The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Since We Have Come To Know Your Will, Please Let Us Act On It

Sun Myung Moon
November 9, 1958

Father! The time is close at hand when we have to turn our footsteps towards heaven. We have come to know the greatness of your suffering; we have also come to know what the Will you are planning is, and we have come to know how difficult is the responsibility of the children that you are hoping we will act upon.

We have also come to understand that it will not do unless the person who knows your will, the person who will live in the garden you have allowed, sheds tears endlessly for you. We have come to know that when that person goes forth in your direction, it will not do unless he is wounded, and we know that it will not do unless that person goes forth together with you, Father. At the same time that we know that person must bear scars like that on his body, we know that, while preparing for your one day of judgement, he must appeal and lament bitterly without end with a grieving heart in his mind, too. And we know that we must form an eternal destined relationship with you, our father, who has been searching for those kinds of sons and daughters.

If there is a person who experiences and feels your heart keenly, and knows the concerns of heaven, by having opened his mind, then while embodying your sorrow and this people's sorrow, he could not help but weep aloud, and while embodying the sorrow of humankind, he could not help but weep aloud. We know that he will become a friend who is able to share together with all humankind, the sorrow which fills heaven and earth.

When we think about whether we ourselves are standing in that kind of position, we earnestly hope and desire, our Father, that you will allow us to become people who at least are able to be overwhelmed with shame if we are not able to establish our reputation before you, our father, who has walked the way of suffering who is so concerned, and who has worked so hard.

The people of the world do not want to go this way. We know that today many people desire and tomorrow they will desire to go this way in their minds, but they are staying as they are, unable to connect the way with their actions. Please allow us to realize the fact that the responsibility of resolving their situations is not with you alone, is not with any leaders alone, it is with us as well.

But since we have come to know the fact that the people who want to take responsibility for this grave fact are very few, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to be able to find and go forth on the path that heaven is urging us to go, and please let your earnest mind flow to overflowing, and please let your sorrowful heart flow to overflowing in our idle minds.

There are many people hoping for the blessings of heaven, and there are many people offering devotion in order to become your children, but today, which has come after six thousand years have passed, it is difficult to find devoted people, your true sons and daughters, who want to become offerings to you. Since we are very afraid that we might perhaps become a pitiful group which causes chaos along your providential course, please allow us to become people who are worried about ourselves.

Please allow us to analyze on our own, how much distance there is between the ideal original garden and the point we are at with our footprints, which were left while fighting the battle today. And while earnestly hoping that you will guide us to be able to be victorious in the battle for the sake of breaking through the standard of being worried, we have prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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