The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Go All The Way On The Path We Must Go

Sun Myung Moon
October 2, 1960

Father! As this is the final time when all sins must be atoned for, today our minds feel extreme anxiety. This land is completely filled with groans of suffering. Please allow a day to come when your heart at the time of creation can blossom again, by having the precious son of heaven be born, and by having him be able to atone for the suffering and guilt of history. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow a victorious new garden to begin through him. Since we know that it will not do unless that kind of world is realized, please let us be able to bear this real suffering.

We know that peak after peak of blood still remain on the way we must go, and a long, difficult, range of dangerous high mountains is standing in our way. But this way is not a way we alone are going. It is a way on which you have gone back and forth before us, scores of times, thousands of times, millions of times.

Now we have also realized the fact that it is not you who should pave the way on difficult paths, humankind must pave the way and go forward. Please let us be able to take over the final footstep for the sake of our father who has worked so hard, while going along this rugged path. Since the way we must go still remains, even though we collapse along the way, please let us be able to go, treading in the footprints of our father, and taking the example of the bloodstains left by our father.

We have come to know that when we offer our bodies, which have been wounded and torn, to you as living offerings, you justify your children before all of heaven and earth and bless them. Since we have realized that we must go as far as that kind of position, please do not let us become exhausted until we reach that point.

Please do not let us forget the fact that each time we were exhausted, you offered us your arm; each time we were disappointed and lonely, heaven urged us on, and before we did any work, you had already worked hundreds and thousands of times for us.

You have gone and pioneered this way without resting. Please let us be filled with minds which want to hold you with awe-stricken minds, knowing that you are our father who went forth fighting without becoming exhausted for the sake of our individual lives, and you worked hard without resting in order to pioneer this way because Satan, who is opposing this way without resting, exists. Please let frustrated hearts, which call out to you like crazy, explode in each of our minds.

Please comfort people like that. Since we know that you are promising a great heavenly work and a new world of promise, we earnestly request and desire that you will let us become sons and daughters who are able to raise high before the entire cosmos the glory of victory and songs of victory, by having endured until the end, until that position is established by dealing with those kinds of people. We have prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen

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