The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Walk The Way Of Public Righteousness For The Sake Of Humankind

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1978

Father! You must become the Lord of our minds, and the Lord of our bodies. You must become the center of the entire church. Since we know that there is no person who can become the center, please become the Lord personally, Father. We earnestly request that you will please always be the sign in front on the way we are going by your becoming the standard bearer of the direction we should go tomorrow, and please guide and admonish us, and please encourage us not to become exhausted along the way we go by your always being our center.

Father! We are not seeking to hurry along the way having received someone's orders; rather we have decided to take this way as our destined course, as a way we can not help but go whether we want to or not, because we know that humankind is to be pitied, and what kind of path you have walked in order to find humankind. No matter how fierce the battle may be on the way we are going, even though the arrows of the enemy fly towards us, because we know well our father who has protected us until now, because we know too well you who have encouraged us until now, even in a position where we have collapsed together with your name, even in a position where we are lamenting together with your name, thinking that we are together with you, we are grateful that you have let us walk the way of victory until today. We are grateful for the way of victory until now, but we know that the destiny of our lives is waiting for us, and it will not do unless we go the way of the destined course we must go while consulting together with you and leave behind the brilliant future victory of the Unification Church.

When a person is born on this earth he definitely is carrying a mission. We earnestly hope that you will allow our footsteps to be filled with the sympathy of people and the sympathy of heaven as we go forward ourselves on that way of our own accord, in order to defend, keep, and vindicate the laws of public righteousness and the will of public righteousness, and not to have a mouth which defends the individual on the way we are going. And we know the truth that this mission is not to seek for our own individual happiness; rather, it is in order to know how rewarding our lives are having taken responsibility for a historical public mission.

We have realized that the way of our lives is unbelievable as we go through time which comes and goes. As for the world we are living in today, because we have realized that it is a pitiful environment which we are not able to cope with, we earnestly hope that you will allow us to be able to run straight as bullets to the goal we must reach by your keeping and protecting the Unification Church members who know well that you alone are our center; you alone are our sign, and your protection alone allows us to proceed on our way.

We earnestly request and desire that you will let us become your young children who are more than able to bring victory to the people and to the world even if we are blasted into fragments by having become shells which are able to leave behind shouts of the joy of victory having broken through to the target on our own.

Please let your grace and love of the ages remain with us forever. Earnestly requesting that you will push us, Father, to become children who are not ashamed when anticipating the blessings of tomorrow, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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