The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Dash Forward Constantly Towards The Will Today As Well

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Today the Christians who are spread throughout the world are waiting impatiently and longing for the Kingdom of Heaven in their minds, but they are oblivious to the fact that a course of battle remains in relation to finding the Kingdom of Heaven. Furthermore, today, in the Last Days, history is changing, beliefs are changing, public sentiment is changing, traditions are changing, ideologies are changing, and hearts of love, which said they would die if they did not have that love, are changing. At this time, we long for an unchanging concept, an unchanging aspect, a being who could not change even if he would, that thing, that garden, that world, that dominion, that leader, that voice, that life, and that environment.

Father! Please open the breasts that have been closed. Even if there is persecution of the footsteps taken by the Unification Church members, please allow us to become believers who take that persecution not as evil elements which are blocking our path, but who are able to use it as a stimulating action which drives us closer to the heart of heaven.

Please let us realize that the persecution is not persecution, but rather an act to connect your heart with ours.

Please let our minds feels grief that we have been people who blocked the path of your grace. Please let us become people whose hearts are stimulated and whose sense of mission is burning, who are able to come happily when you tell us to come, and who are able to go happily when you tell us to go. If we have been grateful for the voice which called us, please allow us to be grateful for the voice which commands us, and please allow us to become brave people of heaven who are able to charge into the enemy camp, and to become lords of the heavenly world. Since we know that there will be people who collapse shot by arrows, we earnestly hope and desire that you will guide us to not become people who are defeated or retreat in that situation.

Please let these sons and daughters realize that at the same time that there are moments when, submerged in joy, we discuss with our father, on the other hand, there are also moments of crying out in indignation and shedding blood and tears on the battlefield.

Please allow us to become able to take responsibility for joy, take responsibility for sorrow, take responsibility for the battle, take responsibility for mistreatment, and in front of the judgement seat of the Last Days, deny the things of history and say, "Oh Father, please raise your hands and bless us. Oh Father, considering me, please bear your indignation. Oh Father, considering me, please bear your suffering and mistreatment. Oh Father, considering me, please lay aside your hard work." Because that you have hoped for these kinds of sons and daughters for six thousand years, and you have been searching carefully for six thousand years, Father, we are stricken with awe and grief. We have been oblivious to your gaze as you searched, your appearance as you searched, and your careful footprints.

Now please let us stand before you, please let us live connected with you please let us go the way in which we must search carefully instead of you. After we have gone that way completely, we will be the people who must teach other people, who do not know the way, how they can go carefully and find the direction. And since we are the people who have received that heavenly command, please do not allow us to become people who retreat while shedding sorrowful tears here.

We know that many groups are not needed at this time today. This time is a time when we must overcome and go on; it is a time when we must settle accounts and go on; it is a time when we must complete and overcome everything, and it is a time when we must appear just as we are. We have come to know that this way is a way that a complaining person can not go; it is a way that a person who excuses himself can not go, and it is a way along which a person who establishes himself by himself will retreat.

Since we have come to know that this way is the way of the cross which Jesus went shedding blood, and it is the way of the prolongation of Golgotha, we have realized that this is a way that we must go while wanting to excuse ourselves, but not being able to, and while wanting to set ourselves up and boast, but not being able to, and while feeling anger when being stepped upon, and going on. We are indignant when we think about the saints of heaven who walked this kind of path during the six-thousand year course of the providence.

But more than that, when we come to know your heart is more indignant than that, we realize we are people who have to repent. We know that we are in a situation of absolutely having to repent. All of our hopes are yours, Father; everything we have is yours, Father; the center of our love and our hearts is you, and we know that if there is a person who can not feel these kinds of things, he is a pitiful person.

Even while shedding blood on the cross, since Jesus knew you were that kind of father, and held on to you, he was not afraid even of death. We long for his character which is transcendent and calm and even asked for blessings upon his enemies. We long for those footsteps. Where is the prince of victory who is able to laugh at changes in history, changes in daily life and changes in himself both today and tomorrow?

Father, we are longing and longing. The lord of history, the lord of the present age, and the lord of the future need not be divided; rather, we long for the time in which one substantial being appears and transfers your heart to humankind, for that world, for that garden. A group must appear and a religion must appear which are able to call you, "Father."

Please allow us to be able to forget everything, to prepare to search for that, and to devote our hearts and fulfill our responsibilities completely. While earnestly hoping that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who are able to not mind any kind of sacrifice, to rush forward in order to pay indemnity for everything, and to stand in your presence, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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