The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Become People Who Can Save The World

Sun Myung Moon
March 11, 1970

Wasn't your search for the individuals, Adam and Eve, for six thousand years in order to save the world in that way? We must understand how great your pain is as you look at the sorrowful souls of the many spirits in spirit world. Please allow us to realize that it was your holy mission and hope to liberate all of them.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to realize that only if the day comes when all the people in the realm of the world together have a foundation of victory which goes beyond the world, will we be able to have the restoration of heaven and the restoration of earth, of course, and be able to welcome the enemy.

We must become sons and daughters who are able to love the world completely, and who are able to go anywhere in the world. Until now we have been the Unification Movement which has been fighting, holding on to Korea, but

we must become a movement which is fighting for the world. Therefore, even if we shed tears, please allow us to shed them for the people of the world, and even though we were born as children of Korea, please let us have hearts which love not just the people of Korea alone, but rather are able to love all the people of the world. Our own individual selves and our descendents, too, must be able to stand as people with those kinds of hearts.

We must give our full effort to attend you, to embrace both worlds, and to find a world that is unified ideologically. To the starving people, we will have to give food, for sure; to the people who are in rags, we will have give clothes, for sure; and to the people who are sleeping under the eaves, we must give a place to sleep comfortably, for sure. We will have to go through many grief-filled situations, for sure. When we think about the fact that we have the destiny of having to find the world which was lost, the nations which were lost, the families which were lost, and the individuals which were lost, we realize that we can not sustain it ourselves.

Now we must hold on to the destined relationship so that at least our minds will be able to remain alive, and go forward determined to die. Please allow us to become your sons and daughters who are able to have a view of unification history such that even if I collapse, the world must not collapse; even if I am ruined, the world must not be ruined, and please let us realize that this is what is called Unification Thought.

Please allow all the people gathered here to realize that it is not your thought to let the nation be ruined and to save the individuals. Please allow us to realize that we can not relate to the world unless we become a movement which is able to seek the world, even if we have to sell the nation, and please allow these people to be able to have a day in which they are able to do that. We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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