The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Have Humble Minds While Bowing Our Heads Before You Of Our Own Accord

Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 1970

Father! We know that among your sons and daughters who are living on this earth, there must appear sons and daughters of filial piety who are able to resolve your sorrow and your historical indignation.

Father! We have come to realize that you have been able to go forth enduring this way of so many crises during the long course of history because you had the internal power of wanting to meet the son you longed for. When we realize those things, we have no way to repress our embarrassment and shame before you when we think about whether we have become the sons and daughters you want to meet who are able to let you forget all the difficulties of the course of history, and who are truly able to welcome our father who is like that.

Even if we who are like that offer our entire minds and bodies, and become living offerings before your Will, we are people who do not have any kind of condition to be able to repay you who have overcome such tedious and sorrowful adversity. Each time we think of ourselves, who are like this, we feel once again how pitiful you are, Father.

We have come to think once again about how lonely and miserable your position is, Father, since it will not do unless you can boast before Satan that these kinds of sons and daughters are your sons and daughters. Therefore, on this earth you definitely must have sons and daughters about whom you can be confident.

Father! We must be able to be concerned about your dignity, prestige, and situation. We know that we are far too inadequate and shameful people to appear before your Will even though we seem to have something internally and externally. Therefore, we must have minds which are filled with awe and gratitude for the grace of your having sought us. Please let us become your sons and daughters who are able to realize that we must live in a position like that of a servant with our heads bowed of our own accord with that kind of mind filling our daily lives and filling the course of our lives.

We know that only if we stand in this kind of position is there a condition for us to be able to become object partners who can be comforted by you, and to have our humility be praised by you, and to be praised by you when you see us adjusting ourselves to your Will. Oh Father, please once again have mercy on us, your children who have not been able to reach that kind of point. We earnestly hope that you will let us become sons and daughters who go forth without any inadequacy to handle the mission even if we offer our lives completely and shoulder the final cross which is to remain in the Last Days. We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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