The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Even If It Is A Path Of The Thorns Of Suffering, We Will Go For The Sake Of The Will

Sun Myung Moon
December 26, 1965

There are many people who worship heaven, but there are few people who say they will take responsibility for the sake of heaven. We know that there are many people who know that the way of heaven is good, but they want to avoid the path of thorns that lies along the way.

Father! You have toiled for our sakes throughout countless ages. But today humankind wants to avoid the path of toil which must be overcome in order to go along the true way, the way of heaven. Since they want to entrust the sorrow and suffering of humankind to you, as well, we earnestly hope that you will pardon them.

Today people of the Unification Movement have gathered before you. Different from other people, we have come to know your heart, but different from your situation, we have done what we want with the way of hope you left behind, and we have resisted offering our entire lives. Please let us reveal frankly before you now at this time our selves that are like that.

We are praying that, according to your Will, we can go this road of life, which must be gone anyway. We will have to go the path of death together with you, the path of thorns together with you, and the path of being rejected together with you. We earnestly hope that since we have minds which want to live together with you, Father, you will please take pity on us and embrace us.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will establish us as children who are able to struggle and who can not deny the fact that we are your sons and your daughters, no matter what anyone says. If we have formed the destined relationship of love with you, and if we have been justified as your children who have that blood relationship with you from which we can not separate even if we would, we know that nothing at all can deny our relationship with you. Please let us become people who repent of our own accord for our past of not having been able to become your genuine sons and daughters, and who come before you humbly and ask forgiveness.

We earnestly hope that you will let us become your young children who are able to say you are definitely our father, no matter how dirty and shabby we may look, and who are able to say you are definitely our father, no matter how sorrowful your heart may be, or how many worries you have in your heart, and who are able to lament over not being able to fully offer you filial piety, and who are able to hold and comfort our father. We have prayed all these things in the name of the Lord.

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