The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Walk A Course Of Life Which Corresponds With The Will

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1971

We know that people always need a change, and need an awakening. Since we have realized that in order to be beings who are able to receive that kind of stimulation it will not do unless we have yearning and adoring hearts and earnest minds. Therefore, please guide us to accomplish of our own accord, in the realm of today's life, the hope of tomorrow in relation to your Will with earnest minds. Since, we know well that if we do not bring the results which can brighten tomorrow in the realm of the present moment, it will not stimulate you or our own selves, and there can be no joy, please be concerned about your children who have bowed down here.

Humankind are just letting time flow by. They just think that one year passes, and another year comes, but we must realize that in that way ten years pass, and twenty years pass, and half our lives, or our whole lives can just pass away. We absolutely must not stand in a position where we betray your Will during this course of life which is so short.

The fact that we can absorb this day today as joy, is something to be grateful for, but we must realize that if we can not link the joy of today to the joy of tomorrow, today's joy becomes an evil element for ourselves. And we must realize that those things can not help but become conditions of sorrow, difficulty, and lamentation. We know that joy is not only good, and sorrow is not only bad. The question is where the joy and sorrow are linked; we know that it is important how much that internal conflict matches the circumstances in order to accomplish one's goals.

When we come to realize these things, we come to think about how united we are with the Will, and how much our joy and sorrow are connecting to the values of the Will as we go our course of life together with the Will. When we think that the Will is dominating our whole lives and it is dominating our eternal lives and destined relationships, we realize the fact that the Will has dominion not only over today, but over the eternal historical age.

When we think about the fact that having become a direct substantial being you are observing and seeing through this age, we have realized the truth that being one with you, who are the center, is joy, and not being able to be one and becoming more distant from you is sorrow.

Father! We must come to know your sorrow. We must clearly realize from what kind of position you have been calling us, and with what kind of content you have been seeking us. Since it will not do for all the activities that are coming and going to be planned on a useless level, please let us become people who start together, go through the process and continue until the conclusion without going against your authority whether we live or die. Please let us realize that in this kind of present environment since our lives are such that it won't do unless we go before you at the end, Father, it is our glory that we are able to become people on our own who consult together with you about everything, who receive your counsel, and who match our steps to your final victory. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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