The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Overcome The Suffering Way Of The Will By Taking Your Example

Sun Myung Moon
May 23, 1971

Father! We must now transcend this world of the realm of death. We must break through this. When we think that you are not looking for people who just live in the environment of this age, but rather you are looking for people who are able to overcome the environment of this age and remain, and who are able to firmly establish the traditions of the future on the foundation of the present reality, we realize that it will not do unless we become people who are able to overcome the realm of death and possess the realm of victory forever. When we think about how very much you have struggled in the realm of death in order to find sons and daughters who are standing in that kind of position, we will have to become sons among sons and daughters among daughters who are able to be called by you, and we must determine to become sons and to become daughters whom you will be happy to set forth in your nation of glory.

And not only that, we must become beings who can inherit the entire world of creation and about whom you can say, "I exist because of you, and I can experience joy because of you," and who can inherit your love completely and feel joy. We did not know until now the fact that until such children appeared the work of our father, who has endured and continued, has gone forward tangled in our background until today.

When we think that you searched while paying the price of such suffering, but we who were found appear to have so little value that we must have a time when we feel such shame that we can not present ourselves before heaven and earth, and we can not look up at the mountains, we can not look at the lakes, we can not look at the earth. We must have a point when we discover that we are shameful beings who can not reach out our hand and touch even the leaf of a plant or a handful of dirt.

What is the way we can resolve the grief of our Father who has gone forward with grief in his heart for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years? If there is a way that your grief can be resolved by your letting those of us who are so inadequate lay down our lives as fertilizer, we must find and go that way, even if it is a way of death. Until now we did not know that way is the traditional way of people going the way of faith. In spite of the fact that we should have straightened ourselves up, wailed until we were hoarse, and followed the course that your majesty commanded, we stopped shedding tears before you did, and we stood in a comfortable position before you. When we think of that fact, we must become people who are able to feel of our own accord that there are no acts more rash and thoughtless than that.

We have been told to be patient, to endure, and to overcome.

It will not do unless we overcome ourselves. We must be patient, and we must overcome ourselves. Furthermore, when we think that without overcoming our families, and becoming subject partners who can overcome our environment, we can not stand before you, we will have to realize once again that we must become people who are able to supplicate asking that your son will appear who is able to represent all individuals, and asking that you will allow the age that the people are hoping for, even if we are ruined before you while staying up all night on bended knees. And we must realize that the Unificationists who are gathered here must become a movement which offers devotion to you while shedding tears, and saying that a family which can do that must appear. And then please allow us to become heroes who decide the final victory more than anyone else by running the way of suffering more than anyone else. We have humbly prayed in the holy name of our True Parents. Amen.

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