The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Become Victorious Sons And Daughters Who Are Able To Go Straight Towards The Will

Sun Myung Moon
August 12, 1970

Father! Today each time we feel that we are the descendents of the fall who have not been able to have the position of a destined relationship with you, we discover that we are people who can not relate to you without tears, and we can not attend you even if we want to, without knowing your sorrowful situation. When we think about this, we realize that we are people who are fit to die thousands of times, and even if we die a lonely death by ourselves, we are beings who should not have any grief over that. Each time we realize this, we come to clearly understand that you are always reaching out to us with your lofty, precious grace.

A person who is going a solitary way understands well the circumstances of a pitiful person because of having felt that while living in such a situation. We must understand that the people who go the way of the pioneer, who struggle to cut off the sorrow of the people, and who struggle to cut off the sorrow of humankind, are not people to be pitied. Since our father has gone that kind of way, we must understand the fact that in order for us to become your children and to become your heirs, we can not help but go that kind of way.

Father! Have we come here at this time in order to save our own lives? Or have we come in order to pioneer the way of destiny we must go? Or have we come for the sake of our families, for the sake of our tribes, for the sake of our people, for the sake of our nation, or for the sake of the world? We must once again look hard at what kinds of people we are, who have come to this place what kind of mission we have and what kind of goal we are heading towards. In order to do that we must criticize ourselves once again for our past which did not know how to grieve over our loose selves and for ourselves which were made up of falsehood and hate, and we must frankly reveal to you our real characters of the past, and we must receive your criticism and your judgement. We must become your sons and daughters who are able to realize that we are in that kind of pitiful position.

Father! Please come at this time, and if there are any circumstances about which you want to counsel us, please counsel us about all those things.

Please let all the things our minds imagine and all the things our minds feel correspond with your heart. Then we will have to become sons and daughters in whom you are able to have confidence, and we must become sons and daughters who are able to go straight towards the Will by being people who are not inadequate in relation to the Will you are hoping for.

And not only that, we will have to realize that it is you who are pitiful and who has hoped that we would shoulder that responsibility in relation to the course of restoration and the road of restoration which could not be gone if it were not for us whom you have found. When we think that you, who are the Omniscient, Almighty, Lord of creation, are standing in that kind of miserable position, we know that it is a regrettable fact that no one can even imagine at all.

Father! We must arrange our clothes and be able to call you our father who is working so hard. We must imagine that you are our father who is the origin of the value of the infinite world. We must know that the content of your infinite love is eternal and can embrace all of life and more. Even if the way we go is difficult, we must be able to follow and go this way looking only towards the victory which will come to you as the fruit.

Father! Please let us be able to hear in our minds and bodies your quietly commanding, gentle voice, and please let a new pulse of the life of resurrection well up in the center of our minds. Earnestly hoping and desiring that you will allow us to become sons and daughters of victory who are able to experience and feel keenly of our own accord our new destined relationship, we have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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