The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Go The Way Of The Will Of Our Father Sincerely

Sun Myung Moon
May 8, 1960

Today our unworthy selves have bowed down before you as a group which has been denounced and driven out. We know that on the path we have taken, heading towards a goal others do not know about, scars from the thrones will remain, and we will be wounded. But, Father, who knows that we must overcome and not mind those things, please allow us to realize that it will not do unless we completely prepare ourselves, pledge and determine ourselves to go that way.

Since we know that it will not do unless at this point we form a true heartistic relationship with heaven, Father, please hold on to us by personally reaching out to us. Please hold us in your embrace of love with both arms. You must have looked forward to and hoped for that so much! Now we can fully imagine your heart, and we can fully imagine your heartbreak.

Please let us repent once again for our lives of the past in which we were not able to feel grateful, even though our unworthy selves, who are not able to call you, "Father," have received the amazing grace of being able to be forgiven of our sins due to the altars of blood raised up by the many prophets. And please bear with the fact that we have come before you empty-handed, even though we should be able to bring and offer results to you.

As you are not a father who requests things of the world, we offer only earnest minds and earnest hearts to you, Father. We have come because we want to offer you ourselves, who are weeping because we long for you, and want to see your face. We came longing for your touch, and we wanted to hold on to your wounded hand and shed tears. We came to hold on to our haggard father, to our father who is overwhelmed by grief, our father who wandered in order to find his lost children and did not mind even though the wounds of his mind and body were severe. If your sons and daughters, who call you "father" filled with this kind of mind, are gathered here, then just as you found me and called me at that kind of moment, I know that you will not cast them away when they have come to that kind of point.

Father! The way you told us to go was not a lonely way; as we have gone it, we have found that it is a way of awesome grace. And we have realized that the way on which you drove us out while telling us to die, was not a way prepared for us to die. When we come to understand these inner reasons, what more is there we could ask for? We have understood that all these are acts to show us testimonies of the work of our father who worked so hard before us. We are grateful for your having allowed us to be able to even weep tears of inspiration and to experience that kind of feeling.

Now what did the people who have gathered here come to find? What did they come here to see, and what kind of relationships did they come here to form? We know that the only things to show them are tears and heartbreaking situations, and the only relationships to be formed are distressing ones. Nevertheless, without this relationship, without this situation, we can not know where to go, and since these people have come worrying whether they will disappear and come to lament as sacrifices to Satan, we earnestly hope and desire that you will hold on to them this moment.

We know that if you have children you can hold and weep, and you have sons and daughters whom you can call by name, "Hey, So-and-so," from that point on, the acts of heaven will lead this people, and that will become a beginning which heads towards heaven, by moving the hearts of the people of the world, who are asleep. If in this place young hearts are on fire, and holding hands together, and there is a movement shouting out, "Hey, So-and-so, let's go work for the Will!", the way for this people to live will open up, and armies of life will come and fight together in the garden of death.

We have gathered together longing for those kinds of people, and we have gone forth fighting in order to go such a way, and we have gone forth in order to show that to all people, together with our father, by raising up an altar of victory in that kind of place. Therefore, please do not allow this first resolution of our minds to change, and please let us become your sons and daughters whose sincerity and fidelity, that we have determined and want to give you, do not bend. Please let us become your sons and daughters who keep and do not change that resolution or that loyalty as long as the moral principle of heaven does not change. While earnestly hoping for and desiring this, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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