Someone who can deny himself or herself and value Heaven with an aching heart. Someone who denies his or herself and lives for the sake of society and the people, for the sake of the nation and the world is the person who can build God's country.

Going one step further, the person who lives for the sake of Heaven, even if it means he or she must deny the nation and the world, is someone who can build the kingdom of Heaven. Also, the person who feels sorrow for society and the nation, for the world, and even for Heaven, rather than sorrow for himself or herself, no matter what kind of sorrowful and painful situation he or she encounters, that is the person who can build God's country.

Not only that, you people have to be able to be victorious, and not lose in the fight with Satan during the course of establishing God's nation and God's purpose. Then, starting from the individual, you have to connect the family, society, people, nation and world into one. In other words, you have to be able to fight and win over Satan in whatever situation you are put. If you go into society, you have to be able to fight and win over Satan in any environment that society presents you with. If you go out into the nation, you have to be able to step forward, take responsibility for that nation's worst problem, then fight and win over the satanic forces involved.

Do you think that Satan, who has given God such a hard time for six thousand years, is just going to quietly say "Oh boy I've had it. I think I'll just give up," then lower his eyes and crawl away? Don't you yourselves value even a wash cloth too much to just throw it away? Before you throw it out, you'll probably turn it over, inspect it, even smell it. What I'm saying is that Satan will not just give up and go away like that. That is why he keeps on putting up such a stubborn fight.

Never Give Up

We have to fit with and match up with the center. Even Reverend Moon of the Unification Church will be snapped off and ejected the day he deviates from the center. If the direction isn't right, then you can't make any progress. The reason we seek that nation is to be able to find the world, and the reason we seek the world is for the sake of the spiritual world. And after we do that, then what do we do next? Then we attend Heavenly Father and return to the earth, grab our spot, our position, and with all nations of the world attending God, we march forward to dedicate and return the glory of victory to Him. To do everything right, you have to understand that the mission of the Unification Church connotes us having to fight this kind of fight.

We have to step forward in bare feet to build the eternal homeland. Can we save this nation just with what is left over after we have had our fill? Can you spend your energy worrying about what you wear, when you'll eat, what you get around on? We have to clear the path and pioneer the way with our bare feet and bare hands. This is the kind of thing that we do in the Unification Church.

Are you folk "Yeongsa" (brave courageous people, heroes) who should stand forward for the establishment of the homeland, or are you failures who bring it down? When we say yeongsa, we mean someone who can represent the nation and carry out the things that other people cannot do. We do not use the word hero for the people who do what just anyone can do. Such people are called soldiers. If, when his comrades can't do the job and they have to retreat, a person can carry the job out, then he's what we call a hero. The Chinese character Yeong means swift, quick. He's got to run faster than anyone else, even to be able to dodge bullets. We can't use the word hero for someone who does what anyone else can do.

Who is the vanguard general who must be the hero to lead and pioneer the building of that nation? Then, where is the site where that nation can be established? If you want to establish a nation, you need a sovereignty, a citizenry and a national soil. Then looking at the problem centering on the Kingdom of Heaven, what is the site that can fulfill the role of the national soil? That can only be the church's assets, right?

And next, who can become the people, the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven? That is the congregation, the followers. Then who are the rulers? You are. You are the representatives of the village head, the representatives of the tribal head, the representatives of the county head and the representatives of the provincial governor. People, have you become the subjects, the centers? When someone comes along with a bomb from the satanic world, you have to be the first to jump forward. Do you understand? Do you feel like you can do that? And if you have money, even if it is only a penny, you use it to develop the church. You use it to expand the domain of the nation and to bring the people together. A church director is the representative of the ruler. He or she represents the village chief; he or she represents a father and mother. You have to leave this kind of tradition and philosophy behind. We ourselves don't have anything.

How We Approach the Future

What kind of nation are we going to establish here, in Korea? When we start distributing goods and communicating, will we set up a communist nation, or will we just keep going along as the Republic of Korea is today or will we pursue a new nation that is neither of these? Considering things in light of this issue, one comes to feel that our time is getting closer and closer. If you people are the Unificationists who have to keep things steady and take responsibility for this, how much of a sense of responsibility do you feel for this situation, and to what extent are you determined to sacrifice for this? That is what I'm asking. Do you have the confidence? We will need to go up north, cross over the 38th parallel and prepare our bases in the towns and counties of the North's five provinces. You have to think about who is going be responsible for Jeongju up in the North, now, at this time, when we are short of people. Have you become the people who invest their heartfelt effort and who can prepare for 10 or 20 years to take responsibility, centering on the Jeongju area, and if it can't be done, then when you die leave instructions telling your descendants to study hard, train hard and prepare hard, and to become those who take responsibility in place of Heaven at Jeongju? That is what I have been thinking about and preparing for up to this day

Thinking of this, is it okay for young fellows to just return to their hometowns, smiling and chuckling and taking their wives and their kids along? Is that okay or not? Even though you may die, you've got to establish that nation, and then go; even though you may die, you've got to build that nation for your children, and then go. What I'm telling you is that, for things to go right, you've got to make a new determination. You have to determine, "I will go up there to the Russian and Manchurian frontiers and lock horns with the Communist Party In the midst of gunshots day and night, I'll take responsibility; I'll be a sentry for the national border detachment. Even if my country doesn't know, no matter if no one knows, even if I have to give my life in the process, my heart, my loyalty for that nation will not change." That sort of thing is exactly what we need.

God Trusts Each One of Us

It doesn't matter if the world ignores you. Everything will come out when you get to the spirit world. That is how the universe is set up. When we think of this, to get things right, you have to understand that we are short of people. Do you understand? You've got to understand that we need more people. Even if some guy is a scraggly old scarecrow, we can set him up with a trumpet, or construct some robots and have them go around the North blowing on trumpets. That is what I wish I could do, and that is what God wants to do. It just doesn't make sense to say that you can't teach the Principle when you were born as a man, with a mouth and everything, with feelings, and with a mind and body of 20 or 30 years of age as well. You have to study hard, even if you get so little sleep your eyeballs fester and pop. You have to prepare even if you are so hungry that you are nothing but skin and bones. Then, that haggard, skinny bag of bones will be thoroughly capable of receiving the love of Heaven. What I'm saying is, don't you think that God can place all His expectations in that one man, even if he's slender and frail?

Jesus also came to establish the nation. If there is no homeland, then the situation is pitiful. Religious people were always in a pitiful situation because they had no fatherland. If the judgment is to come, the individual, family, clan, people, nation and world must conform to an unchanging standard, and then the judgment will be made on the basis of that standard. The fatherland is the final hope. The people, the clan, the family and the individual are all included within the fatherland.

Has this three thousand li (the length of the Korean peninsula) become the Fatherland? It hasn't, and we need to settle this matter. Every one of us needs to work with single-minded devotion to create the homeland that God wants, that Jesus and the Holy Spirit want.

What is goodness? Goodness is sacrificing the individual for the family, the family for the clan, the clan for the dawning of the fatherland. All are sacrificed for the restoration of the homeland, and when the homeland is restored, all become loyal and beloved patriots. If loyal devotion is offered on the national level, and the national standard is established, then you are also recognized as having built the foundation for the family and the clan as well. The standard of the path is absolute loyal devotion for the sake of God. Then all the contents of that course are given recognition.

How do we have to do it to get things right? Jesus said, "Father, not as I will, but as thou wilt." Here, "as I will" is the will of the world, and "as thou wilt" is the will of God. You Unification Church members, what did you do? Have you established the path of loyal patriots, and stepped forward with the actual results in hand? You have to fulfill the path of filial children, then present yourselves with actual accomplishments and be resolved to fight on the individual, family, clan, national and world level. Jesus came with the mission of an offering. You all have to build the ethnic foundation while moving ahead, fighting on the global level. You've got to be endowed with a value tantamount to that of the Messiah. While the leader is pioneering the global path, the ones who are being led, you, have to prepare the ethnic-group path. Many people died while hoping for the path to liberation. They passed away believing that it would be achieved one day, although they did not know when.

The Unificationists have prepared the foundation from the individual, through the ethnic, up to the national level. Now we have to mobilize all humankind and all the nations of the world. We have to seek the day when our fatherland is established, the day of freedom, peace and happiness, and we have to go, even though the path is difficult. That is the way that I look at things and that is the standard that God has. Jesus died while pursuing this standard. We have to suffer and forge ahead on the course to establish the homeland. We have to take responsibility for Korea. We've got to relieve the built-up pain and anguish that surrounds the fact that Jesus' homeland, the Holy Spirit's homeland, the homeland of all the saints and sages, God's own homeland has never been built. If we do not, there is no way we can hold up our heads.

Living for the Homeland

What we have to do is to find our homeland. In order to find it, we've got to live for it. If we do not live for our homeland, we will not be able to build it. Then how do we have to live to be living for our homeland? Set the world up as your own homeland, and live for the sake of the world. That kind of person is capable of creating the homeland. Eating and sleeping, walking the street, your entire lifestyle and all your actions have to be for the sake of creating the homeland.

That is why we fight, prepared even to receive a sword attack from the communists in broad daylight. When the people of Korea can't do the job, we are the ones that have to. Because the people can't go, we have to go. And to be able to do that, we have to love our fatherland more than anyone else. What I'm saying is, if you have to eat, eat for the sake of the homeland. When you get married and go to join your husband, do it for the homeland. It is for the sake of our homeland. Now there is a group that can rise up when I give the word, a group that can mobilize when I present the direction, but I am not the sort of man to be satisfied with that. I will continue to develop and build a foundation that will guarantee the dawning of the homeland, even if I have to sacrifice the Unification Church foundation to do it. There has to be a religious order, a people and a nation that can receive the family that has been established as the central goal of the six-thousand-year providence.

The foundation to receive God was prepared, and God's desire was for it all to be connected at once, but it was broken and shattered, so the task of rebinding things together remains. To connect everything together again, we have to stand on the front line and run. When it gets dark and it is time to go to bed, you have to fall asleep together with that nation of hope. What I'm saying is that, of course, that nation does not exist at present, but as a member of its citizenry, go to sleep for the sake of that nation, and when you wake up, wake up as one of the workers who is working to create that nation. And all your senses, such as seeing, hearing and touching, don't use them if you can't do it thinking of that nation.

Until that day arrives, don't even die. Until that day arrives, time is pressing. To accomplish this task, we have to overcome every kind of suffering and adversity.

If you have something to do, you have to get it done, even if it means staying up late at night. I mean, when the only way to establish the homeland is to add the weight of a sacrificial lamb based on the providential timeline, and you have the responsibility to use this time to add, even if it is one more drop, the sacrificial lamb of tears and sweat, do you think it is okay for you to just sleep comfortably and wake up stretching and yawning? In fact, as soon as you wake, you've got to bow down and pray: "Father, I cannot help but feel the sorrow of this lonely, miserable path that I am walking, the path towards the foundation for our victorious nation, the path towards that place of rest and security that you have always looked for, the path towards that nation through which you can make that world you have always wanted to realize. Father, if I feel this kind of sorrow, how must You and heaven feel?"

You can't just lie down because you're tired, and even if you die, you've got to die for the sake of that nation. Because of that, when I get old and start to feel tired, the one thing I want to be able to leave behind me is the last will and testament that "I did all I could for the sake of Heaven. I did everything I could for the sake of that nation."

Jesus said, "Worry not what you will wear or what you will eat, for the Gentiles seek after these. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness." As this shows, the central stream of thought in the Bible is that Kingdom (nation). This philosophy says to seek that nation. It doesn't say to seek your own happiness. If you are born as a citizen of that nation and you have a husband, then that husband represents that nation, so you have to love that nation before you can love your husband. And the wife also represents the nation; you have to love that nation before you can love your wife. You have to be able to ask him or her to die in the position of being able to say, "I did everything I could; there is nothing more I could have done." It is no good if you die having said, "I should have tried such and such." For this reason, we are busy even though we may have accomplished a certain amount. If you walk the path a ways, you've got to go even further. When everyone else is sleeping, we have to go one step further. "Hey Satan's world! Take it easy! You guys, rest the whole day if you like! We are going off to seek that nation." That is what you've got to say

Fellow compatriots, all you who seek the unification of the North and South! I especially want to say the mission of you women is to restore the young men and women, and the mission of the students is to be true children through true education. That is what you must do.

And beyond that, mothers and children have to unite to set the standard, so that the husbands can be raised and educated to be the true sons of Heaven. Then following True Parents, and attending God, restore the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In closing, let me say that it is my fervent hope that these words today will help you build a nationwide movement to bring closer the day when North and South meet in true love.

May God's blessing be with both you and your families.

Thank you.

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