The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Become Children Who Are Concerned About Our Parent's Heart First

Sun Myung Moon
September 5, 1971

Our Father, who has worked hard with this group which is always inadequate and weak, Our Father, who has counseled us while always enduring in a lonely position, Our Father, who takes responsibility alone in circumstances of sorrow and who goes forward standing in the vanguard in order to pioneer the day of comfort and rest for us, when we consider that you are such a father, we must ask you to please pardon us for having severely lacked filial piety, and for not having been able to attend you as the Lord of our hearts. Please pardon, Father, that we have been inadequate and have not known until now that you are our father who is resurrecting us to eternal life that continues forever and forever, and even today you are continuing the work of creation.

We are longing for a time when we can straighten up our clothes and our hearts can be moved with yearning and adoration while gazing at your holy majesty. Therefore, if there is anything you would like to instruct us about, please come, and instruct us so that our minds and bodies may be moved, and if we can not go to the place that you desire through the destined relationship of the new command, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that even if you have to take a rod to us, you will allow us to be able to go to that place.

Since in spite of the fact that we should give ourselves as offerings to you, we are not able to do that, Father, we earnestly hope that even if you have to drive us there, and even if you have to drag us there, you will lead us to your altar.

On the way to the mountain in Moriah, Abraham brought his innocent son, Isaac with him. When Isaac asked his father, "Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?" his father answered that he did not have to worry about that. Each time I consider Abraham's heart, each time I consider that parent's heart, I come to feel how sorrowful your heart must be as you lead us.

When we think that before being concerned about your heart, there are many times that we are concerned about ourselves or the things around us, now we must go beyond ourselves and be concerned about your heart first, Father, and this must become a time that we awaken to the fact that we must become the people of the nation and the sons and daughters whom you can not do without, who give filial piety upon filial piety and give loyalty upon loyalty, and who can maintain the mainstream of your dispensation. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this to be a time of not just our awakening, but rather of pledging with conviction. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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