The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Live Together With The Will

Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 1971

Beloved Father! We know that there have been so many incidents that have blocked the way along the grief filled course of restoration. How very much you must have hoped that we could overcome the crises, and how lonely you must have been each time you faced scenes like that!

We know that on the path of many crises many people, who have gone forth following your Will, were not able to overcome and they fell away in spite of the longing of our father who hoped we would overcome those things. We must realize clearly that no matter how much people may demand things themselves, if that is centered on human desire alone, your Will, will not be realized.

We must go forth remaining in the position of the sacrifice in relation to the hope of tomorrow by offering and offering ourselves before you with minds that are always humble. And we earnestly hope that you will allow us your wisdom and sagacity to distinguish on our own lives in which we hope to become offerings from a position of righteousness.

We must realize that when we get up in the morning after sleeping, it is not just the continuation of yesterday. We must realize that even if a day passes it should not be a day lived by habit. Please allow us to have a sharp, high standard which is able to distinguish between good and evil, and please let us feel closer to and more comfortable with you today than yesterday.

As we handle each thing, please let us think about the Will, and act in accordance with the Will. And please let us know that it will not do unless the courses of the lives we are living always have the standard of living according to the Will. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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