The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

We Thank You That We Have Come To Participate In The Way Of Your Will

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1964

Until now, representing this people, and representing this Korean Peninsula. we have endured and gone forth on this lonely way while shedding tears. How many thousands, how many millions of times have we called out to you from positions of being severely persecuted and ridiculed along that lonely way? We know that each time we called out to you with pierced hearts, you wept, too. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will please have the sons and daughters who are participating here in this place where you are weeping today, participate in the place of the world victory as well, about which we can rejoice in future generations. On the way in front of those who are going this way, there are many enemies. There are also innumerable spiritual enemies. But even if enemies present opposing conditions spiritually and physically along this way

that we are going in relation to your Will, if we have conviction and determination that we will go this way by taking the example of the heart of our father, who has worked so hard, then all of those things will be removed.

We know well that the principle through which you established and guided us until today was like that. We have realized that after God overcame sorrow first, he gave that sorrow to us, and we have realized that after God overcame a position of suffering first, he told us to go through suffering.

Father! The Unification altar, which is centered on the Korean people today, has appeared before this people. It is not by chance that we are able to openly shout out our entire idea through having this kind of environment today. We are able to speak in a free environment while looking up at many people, holding our heads up, and holding our chests out freely today, but please do not let us forget that until we came to exist, God worked very hard for six thousand years, according to that kind of principle.

Isn't it something we should be very grateful about, and isn't it glorious that we are able to walk like this with God on the site of this holy castle? Therefore, please allow us to act while being genuinely grateful to you. Please let us think that our voices, which are crying out, represent the voices of the people of Israel who cried out long ago in the wilderness. Please bless us to be able to go forward while loving, having become heroes of heaven who are advancing into places where arrows, persecution, and bombs are falling, while carrying heaven on our backs, carrying history on our backs, carrying the Kingdom of Heaven of hope on our backs, embracing the true world. Earnestly hoping this, we have prayed all these things in the name of the beloved Lord. Amen.

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