The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Become Unification Church Members Who Realize Your Will

Sun Myung Moon
September 1, 1968

Father! We know that the world has gone through a course of history which has no center. There are many Christians throughout the whole world, but in reality, centered on which denomination, centered on which tribe, centered on which family, centered on which individual will heaven lower its anchor? We have come to realize that there is no foundation on which that can happen. We are convinced that the reason the Unification religion has appeared on the earth today is in order to lay that kind of foundation, and in order to do the worldwide mission of the new age. Because of that, we must not become people who are pushed aside in relation to the present and future historical courses. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to clearly know that we must represent heaven on the earth and become heroes of heaven for the sake of having the power which is able to trample the evil world and swallow the evil world.

We know how sorrowful a course the process of restoration is. Therefore, today, please let us realize that the essence that has not died and has remained for six thousand years until now is now in our own selves which represent the Adam and Eve of the Garden of Eden. Please let us understand that the events that happened in Adam and Eve's family are events that have happened in our families and in ourselves; the terrible situation that happened between Cain and Abel, is a situation centered on our own selves; Noah's family also represented our own selves; after Abraham, Moses, and Jesus until now all the events of the course of history are miserable events of history that should have happened to ourselves.

We earnestly hope that you will let us clearly understand at this time that it will not do unless we acknowledge that we are beings who must remain as substantial beings of resurrection who have the real power of resurrection even if we experience death in that tragic history.

Because we know that Jesus came to this earth and passed through that kind of historical destiny, please let us be convinced that it will not do unless we hold the supremacy of victory which is able to do that in order to become his successors, and in order to inherit his destined relationship. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will let us become your sons and daughters who are able to determine the position of victory and go forth.

In the midst of all kinds of hardships, all kinds of trials, all kinds of difficulties, all kinds of persecution, we have not been ruined. Through all that we have gone forward sincerely centered on your Will. We have gone forth with this restored family as our standard. Therefore please let us know clearly that now our individual selves will have to pass through the family, too; all the families on earth will have to pass through the family, too, and it will not do unless the tribes, peoples, and nations pass through the destined relationships of families, too, into the nation of hope which you desire, Father.

We earnestly hope that you will let us become your sons and daughters who are able to build a world of peace according to your Will, and who are able to realize the Kingdom of Heaven of joy. And furthermore, we earnestly hope that you will let all the human beings on earth become your people, and the entire world become your world. We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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