The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Become A Movement Which Is Able To Advance Altogether Towards The Way Of The Will

Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1978

Beloved Father! This is a moment in which the urgent, final, historically decisive destiny is about to collide together with our personal destinies. We have come to think about the fact that the Unification movement has become a focal point of hope for the mind of our urgent father, who wants to save this place as you look as the condition of humankind who are moaning, while not knowing where to go in the realm of many religions, in the spirit world, and in the physical world.

Father! We have realized that if we want to save a person who is dying, it will not do unless we enter into the position of death, and if we want to save a person who is on a path of suffering, it will not do unless we go through a course of suffering. As for the Unification Movement shouldering the responsibility for world history, it will not do for us to become foolish people who build a comfortable nest for ourselves, and enjoy that foundation on our own.

We have realized that as long as the nation has not been restored, our way is pressing, and as long as the world has not been restored, our way is pressing. Until now heaven has been in the forefront walking the way of the pioneer, and this son has spent his whole life hurrying in order to follow that path. Since now the way I must go remains before me as the responsibility of having to put everything urgently in final good order while looking forward to a good time, now at this age of nearly sixty, oh Father, please take charge of the way I am going. I earnestly hope and desire that you will drive out the Unification Movement, Father, to become conditions of your shining glory, and to become your shining pride, and to become the way that you can leave behind, that you can walk, and that you can go.

We know that in front of the way we must go now there are many paths of trials. We realize that not only the American continent is left, but the continents of North and South America are left, the continent of Africa is left, and not only the democratic world is left, but the communist bloc is left. Then when we think that there is no movement which is able to advance altogether giving its entire strength in the direction of that way, by straightening our minds and bodies of our own accord and pushing the footsteps that humankind must go, we feel the darkness of the way heaven must go. Oh Father, now these young people have come to know what your Will is like. We have come to know clearly what we must do and the way we must go.

We must be centered on the family, but that family must become the representative of the people and the nation, and not represent just the nation, but must become a family which represents the world and the cosmos. And the love of that family will overflow and go beyond the nation, go beyond Asia, go beyond the world, as far as everything of the cosmos, even to the spirits in the spirit world, and be able to resolve all their grief. Accordingly, we have realized that it will not do unless we have that kind of standard of the family which is able to be admired by all of them who seek to receive the benefit of that; therefore, oh Father, please bless us.

We know that it will not do unless we become those kinds of families who go together on the way you are going, realize a realm of the victory of joy, and are able to be praised for having become your sons and daughters of eternity, having established the ideal families you have been seeking, and when we compose poetry about the history that has continued on down, all humankind, and not only all the spirits in spirit world, but also God will be able to listen weeping bitterly. We earnestly request and desire that you will allow us to become a movement which is able to offer sincere hearts and which is able to offer total loyalty and all our devotion to leave behind a public way before you day by day by enduring along the way of suffering, enduring in the position where we are crashed into, and enduring, overcoming, and rising again from the position where we have collapsed.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow the time of glory to come quickly which is able to cancel the name "church" with the liberation of all nations, and praise that this is your Kingdom of Heaven of love, and please let this become the Unification altar which is able to give everything to heaven and yet have something left by becoming sons and daughters who are not ashamed, couples who are not ashamed, families that are not ashamed, tribes, peoples, and nations that are not ashamed before the spirits of the spirit world, before God and all the people of the world as well as that day and that age which remain.

Please let your grace and love of the ages be with us forever and ever! We have prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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